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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2019 1:02am-1:31am CET

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dress with a thriving economy and surging jobs growth he's got plenty to boast about but nancy pelosi seems determined to spoil the president's party fresh from victory in the face off of the government shutdown the democratic house speaker is adamant that the president will not get these big beautiful wall i'm filled. this is the day. we have a crisis of house speaker. over the president in almost every shot of the speech the president cannot be more clear that he has the absolute right to declare a national emergency on the southern border and the congress. that this is the first time the president will be addressing a divided chamber and he's calling for cooperation. in charge and also compromise and it's going to point out a couple of examples where this is actually happening. closely. as you can see it's
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a very it's a very active president and the results speak for themselves i think you're very. pick was banished from chinese social media last year after becoming a symbol of teenage rebellion no really but now she's hitting the country's big screens with a new movie to mark the year of the pig. lights and we begin the day in the united states for president trump will soon deliver his second states of the union address to congress is expected to challenge democrats to approve funding for the war he wants to build on the border with mexico aides say he'll also call for unity and optimism but critics fear it will be difficult to overcome division after the last two years of animosity and personal. as washington
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bureau chief alex hunter from norman has this preview. this state of the union address a grand stage for the u.s. president to speak directly to a national audience about what he has accomplished and what still needs to be done but what is the state of the union after two years of trump's president see my state of the union i think and pretty good shape you know and look forward to hearing what the president has to say. going to save the union in the conmen everything and hopefully to. focus a little bit more and bipartisanship working together i think it's in. bad shape at the top. in the white house where we have an incompetent. possibly in saying no person if they have been through executive order the same old stuff. you know money for the border. you
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know. other stuff he wants can afford choosing greatness that's the official white health theme for donald trump address to congress you as president plans to strike a conciliatory tone and deliver a cold for unity and he speech but in many ways it might be too late the country and congress are divided along party lines and the democrats are determined to make sure that strom from maine a one term president rebuilding the country's infrastructure lowering the cost of prescription drugs these are issues both parties could agree on but instead they fight over transplant korda will the topic is expected to be front and center of trump's address to congress with no indication of either side giving an inch we will be looking at a national emergency because i don't think anything's going to happen i think the democrats don't want border security and when i hear them talking about the. the
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fact that walls are immoral it was the work they know their work trump has suggested there will be a major announcement and he speech but then again he might be just trying to raise expectations i have of the address he's difficult to predict says elaine k. mark out there and former aides to president bill clinton we don't know if he'll stick to the script and also remember that behind him sit the vice president who is by the constitution the president of the senate and the speaker of the house nancy pelosi so i don't know what kinds of expressions nancy pelosi might make as he's making this speech but that will be interesting to house speaker nancy pelosi will be visible in nearly every camera shot her presence is evidence of the new found power of the democratic party and remind of tram struggles to adapt to a divided government in washington. so let's take a look ahead then with the times in the program director and fellow aspen institute
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here in germany welcome to. for all of us not americans explain to us what is the point of the state of the union speeches presidents presumably will always ask for unity and cooperation is anything substantive come out of well you know the americans have a great deal of respect for the constitution and a great deal of respect traditionally for institutions of the constitution is kind of the pinnacle of our respect for those those institutions and it is written into the constitution that the commander in chief the president has to deliver state of the union that's an article two this is a deep tradition and because of that it commands a certain amount of majesty it's also the opportunity for the president to set an agenda you know when you look at that room in that chamber of the house it's not just the house and senate such as congress it's every cabinet member it's every member of the supreme court this is really a coming together of all the institutions of the u.s. federal government and to that extent it's a real opportunity. for the president to bring people together will this president
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take that opportunity is a big question so the state of the union at the moment seems it does look in pretty good shape booming economy g.d.p. in the two to three percent growth sweet spot unemployment down you know looks like it's going jolly well well it's a trend line that's been continuing for about five years you know unemployment is below four percent growth continues to increase the stock market has risen that said life expectancy expectancy among certain classes of people is down the quality of jobs is down wages remain stagnant so there are a lot of questions and you see that frustration because a lot of those fundamental statistics that you cited were the same in two thousand and sixteen that despite that it led to a massive backlash against the establishment against the system that led to donald trump selection so there are a lot of questions about the state of the union right now but we heard in the report that sitting behind the president will be the vice president. and the house
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speaker nancy pelosi right nancy pelosi clearly has had a good couple of weeks standing up right isn't yes yeah i mean she has really come out of this the winner i think even the president himself would acknowledge that you know she got everything that she wanted which was essentially the government to open she did not want to give even a kind of symbolic victory to the president for guarding his border while she said it's immoral and this is a red line that she's not willing to cross his goal right now is to try to get back where he least has the optical advantage of the optical perception particularly among his base that he's winning and there's only what two ways to do this either to force another government shutdown which there's no appetite to do in congress or to declare a national emergency which would eventually get wrapped up in court the courts and lead to a big court battle that would probably be drawn out for years do you talk about a. film to do with the this talk of a when finance it palosi but i wonder how how this busting of heads this is seen by known politicians. well i mean you know when people outside who are not paying
