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give the baby a few. make a donation safe. this is. used. for spotting members of the country's jewish community. program. this is expected to call a snap election after vote. features three. from the world. does make it so hard to
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compare. with the cash. based on the true story of. the controversial. find out. now. i'm welcome to the program the number of crimes committed in germany rose by almost ten percent the last year taking them to the high level. figures released today. of jews to call for a stronger commitment from police politicians to protect their community the signboards of a jewish restaurant smashed a pig paid marked with a star of david dumped by a door. swastikas and stars of david on
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a wall this was the aftermath of an anti semitic attack in the eastern german city of chemists in august twenty eighth. it was just one of more than sixteen hundred anti semitic crimes committed in germany last year that's an increase of ten percent on twenty seventeen particularly worrying the number of violent incidents like this one in berlin has increased by two thirds if. i am concerned but not really surprised it fits with what i hear from jewish organizations and representatives when i talk to them but. it should give us the impetus to take preventative action soon and to make sure that anti semitism does not arise in the first place that as. much of this hatred comes from far right supporters but experts say some of it derives from opposition to israel including from migrants from the muslim world and germany is not alone
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anti semitic incidents are becoming more common in other countries too france this week reported a rise of more than seventy percent in twenty eighteen compared with the previous year. and is unfortunately anti-semitism is on the advance everywhere in europe we need to find european solution is i support the idea of making the fight against anti-semitism a priority for the german e.u. presidency next year. another part of the picture in germany is that the jewish community is growing and demonstrations of solidarity with them by non jews are common while most germans recognize that from the holocaust comes a special responsibility to protect jews there is sadly still a minority ready to turn violent aggression against them. spain sends a left government faces an uncertain future after parliament rejected prime
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minister petro sanchez's budget on friday he'll announce whether he will call for an early general election socialist premier was that depending on the support of two pro independent parties to get this project approved but both voted against the prime minister refused to engage in talks about self-determination for cattle and it was decided to suspend its constitution does not allow the us. to get more from did observe public. welcome pablo so where does this leave the government will this lead to government with what it is funded commentators are saying with hours more or less until an announcement is made on the end of better times as governments he's going to call snap elections that's what what's expected it looks likely. it will take place in april because in may of course spain will be taking part in the european elections and also regional
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and local elections will be taking place then so on friday there's a cabinet meeting and it's expected that an announcement will be made by then over an exactly when the parliament will be dissolved and when the elections will take place ok so just to be clear this is this is such a big deal because he doesn't get to re presented he doesn't get to change and come back if he gets no budget then he doesn't go this is it and i mean at the end of the day it better sanchez is leading a very minority government will say you know we represent thirty percent of the members of parliament so he's needed the support from as you mentioned before at the pro independence parties they have not given him this support for a number of reasons and one they were open to supporting him if the other sanchez was open to the to the idea of their perhaps even holding ever. a friend i'm in catalonia to have a vote on the future of that region sanchez has said no way that will not happen
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it's anti constitutional he had sort of made concessions in the sense that he was open to dialogue as i mentioned and he said that he would have an intermediary who would help will say in that process of of sort of breaking down those barriers that exist between madrid and barcelona since the referendum took place in barcelona back in october two thousand and seventeen ok so nobody in spain is surprised about this everybody saw this discovery down the road not at all and we have to look as well at the main opposition parties nationwide and of course there is now a right wing bloc made up of the p.p.p. of the former ag of mint of money and then a center party and now the far right party vox and together they have been calling for the end of petra sanchez's government and in fact just several days ago in madrid they they were going to a protest where tens of thousands of people came out and they protested against the government of president sanchez and it was mainly based on the fact that. he was
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making what they believe are concessions to those pro independence cattle and leaders and finally mentioning the catalan leaders let's not forget that this week is also the week in which the trial has begun in madrid not too far from madrid parliament there where you have twelve of the leaders of the pro independence movement that pushed back in twenty seventeen so there's been so much political pressure on all sides that this was inevitable ok. thank you so much. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the head of a for the new site critical of the country's president has been arrested maria ressa accusations of cyber libel against her is the latest attempt by roderigo to turkey's government to silence her social news network the veteran journalist is
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one of several people who were named a person of the year by time magazine political. thailand's election commission is seeking to dissolve the party that nominates the king's older sister to run for prime minister a princess self was disqualified on monday after the king objected to her and. she had alliance herself with the opposition to thailand's military backed government. he felt himself was are at a standstill because of a national strike over paying a few flights landing or indeed taking off airport management so they can't guarantee safety with only a skeleton staff the strike is also paralyze the country's railways and all. the police in germany her arrested to two syrian citizens thought to be former members of the syrian regime's secret police federal prosecutors here say they are suspected of having committed crimes against humanity including torturing prisoners at a facility in damascus. more from d.w.
