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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2019 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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it's to another level a sense to him compose a way mats are. featured in many games his music is bound to cause problems for his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. though genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. facing fresh elections spain's government on the brink of collapse as the regional independence movement in catalonia plays out on the national stage political uncertainty ahead as prime minister pedro sanchez weighs snap elections i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day.
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we were naive but will you stop going to the pictures we have up to socialists over the past months in exchange for nothing good either for you again of course today in the congress we have been at the center of a decision that is a point of no return in the legislature more exactly the end of the road to pedro sanchez as the head of the government and it appears here feel we have to be sitting in congress was the point of no return in the legislature or more exactly the end of the road of pages such as as the head of government that would be devoted to the not being so he needs to organize another election and the question is when. and also coming up we take you to the berlin film festival where as you can see my colleagues fater and scott roxborough are on the red carpet. yes we're live here at the red carpet at the valladolid and it would be of
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a learn international film festival without a little controversy and we've got not one but two controversies coming right up for you stay tuned and we'll look forward to it. but first we begin the day in spain which faces snap elections after the prime minister petro sanchez failed to win parliamentary backing for his budget plan sanchez needed the support of seventeen cattle and lawmakers to push the legislation through but they withdrew their backing in protest after the leaders of the capital and secessionist movement were put on trial for rebellion for not being able to hold a legal independence referendum so the cattle land crisis this time dragging the national government down with it heralding a possible shift in spanish politics sanchez is the head of the minority government opinion polls say that a new election which has yet to be announced will result in a right wing majority for the conservative center right and far right party that
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would herald a harder line on catalonia now sanchez accuse the right wing of wanting one thing that catalonia be at war with itself and that spain be at war with itself. of the war now we're joined by joaquin o.d.s. he is a professor of constitutional law at the university of seville welcome to the program and thank you for joining us just walk us through why was sanchez not able to get the catalans agreement on passing this budget. mostly because he wasn't about even to found ok well i'm suicidal taken with couple long i'm politicians the political atmosphere here in spain has become very to do now with the bits i don't for a couple of. attempts all become dependent it's not a good decision it's very hot so whenever the president trying to strike the street
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down we've got a long arm of the car park we've been in the president's political party trying to ask what do they want exchange of voting for his budget he will say he's received pressure from he's right we know he's on party asking him to bump it down we've got a long lens so you do those two thousand if you don't necessary it's important to get this or so there were enough and able to start talking about it but i mean there's criticism not only on the side of sanchez there's also criticism of the catalonia as in fact we were seeing some criticism from within because the mayor of barcelona today accusing the catalan separatists of being irresponsible and opening the door to a new right and extreme right government is that fair. yeah that's that's maybe for like a you know both sides. right wing so i know they say it's but it isn't even try to seek out in the same table with the same parties i have the same thought to part of
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the setting is we see in the very well the only thing we want an independent they both went to a really extreme point of fact just last summer holiday with russ when to sit down with him to get something to look up among a people but ultimately he cannot get the president he can get from our office as he can get more for the right thing by getting dependent so it's true that there's a part of the also there were watching too much of then the diode gets out i would have an action but i would not be so sure that they are right we will win it's not so clear when will the benefit of these new columns part of extremes you know you think that sanchez that that he needs to sit down with the cattle and but i mean ultimately let's just look at his situation right now i mean he's in the minority government he's under intense pressure does he really have that for him to maneuver . if you have for him because you're already got to expand this fight must go to
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go to through get out of the crowd or do the sponsors primitive for he don't really get that to make that part of them once all parts are everything is pretty close but the company of measured the company if you want people before on what you are in government you never heard that he could. not that you become my truth but i'm convinced so i'm just on route forty five they say for the next just in the next year if he does not he's become a couple nations that are now the socialist propaganda but the results so it's more quickly because the pollution but i'm going to get from the small nuke and now we have the possibility of a snap elections in the country walking the d.s. professor of constitutional law at the university of seville thank you so much for your insight. the number of crimes committed in germany has risen by almost ten percent over the past year the highest level in
