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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2019 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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social media's credit it's critical to visiting that an unknown thousands of dollars are going to cost on the streets and they are women the more changing the world to bring the boom digital lives from stores march made the e.w. . cut the move. in an ironic twist to the ongoing fight between the united states and the chinese telecommunications giant way the company is now threatening to sue they say the u.s. government ban on the use of their products in america's critical five g. infrastructure is unconstitutional i think serious where is this likely to end i'm phil galen but then this is the day. the. big u.s.
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congress has repeated that fade out and everything's supposed it's the stupid way approach that it's only signed more than thirty commercial five hundred contracts so far and many one zero is supposed to be back in court on may eighth. there are restrictions targeting power a. constitutional shipped two hundred million smartphones around the world early in december donald trump suggested that he might try to craft a case caution part of a trade deal is trying believe. it won't necessarily do with her guilt or innocence as that's been decided in the u.s. we can dream oh i don't dance that technologies to the united states so the twenty one thousand we've seen is the zero five g.'s when five hundred people check every . also on the day what's gone wrong for the golden boy of world politics canada's prime minister justin trudeau admits making mistakes in dating
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with a corruption case against one of the country's biggest engineering and construction firms but will it be enough to save his political career. almost every day as prime minister i learn new things so i can tell you without a doubt that i have taken and will continue to take many lessons from these recent days and weeks. the chinese tech giant twa are you suing the united states for limiting its access to the american telecoms market huawei is challenging as unconstitutional the american government's use of a particular law to label the company a security risk and federal agencies from buying that telecom products the legal challenge comes at a critical point in the ongoing trade dispute between the u.s. and china for years while way has sought to reassure the world of two things off
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here as you know that it is not under the control of the chinese government and that it doesn't spy on consumers. a shift in tone from defense to accusation the u.s. government. branded its right it had to hack our servers and the story are you merits and this cold allegations of american government interference and theft of corporate secrets while ways message to the united states we can play the blame game two hours before the announcement the backdrop to what's becoming an ever escalating dispute while waves chief financial officer among you leaving her house in canada for an appearance in course she's been detained in the country since december accused of helping her company violates u.s. sanctions on iran. she claims the arrest of violation of her rights and is
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politically motivated. while ways decision to sue the american government to a ready high cost conflict the u.s. effort to get allies to shun the firm threatens to bar the company from major markets and puts billions of dollars of investment in super high speed five g. networks out all risk it also adds tension to an of ready complicated trade relationship between the world's top two economies. so let's go to court would it go to the supreme court will be sorted out in a deal between donald trump and changing paying let's talk this through with republican strategist john jordan in los angeles welcome to day w. let's start with the allegations of what he's saying that america has done that's unconstitutional. basically huawei is alleging in the complaint i've got myself a copy of it and i've also been
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a lawyer for twenty years that that the united states government via the twenty two thousand eight hundred defense reauthorization act which prohibits specifically prevents the united states government from buying huawei products and for you to allowing defense contractors to use while away defense components in the act the united states government says that for reasons of national security intelligence and integrity of our information systems that huawei that component should be barred now while ways alleging that this is a violation of the constitution the specific bill of attainder and it for those who aren't lawyers the american constitution prevents the government from passing laws which punish or that are targeted toward specific individuals like you cannot target riprap pass a law targeting john smith or mary jones it has to be a law is equally applicable to all people now while way is alleging in this case
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that they have been specifically targeted by as a result this is a violation of the the bill of attainder clause of the constitution i don't think this is going anywhere because doing business with the united states government is not a fundamental right it's not like passing a law which would you know puts potentially put somebody in jail or or deprive them of property because doing business the ice is government isn't it right ok so the case law on this in the law is pretty clear consensus that this probably isn't going anywhere so let's talk about five g. because this is what is behind all of this. big telecommunications infrastructure company five g.'s the coming big thing explain to us in layman's terms what five g. is and why the rest of us should care about this. well five g. is much greater provides in real terms for people much greater bandwidth speed of absorption of data into the c.p.u. use of phones and smart devices so it represents
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a significant jump forward just as three g. did over its predecessor and four g. did to enable more rapid information also different programs different applications so it will it will represent a real change of life in terms and it affect business processes games you name it in a way that's difficult to foresee right now. and is the united states alone in its fear about that chinese influence on these devices. no i mean if america is not alone on this i think a lot of countries including including that many in europe are always wary of chinese chinese motivations and intentions this isn't five the five g. in what ways behavior in the commercial sector is very different from what they're alleging in their lawsuit. the doing business united states government is one thing but the united states is not in a position and has not prevented them from doing business with private parties and private businesses in the united states so what do we think then do we do we think
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that donald trump's objection to huawei do you think this is a rational objection is this about the ongoing trade dispute with china is it a conflation of the two. well i think you know there's a tendency obviously in world politics to talk about president trump in the context of everything but this really isn't about president trump and it really isn't about the trade dispute keep in mind under american law this law the defense of the defense reauthorization act was passed by congress so this is not just president trump this is also our legislative branch acting in concert and as president as the executive branch president trump isn't in a position to lift or waive these this this part of that law because it would be because it was passed by both houses by by both branches so present trouble really can't do too much about this actually is not a position to waive it so it's kind of an independent thing from the chinese from our trade dispute with china because it's only deals with u.s.