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political correspondent maximiliano. welcome maximillian one of these men believed to have done. well the two q.'s are strongly suspected to have committed crimes against humanity we know from germany authorities so far as the two men were of syrian citizen ship have been members or allegedly have been members of the syrian secret service between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve they then left the country but in that time they were set so in their members one of them has been member. of the secret service and been running a prison near damascus where we were where he was having an investigative unit a so-called investigation unit that was also committing torture and the other man that was said to have been working on a sort of signposting on road controls where he's been arresting people that then were transferred to said prison ok so. who is it is anybody spanish speaking from from the government or indeed from germany's parliament we've heard so far from the
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german federal justice minister caterina bolli of the social democrats is that you of course well comes the investigation the sense that she and the government in that sense is a strong of the belief that crimes against humanity needs to be prosecuted and that they can also be prosecuted here in germany the arrests have been taking place yesterday here in germany another arrest has been taking place in france yesterday this was a joint effort by french and german authorities but what we haven't heard so far is any further how for example germany or other countries are speaking out how to prosecute general crimes against humanity by the assad regime germany is currently member nonpermanent member of the un security council and there has been some demand from the international criminal court that the united nations security council should put efforts into asking for the prosecution of the assad regime and it could be interesting to see that germany currently nonpermanent member what's
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baby speak out on that issue what's really on kasich thank you. this is the news live from berlin still to come in this half hour the chinese film one second door was in the running at the brothers international film festival now it's not we'll find out why from our correspondents on the broadcasters of. the head of that nato defense ministers meeting in brussels to discuss the steps needed to protect europe if a u.s. russia a nuclear disarmament treaty fails later secretary-general against bolton underline the nato allies who are in agreement that russia was in violation of the treaty which bans the development and possession of intermediate range nuclear missiles washington announced its withdrawal from pact earlier this month was to stoltenberg since there is still time to negotiate so russia still has a chance to come back into compliance and we call on russia to take this
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opportunity russia and also what to do all our allies standard to engage further with russia but we're also preparing for a world with out of treaty. now to venezuela where the government and opposition are facing off over the delivery of the u.s. aid tuesday so massive demonstrations across the country demanding there he be allowed in venezuela migrants in neighboring colombia also took to the streets in the port city of where the aid supplies are stored their anger is aimed at president nicolas maduro who's described the american aid as a ploy to allow a u.s. invasion and his bloc. aides entry into his country german president frank. is in colombia where a large influx of migrants have fled across the border with venezuela. yes killing by a show arrived in bogota only a few weeks ago but already she's out on the streets from morning to evening
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selling sweets she's desperate to earn a little cash so she can feed her baby boy. i left venezuela because i couldn't buy anything that no food no dike was. escalating story is typical for the many venezuelans who have fled hardship at home and who live a hand to mouth existence in colombia there are no migrant camps to shelter them often the only help they receive comes from the generosity of the locals. the government can afford to offer only limited aid with so many colombians living in poverty themselves. the german president's visit comes at a critical time colombians have shown compassion responding to the mass migration into their country. but they're worried the political crisis across the border will escalate into civil war. further swelling the number of new arrivals. frank walter steinmeier is keen to prevent that. is missing mid to long view good for.
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we have to find ways and means to avoid the bloodshed that many fear could ensue in venezuela. so that's why i hope that there will soon be a presidential election. in the presidential election which will give quite doth a legitimacy that he himself sees as necessary. fatherhood steinmeyer and colombia's president even agree that aid needs to get into venezuela as quickly as possible nope it meet the to not let humanitarian aid into the country is a crime against humanity. he said. it has to happen fast. that the international community cannot accept the current situation. the world can't stand by and do nothing as aid is prevented from entering. that.