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attention to the day to day of washington look at this they say washington is broken but the truth is that washington's broken traditionally in the past eight years since you bottom of industry has tended to favor republicans but in this case and democrats got a lot of blame for the the last shutdown the one that happened in twenty seventeen or the democrats were trying to force some kind of solution on doc on the children of undocumented workers but in this case the clear majority of the american public including those who don't low information voters who don't pay attention was that this is really trump shutdown and part of the reason is because he said it himself he said if there's a shutdown it's my i'm responsible for it and i'd be proud to shut down the government for this wall and it happened and the american people blamed for it let's look at the likely agenda issues and let's let's start with the domestic agenda what can we expect well there are a couple of areas where the president is going to try to unify the congress and the
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public he's going to try to talk about drug prices the number one issue in the twenty eight election was health care that's what people were voting on they voted overwhelmingly for the democrats when they were voting on health care so he's going to try to to win some of that support for his agenda he's going to talk about infrastructure there are questions about his infrastructure proposals because it does rely on a lot of tax breaks and you know there are questions about whether democrats are going to support tax breaks but there are other areas that are going to be more divisive obviously immigration is going to be quite defensive to the extent that he brings it in the speech it has been since the beginning of the year and the issue of abortion you know he has a big chunk of his base voters are these evangelists. that's really be the foundation of his support and he's going to want to say to them look i've delivered two supreme court justices i've delivered a number of coin to court appointments that are going to be lifetime appointments and they're going to be pro-life that's why you should support me so there's a couple of different areas of. on domestic policy and on foreign policy this.
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amounts to go where do you think he will play when. talking for the last month claim of having defeated ises. right i mean this is that's a very tough one because obviously his secretary of state left because of his very abrupt decision to withdraw from syria since then there have been some clawbacks on that you know he's going to try to strike a very tough macho stance visa v. duro in venezuela he's going to put a point to international support being rallied to the position of the united states of recognizing the interim government which he's actually correct on there might be some outlines of policy there you know he's going to point to his tough stance on iran and the drying up of investment in iran due to secondary sanctions obviously that's an area where the europeans have a lot of problems he's going to point to the decision to withdraw from the i.m.f. last week that he says you know if people are not sticking to their word in
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treaties we're going to act and that's what his administration would say they did in the case of the nuclear agreement with russia those are going to be a couple of areas that he's going to point to he's also going to say you know look i'm always open to make a deal and he's going to point to the decision to have a new summit with the leader of north korea in the coming weeks he'll probably set up a little bit of that agenda and maybe talk a little bit about russia as well and just it just finally the us has had the big of the so many big ones but china we've seen the a lot of the recent diplomatic to ing and fro ing of the arrest of the chief financial officer. should we see that as being linked to the president's power and the china trade policy i think that this is been a big reversal of u.s. policy trade policy and foreign policy because you know this president has been much more aggressive about really putting punitive trade barriers on china to try to rebalance the trade relationship with china and that's having. ricochets
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throughout the international system we see it with the arrest of this official in canada for example we see it even today here in germany with the economic minister's decision to have this industrial policy which also is squarely aimed at china so the decision of this president to be much more let's say aggressive tough about china's breaking of rules for example on intellectual property about theft about cyber security industrial espionage that is actually starting to be adopted by other countries like japan like europe who took a few things. from the aspen institute thank you. pope francis has ended a three day trip to the united arab emirates by leading a mass attended by more than one hundred eighty thousand people filling a stadium in the capital abu dhabi during the mass francis raise concerns about the plight of migrant workers in the gulf country the vast majority of whom are for the
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piano's and indians pope also called for more harmony and tolerance between muslims and christians i ask the crowds cheer pope francis is cavalcade makes its way slowly into the zoe sports stadium in abu dhabi. all around the catholic faithful here to mark this historic occasion. almost you buy here or see. you know which appears to eat i would imagine that they will see the pope in this country you know that is where you are it's. i never imagined the. last three years with. this the first ever papal mass in the arabian peninsula and what some consider to be the largest show of public christian worship in the
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gulf arab region public displays of non islamic faith are restricted but on the last day of the pope's visit tens of thousands openly celebrate mass with him. before jesus on the other hand blessid of the poor the me those who remain just even at the cost of appearing in a bad line to. those who are persecuted or join who is correct here jesus or the world . but to understand this let us look at how jesus lived poor in respect of things but wealthy in love and a final message in a country famous for its riches and the end to allow month trip in which the pope has appealed for christians and muslim leaders to want together to promote peace.