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government purchases it doesn't deal with what american businesses or american consumers decide to do the clue to the west has a uneasy relationship with china we did the west depended on china's billions to keep western countries afloat during the crash while at the same time apparently not trusting them and we'll take you money but we really don't wish we had to. well i mean west it's been it's been the fact that the west oh europe and the united states alike have spent beyond their means in terms of public debt and china at with an enormous net savings rate has financed the public deficits of the west for many many years and not just since the great the great recession but we are mistrustful and china is also too it has made it very clear that they have ambitions in the south china sea africa latin america china sees itself as a power on the rise and seeks to supplant or at the very least equate western
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influence throughout the world and that makes a lot of people nervous so briefly if you would mind how do you see this this being resolved the big the big issue between the united states in one way is likely to be solved in court or is this likely to be sold between two presidents. well the huawei lawsuit with regard to united states government purchases as we talked about isn't likely to be is likely to be resolved in court the why way really doesn't have a leg to stand on here there really isn't any legal precedent for this is probably it's going nowhere and i think they were poorly advised legally and certainly in terms of public opinion to file this lawsuit talk about a public good suspension is it's going nowhere so that was a mistake but that is just a small piece of america's trade disputes with china american government purchases aren't that big a deal what matters is what american businesses do in american consumers and whether or not the united states our trade negotiators are in a position to work out with china some of the structural problems that are causing
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like for example forced transfer of intellectual property intellectual property protections and government subsidies chinese government subsidies of many of their business which create trait structural trade unfairnesses so if we're able to resolve that we'll well be able to move forward in a more harmonious trade relationship on a more level playing field ok so the two things. result separately good talking to thank you so much for joining us and republican strategist and joan jordan in los angeles. kind of as prime minister justin trudeau has admitted to making mistakes in the handling of a growing political crisis but he insists that nothing illegal has happened to mr trudeau blame the scandal that has caused him to ministers on a breakdown of trust and communication if only justice moves that joe do will see mabel and she's accuse him of pressurising her to help one of canada's biggest construction firms avoid
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a bribery trial. well let's get more on this from campbell clark who's chief political writer kind of has a globe and mail newspaper welcome to the doubly so the sense of this is the prosecution of this massive canadian company s.n.c. life and over corruption explain to us how a court case has become a political crisis. so this as you say is a bribery prosecution where the company is accused of having bribed the libyan regime of moammar gadhafi to get big projects in libya between two thousand and one in two thousand and eleven so the prosecutors have the power to halt the prosecution and instead come up with a negotiated agreement essentially they'll take fines that promise never to do such a thing again now the attorney general who's also a cabinet minister in canada can intervene and direct the prosecutors to do that and to demand a settle but to have a settlement rather than going on with the trial and the allegation was that the
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prime minister and the prime minister's office pressured there surely general to help the prosecution now what the prime minister is saying today and some of his doctors have been saying the last couple days that we didn't pressure her but we now understand why she felt pressured lessons learned and they're trying to move on we didn't pressure her but we understand how she felt pressured so what do people what are people making of that. it's a very interesting thing though it may be enough for some of the people who want to believe justin trudeau who want to believe that he you know wasn't trying to do anything untoward and that he didn't cross the line here what essentially they say the prime minister and his staff is that we were trying to get her to keep an open mind to consider other opinions and to seek outside legal opinion about whether she should intervene when i say she i'm talking about the former attorney general so i think that you know that may be anough in some sense that you know the there was
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not a bullying of the former attorney general for a lot of people but i think there was an interesting thing that happened here because there was no complete explanation the prime minister has not really said much about this over the past four weeks when these allegations have been sort of raging through the news media and he finally had a chance today to explain his point of view and it really was rather summary he didn't really go into the eventually the specific allegations all the things that his staff are supposed to extend to the attorney general so he didn't firmly put this whole thing behind them is going to hope he can limp limp out of it and move on i suppose i don't not point how much trouble is in. yeah it's difficult to say the polls the opinion polls still put him either neck and neck with the opposition conserves or a bit behind or seven months from an election in canada that's still a bit of it a bit of time it's not you know the end game and i think that's what we saw today
