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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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the be. played the but. this is the w.'s lie from berlin european powers give a major boost to the opposition and venezuela several leading european countries including germany and spain to recognize climate wise though as the legitimate leader of the country i think it was my good old insists he will never tell to pressure from outside also coming up the cold delivers a message of tolerance to the united arab emirates france's makes
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a historic interface address any first ever visit by a pond to its to the arabian peninsula millions of pilgrims travel to northern india for the world's largest religious gathering hindus believe taking a dip in these waters cleanses them of their sins and bring salvation. plus the united states sends thousands more troops to its border with mexico donald trump says he's stopping an invasion of illegal immigrants critics call it a political stunt our correspondent goes all for trolled with the border guards to find out more and their records tumble on super bowl sunday the new england patriots defeat the los angeles rams to win american football's biggest prize for the sixth time i'll take you through the action.
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thank you so much for your company everyone well we start off with a crisis in caracas several major european countries have recognized that is a way those opposition leader one why though as interim president they acted in concert after president mother who ignored a deadline to call a snap election model now says those countries could face reprisals as this government digs in its heels. venezuela's power struggle deepened on monday off to several european nations officially recognized opposition leader one quite go as the country's acting president spain was the first to announce their support germany france the u.k. and several other countries quickly followed suit this gets done this new presidential elections were not called by yesterday. that is why kwan go i don't know is the person we expect to initiate an election process as soon as possible
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about the ignorant. and by put and germany along with several other european countries recognizes him as the legitimate interim president to oversee this task to the president. and also because if you don't over pierce up. venezuela's ally russia accused european powers of meddling and condemn their actions. so you should i don't know why the european union considers itself intitled to dictate conditions for the international mediation efforts it could if be more effective for everyone who's interested in sucking the crisis to get together and talk before any announcements are made to discuss with one another how to help this nation. maduro insists he will never bow to his opponents he also refuses to let foreign humanitarian aid into the country for fear that aid could be coupled with a military intervention. as the standoff intensifies life remains desperate
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for many venezuelans amid the country's bitter economic crisis many of forced to rely on food donations to survive. alright joining us now from brussels is our correspondent there barbara they still barbara germany is now along the latest in new countries to recognize the opposition leader one though as the interim president what is the objective about doing that and how far can they go. the object if it's quite clear line a because what the e.u. does not want that start was that maybe is to be pulled into this proxy conflict between washington and russia and moscow on the other side where the big powers so sort of struck dealing about a foothold in this latin american country what they do want is return of democracy in venezuela and that is why they're all the time stressing that they want free and
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fair elections as soon as possible that they would be sending international observers to sort of look at those elections and control them that they will do anything to support democratic developments in the country and the opposition as long as it stays democratic and works for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the country so what the e.u. tries to do here is place itself sort of is a third one as neutral party between this post article taking place in venezuela at the moment but we have to make the distinction though that the e.u. hasn't come as a whole as a whole come out and endorsed mr grotto as in a remote president is just to use most powerful nations who have now backed him why isn't the u.s. a whole indorsing him. there's actually only one country that is really stepping out of line here and that is italy the reason is that the five star movement the five star party that is part of the government in rome has since last week when
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foreign ministers met in book arrest in the remaining capital said that they would absolutely not endorse this that they would absolutely are absolutely against supporting quine do because they would never support anybody who was just a self declared president and this is a party who seeks to stay closer to moscow's to have closer ties to russia and they simply don't go along with this has led to a government crisis in rome and so that is the reason that european countries one by one have come out today it's not only the big ones but it's quite a long list of smaller countries too in the meantime have come out and said ok we support him but it also legally it is that the e.u. doesn't have the competence for that so every country needs to recognize the government off another country that hasn't changed so this is a national sort of act all right thank you so much for clarifying that to berber
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ways though in brussels as always thank you. and next up to our other top story pope francis has made history as the first pontiff to visit the arabian peninsula or francis was welcomed in auburn jobby by amorality leaders today he met with muslim elders at the city's grand mosque on tuesday the pontiff will lead a groundbreaking mass for the roughly one million catholics are currently living in abu dhabi most of them of course ex-pats he hopes his visit will boost tolerance of their faith in the wider region. are joining me now to discuss the significance of this historic visit is martin gagne religious affairs analyst good to have you here with me martin all right it's heavy with symbolism this visit because it's the first papal visit on the arabian peninsula why that pope francis decide to go there now well i think i mean they're
