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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CET

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igloo. today as promised one by one european countries began recognizing one as the legitimate president of venezuela nicolas maduro ignored a deadline to call new elections and is quickly becoming the invisible man in caracas but says he sees what europe and the u.s. are up to and he's promising a bloodbath if they don't leave him and in its way the along i bring golf in berlin this is the day. we'll be able to spanish government announces that it recognizes. the netherlands recognize. for germany one guy to is in accordance with the venezuelan constitution the interim president of venezuela. as interim president called venezuela.
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why don't as interim president of one is willing. to tweak the european we support . we do not to want civil. infanticide to get as. we except ultimatums from nobody that's from the era of empires the colonies people what i tell many europeans trying to see the other venezuela try to listen to the other venezuela the real venezuela. also coming up tonight we go on patrol with american border agents where the u.s. ends and mexico begins and a fence not a wall seems to be serving its purpose we know that there is certainly a possibility that people can still come over or drive because they'll come over and recognize that but it's definitely a tool that works effectively and in this particular area has completely changed the landscape for. what you our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and around the world welcome. we begin the day with the venezuelan president who europe doesn't want to see in power anymore seven members of the european union gave in its way the president nicolas maduro and ultimatum calling the elections or the man who wants to replace him is the man that europe will recognize is that is where he lives president where yesterday was that deadline and still not a word about new elections so today europe began saying hello to venezuelan president one why do you support for why go is growing along with the pressure for to step down over the weekend maduro made it clear he has no intention of going anywhere. what's the probability that the situation in venezuela could end in a civil war now the people that are always there see if no one can answer that question with certainty that it all depends on the level of malice and aggressiveness they're going to see from the empire of the north and their western
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allies. and thousands and thousands of innocent venezuelans could end up paying for this with their lives so we only have to defend ourselves if we are attacked us will think that it is an intermediate solution which is the european union has proposed an ultimatum for you to cold presidential elections. when i said you can as president yes we except ultimatums from nobody has to be said what would you say to donald trump. donald trump. what would you tell vladimir putin's you know. what i always say i thank you for your friendship and your support to the chancellor of germany. what i tell many europeans trying to see the other foot as well and try to listen to the other venezuela the real venezuela. which is don't listen only to the opposition listen more that would be my message to milk. his message to america all right to talk more about the situation in its way and the european connection i'm joined here at the big table by constantine cool he is
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a member of the german parliament for the free democrats the f.t.p. is on. so the vice chairman of the parliamentary friendship group with the and the in countries and in its will of course belongs to that group is good to see you again germany was one of the major european union powers today to recognize one as the legitimate interim president of venezuela how significant was that step it's important that they stick to their announcement that they made week ago when they announced that the nicolas maduro would have to have elections presidential elections and then into law and then he did write the opposite by announcing parliamentary elections let's just bear in mind that the parliament is the only legitimate institution at the moment and that's it it's a law and what nicolas maduro is trying to do is to unseat the entire parliament he's been trying to do that for the last couple of months and now he's announcing a new parliament to elections it's right the opposite of what he should have done and now it was the right decision to show the recognition of one way though you say
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it was the right decision but he was able to defy the ultimatum. and we're still not looking at presidential elections happening anytime soon so what more than can europe do at this stage other than ignore madeira well the next step will be a meeting of the so-called contact group between latin america on the one hand and the european union on the other hand meeting on thursday i think in europe and the contact group is formed by eleven american countries with the different points a few there is ecuador who have recognized the without being part of the lima group the my group is a group that tries to solve the debt ceiling crisis for the last ten years canada exactly exactly and costa rica is also part of the contact group which is a member of the lima group and has recognized. where the and then there are believe you and you're a guy who are not part of the group and are on the side of nicolas maduro so there
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can be quite a good negotiation with eleven american countries. on the table with different points of view and they have to talk about the weight to the next presidential elections and that's what european union has to do you know when you've got all of these latin american and south american countries with interest and get its way there and doing something about the situation there why then is this in germany's interest to mean that it's weightless seems like a world away from let's not let's not forget that the biggest group of refugees in spain right now is from the insula in spain as part of the schengen area so there are many refugees from that so you know that are coming to germany but they're coming to spain and they're coming to the european union so we are looking to the situation in a way germany second the security council right now of the united nations so bearing international responsibility and let's not forget the biggest migration crisis in south america that has ever existed so it is an international crisis and all the different states in this in america have the common interest to end the
