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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2019 9:30am-9:45am CET

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illegally. already have a long wide return to vast land. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure . bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. after another fatal accident china bronze the boeing seven three seven months as investigators try to find out what happened in ethiopia on the list how badly boeing's order book will be affected. and atheisms fantasy deadly tsunami the country has come to the crux of the. nuclear meltdown the clean up will take decades to. business do business on those.
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china's civil aviation authority has ordered all chinese add ons to ground their boeing seven three seven eighth's planes indefinitely citing zero tolerance for safety wrists the ban follows the crash on sunday off a seven to seven nights run by ethiopian airlines shortly after takeoff from others about old one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew including a chinese nationals were killed if you hope you know lance has also grounded its seven three seven max aircraft until further notice alan was using five of the new planes and was awaiting delivery of twenty five more. so what does all this mean for boeing now with me is special because of course how important is that model the seven three seven max for boeing it's hard to understate the importance of this plane for boeing it is a new generation of boeing's very successful seven three seven sirius which has
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been around for more than fifty years and is the most in widely sold plane in. the world now the max serious features a new engine design which is said to be more fuel efficient which is highly important in this day and age for airlines has a backlog of fifty five thousand aircraft by far more than any other plane that boeing has on offer and that represents not only somewhat the future of flying for boeing but in that case somewhat the future of the company and if there was something systematically wrong with this product boeing would have a real problem because it's. deliverance that operate the plane after accidents like this do they get consolations from customers that say we don't want to fly the seven three seven anymore then how does that faked the airlines business well there might be some passengers dead reconsider and honestly if you told me today to get on a seven to seven max airplane i would think about it i would think about it after this
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crash four months ago or five months ago with the lion air flight with this crash and of ethiopian airlines today. might there be a link we don't know yet that's what investigators are trying to find out there are similarities that are raising eyebrows so there is an issue here what's interesting though is there is no common response as how to react to this tragedy china is the open air lines and came in airways have grounded their seventy seven max planes which is important that the chinese carriers they represent somewhat of one fourth of the global seventy seven max fleet other airlines particularly the ones from the united states which also heavily invested in this program are saying well we have we're monitoring the situations but we do have faith in the technology. you mentioned china and the seven three seven fleet they operate china's own aviation industry benefit from this tragedy ultimately it might it's hard to say nowadays
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because the chinese have used market is expanding so rapidly there is so much growth there that the two giants boeing and airbus are having trouble catering this demand as it is. so there is already chinese competition waiting in the wings there is the coal mark c. nine one nine which is a mid-range jet that has been entirely developed and designed and built in china and it is in the final stages of testing now and it does get a boost from beijing because the government has ordered all major jainas carriers to order at least twenty of these planes so yeah if we look at china it is a growing market which boeing and airbus are trying to cater to but are having difficulties because of the rapid expansion as if these have been. the reason to gloat for them. you wouldn't do that on on the competitors just because he's a disease very sensitive case i would say they are obviously looking at this and
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trying to draw their conclusions and they had similar problems of course already they had similar problems with their planes as well first of all i think you very much thought sometimes even the pessimists get things wrong and offer a precarious ending to twenty eighteen expos have expected a further decline in german exports boss exports have been rising again and that's thanks above all to countries outside the european union orders for german products pushed exports up in january by one point seven percent even compatible to the strong performance in the same period a year earlier impled growth was even stronger up five percent of a list hadn't expected that which international trade conflicts and the upcoming brics it but now they're looking to an increase of three percent in exports for the entire year. or more on that let's bring in the camera he's the
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chief economist at the bank in frankfurt here in germany german exports. stagnating in general compared to december but up compared to last year is germany weathering the global downswing better than others and why. well i would not say. new and yet when you look at the broader trends not only that these are generally figures export growth has come down significantly in two thousand seven hundred for example we had a plus of our fifty five percent and now we have dollar on trend to me one percent and this slowdown in export growth has a lot of to do with china because you cannot because of china has come down and therefore the appetite for goods and services produced here in germany and there are no signs that the problems in china are already over think of february we had the february chinese imports roughly five percent in year on year terms therefore