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do can believes everything must be done to get aid into venezuela he did not say if that should include military intervention. health care workers in nigeria have gone on strike a days before the country's general election highlighting the anger felt by many nigerians of the government of the government's management of the public sector and the economy the strike put so there's no pressure on president mohamed to bihari who is facing a neck and neck race with the main opposition candidates p.w. correspondent creech reports from you all are in northeastern nigeria. for. sophia philip mudd and her colleagues at the federal hospital in yola may look happy but deep down that angry in april and may last year they went on strike to demand higher pay but instead of a raise the government refused to pay them for the two months they didn't work nobody below us we needed justice. he was dead then shot was less is
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throughout the country federal health workers are on a three day warning strike that will end on wednesday. the health workers demand for their remaining salaries to be paid by the federal government insist that they didn't work for these two months and this is why they will not be paid. union representatives accused the government of not focusing enough on the health care sector it doesn't get what i wanted was the look was there but it got noticed which is but where we're going to say i'm going to go this is not good we do the same thing but i don't think bit doesn't have a good as well as. what is it as there are members of his out of a dozen of the no. labor unions are threatening further strikes if the government doesn't pay and despite the hardship sophia fillip man says she's prepared to keep on fighting. germany's interior minister says he wants to change legislation to tighten restrictions on foreign telecoms providers or say half his proposals would
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require companies to obtain security certification. and to sign no spying agreements berlijn is considering the changes as he ponders whether to allow china sua way to take part in the development of its five g. network the telecoms equipment manufacturer is accused of being too close to the chinese government and military. connecting the world at high speed its all in five g. and chinese companies are dominating the market for the latest telecom technologies two of them c.t.e. and. competitor who are way banned in the us but still hopeful to get into the e.u. market. which is an idea the release of our five g. products is just waiting for telecom carriers to announce their commercial network and verification standards for their terminals with you that have neither of which will. but it's become difficult for hallway to sell goods these days the company's
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close relationship to the chinese government and military has brought up accusations of spying china strongly denies these accusations. well it says in the interest and neither the united states nor any of its allies have brought up any solid evidence that can prove one way poses a threat to their national security their reasons nothing more than the issue of china's national intelligence long. indeed there is no proof but governments have become cautious germany is discussing tightening telecommunication laws and making one way sign a knows by agreement poland is on the fence and under direct pressure from the u.s. to ban huawei to. we've also made clear that there is a certain set of decisions that it will be more difficult for the united states department friends to work alongside a. pump ailment the same threat in hungary in slovakia it could block walk away
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from important markets and make it difficult for countries to bring their networks up to speed. the european parliament has ratified a free trade deal between the e.u. and singapore an agreement the bloc hopes will serve as a blueprint for future deals it aims to reverse the old trade barriers between the two economies over the next five years trade amounted to ninety billion euros in goods and services last year individual member states will still approve the measure. now to the berlin international film festival which is happening just across the city de dublin correspondence my shweta. on the red carpet welcome both now they'd like a controversial film and one of the big films has been stirring the pot nicely tell us about. we were about to see the premiere of elise and marcella here in just a couple of hours this is a film that's about the first two women to ever get married in spain they got
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married they were real life people this is based on a real story and they got married back at the beginning of the twentieth century more than a hundred years before gay marriage was actually legal in spain but it's not actually the explicit content that's the controversial point of this movie no no in fact it's the people who paid to make this movie and that is netflix this is a netflix movie and it's the very first netflix movie to ever screen in competition at the ballet now and similar to the controversy last year when this film you might have heard of its nominee for ten oscars screen and one in venice similar thing has happened here there's outrage from the film community from film distributors from film owners theater owners here in germany across europe they protested they called on the billion dollars to pull the film saying it's it's a disgrace it's a scam this is director we've had many times before and we're going to show the movie and did a cost like basically just went no head of the barely keeping at. let's talk about
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. the chinese film one second that's been withdrawn from its premiere the competition why. yeah very suddenly we're over there shocked when we saw last night that this film has just suddenly listed as canceled when we when we all saw this is a film by john. move. who is really one of the head directors and he is a significant figure for the ballet now that this film particularly it was it was all set to go as far as we know it was more or less on its way here and then suddenly production just went dark and no one had any idea what happened and. speaking to my colleagues and to contacts in the chinese film industry they're telling me this is a clear space of censorship showing who is a huge film director in china almost seen as the as the state's greatest film director up he was given the task of directing the beijing olympics opening ceremony in two thousand and eight so was anointed really but this film very very
