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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2019 11:00am-11:30am CET

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cut. to the by. the bad. news this is due to the news live from berlin spain's government on the edge the country could face a snap election prime minister pedro sanchez arrives at parliament to try to get his budget approved but catalan parties look likely to vote against it also coming up drug lord out child could spend the rest of us like behind bars as a u.s. jury finds him guilty on ten charges but his lawyer says he'll appeal against what he calls on the say are the verdicts of the girl whose fane moved to hell to be an audience now and you know school good well pastor and peace activist she's received
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the peace prize awarded by the german city of dresden. and we'll have the latest from the berlin international film festival where fans have been finding out a whole bunch of stuff but nothing teenagers take over the not naples mafia movie the running. i'm sumi so much got it good to have you with us we start in spain where a government crisis is growing it could be a snap election if the socialist government spending plans don't get approved by parliament prime minister pedro sanchez needs the support of two cattle on pro independence parties to get his budget passed but those parties have said they will vote against the budget they want sanchez to agree to talks on self-determination for their region but the government argues that spain's constitution doesn't allow
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that. let's bring in journalist and a martin roberts who's covering this story for us in madrid hi martin good to see you how likely is it that the prime minister can somehow strike a deal with these catalan national parties and pass this budget well that's looking very unlikely in days because talks last week between the government and the two cats and the nationalist policies you just mentioned broke down over the issue of self-determination and the possibility of holding a referendum which the government says would require constitutional reform as the governments have less than one quarter of the m.p.'s in parliament that it would take a two thirds majority to push through a constitutional amendments that just simply is not a possibility at the moment even if the government wants it didn't because they don't the other thing of course your members attentions are all in very high indeed with the beginning of the trial yesterday of custom politicians and indeed this depends has focused a lot more on the issue because of you in the book itself so that's what we all
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said all right so what does that mean what happens next as a painter sanchez's government collapse over this budget oh well i'm supposed to be solomon she procedure losing a budget process is the same as losing opposes cultists so yes if he loses this arms he will require to. dissolve parliament cities and dissolves and call for fresh elections the only thing that's up to the place at the moment so the only solution actually held. many are suggesting. you know it's what will it's a clash in may with local elections in european parliamentary elections of the moment sunni seems to be the most likely outcome so martin the government could fall we could be looking at snap elections where does all of this leave the catalan separatists and their movement for independence. well if the opposition policies reasons how. they could have a majority together they held
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a mass rally and jade here on some day that she was in the government to being too soft on cancer is there a reason to harm was reintroduced on the root. cause indeed in the shorts and at least will send your castle over. self-determination. all right journals martin roberts reporting for us in madrid thank you so much. that some other stories making headlines around the world belgium's airports are at a standstill due to a national strike to demand higher pay almost no flights are landing in or departing from the country airport bosses say they cannot guarantee safety with a skeleton staff the strike is also paralyzed belgians railways and courts that australia set to reopen a controversial offshore migrant detention center on christmas island close to indonesia the government said it was expecting a new wave of asylum seekers arriving by boat in our government's effort to defeat
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in parliament when lawmakers passed legislation making it easier for sick refugees in other offshore camps to be treated in australian hospitals. and u.s. president donald trump says he may extend his march first deadline for reaching a trade deal with china trump said he might do so if the two countries are close to reaching a deal if there is no agreement to u.s. tariffs are set to more than double on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports but. the mexican drug lord known as a chapel will appeal the ten guilty verdicts handed down by a u.s. jury on monday the lawyer for joaquin guzman said the verdicts were unfair guzman was convicted of running a massive drug smuggling operation and other related crimes he could now spend the rest of his life behind bars. impassive even as he awaited extradition to the u.s. seemingly snared for the final time after two or dangerous escapes and eluding feel