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a decade the figures released today are causing alarm in the jewish community violent attacks are up by more than sixty percent this has prompted germany's central council of jews to call for a stronger action from police and politicians the signboards of a jewish restaurant smashed a pig head marked with a star of david dumped by a door swastikas and stars of david on a wall this was the aftermath of an anti semitic attack in the eastern german city of came in august twenty eighth. it was just one of more than sixteen hundred anti semitic crimes committed in germany last year that's an increase of ten percent on twenty seventeen particularly worrying the number of violent incidents like this one in berlin has increased by two thirds. i am concerned but not really surprised it fits with what i hear from jewish organizations and representatives
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when i talk to them but. it should give us the impetus to take preventative action and to make sure that anti semitism does not arise in the first place that as. much of this hatred comes from far right supporters but experts say some of it derives from opposition to israel including from migrants from the muslim world and germany is not alone and he semitic incidents are becoming more common in other countries too france this week reported a rise of more than seventy percent in twenty eighteen compared with the previous year. unfortunately anti-semitism is on the advance everywhere in europe we need to find european solution is i support the idea of making the fight against anti-semitism a priority for the germany your presidency next year says yeah. another part of the picture in germany is that the jewish community is growing and demonstrations of
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solidarity with them by known jews are common while most germans recognize that from the holocaust comes a special responsibility to protect jews there is sadly still a minority ready to turn violent aggression against them. in venezuela the government and opposition are facing off over the delivery of u.s. aid tuesday's massive demonstrations across the country with protesters demanding that aid be allowed in and in neighboring colombia venezuelan migrants took to the streets on the border city of coke attack where the aid supplies have been stored their anger aimed at the venezuelan president nicolas maduro he's describing the american aid as a ploy to allow a u.s. invasion and has blocked its entry into venezuela. and the german president. has just wrapped up a visit to colombia where hundreds of thousands of venezuelans have flat.
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is killing by a show arrived in bogota only a few weeks ago but already she's out on the streets from morning to evening selling sweets she's desperate to earn a little cash so she can feed her baby boy. when. i left them as well because i couldn't buy anything that no food no diapers. and schooling story is typical for the many venezuelans who have fled hardship at home and who live a hand to mouth existence in colombia. there are no migrant camps to shelter them off and the only help they receive comes from the generosity of the locals. the government can afford to offer only limited aid with so many colombians living in poverty themselves. the german president's visit comes at a critical time and colombians have shown compassion responding to the mass migration into their country. but they're worried the political crisis across the
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border will escalate into civil war. further swelling the number of new arrivals. frank walter steinmeier is keen to prevent that. is missing mid to long view good for. we have to find ways and means to avoid the bloodshed that many fear could ensue in venezuela. shipments so that's why i hope that there will soon be a presidential election. on the presidential election which will give quite doth a legitimacy that he himself sees as necessary. it's fair fatherhood steinmeyer and colombia's president even do agree that aid needs to get into venezuela as quickly as possible nope it meet the to not let humanitarian aid into the country is a crime against humanity there. is if you think it was it has to happen fast. the international community cannot accept the current situation.
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the world can't stand by and do nothing as aid is prevented from entering. that. do can believes everything must be done to get aid into venezuela he did not say if that should include military intervention. and for the venezuelan president nicolas maduro refusing to allow humanitarian aid into the country social media has become a lifeline to help people meet their basic needs for more let's bring in very unforgiving who has been following this side of the story so i mean how are they using social media to get through this crisis sara they are using these platforms to really try and seek help and often to see the basics like food clothes like medicines things that have either become impossible to find or an affordable because of the hyperinflation and we are really seeing a lot of these calls for help on twitter on what's of also this is one of them
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it's an example it's a twenty four year old mother she has four children. she only weights thirty six kilos and she's been taking care of by and then geo but the ngo itself here is asking for donations because they don't have the resources to really care for this woman and her family and just to make to put things into perspective a survey last year found that between twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen this will last more than ten kilos in weight on average so the situation because of a lack of food because they couldn't afford it so the situation really is dire and it's not only food i mean it's also medication it's up but also other things as well so how you know how is that side of the story absolutely i mean this is another huge a set of the crisis is that the health care system is collapsing because there is a lack of medication the pharmacies are running out of stocks and also people are
