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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CET

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and how to fix a shrinking workforce scrabbles as labor shortages. let's do business it's looking worse and worse for boeing relatives of victims one that says i want to know if it's safe to fly a seven three seven max was supposed to build a u.s. plane make its fortunes for years to come the second crash in months at a blanket bad on a new plane will have far reaching financial impact. with the plane's data recorders already in paris french experts hope they'll help them find out what happened to the ethiopian airlines boeing seven three seven max that crashed on sunday they'll look at the plane's altitude speed and flight path and listen to cockpit speech the futures of both boeing's new bestselling plane and the company itself hang in the balance but analyzing the black boxes could take months
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and that's been the case with the investigation into the first seven three seven max crashed last october in indonesia while the probe is still ongoing it's known that the pilots struggled to regain control of the aircraft to the very end some experts suspect a flaw in new control software may have prevented them from overriding the system it's believed the ethiopian crash was similar and u.s. pilots echoed concerns about the plane's handling and complain that the training they received was inadequate. the us federal aviation authority has ordered a flight ban on the seven three seven max the f.a.a. says it could be months before the planes fly again a fiasco not just for boeing but also for the airlines that ordered thousands of the jets boeing may have to renegotiate contracts and airlines already flying the macs are angry norwegian air has announced it would sue the u.s.
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plane manufacturer for damages. is from the frankfurt university of applied sciences and specializes in air traffic management so boeing's changed course as far as those groundings go what's that mean financially for the. it's a strong blow if you look at the past two years boeing has really a tremendous. financial situation they have sold especially that remind us where well i has just ordered twenty new planes and they are a stock price has so this of course is really bad news and i think the stock price has already gone down it will the if you look at the stock over the past year for both airbus and boeing i mean they've been doing really well the stock's been going up and open up at the same time it sounds like quality is going down and down and down all these new way of profit with teething problems and
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a whole lot of that. it's correct that also alliance between quite well that particular selling a lot of players of more than boeing but also i think strategically boeing us well positioned. because apis has to give up some a sweet hundred eighty and boeing is continuing with the dreamliner aircraft. but as you say i mean unfortunately it's it's common that you add crafts and to have some societies in problems we had this was a hundred eighty and also with a dream and i know. tell me a bit about the long term effects here for boeing and its rival. at the end i think that they will hopefully find the cost of this exit and quite soon i mean in the past they have also found the reason for that these two
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think problems relatively quick but for that time of course it's it's painful for the airlines because they have to grant the aircraft and of course pay for father benefactor so i think before for boeing this would be quite a financial. burden they're all it's let's see if they get the investigation wrapped up quickly the last one is certainly dragging on yvonne thank you very much for joining us there great to get your expertise thank you looked around as chief executive says grounding the seven three seven max was the right thing to do for has announced plans to trim the german airlines growth plans following a drop in profits but he still expecting things to take off this year grounded planes don't make money so when the transit was forced to cancel hundreds of flights because of strikes in january its earnings suffered a sudden loss in altitude that combined with falling fair prices and rising fuel
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costs has led the airline to post a seven percent drop in adjusted profits compared with this time last year the company now says it will have the capacity increases it was planning for the summer but it's pressing forward with a modernization of its fleet ordering fourteen new wide body jets twenty from airbus and twenty from boeing. also the moment shouldn't we've also decided to get rid of six of lufthansa's a three eighty super jumbos between twenty twenty two and twenty twenty three between now and twenty twenty seven we're going to gain a total of two hundred twenty one planes so i don't want the lawyers who. by shutting six a three eighty is low sounds or is bringing down its stock of the giant jet to just eight with fuel prices expected to rise and european rivals warning the fare war will continue sounds i will have to ride out more heavy weather in twenty nine hundred. i will be based at he had a ways last well over
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a billion dollars in twenty eighteen for the third year in a row the state owned airline blames challenging market conditions of the effects of higher fuel prices but the carriers strategy of aggressively buying stakes in airlines from europe to australia has exposed it to major losses recently and he had announced that it was restructuring aircraft purchases. there are more reasons to worry about a slowing chinese economy and that at a time of high trade tensions official figures suggest the growth rate is at its lowest in thirty years what is down at car sales have also plunged car sales in china fell seventeen percent in the first two months of twenty nine teams as compared with one year ago about three million vehicles were sold in the world's biggest automobile market in january and february and china's industrial production for the same period was weaker than expected and grew at its lowest pace