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the weakness in german exports is not yet over and so the trade conflict between the us and china use you still say that that is. one of the trade conflict of course it's hurting but they also a lot of homemade problems in china think of the huge increase the debt of state owned enterprises and these high debt more or less forced them to lower their their capital expenditure and this is also a problem therefore if there is a trait if there's an agreement with the president trump on trade this does not automatically mean that the problems are off the table so you reckon that germany can stay resilient briefly if you can. well i think germany. will continue to face problems on its export front i think in the
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next couple of months that data will continue to dominate and only later in the year we're likely to see is their position. thank you very much. thank you. eight years ago today an earthquake and tsunami killed thousands and thousands in japan and also hit the nuclear power plant in the japanese town of fukushima the reactor meltdown that followed remains one of the biggest nuclear accidents on record even though no one was killed by radiation a sizable chunk of the surrounding countryside remains off limits to this day and clean cleanup operations will take decades to complete. the guests have arrived in fukushima they've come for an eco friendly home stay at local farms in the west of the prefecture. the tourist association rep tells the travellers that not only can
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they expect excellent treatment from their hosts they don't need to worry about radioactivity either. mr and mrs cooper gnocchi are over the moon about developments they'll soon be looking after two young americans in their home. a ray of light for their village after years of darkness not many people around here can live off agriculture anymore prices for vegetables from fukushima have hit rock bottom. even though these fields are one hundred forty kilometers away from the wrecked reactor and shielded from it by a mountain range. so far away but ever present nuclear power station operator tepco gave this german a.r.d. t.v. team exclusive access to the devastated power stations grounds tepco wants to show the world it's in control but the reactor containers are still full of melted nuclear fuel rods together eight hundred tons of extremely radioactive waste more
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even than in chernobyl go on to extract the hard slog over thirty to forty years. thirty to forty year time frame is not based on exact data it's a rough estimate. we need to collect more data before we can decide on a firm. tepco is keeping quiet about exactly how it will recover the waste there will be a world first if it comes off. the cousin okies insists that radiation levels around their house are normal. but the farmer tells his guests that he can only sell vegetables when the name fukushima doesn't appear on the label. the cruiser nokia's used to run a small restaurant but after the fukushima reactor disaster a business collapsed around the world the name fukushima stands for only one thing . so my parents when i told them i was going. they're worried
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about about nuclear exposure. but having this opportunity and seeing how the people here are thriving makes me makes me i guess again brush that side. because the nokia's daughter in law has come round for dinner with their grandchildren. it's almost like it was in the good old days. those were the days their son still lived next door with his family. before he had to leave home to find work. so far away but ever present. eight years on. former boss carlos goannas seeking permission from a japanese court to attend this sounds board meeting this week it would be his first since he was ousted as the comic as chairman following his arrest in the go and was released on bail from a detention center in tokyo last week he denies accusations of underreporting his
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salary by around eighty million dollars over a decade if he attends tomorrow's meeting will face off against board members he's accused of staging a coup to get rid of some executives at mr against his plans to fully merge the company with alliance. from from. and that's it from me and the business seniority dami you can find local business news on background stories on our website that's the w dot com slash business and do follow us on facebook and twitter if you don't already now stay tuned for reporter as of right next after this quick check of.
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lucky. floods have taken everything. now despair please god bless the climate refugees. they seek shelter. in the lead the floods the george. w. . the fasten your seat belts. the
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coke the the. least said. the so you can. travel garden to dublin. the claiming. the. every day nearly twelve million passengers board planes and arrive safely john quis mother did not five years ago she flew to malaysia on holiday but her return flight from kuala lumpur to beijing vanished with barely a trace. malaysian airlines flight three seventy is one of the greatest mysteries of aviation history and it's true zhang's life into turmoil now he's on his way to
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one of them for and he wants answers. from nervous i remember several time i've flown since then. but flying to malaysia's worst of all. in twenty fourteen his mother left her apartment to fly to malaysia with a coworker they wanted to get away from.


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