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turning to social media to try and find the medicines and there's even a. public service and we are seeing for example this young man who has diabetes there's a massive shortage of incident in venezuela at the moment and so he had to turn to twitter to try and hope hope hoping that some maybe someone. have insulin to donate and the thing is messages they get this they are getting drowned out in the sea of tweets from many this bridge business with us but if you're lucky your message might be picked up by someone like heavy at all who was a pharmacist in caracas and he's really using his pharmacies twitter accounts to connect people who are looking for a certain meds people who might have some of that medicine in stock here he pharmacist writes we are delivering patches of nitroglycerin for a seventy nine year old patient and i and supplements for another patient so it's not just pharmacies they're running out of stocks it's also the hospitals and we're
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seeing that many hospitals are no longer able to care for to your patients they're asking patients to bring their own bandages for example or there are people waiting for surgeries who cannot be treated and they are also turning them to social media to try and get help and this really has become this network has become really important like a matter of life and death for many people desperate situation for so many and we can see that they're trying to use whatever resources they can get their hands on for the rico budget you know walking us through what's happening online right now thank you thank you. from the world's most powerful drug lord to prisoner el chapo once the most wanted man in mexico is now facing life behind bars in the united states the reaction to that decision has reportedly been needed though in mexico where the new president is focusing more on tackling corruption and less on toppling kingpins like top zero in fact he has declared mexico's drug war over in just
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a moment we will get reaction from an expert who has been on the front lines of the battle against mexico's cartels but first a look at the spectacular fall from power of joaquin guzman the man they call el chapo. grossman will likely be housed at this supermax prison in florence colorado it's known as the alcatraz of the rockies. or for it is a confident man won't find it as a meaningful to escape as the two prisons he sensationally broke out of in his native mexico. those escapes including one down a tunnel dug from underneath his prison cell toilet and a subsequent rolling stone interview with star actor sean penn have contributed to cause man's almost mythical status. there was a hollywood element to guzman's recapture by mexican authorities as they stormed his hideout in twenty sixteen. they said later that
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a meeting with pan had been instrumental in leading them to him. but for some who live in his mexican home region of sin a lower it's not the fame they will miss but the money. we know they're close to here and but you helped a lot of people to build roads schools churches and well they'll suffer because that support will end because the government doesn't give the support that is needed. help the sick and also supported. the you know. but this month's charity can't make up for the charges laid against him conspiracy to commit murder money laundering and the use of violence against enemies of his powerful cinna lower drug cartel. chapal is said to be sentenced in june and will likely spend the rest of his life in jail his attorney says he will appeal against the conviction. of the more now we're joined by malcolm b. if he is the author of the last narco inside the hunt for el chapo the world's most
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wanted drug lord has been tracking the drug cartel for more than a decade thank you so much for joining us and i'd just like to begin by asking because you know we saw in that piece there that el chapo really has this almost mythological status seen as sort of a robin hood why is that. first of all thanks for having me in terms of the robin hood factor you know when i moved to mexico in two thousand and seven so we're talking twelve years ago and started looking at. one of the reasons i started looking at and i had not planned to cover the drug war but i started people everyone from the mexican attorney general's office to local media and foreign media had basically pronounced chop zero. dead you know sort of he's finished i think the quote from the attorney general was he's a washed up football star and i started looking into his past and how he had
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cultivated this this mythology this robin-hood benefactor of the pour in of you know in a part of the country where the government does very little in the military is often frowned upon you know he did cultivate this image not unlike other drug lords but what also helped was literally his success. as a drug lord this was you know people were not naive there was money coming in as soon as the violence started accompanying his trade i would say that's around two thousand and nine and that was when one of a lot of his cohorts started being caught the myths started crumbling and right u.s. and mexican law enforcement have not got enough credit for basically puncturing that myth and i want to i want to talk a little more about that violence because i mean in mexico we have seen that violence soar even though these these top drug bosses like they have been captured so it doesn't seem as if it's about the king does it.