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essentially true reasons for it happening no the first one is that there's been actually develop mentor last few years and reapproach months so to say of muslim communities and catholic communities especially that it's theological basis on the other hand the fact is there are you actually a seen a lot of conflict much of it has put a lot of pressure on christian communities through the region and i think that this is about in that field studies actually broke the most powerful voice should i mean in obvious need to defend christian communities in the region. these are mainly the two i think the two main reasons range object it's there now we've already heard actually now from pope francis and he didn't shy away from mentioning the war in yemen what can you tell us about that well i think it's you know it's not entirely surprising but it's actually not completely in character at least not in the way that the you know the diplomacy or public diplomacy of this vatican has proceeded to go out and simply put sort of things i reckon on the table in
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a sense i think that this will be read as something very. courageous i think that in the sense of it does feed the base so to say at the very same time the presumption that we have to make is that the local authorities were already warned about the five these would be you know one of the issues and you know really yesterday right before getting on the plane here you know essentially he talked about him and he talked about the conflict in yemen putting it once again at the center of the trip or making it a major issue in the trip coming and of course the other very interesting thing that he did not shy away from he was not just advocating for tolerance of the christian worshipers in the wider our region but saying the times wasn't enough you have to allow you have to accept and embrace christians as well but were you surprised by that no no not really i mean i think that you know the entire set of gestures that were sort of played out are performed during the during the rival of the pope holding and. holding hands with the leadership of the of the
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united arab emirates and like going to me like theological leaders and so on goes to show that in fact there is a idea that he cannot simply be tolerance that in fact it has to be an embrace i think that this is pretty much the position that the vatican has taken throughout its politics in relation with how we deal with others or how the vatican once got the looks to deal with others and this essentially an expression of that all right martin gak thank you as always and as we've been reporting the pope will deliver a groundbreaking mass on his visit to the catholics there hope his visit can boost tolerance of their faith in the wider region. numerous nationalities united in the fight that sent joseph cathedral the assistant dean large body from pakistan german priest martin stephen and the many catholic foreign workers living in the united arab emirates can barely contain their excitement tomorrow morning
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the pope will be here. a momentous occasion and probably want a new life to market and for many of us to see him and especially in the heart of the world for martin even the pontiff visit is of major historical importance. just as it's the first time the head of the church or even a leader of the church has come to the arabian peninsula that's really historic and that's why there's so much discussion about the visit most of the talk centers around the meetings being held here between christians and muslims in the heart of the islamic world. this is not to. follow from his doorstep. the pope's visit also carries a political dimension the emirates of part of a saudi led military alliance deployed in yemen the pope has repeatedly called for peace in the water own country but despite the stormy issue religious dialogue will remain center stage the u.a.e.
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is keen to show its exemplary when it comes to religious freedom. the united arab emirates is considered the most religiously tolerant country in the gulf region it wants to see as much foreign investment as possible and remain an attractive destination for foreign workers. the best example of religious tolerance in the u.a.e. is the buddhist temple in dubai. according to buddhists here it's the only one in the entire middle east. buddhists are not always welcome in the islamic world they're seen as infidels and therefore often can't practice their religion in public. as far as you he's been so it's very very tolerant in fact i keep saying all the time that tolerance is a wrong would be used because we are welcomed in this country which i raised. leadership looks after us very well can do residents agree the government has
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approved the construction of an impressive temple and this is what it's expected to look like religion here regardless where it comes from does not have to be practiced in private in many different countries all over the world and i've never come across where you have almost two hundred different nationalities living harmoniously together with the freedom to practice their religion freely and openly the pope is visiting the emirates for three days religious tolerance aside the country's track record on political freedom is the darkest side of the story anyone who questions the u.e.s. involvement in the yemen war winds up in prison. i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. a u.s. jury is set to begin deliberations in the trial of the alleged mexican drug cartel boss what can cause mine commonly known as el chapo prosecutors say the sixty one year old is believed to have smuggled at least two hundred tons of cocaine into the
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u.s. guzman faces life in prison if convicted. more than eleven hundred people in queensland australia have fled their homes after record breaking floods all the city of tells bill has been especially hard hit with more than a meter of rainfall in just a week while the flooding has forced authorities to open the gates of a nearby down after swelled above capacity. german shows uncle america is in the japanese capital tokyo meeting with that country's prime minister shinzo in a joint news conference both stressed the importance of close trade ties and times of rising protectionism merkel's visit comes just three days after a sprawling trade pact between the e.u. and japan take effect. good friends are important especially in hard times that's why german chancellor angela merkel has been emphasizing during her visit to japan a major ally in our call for free trade but their relationship is about more than
