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i want to know their story. turf or to the infirmary for mornings. to get a bit of that. this is deja vu news live from berlin no survivors in the crash of an ethiopian airlines jet authorities calling the site near i disagree about where the plane went down shortly after taking off for nairobi one hundred fifty seven people were on board the seven thirty seven it's the second crash in months of boeing's latest airline. also coming up the next confrontation in dennis way less power struggle opposition leader one why don't call us on citizens nationwide to march on top because that is
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crippling power outages in the country dragged off their ports of patients dying in hospitals without electricity. and tibetans around the world mark sixty years since a failed uprising against chinese will force their spiritual leader into exile. i'm sumi so muskaan that's good to have you with us ethiopian airlines says all one hundred fifty seven people have been killed in the crash of a boeing seven thirty seven max jet the airliner lost contact with air traffic control minutes after taking off from out a survey of a to nairobi kenya an ethiopian canadian chinese passengers are said to be among the dead the plane was the newest version of the seven thirty seven it was just four months old of the track. website flight radar twenty four says the plane had
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an unstable verticals. well let's bring in our correspondent melanie cora deval shoes in nairobi where the flight was headed she's been following the latest developments for us hi melanie we just heard there from kenya's transport secretary on the nationalities onboard we understand that people have been gathering at nairobi airport flights destination tell us more about that. yes people are outside kenyatta at port at this moment they have been gathering there this is where the flight was supposed to arrive at around ten thirty am but it never did and of course you know the country is in mourning kenyans as you just heard of the highest number of casualties people here have been reaching out on social media that have been messages pouring in one of the people was the president himself who are cannot that he was one of the past people sending out a tweet this morning in which he said we are saddened by the news of an ethiopian
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airlines passenger aircraft that is reported to have crashed six minutes after the takeoff on route to kenya my prayers go out to all the families and associates of those on board as you can see people at the app hold right now they're there to support the families and the friends and whether it's online all whether it's at the airport everyone is of course asking the same question how could this have happened and what is it that caused the crash in the first place melanie a little snow what authorities are saying at this point obviously investigations are ongoing but what do we know about what happened. there is still a lot there we just do not know we know that the plane took off this morning that it just took six minutes for it to come down we know that there have been search and rescue operations going on all of the morning and of course no one survived in the end people here just do not know what to think the authorities are trying to
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give them as many details as they can but they just don't have any all the information that we can bring lie on this from the lines themselves and of course you have had the minister just now speaking out that he is trying to send people that they are trying to do everything that they can in order to find out more and to support the. peon authorities but at the end of the day with the voters have to wait all right there's a correspondent. thank you very much. as melanie said kenya's transport secretary has held a fresh pat press conference on the crash to confirm that dozens of countries citizens were on board the plane here's what he said there were at least about a five letter not a just. and there you go to break you know use the highest and we've got to to posit just on board. we are you going from the fit of those passages all right that's where we're sitting senior officials through the appeal. to be able to
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coordinate the sourcing of information in a bit of fashion. due to the use of as been looking into the plane involved in this crash he joins us from our i mean so this plane we know it was manufactured by boeing first of what is boeing saying right now well boeing issued a statement today giving their condolences to the families they said boeing is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of the passengers and crew on ethiopian airlines flight three zero to a seven thirty seven max airplane the extent of their sympathies and they also offered help with any technical issues that will happen after. specifically investigation into what caused. this crash which there's no information on this and here we see that statement as you said there from boeing what about this specific plane we said it's a seven thirty seven max what do we know about it well this plane is almost brand new it came out in two thousand and seventeen it's supposed to be more fuel efficient but it has been involved in two deadly crashes since it was released
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earlier one being just at the end of october the india the lion air crash in just off the coast of indonesia that killed one hundred eighty nine passengers and initial investigation into the cause of the crash showed that it could have been linked to malfunction of an anti stall system that was not announced to the pilots so what could have happened was that the plane was the information from the computer system show that the plane was going into an ascent when it wasn't and forced the nose to come down there's no information about whether or not this happened this error happened in any other planes seven thirty seven max but people are obviously asking those questions yet very troubling indeed what did boeing say after that first crash to lie in an air crash well they issued a software update but there was a controversy because of pilot training is now pilot training is
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a very expensive and often when a new plane has a new software in it they won't train new pilots because as boeing said and this is been their fishy. line pilots should be able to deal with any kind of. should be able to override a plane system if something is going wrong this isn't standard training for a long time now but questions are now rising whether or not this error is something that is causing too much of a risk that pilots should not have to deal with their controversies still lingering remember this is only five months ago that the plane went down so investigations are still ongoing into the plane crash in indonesia you know we of course have to see what exactly happened in this incident but how many of these planes are out there how common is the boeing max right now it only accounts for about two percent of boeing's fleet but that's because it's a new plane if you look at how many undelivered new planes there are in boeing's stock it accounts for about eighty percent of those undelivered plane so basically
