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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2019 9:30am-9:46am CET

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the right and the wrong. he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son mates are not only the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture. the prize winning documentary song from the forest starts first on p.w. . the e.u. joins a growing list of countries to suspend the boeing seven three seven the two crashes while the playmakers shap prize goes into a rapid descent the pressure on the u.s. . is rising. also coming up as britain says it will.
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make a promise and hopes to keep its wheels turning off the brakes at that. busy business . will seek compensation from the plane make a boeing for lost revenue an extra cost the federal aviation authority in the u.s. finds itself increasingly isolated as it continues to refuse grounding the boeing seven three seven regulators in the e.u. have now joined counterparts in china and other major markets in banning the plane from flying a popular model was involved in two crashes recently wanted in the knees and on sunday another an ethiopian faces a tricky reassuring concerned customers and protecting its business and investors already have lost more than twenty six billion dollars since the weekend. iceland air is only one of the airlines grounding their seven three seven max fleets by grounding its three max eight aircraft until further notice norwegian
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airlines also grounded its fleet of eighteen citing european aviation authorities of the three hundred seventy four seven three seven max airplanes currently in operation around the world some forty percent of now being grounded more than twenty year lines have grounded the plane including norwegian german travel group two e and a number of around the world have only just started building their fleets. and the e.u. has now added to the growing amount of airspace close to the new boeing plane as a global team of investigators looks for parallels with the crash in indonesia just five months ago. boeing stocks have shed billions since monday but analysts say ultimately they expect things to normalize so number one we think that the boeing planes are save we think that boeing said a directive to pilots on how to handle the software play into it there is ways to override the system american airlines. and united also believe the plane is saved
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we expect the order book to be largely intact u.s. carriers say they will continue operating the planes as normal for now but pressure is growing on earth already to take action over the boeing seven three seven max eight many airlines are citing customers frightened by sunday's ethiopian airlines crash which killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board. i'm now joined in the studio by calling first of all it's been tracking that developing story of for us because of some major u.s. airlines have said the seventy seven is perfectly safe do they have a point or is it better to the side of caution well seeing that it is still possible it's not ruled out that the very same problem caused the crash of two airplanes within. a couple of months it seems the sensible thing to do what's interesting here is that usually other ignition authorities follow the decision of
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the u.s. is federal aviation authority as it somewhat has the reputation of the gold standard when it comes to safety but this time around they're saying well we don't want to take any chances also because grounding a plane doesn't mean it has to be indefinite if you remember a couple years back two thousand and thirteen the f.a.a. and others grounded boeing's seven eight seven dreamliner because of fires the batteries on board caught fire boeing fixed the problem within a couple weeks and you know they are flying again. do we by now know a bit more about the circumstances of the ethiopian crash not yet not yet but the black boxes so the flight data recorder and the voice recorder from the cockpit have been found and experts will try to extract data and interpret it obviously you know if the o.p.'s ministry of transport says it will work together with the united states where boeing the plane maker is based to examine that data now. spokesperson said that the black boxes will be sent overseas because ethiopia
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itself doesn't have the technology to extract the data where they will go that's unclear if the how do you think boeing is handling the whole thing are they transparent enough to do more admittedly offering condolences and saying well we'll send a team of specialists to help clear up the mess seems pretty standard procedure here also i'm not sure that the announcement of a software update for the flight management system as boeing has issued is calling a lot of nerves here and boeing is in a tough spot here minutely this whole incident wife of twenty six billion dollars of market value also if investigations show that this same problem was responsible for the crash of two airplanes that shows it's a systematic problem i mean that's bad but if it's not the same problem the search for what caused the crash of flight three zero two might have to go even deeper. some people are now saying that boeing is trying to squeeze
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a lot maybe too much of an effort that is essentially fifty fifty years old do these people have a point depending on the outcome of the investigation that might prove right we have to remember that the crash of the lion air flight in october was caused by a mail functioning automated flight system and that system was only installed because the airplane the seventy seven max was equipped with bigger more fuel efficient turbo. which changed the whole balance of the plane so if it hadn't been for the system and in the society for it to be there the flight might not have been crushed so in the end this could show that it's not possible to refurbish a decades old product but we're not at that point yet we have to stress that because of the thank you very much. turning to break sits britain's government says it will slash most important areas in case of