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for a tease. the same stoicism was on display as the man known as a was convicted of all ten counts related to decades of drug trafficking. he gave his wife a thumbs up as he was led from the new york courtroom. to u.s. authorities meanwhile in a triumphant mood. is can we expect will bring a sense of life without the possibility of parole is a sense from which there is no escape and no return. this conviction is a victory for the american people who is suffered so long and so much. made billions pouring poison over our southern border. likely be housed at this supermax prison in florence colorado it's known as the alcatraz of the rockies. or for it is a confident find it as
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a meaningful to escape as the two prisons he sensationally broke out of in his native mexico. those escapes including one down a tunnel dug from underneath his prison cell toilet and a subsequent rolling stone interview with actor sean penn have contributed to goose months almost mythical status. there was a hollywood element to guzman's recapture by mexican authorities as they stormed his hideout in twenty sixteen. they said later that a meeting with pan had been instrumental in leading them to him. but for some who live in his mexican home region of sin a lower it's not the fame they will miss but the money. we know that close to here and he helped a lot of people to build roads schools churches and well vale suffer because that support will end because the government doesn't give the support that is needed. to
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. help the sick and also supported. but goes months charity can't make up for the charges laid against him conspiracy to commit murder money laundering and alleged use of violence against enemies of his powerful cinna lower drug cartel. is said to be sentenced in june and will likely spend the rest of his life in jail his attorney says he will appeal against the conviction. not to venezuela the government and opposition are facing off over delivery of u.s. aid to states on massive demonstrations take place across the country demanding humanitarian aid be let in venezuela migrants in colombia also took to the streets in the border city of where the aid supplies are currently being stored demonstrators marched to protest against president nicolas photo he claims the aid is fake and is blocking its entry into that as well. all german president. is
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a visiting and as well as neighboring colombia for talks with the country's leaders colombia has seen a massive influx of migrants due to the crisis across the border. yes yes yes colleen by a show arrived in bogota only a few weeks ago but already she's out on the streets from morning to evening selling sweets she's desperate to earn a little cash so she can feed her baby boy. i left venezuela because i couldn't buy anything that no food no diapers. escalating story is typical for the many venezuelans who have fled hardship at home and who live a hand to mouth existence in colombia there are no migrant camps to shelter them often the only help they receive comes from the generosity of the locals. the government can afford to offer only limited aid with so many colombians living in poverty themselves. the german president's visit comes at
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a critical time colombians have shown compassion responding to the mass migration into their country. but they're worried the political crisis across the border will escalate into civil war. further swelling the number of new arrivals. frank walter steinmeier is keen to prevent that. is missing mid to long view good for. we have to find ways and means to avoid the bloodshed that many fear could ensue in venezuela. so that's why i hope that there will soon be a presidential election. in the presidential election which will give quite doth a legitimacy that he himself sees as necessary. dia's it's fair for there to should steinmeyer and colombia's president even do agree that aid needs to get into venezuela as quickly as possible nope it meet the to not let humanitarian aid into
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the country is a crime against humanity. he said. it has to happen fast. that the international community cannot accept the current situation. the world can't stand by and do nothing but aid is prevented from entering. due can believe everything must be done to get aid into venezuela he did not say if that should include military intervention. nato defense ministers are meeting in brussels to look at steps needed to protect europe if a us russian disarmament treaty fails on tuesday nato secretary general yen stoltenberg urged to russia to return to complying with the i and ask treaty that agreement bans the development and possession of intermediate range nuclear missiles it is under threat after the us announced earlier this month that it with withdraw nato and washington accused russia of breaching the treaty
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let's bring in dave hughes teri schultz she is at nato headquarters covering this meeting meeting for us hi terry good to see what steps could nato take if this treaty lapses what options will be discussed there nato is is not saying yet that it is giving up on the i.n.f. treaty there's this six month waiting period and nato very much wants to preserve the treaty and so secretary general stoltenberg is warning russia yet again it has this one last chance this one last window to come into compliance with the treaty and hope to see that before the u.s. declares the treaty no and void and so we've just learned that secretary general stolzenberg will meet russian foreign minister sergey lavrov at the munich security conference coming up this weekend and he will press again on russia to be willing to destroy this system that has breached the i.n.f. treaty beyond that nato says it's going to have to plan for a world without the eye enough terry what do we know about how the u.s.