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migration from than it is leading over to the walking to peru literally the the european union was not able to issue one senior position on nicolas maduro i think it was because italy was ready to step up to the plate talk to me about why finding a common position of in its way the why is it so hard for the european union in the european union it's always hard to find a common position on foreign policy which is why they decided to make it a state by state approach when it comes to recognition of where to go however when it comes to sanctions the european union agreed and bucharest where the council of foreign ministers met to make it a common european decision so when the sanctions on that little were prolonged just a couple of weeks ago. they are now revising the list of persons. related to the sanctions and they will try to to extend that as a common european approach to welcome that what about inside the german parliament
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i mean the stance that we see the german government taking we. most of the european union taking is that the will of the vast majority of your colleagues in the book this time there was a discussion in the journalist last week on the situation about salon and like a debate on current affairs it's called and then we could see that almost all parties agreed with the recognition of the prospect of thing of having a recognition of where the except for. the left party left party who knew practically we're talking about other countries in the debate we're talking about saudi arabia about egypt yeah we've been talking about these countries as well the buddhist arc because there's a connection to obviously the refugee crisis and what's happening and they were. just saying let's stick with the nicolas maduro and i think with putin and i do on whether there is an interesting point of view they're taking they're taking the line that you know you shouldn't be meddling in another country's domestic politics and germany was criticized today for doing just that. intervening but there are
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diplomatic relations between the states and if you have diplomatic relations with the state you have to recognize a government or don't have to recognize a government or recognize another government so you look at the constitution you look at the actual legal position at the legitimacy of a president and then you have to recognize them are not so there has to be a bilateral relationship with somehow and that it's not it's not meddling into their domestic affairs because to what do you say when people accuse germany as they're accusing many western european countries right now of cherry picking when it comes to foreign policy you know you've got similar crises for example in democratic republic of congo but we don't see the e.u. taking this big stand there that it's doing in venezuela it's important to to let people know and especially not the minutes really and people know that they are the ones who make the decision it's not the european union it's not the united states we should make the decision it's only the people of italy a lot so there there have to be free and fair presidential elections the opponents
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are the ones presidential elections and that's what has to happen in other countries as well when they are effective constantine who live within the german parliament understand as always cost and we appreciate you taking the time to join us thank you pleasure. but to the united states now tomorrow evening u.s. president trump is scheduled to deliver his second state of the union address later than planned thanks to that government shutdown which was triggered over trump's demand that congress earmarked five billion dollars for a wall along the border with mexico or today the pentagon announced that it is sending extra troops to help secure that border two thousand additional troops will be stationed there bringing the total to more than four thousand of the soldiers will install kilometers of razor wire assist border patrol agents and curiouser valence of the border zone u.s. president donald trump remains locked in
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a battle with congress he is still seeking those billions of dollars to fund that border wall critics say that the troops are being sent to the border as a political stunt to give the impression that there is a crisis. our let's take this story to washington our washington bureau chief alexander phenomenon joins us good evening to you alexandra you know they just ask you truck delivers his state of the union speech tomorrow night is this move by the pentagon to send more troops to the border with mexico. what is your how do you see it does it have more to do with politics. than with a real security threats. well when we just look at what's the pentagon saying about this deployment as you just mentioned the new troops will be used to provide a new system of civilians and morning touring of the border area and they will be used to install additional wire various it's doesn't sound like immediate
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security's threat like an emergency so it's rather a seems that it is a political stunt desire to bag president trumps companion from this and to show that he is determined to push through with this promise to build a wall along the you asked mexican border we know the president don't treat the situation of the border as serious as an emergency or crisis you just returned from arizona you were at the border what did you thought is right for and we went to nogales arizona and i talked to the mayor there are two people in the community many of them have relatives in mexico many of them rely on doing business with mexico and they told me that there is no crisis the only crisis they see is the fact that now you have to wait long hours to cross the border legally because
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the border patrol agents are short staffed but we also have the opportunity a rare opportunity to meet with border patrol agents and once a day tell you is a bit different about let's have a listen to what they had to say. patrolling the us mexican border here in arizona it stretches for more than six hundred kilometers agent down in the hernandez takes us to a remote part of it protected by an anti vehicle beriah he says what's happening at the border is a crisis like he's never seen before there are still a lot of people that are trying to cross the border illegally that do not want to be caught but now we have added element and dynamic of having family units from central america they're giving themselves of the border patrol which brings in a humanitarian crisis images recently captured by a mobile sort of billions you need show families crawling under a small fence into the u.s.