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trade since i'm from my. i am in japan for the fifth time now we've met seventeen times already. and we've always worked well together even at international conferences. and we have a long friendship with twenty twenty one marking one hundred sixty years of diplomatic relations for us it's an incentive for us to work even more closely in an ever more disorderly world. for his part a warrant against rising protectionism saying germany and japan the world's number three and four economies respectively had an increasingly important role in protecting multilateralism both countries face similar challenges a rapidly aging population and the need for improved digitalisation germany is japan's biggest trade partner within the e.u. some four hundred fifty german companies are active in japan and the german chancellor is traveling with a business delegation eager to forge even more deals. today is world cancer
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day dedicated to the fight against one of the world's biggest killers and twenty eighteen and only ten million people died of the disease worldwide while prevention screening and early detection are the focus of this year's campaign doctors say millions of cases could have been treated more effectively have think been detected sooner on the spot advances in medicine nearly half of those diagnosed die of the disease between thirty and fifty percent of cases could have been prevented entirely. are at and i'm now joined by my colleague because of the car body from the d.w. science so desperate to see you think getting a cancer diagnosis is a life changing event many people are putting a lot of hope into new therapies new scientific findings sketch the current situation for us if you will where do we stand these days in terms of cancer treatments and research. sure well there are some signs positive signs that among
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certain cancers the numbers are going down less people dying from them if the cancer is detected early enough but we are still seeing the majority of cases in lower middle income countries about seventy percent where the cases are fatal now it's usually because the cases are not to take that early enough and they're not getting the treatment that they need and there are some new developments in technology it's all a work in process like blood tests that for instance if you take lung cancer which is the biggest killer. it would stop people having to go to do c.t. scans in other areas a breath test see even so you can i basically some cancers give off a a smelly molecule where you can basically spend on people's breath in a sense and you look for the chemicals. but this is all a work in process and some people to the mat ai artificial intelligence but really speaking we have to sort of like step back a little bit change our behaviors avoid the risk factors don't smoke or drink less alcohol we fruit if you can get access to physical activity do them you know and go
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to a doctor get advice on early enough or it's a prevention is key here. what about vaccinations because that's another method that people are pinning their hopes ott. absolutely i mean vaccination a very important not a what your opinion is on the facts of vaccinations as a whole but if we take the human papillomavirus is very important health invitees so that both young girls and boys get the h.p.v. virus virus vaccine h.p.v. can lead to things like cervical cancer anal cancer throat cancer so if you get that vaccination it's a virus that leads to cancer let's not forget but if you get a vaccination you could reduce your risk the same goes for hepatitis b. it's a virus but can lead to things like the liver cancer so if you get the head vaccination you could reduce your risk there so it's very important and there are some also vaccinations being used in treatment but that's again a work in process that's still very encouraging indeed if you can just get one shot
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and help you prevent to get it a deadly disease a conclusion a very briefly if you can determine health minister yes bonde recently said that cancer well they'd be defeated in the next decade or two decades to come that's a big statement to make it is a big statement to make and quite frankly it's not very helpful we've been making same as i have for decades we need to look at the you know it's not helpful certainly for people who are dealing with a man who's been diagnosed with the now the health professionals who need the help the tools to help the people who are dealing with that with cancers now let's not forget cancer is a very very disease is not just one cancer it's affected by environmental aspects as well and you should ban has not taken that into account his i think it's not very helpful of this time so i think our bias any doubt is that it's a nice aspiration and we we endorse that that of course is off a car viney d.w. sized thank you as always thank you. you're watching the w. news we still have a lot more to tell you about including the new england patriots take down the los angeles rams not just for the record equalling six super bowl title i'll take you
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through the rough and tumble of the game. but first another story from the u.s. where the pentagon says it's sending additional troops to the border with mexico opponents describe the move as a political stunt designed to create the illusion of a crisis our correspondents alexandrovna travel to arizona and a company the border guard on patrol. patrolling the u.s. mexican border. stretches for more than six hundred kilometers agent down in the hernandez takes us to a remote part of it protected by an anti vehicle barea he says what's happening at the border is a crisis like he's never seen before there are still a lot of people there trying to cross the border illegally that do not want to be caught but now we have added element and dynamic of having family units from central america they're given themselves at the border patrol which brings in humanitarian crisis images recently captured by
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a mobile through billions you need show families crawling under a small fence into the u.s. even though the total number of preventions along the border has dropped over the last two decades the age and say their job is no more difficult than ever. we are in the city of nogales agent hernandez shows us the existing border fence here only recently has concertina wire been installed on top of it. we know that there is certainly a possibility that people can still come over or drive because i'll come over and recognize that but it's definitely a tool that works effectively and in this particular area has completely changed the landscape for more security less illegal crossings that sounds like an argument for presidents drums border war but was it worth shutting down the government over the border patrol agents told us they don't talk politics they're here to do their job regardless of what's going on in washington however they seemed happy and