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so what was the pope trying to do with this trip bill law as a journalist and documentary filmmaker who specializes in gulf affairs joins us from london welcome to day doubly what do you think was the purpose of the pope's visit to the usa. well i think the pope wanted to reach out to it's going to start visit no pope has ever been to the arabian peninsula it's part of his project to pursue a message of conciliation of interfaith dialogue and i agree god you have to say that it was a significant breakthrough for the prophecy and for the pope and so what has been the state of relations between that and read so far which is and christianity. well i think recently it's improved a great deal and there is a political. part to that story if you will. the emirates
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want to present an image of a tolerant and open society and they've been large successful in doing that and part of thoughts of tolerance is to include religions different religions up in the past it's been very difficult to practice if you're a christian or a hindu or a jew certainly. in in the u.a.e. united arab emirates and certainly in saudi arabia where you couldn't keep the head it should you try and practice your faith in an open fashion so that's changed and it's changed for a variety of reasons but one of the points that i think is worth making is that although the united arab emirates resent the self as an open and tolerant society it's only open and tolerant as long as you do not criticize the leaders or things like the war in yemen or other states like saudi arabia if you do criticize then you're going to wind up in jail and the way in which is the m.r.
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audie authorities go about doing that is they arrest people usually in the middle of the night they take them to an unknown place they are held incommunicado denied access to lawyers and their families often tortured held in solitary confinement and then by are worth the. fashion brought to trial a sense too many years in jail and and that is the taller answer. of the united arab emirates towards people who take the view contrary to their regime so what's happened really has been hugely successful i think for the iraqis they've been able to present themselves as really high and hears and opening up the arabian peninsula to to the catholic church in a way that was here to do i'm going to mention of all but bear in mind that one hundred eighty thousand people.
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looks like we've lost. that. we thank you for your contribution that's. new here also known as the chinese new year this year is the of the pig and people hoping it brings good fortune. praying for good fortune in the new year a tradition for chinese communities around the world. here at beijing's baju temple thousands flock to welcome the year of the pig in chinese culture the zodiac sign is a symbol of luck and wealth hopes that were reflected in the new year's wishes. i wish for good health for my family and success in my career and of course i hope for perspective pretty conventional. so for this year i'll be taking my
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college entrance exam so i hope to get. another custom to bring good luck temple go is trying to strike a bell hanging under a bridge it's a lucrative time for the monastery stuff needed shovels to clear the coins and a motorbike helmet for protection. but for the chinese and a growing international audience this has become a major part of the celebrations the spring festival gala. it's now the country's most watched t.v. show with an estimated billion viewers. to keep the millennium pipit with young celebrities like chinese boy band t. have boys. but the showstopper is a highly choreographed routines like this twenty thousand challis martial arts performance. for most people celebrating the lunar new year is about spending
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time with friends and family. and it's about food lots of it. hundreds of millions of people have travelled to be home for the feast and festivities they're hoping that this year of the pig will be a lucky one. so they survive did their reporter and lay it to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the chinese a year of the people who are too afraid to ask who welcomes this. how seriously do people in china take the different zodiac animals i would say that they take it quite seriously the chinese people believe that our fortune is a fact. our fortune in one year is affected by the animal that roost that particular year and whether you have a lucky year or not it always depends on when you were born and this year is the year of the pick give you an example the chinese believe that takes to go wild with
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snakes so for example if you were born in the year of the snake it means that they would tell you that you're going to have a really bad year and so what do people do when you when people tell you ok you're going to have a vet year you try to change that so they go to temples and so that's why the lunar new year holiday is the temples will be for you know and then. they will ask for god's blessing and that's handfuls and the size and they're also bokes to check their fortune and they are all written based on the animal signs that you're half and they're very detailed telling you what to do or what not to do each day and there are people who really follow the. there was advice. so i don't know so to follow this out all closely but i do know that i would drag it out makes me very pleased. very famous the children's cartoon character peppa pig
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has actually been quite controversial in china why yeah yeah as most people know surely a very harmless t.v. series for preschool children but then this poor innocent image just got subverted as it arrived in china now the video from papa pic had been moved by a lot of netizens they change they change the videos they jumped over the videos and changed the story completely they even use foul language is in those videos and they actually went viral and one super virus and then that that is a problem because. at some point the image of peppa pig just became too gangster like so some social media sites said no this is having a potential negative influence on teenagers and children so there are reports saying that you have just come from social media but actually. these
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were the recent via popovic actually got some viral in china not just. thought but no purpose making a comeback with the help of chinese tech giant alibaba so let's just take a look at. what have i got your. so as part of an online trailer promoting the new path the big movie in china has just been released to coincide the lunar new year what so what was going on well it seems that the year of the pic is screaming for help and can't. tell you to
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say yes in fact it had never been confirmed that to pick up and like officially back and so the series had just been blacklisted like they were saying that the series have been listed on the social media site a very popular one indeed it's called tech talk and that was said and some analysts say that it was merely a self censorship act carried out by that platform itself because usually the chinese government is very sensitive to like money is like this but while we don't really know whether that was self-censorship what we know is that type of pick is still insanely insanely popular in china and so with the chinese now like celebrating the nightmare year the chinese year of the pick may be the government just succumbed to. snow so i like that i like the idea of public back great
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all right good job if you like the joker through that shred the thank you thanks. well the day is nearly done but the conversation continues online you can find us. call on twitter at steve w. news so you can follow me out for go i remember what happens with him now and then tomorrow is unfit. to. form.
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