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a no deal breaks it and will not apply custom states on the border with the new regime will be temporary and is aimed at avoiding a jump in prices of e.u. imports the disruption of supply chains meanwhile trade minister liam fox has invited business leaders to a conference call later this afternoon because british businesses have so far reacted with dismay to last night's reds the vote in parliament lawmakers once again rejected prime minister terrorism as proposed deal with the u. this time it was by one hundred forty nine votes that's less than the two hundred thirty of was defeated by january but still a big loss mabel no you members of parliament a vote on whether one whether to rule out leaving you without a deal that's a scenario that has worried big business in the u k for some time. now to talk us through the reaction of the british business community to last night's. vote i'm joined by robots from business desk rob you've been
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tracking this story how did does the second comment if you go down with business well the one thing that businesses in the u.k. are looking for his certainty that last night did not give them is another day in again and another thing that the majority it would seem want to avoid is a no deal breaks it again if anything last night's vote took them closer to that so the reaction from key business vegas has been quite extreme actually let me show you a couple of tweets firstly from accounting fab and she's the head of the confederation of british industry which represents around two hundred thousand u.k. businesses she says enough is enough a new approach is needed she wants the government to ask for extra time for the to leave the u. and she says it's time to stop this pretty strong business it really is i mean she's throwing everything at it and we hearing a similar level. vitriol that from adam marshall he's the director general of the british chambers of commerce which is made up of fifty three local business groups
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in britain he says business is of him failed over and over again by westminster in recent months but allowing a messy and disorderly exit on march the twenty ninth would take political negligence to new extremes he says this must not be allowed to happen whether by default or by design that's pretty strong words there from the business little business leaders really in britain the pound is also in a bit of a rollercoaster these days isn't it yeah it's had a really turbulent couple of days i mean first of all at the start of the week it rose quite high actually because the optimism surrounding what it seemed like was a legally binding concessions from the you for to resume a bit yesterday when there was this official u.k. legal advice saying actually not that much has changed as a result of those concessions most of those gains were wiped out because investors saw that this vote was going to once again reject to reason may's deal it's been
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steady today the pound it's working its way off but what is to be seen is whether or not tonight's vote on whether or not no deal leaving the e.u. without a deal should be rejected we'll see what impact that has on the pound that conference call of folks will have with business leaders if briefly if you go do you expect business leaders well i expect them to tell them that the one thing they need is some certainty let's take no deal off the table a move forward because they're having to put off big decisions because of the uncertainty surrounding. what's thank you very much. third now the risk of a border gridlock caused by a no do break that has that bridge manufacturers to ramp up their stockpiling efforts to the highest levels on record holding is most evident amount amongst food and drinks firms as well as in the clothing chemicals and electronics sectors where houses are full to the rough says we visited iconic by bicycle brand brompton in
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the factory in south london. welding spinning fast and. on this factory floor in the south of london workers are assembling brompton iconic foldable bicycles entirely by hand a complex task each bike is composed of over one thousand different parts these come from belgium these come from the fronts these come from germany there is a hub that comes from taiwan but that could soon turn into a huge problem for brown with threats of approaching fast and no trade agreements signed seen over will butler adams is first seeing massive delivery problems the worst case scenario if we don't have one part if we don't have this little pot the whole flipping factory stops and we've got you know one hundred fifty people doing
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nothing but there adams has invested over one million pounds to stockpile parts but he's far from happy about the situation and the problem with rex it is everybody seems to think it's number one and that's a flipping disaster it's a distraction it creates stagnation it's bad we need to be getting on with business and not flapping about rex and. despite the distraction prompting has just launched its first electric bike but even that's a company by brakes and fear after all the biggest market for the new bike is the european union. and the business scene and then the local business news i'm back on stores as do the. last business thank you very much for watching.
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where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to a shadow and a few in his favor as an official information as a journalist i have worked all of this translate many can trust and their problems
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are almost the same core to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. go up should work on the fourth to stay silent when it comes to the fans the humans on seeing the microphones inside to put their trust in us. is jenny harrison and work again. alone welcome to news from the world of arts and culture an artistic endeavor underground one up in the sky and one in the cinema today we go to san francisco. and beyond an annual festival of german cinema.
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we go below. the unique designs of the city's subway stations. and we meet a photographer whose pictures of birds show flights as you've never seen it before . we begin in san francisco where the largest festival of german language film outside europe is currently taking place for seven days but beyond shows feature films and documentaries from germany austria and switzerland it started back in one thousand nine hundred sixty it's now in its twenty third year and it's become an absolute must for movie fans interested in european cinema. from the epicenter of the hippie movement to the gateway to silicon valley in san francisco the old world meets the new high tech meets tradition it's a multicultural metropolis with residents who come from all around the world
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a good place for a festival outside mainstream hollywood i come to the restroom since the road to grow.


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