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would respond to russian i enough violations in the future. the u.s. maintains that it has not breached the treaty and all allies agree with that that's really not within question so it hasn't started really looking at what kind of weapon systems it could create to counter the russian threat and what europeans have been most interested in hearing from the u.s. is what it won't do and that was something that was laid out very clearly in my interview with u.s. ambassador to nato keeley hutchison we don't intend to put something new in europe and most certainly we're not even even considering nuclear so i think we will bring our allies along with us tell them what we're looking at so that they will know what to expect but they this is a defense for them as well as for us and it is a defense that is necessary for us to see the risks and assure that we
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can. protect and deter against the risks of russia's missiles. say their we don't intend to put something new in europe where does this leave europe. yes that's what the u.s. is trying to reassure allies now we are not looking at stationing. a nuclear missile system to counter russia's on european territory nobody wants to see that at the moment they say that now that they will not be bound by the treaty they will look at all options there will though possibly be conventional weapons that will be discussed to put back on european territory and that's very much what some european allies want if you talk to the countries closest to the russian border they want a robust u.s. defense against the missiles that are pointed directly at them europe will be the battleground if there is if there is a conflict nuclear or otherwise so i think what allies will be listening for when
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acting defense secretary patrick shanahan comes is again these reassurances that europe will not be a nuclear battleground and just what steps the u.s. is taking as we wait out this six months before the i.n.f. is truly declared dead terry scholz covering the nato defense ministers meeting in brussels for us thank you terry. you're watching d.w. still to come in this half hour how a gang of stop at nothing teenagers take over the mafia in naples we'll take a look at the qur'an us film just premiered at the berlin international film festival. every year the german city of dresden remembers its intense bombing during world war two as part of that remembrance the city awards the dresden peace prize this year's winner is peace activist kim phuc fun t.v. a picture of her taken during the vietnam war became one of the most famous photos of all time is going to met her address. thank you
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it's true to say that kumble to be the recipient of such you say that this teen was a word. with so much meaning behind it can focus famous for being the subject of a photograph. a photograph of such power that it galvanized public opinion around the world about the war in vietnam and helped change the course of history. i ovoid. of void totally to look my pitch or alone my mouth my i guess my body is the warthe moment of human being as a little girl i felt so embarrassed why i was naked
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and my brothers make has ng was close on. i just do it right there and i turned my hat and i saw the fall bombs landing that that fire was everywhere and the fire actually bird my clothes off. i was nine you know and every member i thought oh my goodness i got worse so i would be out. and so people always see me a different way of course that moment that picture that day to end my life i have. now i know i have a piece joe i am not feeling embarrassed like before.
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but is not much to. until the moment when i have a child i love my boy i never warned the children suffer like that little girl. is me. and so from that point is that it really touched me and that picture became so powerful give for me. if everyone can learn to live with love with hope and forgiveness absolutely we don't need war. if that alone would go in-depth picture can do it so everyone can do it too. that was a gym for fun t.
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speaking to do there. now to the berlin international film festival where good abuse my ass waiter went to a screening of piranha us a film about growing up in a tough neighborhood of naples take a look. you're young you have money. and guns. the world is your oyster. at least until someone kills you. piranhas tells the story of a group of young men from central working class naples they descend into crime as they pursue girls shoes and complete control over their neighborhood. but it's not just a simple coming of age story it's based on reality the director and writer say the film's themes of youth powerlessness and crime are universal. i feel. the film is set in naples but it's really about adolescence so it's not a sociological film or at least we weren't trying to make a film about the sociology of the criminal underworld there it was simply
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a way to tell the story but at the heart of it it was a story about adolescence and its relationship to a certain type of criminality you know and. for everyone involved this story was deeply personal hundreds of thousands of people leave italy every year it's the only way for a poor young italian to find a better life except that is to be seduced by money guns and glory and turn to organized crime. paid actor francesco to napoli said he found it all too easy to identify with his character because he comes from as he put it a difficult area of naples. even though i've always worked to drive try to avoid them i know people like this who are gang members. everyone involved in this project clearly felt passionately about it these were non actors actually from the neighborhood that's portrayed in the film and the statement that the movie makes about life in southern italy makes it low key one of the most political films
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of the festival roberto saviano famous for his two thousand and six book amara wrote the book on which promise is based and co-wrote the script. just over and of course this is the political story in the highest sense it's the story of a generation and it's destiny that is this the only money and power that. purana us is in competition for the golden bear at the berlin film festival a local personal story whose sense of hopelessness mixed with aspiration can be felt the world over. ok football now the champions league round of sixteen is underway there were two matches last night the feature of the evening was premier league side manchester united hosting francis parsons from up p.s.g. was without its superstars neymar and it's in the vanni but they still outclassed their hosts after scoreless first half p.s.g.
