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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2019 8:30pm-9:00pm CET

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like venus has protect the climate blues to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on t w. hello and welcome to the latest episode of africa this is. coming to you from the fossil park in lagos nigeria and if you ever wanted to know how you can make a difference in view environment stay tuned ok with me is my charming calling from south africa from asia a little better hi everyone my name is felicia industry and i'm joining you guys
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from johannesburg this week you can learn about how women in kenya are fighting for elephants and that's not all also coming up. a man who is bringing. them to south africa she has. an organization in cameroon teaching people how to use water responsibly. and have been farming in madagascar and how it's leading to new livelihoods. mama tembo means mother elephant in swahili it's also an affectionate term some border women call each other and they mean it literally some of them track the animals and do what they can to keep corridos free for them to move about that helps keep the elephants safe from harm but also ensures that both humans and animals have enough access to scarce resources like water. and.
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it's early in the morning in some way to come to kenya boitano is taking her family's animals out to the grazing fields but that's just one job she'll do today . as a few accessories for her next job as a wildlife conservation is. over women group popularly known as mama timbales mother of elephants their task is to monitor the movements of the big animals. one. at five am i do my chores and then get my children ready for school at eight am i pick up my data forms and the g.p.s. and walk to the wildlife corrido we don't just observe elephants but the other animals to. get the elephants are still their primary interest the paki
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dams are endangered in kenya alone between the early one nine hundred seventy s. and one thousand nineties their numbers dropped ninety percent but here in the columb a community wildlife conservancy numbers are now increasing one reason is that pack of have identified and signposted what life and livestock corridos elephants often pass through the area but left alone use the route they can lead to conflicts their mama temple take note of where animals tend to congregate as well as any trace of illegal settlements or traps set by poachers antelope trucks and anyone conservation organization has provided the women with g.p.s. devices and data sheets the fact that antelope came through here is a good sign an elephant is just an umbrella species is a big animal and if an elephant has enough space to survive and have space to whom around. no doubt other small animals will go under
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a fence and this is why we it's been elephant and also the data that we have coming from elephant. things are quiet today but that doesn't mean the women aren't on the lookout they want to protect wild animals but they also have to watch out for themselves. well now minorca wild animals are dangerous we have lions elephants and other dangerous animals do feel anxious as you walk you can run across and i was at any time and we don't even know what to do to save our lives these are the challenges i don't worry. another source of worry is porches that can service equal let's this kind of slaughtered animals but they are finding fewer and fewer of them. life has become a little more secure for the majestic beasts sounds to the presence of drink as.
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the causality is in fact. of creating a commodious what do you suppose all of us. you know of a disagreement. because security is assured. is a constant troll i just bottle. and there they are an entire herd with the drop in portraying they have become more relaxed in the presence of people. from a journal we have discovered that the elephant is a friend here anymore and this has also helps the community because the animals have now become very social in the quest the wouldn't class new homes because every time that person will be killed but nowadays they pass new homes without any human interference. in the evening and returns to how fast a job or family depends on it the small sum she receives from one litter in the
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elephants is a welcome extra income but contributing to the protection of the elephants is very widely felt. maybe you've heard of a plant called chia that comes from central and south america now more and more farmers here in south africa have begun pointing at us well for them it's not just a business opportunity promising good returns the plant is also easy to cultivate it seeds are packed with protein and this week's doing a bit we introduce a man who had a great idea. according to legend ancient mayans use the seeds as a source of energy. they gave them the name chia meaning strength. today people use chia seeds to and proteins and determines to
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yogurt and cereals. marchin tof from denmark thinks the seed can serve as a nutritional me along its own. it also grows well in our dreams of africa. to finish in twenty seventeen the second year of a terrible drought in africa ninety eight great pharmacy planted fifty kilos of seed we brought to them in our suit cases all succeeded at growing chia. chia. encouraged by that success toft now raises money to provide seeds to thousands of farmers and africa for free. like them. if you're doing your job you tell us about. our website or send us a tweet. do you. think your story.
