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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2019 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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result reverse culture. a. really strange artificial. really connected to life. on. the mystery of flight m h three seventy the families of missing passengers. five yeah.
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well. it's good to have you with us five years ago today. flight three seventy took off. for beijing. it does appear from radar screens and has never been found since the airliner with two hundred thirty nine souls on board any estimates of what happened to them exactly that. this disappearance. of the. history one of the biggest mysteries in aviation but for those whose loved ones were on board this story is also about the last hope. john has gone to his mother's beijing apartment once since her disappearance that was when he brought his photos and everything that reminded him of her to look away inside he couldn't bear to look at them.
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when we know what happened i'll be able to go in and unpack all these things that's when i'll finally be able to say goodbye joe his mother was on holiday in malaysia and scheduled to fly back on flight m h three seventy which disappeared without a trace his own life has been a mess since then he suffers from severe depression and spends hours and hours trying to find an explanation for what happened after the plane left malaysian airspace it diverted from the planned flight route in a shop turned west radar data shows that it continued westwards until contact was lost in the opinion in the end m n c investigators believe that it continued its flight southward before crashing in the indian ocean somewhere west of australia after dropping off the radar the plane continued its flight for seven hours but the passengers were still alive during that time and what happened to them remains unknown. what we're trying not to think about that particular question and i
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can't bear it as soon as i think about it my head starts taking over so i try to avoid it with. the wreckage has never been found in the search has been called off john has traveled to malaysia several times hoping to get some answers now he's on his way to kuala lumpur again where he'll take part in a fifth remembrance event he wants the malaysian government to take up the search again. going to go i'm very nervous every time i board a plane or i'm nervous especially when i'm on my way to malaysia we're going to come. every year in march friends and relatives of the disappeared need to remember their
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loved ones and to demand answers they're still not ready to give up hope. the search technology is ten times faster today than five years ago which is progress and without determination to m h three seventy doesn't have to remain a mystery forever. young has spotted the minister of transport in malaysia's new government he hopes this government will be more sympathetic to the victims' relatives and the ministers seems to be listening he says he's open to new proposals from maritime search operators. if they can let me insist on getting to. the ship itself. then i want it to be stop. what you're doing with your license your partner and i feel a lot faster and when i arrived what if i was afraid it would be like the other times that i'd leave without any result but this time there is some progress time happened to watch the president. gently hoops he's no
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closer to the day when he'll be able to grieve properly for his not. and john why he wasn't the only one whose mother was in the plane race so both here i made son's mother was a passenger as well grace joins us now from kuala lumpur chris thanks very much for speaking to us without meaning to sound insensitive and i just oskar of the outset are you feeling today sara. it's been it's been five long years and you have really had any confirmed news about sort of the disappearance of emmett three seventy how have these five years been for you. were in some ways where a lot of us the stock market or i would say like like you had gone
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and emotionally. in the past five years there have been two sutter's that have been conducted and they haven't been to come up with any conclusive result they don't know so it's just gotten me under way do you think it's time for another new search. well there has never. read it in the last year so the reporting to say it's going on in no p.c.'s meaning it will be seen as found in the malaysian transport minister last time during the annual. event he didn't announce . when. you were even willing to entertain a proposal. being injury and agreement he didn't. know he said it so we are not to say to the end at least but he asked for credible leads or
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specific proposals board credible leads could be what is it that the malaysian government needs to begin a new search well they've never defined what they need. anything and sun in fact a lot of time you want me. but last sunday times let me. look at knowledge. finding meaning and not just credible and you. didn't tell. anybody. and. in the past five years there have been a number of debris that have been found from m.h. three seventy this includes from everything from everything from a flapper on proof flaps to other panels off the plane does that give you hope and other members of the victims' families association north richard a spokesperson
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hope that perhaps this plane will be foam. i don't know so much gives us hope but. the current soaps search. and i will be that the plane is found yes and i guess you want to look at it like a sort of round about the finding of it. and. we'll be looking. and hopefully it is located so on thank you very much for speaking to us or from kuala lumpur to pakistan where even today in some places the site of for woman riding a bicycle is met with revulsion even aggression it used to be the same in the audio of karachi in pakistan. it is an everyday occurrence the neighborhood is notorious for being a hotbed of crime and gangs in fact in twenty thirteen it was the site of a military operation to flush out criminal elements this picture behind me shows
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what the area looked like then it is from this that emerged the audi golds cafe twenty seventeen a place where goals participate in activities that allow them to claim an equal share of where they live. getting to grips with the floods. every sunday morning then my palm it joins her friends and her cycling for eleven am this is a duty new and sometimes daunting expedience. a little battles and i initially i tracked this bike along with my feet then i slowly learned how to control it i love the fact i can ride now. i wish i could cycle every day with my friends as it makes me feel really good. it's quite rare to see the men on bicycles in pakistan and many think it is as they
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have to straddle a seat but these attitudes are also a part of. culture. society doesn't feel right about go cycling out in the streets it doesn't usually happen here but it's common to rule. doesn't feel right but it's ok they're only riding around locally. what can we say to those parents who allow their daughters to ride on bus school. to get which will not five women socializing in public is still viewed as a threat to public morality it is to come to these norms that a group of women said to believe. they're also organizers by. how many banks are now on a no one to one but at the start were harassed and some boys even tried to take us off our bikes and it was tough but we won't stop our cycle and it's our mission to
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empower these girls and introduce them to sports which is also very important. the girls live here in not only a poor and conservative neighborhood of that archie but one that has been marred by avoidance for decades things are better now although the streets are still dangerous in some parts especially for women so the sight of them exercising in public has caused quite a stir. why don't you do you guys are slowly changing them a spirits were reluctant to allow her to join the cycling club at first but soon changed their mind. telling my family and my in-laws both said that it's not a good thing and i should just stop her it's a problem in our society that if a girl goes out in public for anything say for work or even cycling people talk bad about her but my husband and i think differently so what if she's a girl she should go out and also progress. elmo was
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a real mean. when the cycling club began a year ago this started with dhoni. now there are over thirty members and all are determined to keep peddling their video words of fear and more equal future in pakistan. that story and more on our website. and you can check us out on facebook as well. all international. events are being held across the above. end to discrimination against them we leave you with a selection of images from different cities. across. the globe.
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who will win their school we believe that renewable energy clean for the role in the future. of the game the jewel of the the strong emotion to. the bed. the good. asian markets tumble as chinese exports crash by twenty percent in february and trade deal worries don't help ease asian investors concerns about the health of the global economy. also on the show it's twenty nineteen so while women still vastly under a presented in company boardrooms around the world are very few women c.e.o.'s in the car industry tells us why and what to do about it. this is
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business. equity markets across the region plunged today after china announced that exports drop by over twenty percent last month compared to february last year imports also. much steeper than most analysts had expected and earlier onset of the chinese new year and the data still the dramatic drop is the latest evidence of slowing growth in china a sprawling economy coming at a time when it is trying to negotiate a way out of a crippling trade war with the united states. as check in with our financial correspondent in frankfurt only with all except that china's economy is slowly losing steam but exports down by twenty percent that's kind of serious isn't. it isn't it puts into question honestly the growth forecast of six percent for china this year if it continues like this that's not certain.


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