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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CET

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live. let's do business is protectionism a play in our skies europe has banned boeing seven three seven max from flying in it's a space but u.s. aviation regulator is standing behind the american company despite two deadly accidents involving the plane the latest with ethiopian airlines korea's chief executives has boeing should ground all its seven three seven max eights until it's established they're safe to fly at these forty six countries have banned the aircraft from entering their airspace the entire european union is off limits as are the skies above the united arab emirates many airlines in certain countries are voluntarily grounding their max series brazilian budget airline go south korea's east jet about half the fleets that have been running since twenty seventeen and not being used and dozens of deliveries of the jets still on their way this has the potential to destroy the plane maker. analysts boeing a starting to do the sums
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the aircraft maker has received more than five thousand orders for its seven three seven max if these get cancelled the company could end up on its knees putting tens of thousands of jobs at the corporations washington plants and various supply is at risk on choose day the head of boeing reportedly called the u.s. president to prevent a flight ban in the u.s. meanwhile boeing shares on wall street have tumbled losing more than twenty five billion dollars in value what's not yet clear is whether or not the seven three seven max has a construction fault and that's why the u.s. aviation authority the f.a.a. is waiting to implement a ban. the f.a.a. is really the gold standard for international aviation safety and they're not going to go out there and when a plane keep flying that is going to be unsafe however they're also not going to
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jump the gun without any proof and grounds a plane especially considering boeing is the largest exporter of any american goods not just in aviation. it's a giant of u.s. street fact something the f.a.a. is well aware of right now the u.s. is holding an increasingly lonely position when it comes to the max eight. meanwhile in europe things look at the different norwegian and has just announced seeking compensation from boeing for losses due to flight cancellations. so most max eight service the asia pacific let's take you to singapore where the correspondents based even the global aviation hub of singapore has suspended flights of the popular plane but boeing insists there's no reason to. you that's exactly right and the l a few countries who share the same view now according to a columnist john get the financial times he argues that the software that's
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installed in these planes i'll fly by wire software that has by and large these planes of fasi for by reducing pilot error now among some of the countries that have not have not banned the deed that these flights are by these planes include of course a lot of the american air carriers such as american airlines southwest fly dubai and canada's west jet have also not banned these flights. what about disruptions from from those airlines who are canceling flights all banning these. well certainly there are lots of thing conveniences that come along with the grounding of these aircrafts as a lot of these countries for these forty six countries have done in the last few days now a lot of travel agencies are working around the problem by adjusting this search engines to eradicate the filter to talk to avoid flights that have seventy seven
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mixes. this investigation could take months i was reading and there are some people who reckon you know. that the whole disruptions could carry on for weeks but what if they do carry on for months. it's exactly right that's a lot of first of all it will cost all these airlines and he's airports a lot of money to continue grounding these aircraft but until conclusions can be drawn from the from the investigation there's no telling when we will see any of these bands lifted in the near future. forests there in singapore and focus him but it is following the story for us from frankfurt airport. how are things looking for boeing right now ben kind of sounds like you're checking in on a sick man and that's what it what it feels like to the world's largest airplane
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maker is has has sort of fallen sick because it's most important airplane and the security of it has been called into question and that is very very bad situation for the plane maker and here behind. their hands people are asking why why aren't they you know bringing all these airplanes down and put people before profits and just you know have it have that have it over what. it is a reputation that's at stake here as well as a lot of money but what about norwegian coal for compensation i mean this investigation is only just begun. yeah and their vision air is an air tight spot the european air space is in a very tight some airlines have to give up and nerve agent is struggling for profitability it needs to cut down in its cost and it is one of the airlines that has bet heavily on the seven three seven max it now has eighteen in operation and it's looking for seventy overall so yeah it's the first company to try and get
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passed on the bill to boeing but it might not be the last others might follow suit and that could come in costly for boeing and it looks like this is going to go ahead with those deliveries those orders the has which is doesn't really all fit together that well but thank you very much for the update there from the board of british government says it will slash tariffs on a range of imports from normally you countries in the event of a no deal breakers it ministers say they'll introduce a modest liberalization of trade policy if they leave the european union without an agreement eighty seven percent of goods imported to the u.k. will be tire free compared with the current eighty percent levies would apply to products such as meat and dairy to help protect british. trade minister liam fox is discussing brigs it with business leaders ahead of another parliamentary vote could see members reject
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a deal scenario's it. all the risk of border gridlock caused by a no deal brigs it has led british manufacturers' to brand stockpiles to the highest level on record i mean the food and beverage companies but also clothing chemicals electronics and parts makers we visited iconic bicycle brands brought in their factory in south london. welding spinning. unfastening on this factory floor in south london workers are assembling promptings iconic foldable bicycles entirely by hand it's a complex task each bike is made up of over one thousand different parts. these come from belgium these come from from. these come from germany. there is a hub comes from taiwan. but that could soon turn into a huge problem for a brompton with brakes it approaching fast and no trade agreements signed c.e.o.
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will butler adams is for seeing a massive delivery problems but worst case scenario if we don't have one point if we don't have this little parts the whole flipping factory stops and we've got you know one hundred fifty people doing nothing. but lower adams has invested over one million pounds to stockpile parts but he's far from happy about the situation and the problem with rex it is everybody seems to think it's number one and that's a flipping disaster it's a distraction it creates stagnation it's bad we need to be getting on with business and not flapping about wrecks it. despite the distraction brompton has just launched its latest electric bike but even that's accompanied by brakes it fear after all the biggest market for the new bike is the european union of. megacities are struggling to deal with a lack of space but taipei has a solution ever wider. array of senses are intended to improve the quality of life
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for its citizens. more and more people are moving from the countryside to the city asia is particularly affected it's estimated that almost half a million people will move to cities there in the next few decades a huge organizational task dominic shino has a proposal to deal with it his background is in finance and cryptocurrency. sees but he also knows how digital technology will transform cities of the future. so the city of the future is obviously fully automated where we have to census and actuators that are actually interacting with each other because the biggest problem that we have today is we have all of these different data side when data is not being exchanged and through that we don't really have a smart environment and to see if the future is stephanus smart network right where these different actors and machines and offer human start exchanging data with each other and then make decisions based on that data the idea is that more and more
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machines will communicate autonomously with each other and by doing so dramatically alter the urban experience a car would pay for itself at toll stations or filling stations it's the economy of the machine the taiwanese capital of taipei is a good example of a city well on its way to becoming a smart city numerous projects here are changing everyday life for typeface residents such as the scooter sharing project we mow the electric scooters are distributed throughout the city and can be reserved and paid for by that we do see air pollution and noise. cooperation between this city and supermarkets wants to change shopping routines so called ok minis offer more than twenty options for payment whether by card or mobile phone opening hours around the clock digital technology is also coming to manage waste with so-called i trash machines cans and bottles can be disposed of and the machines can even give you your deposit back in
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buses and trains can use it as an incentive for recycling. the future is going to be a ton a mess when these machines around us make our lives easier and we see ourselves a few neighbors off this future because they said this is small behind the smart city of the future has machines that communicate autonomously with each other based on specific data but it also means that data protectors need to be even more vigilant in preventing the misuse of personal data. by stirring business with.
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. place. play play play. play this is a w's live from children told a lie from the rubble of a collapsed building in nigeria with more than a hundred wall. people feel the three storey block of the school on top went down in the commercial capital lego. also on the program britain's parliament debates i know the deal. will decide today whether to crash out of the e.u. without a withdrawal date or a scenario of the prime minister to resign right has tried to for two years to avoid that. he was trusted to guide and protect chilled.


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