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even though the total number of our preventions along the border has dropped over the last two decades the agents say their job is no more difficult than ever we're in the city of nogales agent hernandez shows us the existing border fence here only recently has concertina wire been installed on top of it. we know that there is certainly a possibility that people can still come over or drug that will come over and we recognize that but it's definitely a tool that works effectively and in this particular area has completely changed the landscape for more security less illegal crossings that sounds like an argument for presidents drums border war but was it worth shutting down the government over the border patrol agents told us they don't talk politics there he had to do their job regardless of what's going on in washington however they seemed happy and relieved that a deal has been reached at least temporarily we opened the government's neither the
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shutdown nor trams plans for a border wall have been popular in downtown nogales we need each album says the city's mayor democrat to regard the economies on both sides of the border heavily depend on mutual in trade so maybe president needs to sometimes give in a little bit and say you know what ok let's find this find a common ground is find something that we can do together but stick to border security and economic development and by national relations with mexico. after thirty five days of shut down the federal worker thing are we then i will be finally getting their paychecks but the row over the border wall is still far from over. france. and historic visit to the middle east the pope's two day trip is aimed at turning a page in christian muslim relations in the region francis for the liver
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a groundbreaking mass on his visit to abu dhabi catholics their hope that his visit can boost tolerance of their faith in the wider region. many nationalities united in their faith at the st joseph cathedral in abu dhabi. party a parish clerk from pakistan german priest martin stephen and the many catholic foreign workers living in the united arab emirates are awaiting the pope's visit with great anticipation. a momentous occasion and it's probably want life to mark for many of us to see him and especially in this part of the world for martin stephen a pontiff's visit is of major importance. just as it's the first time the head of the church or even a leader of the church has come to the arabian peninsula that's really historic and that's why there's so much discussion about the visit most of the talk centers
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around the meetings being held here between christians and muslims in the heart of the islamic world. is not to. follow from his doorstep. the pope's visit also carries a political dimension the emirates a part of a saudi led military alliance deployed in yemen the pope has repeatedly called for peace in the water own country but despite the stormy issue religious dialogue will remain center stage the u.a.e. is keen to show its exemplary when it comes to religious freedom. the united arab emirates is considered the most religiously tolerant country in the gulf region it wants to see as much foreign investment as possible and remain an attractive destination for foreign workers. the best example of religious tolerance in the u.a.e. is the buddhist temple in dubai. according to buddhists here it's the only one in
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the entire middle east. buddhists are not always welcome in the islamic world they're seen as infidels and therefore often can't practice their religion in public. as far as the response that it's very very tolerant in fact i keep saying all the time that tolerance is a wrong would be used because we all welcomed it in this country which i dished. leadership looks after us very well can do residents agree the government has approved the construction of an impressive temple and this is what it's expected to look like religion here regardless where it comes from does not have to be practiced in private in many different countries all over the world and i've never come across where you have almost two hundred different nationalities living harmoniously together with defeat into practice their religion freely and. the pope is visiting the emirates for three days religious tolerance aside the country's
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track record on political freedom is the darkest side of the story anyone who questions the u.e.s. involvement in the human war winds up in prison. once a day is world cancer day dedicated to the fight against one of the world's biggest killers in two thousand and eighteen the disease claimed an estimated nine point six million lives worldwide prevention screening and early detection are the focus of this year's campaign doctors say millions of cases it could have been treated more effectively had they been detected sooner despite advances in medicine nearly half of those diagnosed die of cancer but scientific research has led to major advances in treating cancers that were once a death sentence helping to prolong patients who are. one of the most promising areas of cancer research is immunotherapy uses the body's own
