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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2019 4:02am-4:16am CET

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what took them so long that's one question many are asking after american regulators finally ground the boeing seven three seven max here's another question can boeing put its plane back in the air before the competition moves in. also coming up british lawmakers vote to delay bragg's it until the lease the end of june i think that gives clarity to british businesses think again. and more signs that chinese growth has slowed we'll take you through the latest numbers. of souvenirs in berlin thanks for watching boeing says it will continue production on the now grounded seven thirty seven max aircraft but it will stop deliveries the future of the program will depend on the outcome of an investigation into sunday's fatal crash of an ethiopian airlines flight so what does that mean for boeing and
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for the airlines now with a catalog price of some one hundred million dollars for a seven thirty seven max the groundings threaten hundreds of billions of dollars of boeing revenue the plane maker still has orders for more than four thousand six hundred of the planes it was meant to be the backbone of its future business but deliveries have of course been halted so is their replacement the rival to the seven three seven max is the air bus a three twenty neo which offers similar capacities and range but never says order books already pretty full over thirty six hundred on the record simply changing planes isn't a great option for many airlines at least for now the investigation and its consequences for the seven thirty seven max will therefore be critical. now there's also growing criticism of the american aviation regulator the f.a.a. for its delayed responses to the crashes with some suggesting it's too cozy with boeing aviation analysts richard oppel lafayette from the teal group now joins us
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from washington d.c. richard in your mind does this delayed response from the f.a.a. raise questions about american regulators relationship with the industry they're supposed to be overseeing well first of all just to clarify i don't think it was a delayed response they had a very strong response they sent people and teams to the site and they don't with everything that needed to be dealt with there could be dealt with the only question is what was their timing in making the grounding and here i think you've got three very different groups agencies the first people that read it were china india and indonesia we frankly don't have a lot of experience and don't have a lot of political independence in the air you're transported to suit that was followed a day or two later by the europeans who basically and by the by australia who basically said well look we're not waiting for the evidence it just seems prudent reader we have very many planes so why not canada and the us to take
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a very strict evidence. based approach here and they want to wait till they had data they actually had a reason something that showed continuity between the two tragedies equally and made that call and that's what they did now richard some have also pointed out to a two thousand and five change i believe in the relationship between boeing and the f.a.a. in which boeing could choose the employee that represented itself the company i should say to the f.a.a. when it came to regulating certain airframes what do you say about that is that something that's not ideal or inappropriate as some have suggested. you know i don't think it has any bearing on this i mean you know to the date this is an aircraft that was your right as everybody at the f.a.a. . does that with their name and these are people with skin in the hand and i you wrote this you all the agencies in washington with the resources to do it so i'm
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pretty that's a common problem in washington d.c. . and be happy administrators and its creators. is a very good ministry. but i don't regard this as evidence of any kind of clues ok richard oval office joining us there from washington d.c. with the tilt group thank you very much richard my pleasure thank you and let's go now to our financial correspondent new york jose luis to hot oh i was a wall street has had some time now to digest these groundings of the seven thirty seven max how is it treating boeing today. not well as you could imagine a steven company lost another one percent of its market value on thursday and has shed over forty billion dollars so far so weak right now investors are trying to figure out the extension of the current situation is still so far the company will have to deal with the cost of airlines grounding their planes which according to
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some estimates could be over fifteen million dollars. dave for. each a case is different depending on the number of the seven and thirty seven planes on fleet but boeing may have to deal with over one point five billion dollars in costs as a basis in a real obviously called so that will increase the delays in production or cancellations take place and actually the company has yes a fair and it will pause its deliveries but the key right now is to really be sure if there is a solution to the current problem. and has a anything else that's moving markets that you want to point to. several things that stephen does non of them should be markets on the trade side it seems that the u.s. median between the us president trump and china's president xi will be delayed at least until late april according to some u.s. media on the microeconomic from the new home sales. around six point one percent we
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take the investors get any of the housing market in the housing market speak here in the u.s. and also aside from boeing facebook the other company that has share their attention on thursday closing down around one point eight percent as some of the plot of its platforms suffered disruptions its data deals are under criminal investigation and after the closing bell we also learned its. product obvious or will leave the company. was the louis star of their forests and your thank you jose . thier peon commissions competition watchdog is considering a probe to see if apple used its apps to ward to gain an advantage for its own services over rivals the move comes after music streaming service spotify complained of unfair competition it argues that apple purposely limits choice and stifles innovation by charging a thirty percent tax on rivals app store purchases spotify says that is an abuse of
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market dominance and remember in twenty eighteen the e.u. imposed a four point three billion euro fine on google for abusing its android operating systems market dominance. british lawmakers have backed a delay for brags that making it unlikely the country will leave the e.u. as scheduled on march twenty ninth the decision follows a previous votes rule out a no deal departure so both moves good news for british businesses take a look. the uncertainty around briggs it is a concern for many britons and for some it's a question of survival james moore has been suffering from type one diabetes since childhood in the event of a hard bridgette he doesn't know how he'll get his insulin ninety percent of all insulin in britain is imported. we have heard from the government that they have been stockpiling the drug companies have been stockpiling and that they have enough supplies full for six weeks the problem is the british government has proven itself
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to be so mendacious the government has now published its plans for future import duties in the case of a no deal brakes it for automobiles duties will be ten percent for clothing twelve percent in most cases they will be abolished completely for many agricultural products as well the same time all farmers here producing those products will face hauling tariffs on any goods they want to sell for the e.u. so that's just going to add real problems like fall businesses and many will actually struggle to continue to operate at the irish border there will be no border checks at all for the first twelve months no one knows how that's supposed to work like many of the proposals industry representatives say the biggest change in terms of trade this country has faced since the mid nineteenth century being imposed on this country with no consultation with business no time to prepare and this is no way to run a country for two years britain has had time to shape its exit from the european
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union now just over two weeks before the deadline there's still not the slightest clarity about what will happen. over to asia now where new data from china shows that car sales in january and february have plunged from a year earlier this is chinese economic growth cools and trade tensions with the u.s. remain high official numbers suggest the chinese economy has grown its slowest pace and thirty years the country's industrial output has also slowed car sales in china fell seventeen percent in the first two months of twenty nine teams as compared with one year ago about three million vehicles were sold in the world's biggest automobile market in january and february. and china's industrial production for the same period was weaker than expected and grew at its lowest pace in seventeen years. in january and february twenty ninth teen industrial output grew by five
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point three percent year on year that was zero point four percent slower than last december after calculating the effects of the lunar new year holiday on the economy total industrial output grew by six point one percent in january and february five interview with. china also announced growth cool to six point six percent last year the slowest in nearly three decades the chinese government will now take counter measures such as billions of dollars in tax cuts and increased lending it is also lowering growth targets for this year. venice is sticking to plants a levy an entry field tarus visiting the renowned lagoon any day trippers truth passengers and others will be charged three year olds to enter the city this year and that could rise as much as ten euros during peak turns in periods next year thirty million visitors a year stroll over the city's famous piazzas on moscow the city's mayor has likened venice to an open air museum for which he says it is normal to pay an entry fee levy will take effect by the summer.
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and that's it for me in the business team's season there's a dilemma is watching. but
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now despair is a place god loves the climate refugees love to. lead they seek shelter. to clayton here the waters keep rising claiming the floods are coming. starts march twenty gong to dublin to. the flock. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes germany joins in number as new again country planning to red sandstone tops of pots from africa but as the continents ready to receive that will be speaking to a times an envoy one activist. also coming out the search for survivors is over now those affected are seeking one says after a deadly building collapse and i'd say. on the web i've missed fifty six people
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deaths on flops this.


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