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let's stick with farming for the moment while we move north to gonna like other small scale farmers in africa they have a problem marketing their products because they often just don't have the right contacts or enough financial supports in the end that leads to food wastage because it spoils before it can be sold that's how it was until recently but then through young men and i had an idea for digital platform. allows the farmers all of a gun to market their products foster even ones who live in remote areas is the idea working let's have a look. i. care amanda is a small community in northern ghana. farmer joshua tangay used to struggle to sell his producer but now he earns enough to support his wife and two children thanks to
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a digital platform he's able to sell the fruits of his labor on a regular basis and at a fair price. there's my farm about one and a half it gets. hard here bare bob all eggplant and green bareback and vegetables. at this price is in over here and i just finished have this done my maize is so warm and rice and i sold it out to santa and their payment was done right on my my my phone through mobile money. gone as capital acro this is where the digital platform is based that has helped to make joshua's life so much easier. agro center is an agri tech start up that connects rural farmers with big buyers the company takes up to thirty percent commission from those buyers it's in agra centers own interest to get the best possible prices
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meaning the small holders also profit so far we've heard about. close to ten thousand farmers for this from the platform now before that they were making less money now i would trade has helped them to increase their income tremendously so the farmers they love us you know that number back in caroming i grew center agents are visiting the village. here to teach the farmers not only how to use the check market prices but also how to maximize their output environment we give elian sees and will make sure that we take them through all the activities that they need to know and hire you or you will. realize that most families do a lot of trial and in production and also when they get there are green. libby didn't pay much attention to rate care little about where to eat how to drive eight
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. and because of that they run into sportage and they don't get gold market. she's doing the agents create profiles of interested farmers what they farm how much they produce the company was founded in two thousand and sixteen now agra sent to operates in fifteen communities in four different regions in the nearby town of boulder tangere the start up has an office where the farmers data processed the platform also provides tips on how to farm more effectively. before we didn't know. much of their farming practices that were right for us tanks like our fabulous application. haha that stand in. storage and all those things where very difficult for us and more importantly how to have sold
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out our produce was a major challenge. this is agro centers regional storage center from here the farmers produce is sold to big food buyers earlier the farmers had to sell their produce to local middlemen often for a third of its real value. the digital platform has helped the farmers to increase their income by about twenty five percent. if i move on said to me what happens from is i want to sell at fair market prices and if i'm as fair market prices are good with money to be able to tickle your family tree to even reinvest a portion into a farm. joshua tangere is not worried that he now depends on a virtual broker for him the benefits of very real. in our next report we take a trip to a german junkyard it might look a bit different from junkyards in nigeria but here it's
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a place where people try to recycle. as much as possible some german cities forcing bans on diesel vehicles under government has been paying a premium on scrapped diesel cause that means that there are some wonderful auto parts to be had let's go up with. seventy thousand square meters of metal waiting to be scrapped the more than two and a half thousand cars here have been discarded by their owners like this volkswagen the owner of the passat diesel is here to scrap it. in the aftermath the v.w. use diesel emissions scandal because secondhand value has dropped to just a thousand euros a scrapping premium on met him around seven thousand. castille works perfectly it just passed its inspection but off now least in your car so this one
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can go. with. the junkyard will even pay him something for the used parts but it's all give you one hundred euros enough for a nice meal that's on top of the scrapping premium of up to ten thousand euros that some comic has ground as a discount when drivers scrap their old diesel car and buy only a new environmentally friendly a one. of. the components like the engine are removed and later sold well at least they're being we cycled. through the journey really pains me because a car like this one it's only got forty seven thousand kilometers on it if it's so clean it could still be on the road for years it works perfectly it's not. that's not exactly saving results is. after it's been disassembled in the first workshop the car is taken to the colleague in the next one usable tires are also kept for
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every sale. old oil left over fuel cleaning fluid and coolant it's all disposed of. now because of placed out in the junk yard for customers in search of parts about five hundred hobby mechanics come here every day for components. carrying maybe new was lucky he found the back door he needed for a b.m.w. in togo. like this was stolen from my brother. so i promised him i'd look for it here. just to sightsee. away. at the junkyard clients pay only twenty to thirty percent of the price for a new part to undermine my couch for today. german drivers are in an average of eleven counts in their lifetime that manufacture is
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a curse on the environment but the salvage work here helps improve the industry's recycling balance somewhat. at the end of the day it's time for the road worthy white v.w. to be taken apart its then dumped in the arch to be further devoured by the park minus. from the german junkyard back to the roads of africa where washing cars and other things of course will wish to a lot of water as our next report will show but two young men started these asian that tries to raise the awareness of people about the value of water and take a look you call heroes this week oh. in many parts of come iran's capital young their water is often was to them necessarily but habits are common in many households ses mark and the thirty two
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year old who wants for the energy or water heart. for political will to call off the vehicle. bomb uncontrolled if you're washing your plates and letting the water run the you was doing water so it's a question of being able to wash your plates or clothes in the right ways or telling the children at home to be more careful with water duplicity really. the association seeks to teach simple ways to save the precious resource for dylan has asked friends like mad to represent what i heard out in the field. we are going to our household now we go door to door to raise awareness in the population within knowledge just miles from the federal set up the association nearly two years ago every day he walks to encourage people to use water more efficiently. this is rainwater we need forms you collect it in basins yes exactly and this is tap