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immune system as a weapon to fight the disease we're pleased to be joined from the united states by one of the pioneers of this treatment the immunologist james allison his work won him the nobel prize for medicine last year profess. allison it's an honor to have you on the day we're glad that you're taking the time to talk with this. getting a cancer diagnosis it is a life changing event your mother died of the disease my mother was diagnosed with cancer what what kind of hope does immunotherapy offer to cancer patients and their families. well cancer going to therapy incredible hope for people. and their families were planning in some cancers such as melanoma a fraction of patients will be alive ten days and skittish ten years after a single round of treatment and more there's one patient who has a divot very first who's eighteen years out. and
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a combined treatment. with. that judge out about it also the one that dr angela developed in melanoma it's sixty percent of people are alive it four years that's all the points that we have yet it's going up but. the catch is quite successful so successful you have to test because we really just getting started but it's been approved of the united states for treating not just melanoma but also lung cancer kidney cancer bladder cancer not how excuse lymphoma and other lymphomas head neck cancer. types of colon cancer the list goes on and more indications are added you know weekly it seems and they ask about the cancer treatments be and how aggressive they are you know i know when might with my mother was diagnosed with with cancer i was struck by the oncologist talked basically deal
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about the determining that the level of toxicity in the chemotherapy but that's something that people have been doing now for decades and really it doesn't seem there's been that much change but we're talking about something like chemotherapy why is that and does immunotherapy does it all for a viable alternative to that. yes it is the reason that chemotherapies are so toxic is that basically they. think big joe sells it with us to touch one of them just kills any cells that are dividing rapidly and besides the cancer cell that's also your hair follicles the lining of the cuts on your blood relations . other. other new newer drugs so-called targeted therapies are little less toxic but they don't really cause remission but it doesn't last very long and we had hoped initially after our animal studies of mice to be out there we
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had no adverse events associated with it whatsoever but now that it's being used in years on hundreds of thousands of people that it is emerging that there are some adverse events that typically. inflammatory situations. diarrhea and other things but they're pretty decent out there are those have been developed by the clinicians now dealing with shows and so it's really really much less of a problem a lot of patients don't have any adverse events at all and those that do can be to be treated and they go away profesor als that the german health minister recently said that i can't hear will be defeated in the next ten to twenty years that's a no that's a bold prediction how credible do you think that is. well i think some kind of some types of cancer will be fairly confident of melanoma for example and kidney cancer
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some of these that are really respond well using the appropriate combinations it's all about combinations now adding you know. commune with their. different american therapies together are you know therapies with with radiation or chemotherapy but hopefully at doses that are so toxic because all they need to do is kill the two missiles to excite the abuse system about and they don't need to kill every last tumor cell with radiation or chemotherapy. and i think as we get more experience with you know combinations that are based on you know no no facts no mechanisms that we will do very well with with many types of cancer yeah there are some that i'll use such as. acrobatic yes or really haven't responded. well at all yet actually we're working on that now to a lot of us are alzheimer's on those two you're doing you're doing you know you're
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doing really wonderful work and we wish you lots of success james allison the nobel prize laureate for medicine last year mr allison thank you very much we appreciate your time. thanks for having me on the day is nearly done the conversation continues online to see how the reach is right there on your screen we'll see you tomorrow from the.
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trial now st forensics between bits and bytes. believed. anything getting. to be chance because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t w. three days after a free trade pact between japan and the european union takes effect berlin tokyo explore deeper cooperation will tell you how the new agreement benefits both sides . also un warns that further tariffs being dangled over china by u.s. president trump could have grave effects for the world economy if they take effect . and also on the show as the no deal brags that looks more likely japanese
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carmaker nissan scraps plans to build its new s.u.v. model.


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