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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2019 6:30am-7:01am CET

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dating back to the great man's time. limit. if you ever have to cover up a murder best way is to make the accident. raring to. go read a book like this. list. the streets. i . mean.
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the championship trophy is. the design of goldman last held in twenty twelfth's now seven years later these boys a close the holding is one small. thanks in part the traffic kimi he's only on loan from real madrid but he's looking good in black and yellow. defended dozens on the pitch and in our interview. to strike up a set of. countries but that wasn't always the case we once went hypo grew up and got some of the striker in person. rather than the other if he. got the last crowned champions on the european cup kick off has met him many times over the years so we compiled some of his best
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moments. distant. and more now with kick off last enjoy. the well kept a natural born striker. in the state is that you can feel a man with a tragic story behind him. from a humble spanish neighborhood. the for me. of the secret behind. if
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you. believe. me. still. take us to the. to. the strike i was born and raised in this little town. since he was a child he's much more than a. family friend. a
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. father was also a footballer he was the one who shaped personally professionally. he isn't by his side and he. always carries a picture of. the . the. father died of a heart attack at the gates of the lets you stadium while he was waiting to congratulate his son on his debut. and does not want to. feel a little. something you worry you need in the middle. of
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the. if he. is there. but tragedy didn't stop there from succeeding at becoming an idol in valencia where he's still very much remembered. a. young. people. going to see him in the last part of the. big and you go. to the leader i mean in any other year. it's me gusta i keep it in.
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there for. a. while and valencia scored and scored and schooled his skills call the attention of the spanish national. clubs. despite loving his time city to take a shot at the big time. move that didn't go down very well among valencia supporters. looking. at him as if that meant to him as he was going to be no more than a minute and it's been done to the galaxy up to the mike ten feet and putting into with. a lot of finished up in there who are. already thinking that is what i mean they can afford it because they are in a sport that the local more about a third owner a professional get paid for sure and then what
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a good quarter moon the. name of cornish what it's like and you don't when you're but only child i live in deals i did the show you know. the dream turned into a nightmare during his two years in barcelona he barely played and if you don't play you can't school. however his next transfer would be a happy a while. to get. to six six. the goal scoring machine is back in business even sets a new record scoring the most goals as a substitute in the one called all. that all they will not be able to dial a. moment yesterday but all. not all you're going to leave early monday. in the unfortunately by this matter. they're each
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a little hole in the one that was the one that was there was it them were going to that are scared to pick if it was by so see a mistake before. he's already among the blunders leaguers top scorers back in the spanish national team but he wants more. look at what he what it they need here's. a look at the will they get their. eleven million dollars they. no kid ok i'm going to. talk a lot of stuff that the spanish striker reborn in germany continues to make his family and friends proud of and. there will be more to get on with europe are going to go well no i think for me to be my date you have to i go for broke aside if.
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he's on fortunately only on loan may we introduce the traffic kimi one player don't one would prefer to hang on to. you know what i'm asked rafa kimi and i play fullback for brasil don't mind. so much for the basics what else is twenty years old and in his first year in germany already a mainstay of the pack for the team currently setting the pace in the fullness league speaking of pace he has it by the truckload. five point one kilometers an hour alongside frank puts on say rubbish that makes him the quickest player clocked in the bowlers league of the season last rafa kimi a super talent in the fast lane. and i know more when we're playing well we're top of the table i'm also happy with my own progress here and getting the playing time
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i need out on the pitch. you know me move on i think. from real madrid through the roof district he joined the youth ranks of the spanish giants as an eight year old by then already a season for the. number of unemployed i often think back to my childhood playing for the small local club in the suburb where we lived myself and my friends were always out and about with the ball those memories are still. very vivid and. moving to dortmund last summer kimi was in russia on world cup duty with morocco also eligible to play for spain he opted to represent his parents' home country. ok i decided to play from iraq because that's where my parents come from. when they make really raise me as a muslim and it really just felt like the right choice to turn out from iraq. but i
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certainly wasn't. club level it's been pretty much one big success story so far in the bundesliga including two rookie of the month awards. list from because you don't bomb. they are putting by. then came february three draws in a row in the league and questions are asked to be seen for the first time this season of traffic kimi as well as all that sacking excellence come at the price of occasionally make blitzing his defensive duty he's. i think you're never going to play the entire season without some difficulties now it's our turn up and we're trying to work through it. with the same place the same team with the same people coaching us. but then. working through it so winning ways with
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a good team called victory over live accusing when you're aiming as high as sharp a team in top and you have to accept the stumble along the way. you have encountered people in this league a legend and fast becoming a liverpool legend we look back at his time in germany. it's not of which ones were . the foot eight fifteen feet sometimes. one comes. to the other. well his english may not be the greatest but it's when it comes to football he's one of the best nowadays everyone knows it but we had kickoffs have known it longer since we've been following him for a long time. the first time we met him he looked like this. we'll show you a side of club life to suppose that you've never seen before and he can say.
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yeah because all i can imagine. you know they have been is legal of one of its biggest personalities germany's loss was england's game the british press mused. all the people told me so much about the british presence on so it's up to you to show me that they're all liars. his opponents were intimidated. in. the polls this morning in the wall the bulls who could the teams are talking about for. liverpool fans were in heaven but believe it or not you can come up with a cult figure long before you stepped foot on merseyside it all started back in college as he told us. this point. it helps to have a device. that's why i say. this.
