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tv   Night Grooves - with Melanie C Spice Girls and Nico Santos  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2019 8:15pm-9:01pm CET

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patriots made knowing finals in nineteen seasons but first there is a party to be that. and it looks like it will be a big party and an exciting game you're up to date on the news up next night grooves with mel c. of the spice girls next bicester in berlin and from the entire team thanks for watching out for getting all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's dot com thanks for joining us. for first communion lesson. or as credible as arrives. on her journey to freedom. in our interactive documentary.
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returns home on the d w dot com. hello and good evening i'm very happy that you're tuned in tonight today we have two two very special guests at all so the first one he wrote hundreds of songs for other artists before he decided to become a famous artist himself so we're really happy to have him here nico son to us and we're happy to welcome a star who influenced the history of international pop music he's been part of the spice girls and you know as this is. probably about the sex and music and talk and. well.
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thank you. that's got to take the same time i like your tracksuit i'm a little bit jacqui kept me extra i've had the choice i know i'm going out it's wonderful when it's time to say. to the lady i have struck in the yes. so totally obvious big lie to me and against violet the holes and also not. the i'm trying often long to go yeah that sort of gave up to must be exhausting for me because i was here all going to africa at first glance was on that let me ask it says i him or not i got the sun's shining he says i once once asked him to enlighten us and dinner. and nickel for much a bunch of magazine. i don't think maybe it was a long time ago. this is a it's a lollipop we were lollipops we were a lot of us we had lollipops but was
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a spade was about myself yes i was i lost pop. as a child and it's an official. bob. wasn't although yes i do i do actually my mom has most of the memorabilia up in her loft yeah yeah as a fan of bobby fans and how that has. been some of it. not to give them a target well i'm feeling a little nervous now i i have some things i thought to be nice for my daughter when she gets older but my mom kept most of the memorabilia for us and them with a medal. for hooked she says only really should give you some others i'm not one mention of them feeling or all your vengeful. forces lust if you know of one i think i was a young girl myself and they're the spice girls we grew up very ambitious and that was our dream it was like
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a fantasy and we achieved it and it was incredible but when you're a child you don't think about the negative side and it can be hard you know it can be lonely it can change your relationships with the people around you and yeah it's interesting but i wouldn't change anything i'm very very proud to still be a spice girl. here and the legacy that we've left you know there are lots of young women and men who were very inspired by the spice girls and we're all very proud of dispositions eleanor's all of foreclosure and of nick's coming for showing us flush . toilets as it. was on the few girls on the. i yeah you know i just see them both is very different things i love being a solo artist and i. for me it's you know very fulfilling to be able to sing a song from beginning to end and really take the listener on the journey but of course you know with the goes it's ridiculous fun and it's and it's crazy and it's
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you know and we have we really have a lot you know so it's two different things i suppose my solo work is a little bit more serious and the spice girls is muffin ok i'm from forgiveness and . name of. that's a lead begets first day of my life festival you speculate ok. not to hurt you. let me feel really bad you. like they are.
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the phantom. to the strip in the last. month. it's clear. that it's. been a. missile
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at least a answer let it come. out and tell you that i'm smiling but i still. love. the way let's. look at it. when it's not there's a chance to be among the. lucky i am i the one just simply a little. to. the end of. the want to get the little lot of instant which is most splendid mothers get. will lead can be those
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that. led. to. the end of. the chant in the last six. to a little bit earlier. would you do for you to go feed feel
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good we hate you we hate you. we feel you feel to. thank you feel her feel to it. feel to elaine feel. food. thank. you thank you thank you thank you. was. well.
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you know was a fun day gosh and you are going to have a ball. so many hassles with what. you have good to house obama quote and what won't. awestruck as you look that's another whole. yes so it was crowding out and i did see a in school in the high jump competition i didn't know i was good at the high jump and we had a competition and. everyone was knocked out when they knocked the whole box and i kept going and then you all the girls went out and then all the boys and i was still drinking and i'm very proud and i thought we'd take life is miserable narrow i follow up on the i love spoil i'm still very much sporty spice in fact i'm sporty spice i i started doing triathlons in two thousand and eleven so track and i think that's how you can get it you know and yeah and i love it that's my favorite thing
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but i love to go to the gym and i do yoga and i just love being active and it helps with my walk. so thank you so much and you just come. out like i'm going to shock you not to make. thank you thank you. thank you. thank you thank you for. that's. kind of your first one medal which helps the i my life because in iraq while phenomenon we see as one hundred bullets then noticing how much you might not think that was because of never been seen as long only ignorance process of a feeling in mexico or in shots that isn't don't move them considered where you got almost all missions. you know on the shelf so much larger consolidate stores of the
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house i needed funds or has had the hits here of dollars slant of the standard to extreme a foreclosure. doesn't wish to have any of us could hit we had not one comped us convince us to not lie. as much for that step as well i'll. tell you very short sometimes as long as it's a muslim i want to put some songs and have a feel not song for finance about this and then. hold on to an answer from. david what about i'm ok but tonight it's very not here to compose we are here to listen to music so it's a pleasure for us to hear your next song it's also your first song as a solo artist so please there is the stage we go to listen to rooftop.