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controversial because of its subject matter it deals with the cultural revolution usually an absolute no go area. again. the official reason we don't quite know we've only heard i've only heard these rumors of this censorship but we were able to talk to the head of the billing all of these are cause look and we asked him why was this film pulled from competition let's hear we had to say i don't know about this and i just know he said the bus looks ready because of take the reason. or technical reasons all we all love a conspiracy theory tell us more about the significance for the. he was the very first chinese director to ever win a golden bear way back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and he's really been a fixture here at the belly for many many years he's had a bunch of films for me or at least screen here and he's again as scott said he's known as one of china's premier directors to have this happen to him if it is
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indeed censorship which again we don't know is rather shocking and concerning yes i mean he's probably the only director who's managed to walk the line producing films in china with the approval of the chinese government but still manage to be one of the most respected and admired film directors worldwide ok so if this is a case of crackdown of. censorship it's very very serious indeed. thank you so much. into sports starting with football there are three german clubs left in the champions league and each will face a team from england dortmund faced taught them to night and the next week by a new complaint liverpool and shall take on manchester city so with the bundesliga heading into confrontation with the premier league let's take a look at the differences and similarities between these two powerhouses of european football.
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feel fishel trailer of the english premier league sells itself as a global spectacle it is after all the richest football league in the world and for that reason also the most glamorous. of the ten clubs in the world with the highest revenue six are from england. the bundesliga is somewhat more modest its strategy aims to play on emotions. on the pitch the bundesliga can still go toe to toe with the premier league when it comes to marketing strategies and t.v. revenues however there's a gulf between the two divisions finished law schools and of course the big money is going to stand in and there's nothing we can do about that at the moment being in the nuts and we often forget that in the domestic markets english clubs earn less revenue than german clubs the big difference is in the international broadcast rights and of course they have a certain advantage there in terms of the language. english is spoken around the
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world which boosts the international popularity of english clubs and the value of the worldwide television rights in that area the premier league are in four times as much as the bundesliga the total revenue of the premier league at the moment is two point three billion euros a season for the bundesliga it's just one point one billion. this massive money is pretty helpful when it comes to attracting playing and coaching talent you're going club and pep guardiola aren't the only imports from germany seven of the ten most expensive bundesliga transfers went to premier league clubs. investors to are lining up to get a piece of the premier league by. english football has become a playground for the world's super rich. i don't want an english system where the ticket prices are driven so high by investors.
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so high that an entire section of society can't afford to go to the games anymore. a trip to the stadium in england is expensive youngsters are hard to find here the cheapest ticket to watch tottenham hosting dortmund is around thirty four year zero . a ticket for the return leg in germany on the other hand can be had for about half that. and the upcoming champions league clashes between premier league and bundesliga sides will find out who is worth the money. and news coming up on news asia the girl whose pain was felt around the world and stepped up the movement to end the vietnam war. just received a peace prize in germany. domestic workers in the philippines struggle in the face of the puce and hottest months on the job. those.
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of the.
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good friday for something new news asia stories from across the region stories that . join us for the new show news asia. what's coming up the book is playing up plenty to talk about here now it's cut a look at what all that means for the paper of course. going to sleep every weekend here on t.w. . cool. to the
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bureau max to channel a. good line of story. with exclusive. and a must see concerning parts culture come you're a. place to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers books so subscribe and don't miss out. hey listen. that's what a video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level ok sense to him compose a poem it's. featured in many games his music is bound to. for his fans he opens doors to. sounds
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good. oh sure that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. this is date of the news asia coming up on the program the filipino maids unsafe in their own country a special report on the abuse of domestic workers we hear one woman town hall story of assault as a teenager one story of many plus. where does my family relatives of missing we go to use social media to dawn on so i was from the chinese government. and the napalm god who grew up to be a peace activist on teams picked.


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