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water drinking water this is where we put our major results. because these can be attempts to educate people on how to cut water wastage fuddle and his colleagues often become involved in exchanges like this sometimes they go on for hours people are generally receptive to the advice he sees but there are many reasons why seven water isn't easy the people in this neighborhood for example don't even have a regular supply. something we're so happy simply when the water starts flowing because it's not always the case you have to understand. to help with the engine always feels activities fire drill has introduced a line of cloth thing called mr portable three months after the brand was launched it sold five thousand articles of clothing mr portable is proving popular with
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young people thirty percent of profits are earmarked for the associations activities. you see this is where we produce all i want mr portable cloggs when a customer places the order we send it directly here is one. model and placed the environmental cause behind the fashion statement. because of the sensitive still so i received this chart i've learnt a lot about what is behind this logo things that i didn't know before. the robo solstice and. in addition to raising awareness the water heart association advocates for access to water by promoting the development of water points like in the air to the district where finding his friends have repaired a well that has changed the lives of the thousands of people who live in this neighborhood. full of worldly
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low to get water we used to have to go very far to get to the spring there is a river flowing down here and the stream there is where we used to want our. efforts have been made to make the drinking water point attractive for ideal believes that with the better planning it should even be possible to optimize water distribution to individual households in the district. here the water flows all day and night there's water all the time i asked myself can we find a way to channel the water that comes out here so far i don't know maybe we could build something to hold it or create a reserve one where we can store water more prominently. drinking water for all that's the idea at the heart of the want to have to association and enjoy all hopes to soon extend its activities beyond commitments borders the. now we take
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you to madagascar fresh stocks have been on the decline for a long time in local coastal waters but in every mode bay in the country's south the people there may have found an alternative see cooking. the marine animals are very popular with chinese go maize who are willing to pay high prices for them all reports are headed to madagascar to meet local aqua farmers and face the fear challenges on the way. going to. its midnight one kilometer off the coast of madagascar. the aqua farmers of temple over there signing in as they head out to their sea cucumber pens. it's only during a full moon or a new moon that the water is shallow enough for the aqua farmers to go and count their stocks and harvest mature specimens during the day the leathery a kind of germs bury themselves in the sand the farmers have to come out every two weeks because the stocks are vulnerable to disease and theft. and the
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ngo blue ventures helped the village set up their farms about ten years ago what its employees weigh the sea cucumber to make sure they meet the four hundred gram threshold required to send them to market. one one to like two hundred seventy grams to divert the biggest. news of all now there are rules safeguarding the hatcheries we work these out with the breeders. for example it's forbidden to enter the pens of other farmers without that consent all fishing is also forbidden except for crayfish you are allowed to catch them because they feed on the sea cucumber has. these rules are designed to protect the sea. was a local democracy it was all modern. before the aqua farms were set up over fishing had depleted stocks in the bay of assassins. today this once again
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a wide variety of fish along with snails and crabs although seventy percent of people in the country live below the poverty line this village is experion. insecure certain degree of prosperity. my damn serafin was one of the first to start farming in two thousand and nine. for the sea cucumber fans i have no way to improve my standard of living. and. look for me setting up my own pen i've earned enough to send my two children to school. so that we can. and i've been able to buy some nice and useful things for my house i also have a herd of goats now the. field. during the day when the sea cucumbers have buried themselves deep in the sand the farmers come out
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to clean the enclosures. catherine taylor is one of only a small number of scientists who study c q cumbers. it's a pretty special creature it's a scabbard that they're farming here and it's really valuable on the international market and so bringing it into a community like this and a sustainable aquaculture kind of way makes a huge difference for the people here but at the same time it's also an animal that's vital for the ecosystem in this area it's kind of a natural filtration system for the area because it goes along just kind of hoovers up the sand and then it cleans out detritus and micro al the and bacteria and things like that. this is where they breed the animals to be raised in the bay at temple. with he she hung sea cucumber costs the farmers in tampa bay sixteen
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cents after being harvested nine months later it's worth a dollar thirty on average the aquaculture here not only pays off for the farmers but also benefits the entire bay and the other animals that live in. again. that's all for today i hope you enjoyed the program and maybe learn to thing or two i certainly did for now this is felicia n.t.s.b. signing off from joburg south africa see you next time and empty your bag goes for you too. thanks felicia and thanks to all our viewers out there for watching if you have questions all commons or just want to know more about our program then visit our website all the social media platforms are now outside me from lagos nigeria still next guy.
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first day of school in the jungle. her first clue listen and then i'm sure is a grand moment to run a joint direct attack on her journey. you know we're interested judgment. entering getting returns home. i'm scared that i am more not tired and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you
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familiar with this. with the smugglers one by itself what's your story. the one that was a women especially in victims of violence in. take part and send us your story a train always to understand this new culture. on another visit to the guests you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. says this sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. as a college just began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. that deep in the rain forest in central africa. the biochemical.
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and. did by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son was that son only of the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass john. the result. reverse culture shock. her before. she realized how strange artificial. really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from a forest starts people first on t w. play.
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play play play. play this is the news live from berlin women take to the streets on international women's day. thousands demonstrate in turkey's largest city istanbul and around the world people marching protesting and striking in the name of gender equality also on the program the biggest demonstration so far.


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