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so the. kind i was. thinking. most would probably keep that secret but in all honesty when you're in your early thirty's and already look like a wizard you'd better become one. some examples of his magical powers manage the thinkable he won the league title and a year later the double with a team that was almost bankrupt and yet years earlier suddenly all of you so much it. would. be said sorry that's what i was. i'm sorry i thought i had some say sure how close. we. envision. a fish could. always have some something emotional successful
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everybody's darling but he never made a big deal out of it. i'm not normal one maybe if you want i. let start of the song but if you come from. black forest. my mother maybe sit in front of the television and watch this press conference. from. the black forest well maybe that's a bit too far back let's stop with his football career which also started long ago when this was in style and everybody loved chris cox. he looked like this. as well. he. doesn't get. eleven years at the club. but you're. also
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his first true love my. very very special cups with myself and bush a dog one. defended at the stadium for more than a decade in the second division and then all of a sudden he went from being. this was just the beginning. and. it went up. because first he had in. mind as coach he achieved something he couldn't as a lead up to the first division. sensational
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. they. don't. seem capable of anything about teaching. so. so. i left. and. he said. he's me. he was the man that made happy for seven long years it's truly a pretty rare thing in football. is beginning to take hold of england. caught became a saint in dortmund his team and its black and yellow fans followed him unconditionally and we followed him so. if you're not going to cite me.
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as a as above i get a dog whose voice isn't as explosive or just as was overthrown by gave me all kinds of i'll feel it going to these. and so you can imagine how fans felt when suddenly the love story ended no one wanted to let him go but it can't have been easy for him either. there is no modern wells up she just melts. but it was no usual goodbye an era had come to an end and these images speak for themselves. five months later said something that sums it up nicely when i left top of my last sentence maybe we're. it's not so important what people think when you come in it's much more important people think when you leave. so it's livable fans around the world for they already
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knew everything there is to know about their coach think again is more than a popular figure and a fan scuff much of. the young planter on. these it is of. and. if you want our opinion we hope all win the title with liverpool and if they enjoy only half as much as dalton did if he was. still going to think it's
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a liverpool because it reminds him of the first time in his life in the back of your load. i. i. don't even want to talk. oh. i see gentleman just. now a woman whose exceptional football career was interrupted by cancer but she's battled her weight back onto the pitch. and katrine begged. chelsea f.c. in november twenty seventh saying she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. i was so shocked because. as a full bore you don't think about it because you have to live like how they live.
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you do it every day. until her diagnosis her career was like a dream come true she started it being a pop star winning the police league title in twenty twelve three years later she made it to the champions league final with paris such a man. in twenty sixteen she transferred to birmingham city in england heat she discovered her illness. so what gave her courage. it was like a percentage of seven percent of the normal people out there would not come through the. process for me it was like well some of us are enough in so why should i be the seventh person. thankfully to supply will right for thyroid cancer is relatively hard. to trim burgos still on the way of life saving surgery enough but
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silicates illness what role did football play in her recovery. as a sports person yeah because you have to you have to drive every day or even my position i have to fight every training session to be on the sunday on the pitch. and. as a goalkeeper we have i don't know why we have a bad reputation but we are crazy people. i wouldn't say i am but yeah i think the mentality or from the goalkeeper me through does wrong. only three months after the diagnosis she was back in training. on the board of ed bradley i was on the bench i'm glad my first f.a. cup game again we won that this is a mean season so out so i think at this day to actually play for me.
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one year after the diagnosis she got her first call up for the germany national team which she hopes to continue to represent especially with the world cup just around the corner. i worked hard the last couple of b.s. so i think i know it was still a bit about time and i enjoyed every single minute and hopefully i will hear something by the soonest bar so it was an amazing feat and. he's ok helped a speedy striker full of promise who's currently chilling out in the bundesliga. no sugar. no weight. no milk the recipe today results his recent success forgoing these three basic food stuffs
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has made him stronger sharper and faster. how can escape is not a sweet tooth and we wanted to do something about it and as you finish mentioned when i bet on something i'm very competitive i don't want to lose it's not always easy to go through all doing pretty well it's on him again so i haven't been since i'm going to the pits is with his father any breach of the agreement means he'll have to cough up some cash on man. day twenty one kept a troublesome inching block back and celko played up a storm. so he's still doing terrific to be so good at. least to try to. use all of the j.v. subject. because he's a winner he's fast he'll burn off his marker and he's a positive young guy i like it makes him. one on one with germany defend him it's silcott shit since of top gear fucking over thirty four kilometers an hour before teeing up andre judah and that's two nails they have the. same one i got in the box
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i just have to figure out where to play the ball to them the most song andre made a great near post run and stuck in this dimension. it felt as well could have put the icing on the cake sugarfree of course. for me it's going quite well at the moment i'm happy with my fitness. to drive my career i've always called goals and now i'm just focused on trying to keep playing well before. this season is back on track he's featured regularly off the bench or from the start since recovering from surgery for a collapsed lung suffered in pre-season. i was in the extremely unstable condition after the operation physically very weak obviously i wanted to get back in the team is quickly as possible took a while spotter guys were playing well and i had to win my place again you know and i. made that if he's
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a bitch well spearheading the attack the bosnian die hard is on eight goals for the season but has been preferred in recent weeks coach powell thought i really place i mean time to. buy every variation works well in me on my own just with a dad or both of us together it depends who with play we give each other tips in training it's a good relationship. if he keeps up the hall book it may not be too long before the baby still carries chasing the goals from germany that's all we have time for this week alfie to say.
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this is the guy on the plane he's a bit beethoven. today i want to find out what one has to offer in connection with the legendary in the old style along the river rhine in a ballroom dating back to the great man's time. coming
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extradition case against our ways chief executive martin one joy to proceed in.


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