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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CET

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jet incidents are licensed in last weekend's deadly crash and for the hostile force in just a. couple of minutes of the top of the hour i'm good. what secrets lie behind these will. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites. w world heritage three sixty fifty up mount. go to college. learning reality wait
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a second we want the whole picture facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from one measure to reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's start with digitalisation. shift. on d w. transfer views the flight recorders from last weekend's ethiopian airlines crash boeing promises to fix the plane so why a soon to be american firm could face litigation in the us meaning big and payouts the victims' families. zimbabwe once it's found is back up the kings have many out but many of them don't want to return. and a day in the life of a turkish taxi driver rush hour traffic jams and passengers who. stop complaining
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about the economy. i've been physical and let's do business the world is waiting for and says the french radicalizing those black boxes and boeing is now halted old deliveries of its seven three seven max passenger jets next come the lawsuits legal experts say even known us families of the crash victims may be able to sue the plane maker if liability hinges on system design the software could be to blame and boeing expects an upgrade in the coming weeks. what is it about these aircraft what caused the boeing mix crashes in ethiopia and indonesia and why did the u.s. aviation authority the f.a.a. wait so long to implement its ban after almost all other aviation authorities had introduced that is. i think that the f.a.a. was too slow by about twenty four hours other countries were quicker off the mark but then the f.a.a. is answerable to the white house which in turn has close contacts with boeing time
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for the f.a.a. to explain the president i have talked about that very thing and i will tell you this planes are far more complex he's right about that but i think most aviation experts would tell you that since we have automated aircraft since the dawn of automation safety has improved dramatically and while they are more complex they are definitely safer. tens of thousands of jobs are now at risk at boeing so is the f.a.a. too close to the huge plane maker. boeing has taken a real hit in the public relations image and. to be fair to boeing there are just certain things that it cannot say during an active aircraft investigation but when it comes out says we believe the airplane are safe and they need to tell you why they believe the airplane are safe and they did convey that message i just say the airplane are safe without so to speak showing their math behind that. boeing still
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says the plane is safe and production continues but it's now halted all deliveries given the uncertainty surrounding the recent crash. nigeria's civil aviation authority has a bad report card for nigeria's airports and airlines which is struggling with punctuality the n.c.a.a. says employers canceled over seven hundred flights last year and recorded delays on more than forty one thousand flights for most of the top airlines serving the country it was only a fifty fifty chance that their planes would arrive or take off on time regulate holzer reported over forty five thousand lost pieces of luggage last year though eventually most were found rolling blackouts will continue to plague south africa throughout the weekend the state utility eskom is trying to fix its troubled electric grid the planned outages are known as load shedding and have become a recurring problem for the deeply indebted utility it supplies will have ninety percent of the power in south africa the blackouts are an economic drain on
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africa's most industrialized nation and they present a major challenge for president obama pose that he's promised to shore up as bums finances before a national election in may. zimbabwe had a back white to black people in the early to thousands many of the white farmers left for pastures further afield like zambia these days is struggling economically and his calling for those farmers trouper turn but zambia has benefited from its you. agriculturalists of the past two decades and doesn't want to let them go two out of five commercial farmers in zambia wins as our reportage pundit found out it's an uphill battle in both countries for farmers of any race this is graham ray isn't bob in farmer in zambia he runs a huge farming operation an hour away from the capital. the thriving business
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employs around fifteen hundred people. grammar a came to zambia in two thousand and one when we came across from zimbabwe the most difficult thing was to raise finance because we came here with nothing so we started leasing this fall at that stage there was no lending into farming causes head and these huge interest rates which i think went to excess of two hundred percent so when we came they had put in an application they photo shoot these cowboys you know we don't finance agriculture it's too risky today it's a successful commercial operation that processes and packages food no surprise the government in zimbabwe the country he fled wants him to go back. but he says he's not ready i think it's ludicrous to to go back you know i would love to go back home as home and that i would love to go back to my own farm i would love to go
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back and redevelop that farm again but i need money to do that and i haven't got anywhere with will to go and start again in zimbabwe zambia needs farmers like graeme rae they i helping the country achieve its goal of becoming the region's breadbasket and of course it has been doing a good job of attracting foreign investment in farming because it is more stable than its neighboring countries. around eighty percent of zambia's farmers only grow enough to feed themselves but experts say the government is doing little to change that. there's no consistent approach to improving aggregate. living standards of people. solace fluctuates you have millions seen this year. so what does that mean the government's reaction is they already knew frozen.