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you can pick. course. says soon explain. spring so deep and so deep you see it. seems to put something. into tonight so. something. good is coming to.
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pick me up because clearly. we don't think. oh nonsense just needs to know by showing films that go on being young player. big me show me oh no this is this new. job. come to. my. face.
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because. you're. looking. thank. you. i. think you are. now for the for the house a song called i fly as if so if it was a clam if you asked me i wouldn't want to tell nationalities in a minute as norse. views and i put our concept in the house should make it so it is the sign of a dozen men to see me cause i know you. thank
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you thank you thank you she. said my your card commands us to your best and that by the time something must be over. by never hit something hard i can leave a lot for in the spanish sponsors who doesn't like this mentality that she often via the saw blog on this blog on the i mean i've been asking now you know what i think you have this right here. because numbers are lost by us and this is not what i learned a lot oh and yeah as a son. as existing as a finnish diamond bar i'm a few i saw a lot. of them partition you know about yeah as long as i was a little sorry and if i minister to bush and us for it's good for you and some foolish little feet below i think the first part of the reason i said was that you
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know i have to say. i don't i think it's difficult when you live in a country to know what how you're perceived you know like you said you have an outsider's view of the country i think it's really interesting i love to travel because i love to find out what people think of it british people. usually not very good but sadly that. i liked him was from a. few more smartest men i was and so. on the scene alice she goes i mean i have. learned not only are you in tokyo. one in london of vision it was an email voiced by monday. there are other schools spat on me of a design that go if it's an island well you know i got books missions i didn't does i'm going to be possible as a rallying for my ball. that's really interesting because you know obviously the u.k. is nowhere near is you know germany is a huge country and you know even in the u.k.
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small as we are people are different in different parts you know in a minute is known for being quite and you know people being quite good and helpful and aggressive basically go to the north of england people say oh good morning you know how are you and you never go if you didn't mention people think you're crazy or that you don't look at each other it's like really. it's going to be good. this is here and is the pv league. pops up that's my logic and. can learn convene have you can be under. so much. so much you know you have to have the option of telephone their store it's a national go to. the market i think that's the most remarkable. is a lot of the boys are very good for us you know i'm here so. you see yeah . well we were very lucky to meet the great nelson mandela.
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yeah we did a share in johnny's back we were there for the it was actually the nation's tresor prince charles was out as well and the and the princes who were very young at that age i mean at that time yes so that was quite special so i feel very. look at my thinking on that oh yeah that was right for them and now we are looking forward to a song from many see a wonderful cover version of through faith from you are. doomed . to a i. mean .
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this. can't. take. a. chance. to.
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sit. still. it's a. chance . to. play lead.
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so. that she. gets. a little.
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bit early. thank you thank you. thank. you. thank you for that thank you thank you thank you thank you. yes yes yes thank you michel and the best event of it is if you really. can't if you cheat if you cheat yet if that gets and behind this. woman. is a loved one in kellogg unleashed. it will begin to form. well personally for
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me i like to collaborate with other writers in musicians and i think you have to be very comfortable you know because i think you can be quite vulnerable when you're being creative you really baring yourself so i think it's important to work with people that you trust on talk of the conflict to not talk can try to tell. a lie so now she is facing those vices and i think most of us is good so we threw. the mustard and very talk. on you know you know i was in the studio my. friend as among this is from the one frank for me to focus. and it got up this was the nice to come with a nice a minister yeah well it's hard i think you spend so much time when you're young and trying to to be successful and then when you become successful if you're lucky enough then you're like i've got to keep you know you've got to keep up here so i
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think it is it's kind of again you don't think about iran this journey and then you get there and you're like whoa. you know it's natural old careers have ups and downs. i see of the world and sent me a bit of. you know what we were kind of we were so single minded i think because the five of us were all we really had a vision that we shared and we we were not prepared to fail that we will succeed we will there's no question it and plan and it happens to me like there was no plan b. and yeah and it happened so it's kind of like was it fate did we make it happen did it was our you know you know we have in this creative visualization of this the strength of all five people go in with we will do this did that make it happen you know. social media business for dish. talks as i've done since the if you give sort
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of pious. it's you know social media when i first talked of the spice girls it didn't exist and i got time and i'm very gracious about the facial my job he had if i was with a camera. and you know i think it would be very different with nick now if you know if the spice girls have been released now. but you know i think social media it's really interesting because i think like everything is good on this button you know and i think it's a very important marketing tool in the music industry you know how big it's globish to you it's what the minds of the beatles sure great fun is they have both from the actual disinvite told like oh. well let me just tell him yes ok you guys oh hello nico samples on v guide borning.
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you. got i mean he's from. some sorry but. i don't mean to seems to. be found. doesn't have to. suit you. if you come to. see it you can. see. it if you care. to. meet.
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him. furio. goodsir. so a few for. me . the next time you see me to see. if it was. you. could you please. say honestly feel to. see. if you feel.