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what boeing is saying is that this is the plane that the banking on this is going to be the future of boeing again no information about whether or not this error is related to this more recent crash today but if this does become an issue it could really set back boeing all right do these on the n.s.f. look into this aspect of the story for us thank you so much. and we'll move on to some other news now two german journalists are on their way back to germany after the government of turkey refused to renew their press passes the journalists were not given any reason for the decision their media organizations intend to appeal that germany's foreign minister has also criticised the decision to see that from the berlin daily typhus spiegel and was a german public t.v. say they see no legal grounds for the denial of their press accreditation in turkey here's what they had to say just before leaving istanbul. before i think this means some uncertainty for other members of the press by it appears the goal here is to
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influence reporting there has already been a chilling effect asserted on the turkish media there's hardly any critical reporting at least in the state media of its now it appears the government would like to achieve the same with the international media but i cannot imagine they will succeed. needs to be said that our situation is a luxury in comparison to what our turkish colleagues are dealing with more than one hundred thirty turkish journalists are now sitting in prison for something they posted online or for an article they wrote while the two of us are able to get on a plane and leave things that concerns us that the turkish government appears to want to extend pressure beyond national borders on this. algerian president abdul aziz beautifully appears to be on his way back home from geneva where he's been receiving medical treatment the eighty two year old has been hospitalized for the past two weeks with an undisclosed condition. returning as
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protests are growing in algeria over his intention to run for a fifth term local media in algiers say authorities have increased security along the route between the airport and the presidential residence. venezuela's opposition leader won by the always call for citizens nationwide to march on the capital caracas it is the latest round in his power struggle with socialist president nicolas maduro who claimed on saturday that attempts to overthrow his government had been defeated venezuela has been crippled by nationwide power outages one n.g.o.s reporting that fifteen patients died in hospitals because the blackout shut down their dialysis treatment. with one of venezuela's worst ever power outages entering a fourth day tensions have been running high and tempers fraying. now i riot is about to kick off because of the blackout not because i'm
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a dura not because of anything else we want to electricity we want to let tricity that's all just electricity for many venezuelans the ongoing power struggle between president maduro and the man who wants to oust him has taken a back seat to more pressing concerns. but come march with me but don't turn the electricity off on people our people are dying. most power had been restored since thursday a beleaguered nicolas maduro told supporters at a rally but another cyber attack directed from abroad had stopped progress on saturday he said. when there are talks like this the country's opposition the extreme right wing are were. any doubt behind it. using high level technology that only the united states government has.
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five man right opposition leader one by dole was ramping up the political pressure at a rival rally announcing a nationwide tour he called on venezuelans to converge on the capitol in protest at madieu rose government so we will announce the organizing dates in each state. when we will all together all together come to caracas. the challenger announcing the next round of a power struggle in which neither side is backing down. today marks sixty years since the spiritual leader of tibet the dalai lama fled his homeland amid a failed opp rising against chinese rule he's been living in exile in india ever since for many tibetans today's anniversary is a bitter occasion standing in the rain in delhi this group of activists chant free tibet sing traditional songs and buddhist chance the gathering was also to commemorate the many thousands of tibetans killed during the failed revolt in one
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thousand nine hundred fifty nine after that uprising an estimated one hundred thousand tibetans fled the fighting as refugees here's a look at tibet today and into the key events leading up to the sixtieth anniversary. it's known as the roof of the world nestled high in the himalayas today tibet is governed as an autonomous region of china but it's not a ton of me in name only the chinese state controls almost every area of life religious observance in the traditionally buddhist territory has been reduced to an absolute minimum. it was nine hundred fifty when china asserted its rule over tibet in the years that followed resentment to beijing grew tibet's then head of state the dalai lama sought to negotiate with chairman mao zedong but march nine hundred fifty nine saw a full scale uprising in tibet thousands are said to have died during the suppression of the revolt the dalai lama was forced to flee. crossing the himalayas
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on foot eventually arriving in dharamsala india he set up a government in exile where he has remained ever since for years he has pushed for greater autonomy for tibet all these today beijing still views him as an enemy a separatist threat. china says it has liberated tibet and points to modern progress and greater prosperity but sixty years after the dalai lama was forced into exile many tibetans still view him as their rightful leader for then this anniversary is a day of mourning. in the bundesliga bar in munich has moved to the top of the table for the first time since september that's after they slam vosburgh six nil at home of the champions quickly took control and at this attacked on the right wing resulted in bahrain's first goal courtesy of youngsters serge can operate one nail for biron in the thirty fourth minute and it didn't stop there not read who were
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extended his contract on tuesday then set up a polish international drop of dusty with a tap and just minutes later. he would a score again to become the league's all time top scorer in form player with one hundred ninety seven goal us. coming up our documentary on the disappearing world of the sea nomads that's coming up in just a few minutes here and stay with us. floods have taken everything they own now despair please god bless climate refugees to. the sea shelter to try to come but even here waters rising. floods. starts more. d.w. .


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