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in seventeen years. in january and february twenty nine thousand industrial output grew by five point three percent year on year that was zero point four percent slower than last december after calculating the effects of the lunar new year holiday on the economy total industrial output grew by six point one percent in january in february by. china also announced growth cool to six point six percent last year the slowest in nearly three decades the chinese government will now take countermeasures such as billions of dollars in tax cuts and increased lending it is also lowering growth targets for this year. japan's workforce would shrink by a fifth in the next couple decades that's according to the world economic forum a rapidly aging population is mostly to blame over a quarter of the population is above the age of sixty five making it the oldest country in the world so to speak but aging populations are also a problem elsewhere especially in wealthier countries japan and the rest of the top
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ten oldest populations can be found here in europe compare that to the world's top ten youngest populations their role in africa e.j. is the most useful of the mole can see that country there in the yellow of a half the population under the age of eighteen so what's behind these huge regional differences and what impact will that have on labor markets of the w.c. kate ferguson is here to talk all about that she's following the story for us and let's start with japan the oldest of the bunch it's letting itself basically into a trap it's not i mean so against migration and so against women working oh yeah it's a fun pretty much has the perfect cocktail for an aging population it has a really high life expectancy it has a super low birth rate and as you mentioned it's traditionally a very low immigration race and all of those are the reasons thought the countries
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workforce is projected to shrink by thirteen million in the next twenty years and of course that sparked huge concerns about how the country is going to pay for pensions and health care for the elderly the government's been trying to do lots of things why on its plans actually working well these things happen slowly so one thing that the prime minister shinzo abi is trying to do is to encourage. for people to work pasta such as for a retirement age of sixty five that's a pretty hard sell you know people are foregoing their pensions and they're staying in the labor market longer of course that's not something that's very attractive if you're an elderly person who's worked their whole life another thing he's trying to do is to encourage more women to enter the workforce because japan is very patriarchal society and those women who do choose to have families often find that their male partners aren't helping out enough with childcare so they end up leaving the workforce not the hugest country another thing that he's trying to do is to slowly increase immigration so he's just introducing that displacement is actually
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going to go into effect next month which will allow foreign workers to come to dupont for five years to fill some of those gaps in the labor market and they could go back. africa has the potential to teach japan a thing or two with my i mean you've got maybe young people as we saw in that presentation there what does that mean for economic growth for the continent yeah so that depends on whether you're an optimist or a pessimist so africa is the only region in the world with a growing youthful population and we saw the example there of me share where well over half the population is under eighteen and that's either a huge opportunity or a muscle risk so if you look at it with the glass half full you say well six out of ten of the world's top ten fastest growing economies are in africa these young people have the possibility to introduce new markets new growth the potential for innovation ideas if they're educated if they're educated and that's the big problem
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at the moment enough are you ready have huge youth unemployment amount leads to a whole range of problems ranging from social unrest to mosque migration or you're ready seeing tens of sizes of young african men and women risking their lives crossing the mediterranean trying to get to europe in the hope of a better life and people would say if off. i mean there is don't invest more in our youth those problems are only going to get bigger you've already got twenty million obsolescence in africa who are not enrolled in school and most of them are girls and thought trend continues you're only going to see bigger problems to wrap it up in a sense is there a best practice countries should be following well if your population is aging you should be open to immigration and population is getting younger and you have to invest in the youth for this and thank you very much for coming in. and i study business.
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sure of. what unites. what defines. the money. grubbing. what binds the content to get her the right answers and stories of plunging the odd. spotlight on people opt for him and so on. what's the connection between bread. and the european you. know
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guild might test e.w. correspondent and avid baker dropped from turn to state and local about recipes for success strategies that make a difference. baking bread. d.w. . says heat in ruins murali. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population last finance treasures occupied the city center in two thousand and seven team president to church's response was first told. by the federal reserve will never again football games of. the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did morality become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from
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a destroyed city. similar in the sights of bias starts april eleventh on d w. w's line from britain's parliament to pass we have to know about votes this time but the two did lay the new face withdrawal from new york being union after suffering a days of defeats the prime minister is now warning about breadsticks might. tough but also on the program. the search for survivors of nigeria's deadly building collapse and disaster search for answers been tempted tossed by the number of
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people still bandits beneath the rubble in lagos is not. on the boys and girls living under the shadow.


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