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no it's not about the kingpin what the kingpin can do in an organization where you know you have clear kingpins let's say it's never going to be one person but where it's run more like a multinational organization violent one but you can have leaders who basically quell the violence people like chuck lorre and. name came out in the trial as another leader of the slower cartel they can or they could in the past sort of issue an order and say stop the violence and it would seize it would lead up what you have now is is just absolutely no order lots of infighting and the more infighting there is the more violent it gets not the less that's just the reality that we know now but need time i mean we mentioned this in our introduction of the story of the fact that the current president the incoming president he's declared the drug war over in the country and just like to briefly get your take on that he's focusing more on corruption what do you think of this approach. i think his
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declaration is probably going to turn out to be hyperbole there's no way they're declaring the drug war over there plenty of things they've been fighting addiction for instance for years since two thousand and six at least when president calderon thought that was a priority they will still have to deal with the violence increasingly violent cartels like the new generation the new generation cartel so you've heard just declared over what he's trying to do is readjust the strategy so that you don't just go for toppling the heads you go for the money you go for the corruption it's a smart strategy at that end of the day as long as they continue to pursue it and continue with all the resources they have that includes u.s. assistance we have treasury department officials who work on these on the money side of things that's necessary and it's a great tactic now can be author of the last narco inside the hunt for el chapo the
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world's most wanted drug lord thank you. announced the berlin international film festival which is underway just across town and our correspondents you see them popping up there scott roxboro there on the red carpet they're standing by to tell us first of all about a little bit of controversy because we have this chinese film one second it's been withdrawn from its world premiere in fact and from the competition what happened. yeah we were all extremely surprised yesterday when we saw that this film had been suddenly canceled the press screening had been canceled and just it was completely gone this is particularly surprising because this director johnny moo is very beloved at the barely not only not only a barely know of it in his home country lots of people have been looking forward to this movie and as far as we knew it was ready to go up until
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a day or two ago when suddenly the production just went black yeah i mean i mean he's almost the anointed one in the chinese film industry he was allowed by the beijing government to direct the two thousand and eight beijing olympics the opening ceremonies so golden child in some ways in china and everyone's really excited about this film and talking to contacts that i have in the chinese film industry they told me it's looks like a clear case of censorship not just because what my was saying the timing of this film being pulled but also because of the subject matter of the film because the film is about the cultural revolution which is usually a complete non go area for chinese filmmakers a lot of people are surprised the jungle even had the chance to make a film like this but that still is speculation as to the actual reasons for the still being withdrawn we were able to talk to peter cause look the head of the bell and all the film festival and we asked him point blank why this film is pulled from competition here's what he had to say. i don't know about serious i just know he
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said the bus looks ready because of take the response. and give that sort of low shrug at the end there you know you mentioned that tongue is is a bit of a golden child in china how about his significance for the berlin film festival. well he was actually the first ever chinese director to win a golden bear back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and since then he's had several films come here premier here do very well films like hero house of flying daggers he's a face here he's a known entity of people love seeing his films and so it's just a shock suddenly that not only is he not here but he's been prevented really from coming yeah and to see the significance of this i mean trying to move as really walked the law and being able to make films in china with the approval of the government but still being highly respected outside as a pioneer of cinema he's been able to keep that balance for so long so if this is
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true that this film has been pulled because of censorship that really bodes ill not just for john the movie but also really for the future of i would even say cinematic cultural freedom in china right even as promised us two points of controversy just very briefly before we go we we had another film in the competition elisa and marcella tell us what happened there. well that film premiered just a few hours ago right behind us and there were actually demonstrators that crashed the red carpet they were holding signs that said kino should not streaming festival which in german means theater not a streaming festival which has to do with who gave the money to produce this right all right this film is a black and white movie spanish movie about the first gay couple of you know couple to marry you legally in spain true story but the controversy is not about the subject matter it's about the fact that netflix paid for this movie and there's a huge protests against from the other owners here in germany that say that that
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flicks is just ripping off the festival and it should be and so that's a controversy that was here tonight and it's going to be continuing throughout the rest of all and i'm sure for the rest of the year ok fascinating stuff guys thank you so much my shader scott roxboro as always we appreciate it. well the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues online you can follow us on facebook twitter instagram all the social media sites i'm sorry kelly and our land thanks for watching.
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a dangerous journey across the finish on. you can't seem to trust you can't think you know i called geico also. to see. how much is from iraq he's made it as far as a lot of them want to get to the u.k. well more brazen. misery tried once but failed.
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. to. the jewelry it takes to w. . play. the game play. this is news live from our lead anti semitic crimes on the rise in germany now statistics show that hate crimes against jews are at their highest level in a decade sparking alarm among the country's jewish community. also coming out of the car was painted moved to the world and strengthens the movement to end the vietnam.


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