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me i. feel. a. few to. thank you thank you. thank. you good luck there are those who get. it. was it money. i have. she she's learning to tell but she doesn't practice well.
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but she loves music she's she's nine now says she's really getting into you know all the pop stars that she loves ariana grande little. businesses in my mind. i'm her favorite artist good. luck to my does is what's next for my english mark all of us wanted to move. well i think the thing is with you know no matter who you are as a parent parents are embarrassing. which is one of the benefits of being parents to really embarrass your child so i'm enjoying that very much right now i'm ok types to. ask her drug and after this before more than posed to this event to see in this people something. but it's a beautiful if you go top of the school. you know it's difficult i think it's very difficult being
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a parent because you know children are exposed to so much i think especially on the internet and it's hard to control what they see. so yeah i try i mean i trust her as well and she she kind of knows she watches us very different from when we were children there are specific channels for children now we never. have so so yeah but it's hard to control what they see i think that's a problem especially when they start getting into music because a lot of videos are very sexual she's too young really to see that and if she sees something she said oh mommy you know it's like you put it away that's. ok. and yet. all of you sexy does signed off to explicit lyrics of in the past but you suspect your views on down the he does get done can i learn this one well i think it's really interesting what i found because i have a new love of pop music of current pop music because i listen to it with my
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daughter on the radio and when i was growing up there were no swear words in pop music but now there is a lot. spotted off just kind of what was known as in spanish songs and then camera guys only get over i'm using the. me because there was that's new lungs on. mine and then looping sixteen balloons on. something insane or find as easy to dismiss and i think. that's one of the. things on our because i'm not. always. the first person to go or do a. thing under the seat or one thing that's puzzled especially don't. see. this procedure. the hook at the. mike at the greatest you know star
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could me and those that i don't wish yeah. you know what i am going to mind i'm the forgetting verse is that we were actually. on the side of the south thing does the only thing so. look at iraq. as a stammers to become one to have top that i had on a shura and was meant as an album of what for what it was that's not a fantastic name and it has its place put it on. as a diamond satin health club long songs and to be. applauded if i don't. yours of the. hour. mentioned.
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c. c. d's. and. the strain. common. cause.
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it's. still. going. back to the.
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to. wow thank you. thank you. so much gaston off to you to help us know if that's an outlook. from you. you can get on the phone gram spent. as one of. the willie family members and if. they were you know in the overall crisis you know it will. be the first of the i just look like they're. ok and advice to us that's most of next on this money. i
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think i do. like maybe a little top down stress is a bunny rabbit when i was about. yeah yeah yeah but yeah i just always love to perform i think i found my love of performing when i was very young thing in singing in musical theater and then my mom's actually sing too so i used to watch have on stage and sometimes he would sing together so you only want to do you hard to avoid anything except casting troll so motion was also wanna tell and so i said yeah yeah it was really fun actually because you know obviously there are so many casting chairs and you got to be involved in set things and it was the first time that they got talent show was going across a continent and the whole continent of asia is like how interesting you know seventy feet of anything yeah yeah so it was really really interesting and i did enjoy it i found it hard to critique people because they standing on stage and even if they're all like i don't tell them i'm glad i did it was
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a good experience but i missed being on stage it wasn't that fulfilling to judge people i would rather be judged. ok that you know entertain yeah if you can find it and then call for tall rooms a middling small man blood in her. so minutes from our fast comments on some photo op with a hub here. you can see him again going to push you in on this well first of all right off my country so much of you here first taken and given to what i had like not was on there but a lot of that's the whole forget me just think of a good look at. you know looking at a. business system most of them resign so after all they want to toss a little. fact because that will most likely bring thanks. sam knight who better to get a bucket of accept sure to muslims and that'll be the end of the thing before going
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to these jets who call men. so the parade surely this is good comes out there are a point that's. made you need is a five year from some minimum bissonnette movement as i don't close with all his a film respawn time on i love that you biden. pen ladies and gentlemen really are delighted to present now the highlight of the show melanie c. and nico santarus singing when you have gone through what. thanks. larry. to.
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our. elite. elect.
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live. live. elim . ily ily ily ily ily just so. lucky. to lull enslin. ily. elin
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see everybody. thank you let's. say cut her. leg. nicolo schneider is stronger died of leukemia at the age of twenty two then his wife was diagnosed with cancer prompting him to resign chairman of germany's lutheran church a month ago. shadowed by death and from. becoming the can we succeed as life for our can life remain fair because can we help others overcome the difficulties i'm
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new to in some ways for me. in thirty minutes on d w. much of it. surely is from africa and the more your link to exceptional stories and discussion from the use of these effects and why with safety deputed come smutty come join us on facebook for god's. sakes and river continues. to move really know their stuff. last night groups with the good morning shift in. the party and chat with musicians from around the world to.
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make grooves every week long t.w. . cut. place. this is deja news lot from birth let's hope francis begins an historic trip to the united arab emirates is the first ever visit by a pope the arabian peninsula the font of hope to improve christian muslim relations officials of both faiths great him at the airport also coming up donald trump warns that sending the military into bed is.


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