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was some effort for the prime minister to have a personal say for canadians to have canadian see him saying something about this so they could then either take his word for it or not and they could then move on to other issues how much trouble he's in well. it depends i guess on whether this this issue continues to dog him for weeks and weeks and takes away from all the other things he wants to do and there was a clear cut victory for the prime minister for progress to trudeau in the next election he was never a short of victory he was always you know had the edge before but wasn't assured and now it's a tougher fight so clearly he can't afford another resignation. yet it well you would think a red other resignation would be disastrous for him it doesn't look like he's going to get that his current cabinet all the existing ministers seem to be rallying around him there seems to be an effort to move beyond that for them at least he said enough to convince them that you know they can go on. but sure another
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resignation would be very very damaging and hard for him to come back from so internationally justin trudeau is seen as something of a political golden boy history's youngest carries magic he's a feminist is that how canadians see him and how does this scandal change the. so no and yes so how can a lot more varied and how he's seen internationally and of course you would expect that you know that there is political different political constituencies in canada and some people hate him and some people love him but one of the things that people who liked him did see him as well were the same things that he was seen on seen as on the world stage a feminist. an idealist in a sense a different style younger more modern and encounter that had also to do with the fact that he was trying to lead a sort of a reconciliation idea with the indigenous people with the first nations of canada and those kind of things have been really struck by this particular scandal the
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first minister the attorney general who resigned she was the first indigenous woman justice minister in canada the second person who resigned was also a female minister in this whole scandal has been framed a little bit in gender issues you know the same kind of house tags that you saw in the me to me to movement i believe her were used about the former attorney general there was that kind of notion that you know the prime minister and the people around him were bullying to strong women in his cabinet that was part of this sort of undercurrent here and that's why this has been particularly damaging because the characters involved were considered credible and they were the kind of. critics that ate into the justin trudeau brand good talking to thanks for joining us campbell club from the kind of the globe and mail newspaper. thank you.
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now facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says his company plans to shift its focus to private messaging services and a post on his own profile page and he said that the company would act encrypt conversations on more of its messaging devices and make them compatible with each other he said people increasingly want to connect privately in the digital equivalent of a living room. d.w. digital reporter john would read could tell us what welcome so that this post went on to say that. previously focused conversations would become more important than open social networks so explain to us what that means what. really means is that he has realized that the market for messaging so private messaging services is growing and it's growing at a race that's faster than his traditional business which is being an advertising business and a social network and so he rather than being interested in. communicating
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publicly through facebook he's more interested now in the private messages that we send to each other messages on his platforms that he owns like whatsapp and facebook messenger and instagram's direct i think a lot of people still don't realize that those three they are all one company exactly they're all by by facebook and so he is he wants us to use these platforms to communicate with each other and so he wants to streamline them in a way so if you were to use whatsapp to message me and i for some reason have what's up but i had facebook messenger within those messages would get through and so this is kind of way he's going he wants to capitalize on the growing private message at market and so what has prompted this change well basically it's it's been it's been a rough couple of years facebook it's had multiple scandals and one of them of
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course is the cambridge analytic a scandal where by the private firm eighty seven million uses ended up in the hands of political consulting firm and this goes beyond privacy we've had things like political propaganda hate speech abuse all of these things have found harm on facebook so it's part of a case of using this as a business on. but unity to broaden facebook's scope but it's also damage control that it needs to convince the public and regulators for example that it's up to the task of god and now privacy because on that point the regulators after them though they have been fined lots and there are people talking about breaking it up every time facebook does something wrong and there are coals for it to be regulated and the talk is that this move so the streamlining of the private messaging services is something mark zuckerberg is doing to keep the competition regulators to buy