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took the lead in the fifty third minute and just seven minutes later football sensation jillian and bobby made it to nil to add to manchester united's woes star paul pogba was sent off in the final minutes of the game and will miss the return leg in paris next month. in the night's other champions league match roma edged out portuguese side porto thanks to a nineteen year old nicolo on the old hope of the teenage midfielder scored both goals for the italian club to seal a two one victory that ended porto's five game winning streak in the champions league this season. well there are three german clubs left in the champions league and every one of them will face a team from england starting tonight when dortmund square off against tottenham next week by munich will play liverpool and shall could take on manchester city so with the bundesliga headed into a direct competition with the premier league we take a look at the differences and similarities between two of european football's
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powerhouses. trailer of the english premier league sells itself as a global spectacle it is after all the richest football league in the world and for that reason also the most glamorous. of the ten clubs in the world with the highest revenue six are from england. the bundesliga stroller is somewhat more modest its strategy aims to play on emotions. on the pitch the bundesliga can still go toe to toe with the premier league when it comes to marketing strategies and t.v. revenues however there's a gulf between the two divisions finished law schools and of course the big money is going to stand in and there's nothing we can do about that at the moment. we often forget that in the domestic markets english clubs earn less revenue than german clubs which was the big differences in the international broadcast rights
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and of course they have a certain advantage there in terms of the language. english is spoken around the world which boosts the international popularity of english clubs and the value of the worldwide television rights in that area the premier league or it's four times as much as the bundesliga the total revenue of the premier league at the moment is two point three billion euros a season for the bundesliga it's just one point one billion. this massive money is pretty helpful when it comes to attracting playing and coaching talent you're going club and pep. aren't the only imports from germany seven of the ten most expensive bundesliga transfers went to premier league clubs. investors to are lining up to get a piece of the premier league pie. english football has become a playground for the world's super rich. and you just want to. i don't
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want an english system where the ticket prices are driven so hard by investors. to search of. so high that an entire section of society can't afford to go to the games anymore because they're just not. a trip to the stadium in england is expensive youngsters are hard to find here the cheapest ticket to watch tottenham hosting dortmund is around thirty four euros a ticket for the return leg in germany on the other hand can be had for about half that. in the upcoming champions league clashes between premier league and bundesliga sides we'll find out who's worth the money. all right a reminder now of our top stories we're following here on spain's prime minister peter sanchez could be facing his downfall his socialist government is trying to get its budget passed by parliament but catalan parties look likely to vote against
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it that could lead to a snap election. and the mexican drug cartel boss watching who is not known as el chapo will appeal the ten guilty verdicts handed down by a u.s. jury if the convictions stand he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. don't forget you can always get interviews on the golf download or apps from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for you breaking news and that you can also use the did you have to send us photos and videos. coming up on d w eco india will be taking a look at how grass is protecting against landslides in a pile and how senator kerry pats can improve women's lives that's coming up in just a few minutes here in t.v. . show.
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please. recall in the us enough of this and there are some mensuration is still a couple subject in india feminine hygiene products are hard to find one for wants to change by manufacturing sanitary. and sewing the door to door. to explain to them that she's sort of. mixed doubles. they live like. god on the mount olympus some
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business. the top executives. the high flyers a high finance movers and shakers. but a long move send them into freefall and then what happens when the big winners lose big who ends up paying the price made in germany in sixty minutes on g.w. . crimes against humanity civilians become witnesses of. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is propaganda fiction and what is fact digital investigators comb through the flood of images
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they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes. forensics between bits and bytes of. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t.w. . the. whole welcome to a brand new episode of india a sustainability magazine that puts the focus on change make us well finding solutions to the biggest problems facing our world today i'm songs.


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