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so we are reacting. says zambia needs a long term strategy for agriculture to become the region's breadbasket that way it will attract more large scale commercial farmers. and you put a joins us now so is it about where you go to get its fungus back well the answer to that question is probably mostly no and i spoke with someone with the zimbabwe farmer commercial union and he told me that that is highly unlikely because a lot of people have established themselves in countries like zambia even more farmers went to south africa in terms of numbers and then of course a lot of these farmers where like fifty years old when they were kicked out of zimbabwe basically and they had a struggle establishing themselves exactly and they put in a lot of work investment and now they were in the seventy's at least some of them are unlike you know grammar it was one of the younger ones and now he's fifty years of course so it's going to be definitely difficult to get these men to go back
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mostly men over usually. a expected them to come back it would have to make it appealing and try to fix its economy what does it need to do to to improve things well i mean of course that is what farmers this thing in terms of ones i spoke with is they want the farmers they had. basically they want they found back of course and that's the major issue for a lot of them a lot of them allowed to go back to the land they owned before and that's obviously a major terror and a whole lot of people so when they're successful elsewhere it's highly and appealing to go back and have to start somewhere all over again farming is a long term investment type of business you have to put in a lot of capital and a lot of resources in order to get the returns you don't just you know take on a farm and get the money back within a year or two it takes a lot of work it took grammar a years to become profitable so what we lost in terms of skilled labor or the
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farmers are just of course one segment of the economy that lost a lot on does as many as four thousand health professionals working within britain's national health service and of course. nurses and doctors in south africa there's between a million and two million zimbabweans at least according to different estimates in south africa alone so we're talking about a lot of people in zambia when i was there i so advertisements for remittance services to zimbabwe and zambia one of the super rich country but this is definitely of course other people doing other types of jobs as well from zimbabwe in zambia so these are not always skilled but a lot of them are skilled people and so this is a huge issue for that economy if we go to where the focus before from one of your interview partners but what about the full cost for the economy before because for the economy is pretty dreary if we go by what has happened this year so far protests and generally the weather was of course a lot of you know the government cracking down quite massively on those and they
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were highly condemned by the international community we've seen bread rising of course the protests where because of fuel price hikes in zimbabwe they made a new currency obviously and that has been doing too well which means a lot of people have lost money as a result of that so things are not looking too great for zimbabwe to point to a bit of thank you very much for coming in for shade it well africa's taxi drivers have a tough job congested cities like i robey cairo and we're going to start talking about the state of the roads but take a moment to think about the turkish taxi driver they say all they hear all day complaints. the view over the box spring is beautiful but rush hour traffic in the city of fifteen million can be torturous especially for taxi drivers were constantly stuck in traffic jams at this point they're pleased if they don't have to argue with passengers about the price. as in knows that there are some black
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sheep among the istanbul taxi drivers who collect excessive prices and he gets to feel that driving a taxi is not much fun anymore. in the past people mainly talked about soccer on weekends and at the beginning of the week especially on the days when league matches took place we used to talk to our passengers about the performance of the teams or mistakes of the referee but for the past year everyone who gets into the taxi has been complaining about the economy their financial worries about the government and stock prices. above all the inflation rate of just under twenty percent is depressing the mood the high gasoline prices are hitting taxi drivers twice as hard. if it's not absolutely necessary people avoid the taxi they tend to use public transport instead that's bad for us. these days many turks use their money mostly
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for food prices have risen by up to sixty percent in just one year the government is trying to counter this with subsidized fruit and vegetables. and the weaker growth is also attracting investors attention after the financial crisis they had pumped a lot of money into turkey which they believe to be in good hands in the emerging market. nice business with.
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the primates camisole all. you got. is hidden deep in the jungle. its range is ensure the survival of i'm gonna create a. concept for some. sixty minutes. or so.
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with the place to make the game so special. treat. them in more than football. this is steve every news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the teenagers putting climate change on the agenda schoolchildren in uganda skipped cars to demonstrate for the environment we'll be talking to one of the students at the forefront of the fridays for future protest in kampala. also take you to nairobi way world leaders gather to talk about climate change will also give they achieve more than just posing for the cameras and giving speeches. and one.


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