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because they want to limit the die that is shared between the platforms that facebook earns and if he can sort of make them into one thing in a way then then the problem is almost gone sir ignoring all that we're not it's not three companies sharing it's one great big company show you life exactly ok but a little food i'm presumably these critics are not buying this is all well no not really people are saying well that is that competition argument but they're saying well look he's using this these privacy argument as as a as a way to keep facebook the number one sort of player in this in this field and to keep us basically on the platforms that facebook earns what i need to point out to is that another thing that mocks like a bird says he wants to do is encrypted messages that we send so at the moment we send a whatsapp to each other that messages are only intended for the people that are
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meant to read it no one else can get into it but that's not the case with facebook messenger or instagram's direct messaging service so what mark zuckerberg is saying is that he's going to encrypt all of the message that old of messages that a sent between the phone and i get a sort for those people who say you know we don't want the government looking at messages so presumably then this is as you said this is all about damage limitation what was facebook's. reputation that about the damage because young people these days they don't care about privacy or any of that they'll just give away their data like nobody's business it's really interesting you say that like i think there was a there was a pew research center study from september and it found out after this after these scandals a quarter of the users polled said they deleted their rock from their phones but that doesn't mean that they just shut down their account so i think you know whether it's hurt them is is another thing generate thank you so much.
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until last week india and pakistan were on the brink of a full blown war a suicide bomb attack on indian troops in the in that mystic kashmir prompted indian asked right inside pakistan pakistan's own response came a day late and since then tensions have cooled but relations remain as a lot of meanwhile civilian populations on both sides of the border have suffered doubly correspondence on if ali khan travel to srinagar the capital of indian administered kashmir to see how people come. cushnie if the bad guys visitors from all over the world. but ever since a major terror attack and strikes by india pakistan stayed away quickly the region's key to his ministry. moment shafi has been fending people across. into chicago a typical kashmiri bought since he was
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a young boy. the recent oh boy has scared away his clients and decimated. the. second we have it there are about four thousand boe toners here five all lost business is a terrible situation. even sprains have seen the income wax and wane over the years. in line with the militant attacks protests and crackdowns that really are to clean up inflame tensions in indian held parts of the region. i don't know what the problems are between india and pakistan kashmir is passed between them like a football is just used politically. it's a sentiment shared by many on the streets of srinagar indian administered kashmir soldiers are everywhere the recent war games between india and pakistan have added to the sense of unease no one was willing to speak out on camera. while tensions
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between india and pakistan are winding down after last week's aerial strikes a climate of fear prevails in the heavily militarized. here in downtown srinagar shops and businesses are open today after days of intermittent strikes and. causing major disruptions to public life. rears bonnie's first thought was to stock up on rice if you will when tensions erupted over kashmir last week was the voice of he's been through decades of shutdowns and co fused. and even started his own kitchen garden in his backyard to prepare for an emergency. the father of two with terrified for his family when india and pakistan engaged in retaliatory everyone strikes last week just a few hundred kilometers from here but in the entire region an age that is there is
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on the very first days were very scary for as jets funded ifa head we had the news that one or two jets were brought down and people got killed maybe but you can just we'll talk now about the better for everyone libya and that was the day of a good to.
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enter the conflict zone fronting the powerful. my guest this week here in brussels is the belgian m.e.p. for leaving. the european parliament preps experience committee. negotiating. in good faith and is not famous or unity of the twenty seven beginnings across europe doesn't look like. a conflict so few minutes.
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us your story your training always to understand this new culture. another visitor another yes you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. to players to. the table. and the state. patrol. in a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce for the moves most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how much will they be able to play and who will win their. we believe that renewable energy will play an important role in the future. of. the geopolitical. starting munchie g.w. .
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this is the w.'s line from germany jails child pornographers folman received sentences about to ten yes i see one of the world's biggest child abuse platforms on the dock that's also on the program. germany's ambassador expelled from venezuela for backing off position later. self-proclaimed interim president also has.


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