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relieved that a deal has been reached at least temporarily we opened the government's neither the shutdown nor trams plans for a border wall have been popular in downtown nogales we need each other says the city's mayor democrat to regard the economists on both sides of the border heavily depend on mutual trade. maybe you president he says sometimes give in a little bit and say you know what ok it is fine this find a common ground this find something that we can do together but stick to border security and economic development and by national relations with next. op to thirty five days of shutdown the federal workers in arizona will be finally getting their paychecks but their role but the border wall is still far from over. now to the big game all are talking about of course the super bowl the new england
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patriots have been crowned american for boss champions after beating the l.a. rams in atlanta while the rams lost thirteen three in the lowest scoring super bowl ever for the fans there was plenty to celebrate. i didn't write signs of the new england patriots have every reason to celebrate that seemed like a victory on historic super bowl night quarterback tom brady was the man of the hour winning his sixth title a record for a player for many it cemented his status as the greatest of all time. what it means to me the patriots are the best tom brady is a god he's the best ever and if you ever want to dispute that just look the other way don't talk to me. brady won his first super bowl seventeen years ago despite becoming the oldest quarterback to play in and win a super bowl he has no intention of retiring just yet to me has a tattoo for every time the patriots have won
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a ring and he's fast running out of room do you have to get an. all out the tonight i'm going out to get some more former numerals on the cup rather my mother's day when so many super bowls i don't mourn are all rolled up i don't know if i have to roll there are there are whole arm band i don't know super bowl sunday is the sporting event of the year in the united states. it's over one hundred million americans watched the game on t.v. and even without a ticket these fans came all the way to atlanta to cheer on their side. for me i will travel anywhere for my team or anywhere for my team if it means that we're going to win the super bowl and i get to be a part of it the little part this is why i'm here the l.a. rams were the underdogs and couldn't get there much lauded oftens going in the last quarter the defense buckles i. heard it was satellite over that guy like all. toxic for the l.a.
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rams but ecstasy for the patriots for the players and fans it's going to be a long night of celebration. millions of pilgrims and india have gathered to bathe on the most important day of the hindu festival the world's largest religious gathering all the pilgrims plunge into cold waters where three rivers meet the confluence is considered a holy site and hindus believe taking a dip in the rivers cleanses them of their sins and bring salvation. they rise at dawn on so-called no moon day the holiest date of the comb from a law festival destination sangatte the place where three sacred rivers converge. holy men smear themselves with ash and lead the people to a cold bath. devout hindus believe that bathing in the holy waters on no moon day can free them from the cycle of life and death and it provides
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a visual spectacle my dear mother bathing on a moon day was a thing of beauty. then even if you're if you're very nice vaults and all isn't that why did you come here. today it's very beautiful oh yeah new mythology says that gods and demons fought a war over a sacred picture or here containing the nectar of immortality the festival last for forty eight days during which it will host upwards of one hundred million people. well tests to remind you know of our main story that we're tracking for you this hour germany has joined us several e.u. countries to recognize venezuela's opposition leader juan kwaito as in or an acting president and battle leader nicolas maduro has rejected an imposed deadline to call presidential elections. all right coming up next in d.w. news
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a look at aung sun suu cheese role in myanmar is deteriorating press freedoms here rights watch says journalists are now working in a climate of fear and eroding riverbanks are a growing menace on the mekong or we'll speak to a campaigner trying to restore the natural flow of this my you river. that a whole lot more coming up and dwi asia only iraq or brian thank you for spending this part of your day with us the other top of the hour.
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to be. getting ready for something new p.w. news asia bringing you stories from across the region stories the truth will join us by the new show wus
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a ship. jura. look united. look divides. cooking the books the truck explores. what binds the continent together. the answers and stories aplenty the. spotlight on people. focus on girls on g.w. . here's what's coming up on the book honestly you know how fish nineteen to talk about here on the job you know it's funny take a look at what all that means for the table of course. the going to sleep every weekend here on w. . i was here when i arrived here i slept with six
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people in a room. it was hard i was for. i even got white hairs out of. the gym language. this keeps me a little bush mccain took in truck let's say you want to do their story. her fighting and reliable information for margaret. this is the doctored news a shot. coming up. after press freedoms of me and marlboro some. through chief. says they have. a fear of bridges both of their growth plus. the risks of living on the mekong river we've seen how erosion caused by illegal sign mining is trapped in riverside communities. and the south koreans are in
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a rush to see the start of the action of this museum we look at why for.


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