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from snakebites the world health organization blank screen the shows as a country for. story opt out of those inductees are big business of africa with monica jones it's just a moment for all the world headlines of the top off because of the few. i know nothing out of the wild because sometimes i am but most often with me but i don't think deep into the german culture. you to rethink those grammar they owe to you because it's all about who they know i'm rachel join me for me to get a bunch of course. what's the connection between bread
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flour ambiguity and you. know guild motto e.w. correspondent and rabbit baker crab. tone. and more to go about recipes for success and the strategies that make a difference. baking bread. d.w. . those who have money can afford water to those who don't. that's the bottom line of the latest u.n. water development report warning already today more than two million people are without access to clean water. also on the show. around a thousand people die in kenya each. from snakebites the world health organization
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blames profit to greet for the lack of ante venetians. and south africa's durban poison gets ready to claim a stake in the global cannabis beverage industry. alone welcome to do business africa and monica jones in berlin and more than two billion people in the world do not have regular access to clean drinking water that's according to a new u.n. report almost half of those who are dependent on unsafe water sources live in sub-saharan africa people in rural areas are the most likely to have in adequate access the and reports lack of clean water and it's safe to delivery a key components of the vicious cycle of persistent poverty in africa. well earlier i had the chance to talk to the deputy secretary general at the un conference on trade and development is a bad too far to learn more about the organizations work in africa and i started by
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asking her why tact puts so much focus on empowering women it's important because it's a hard who are all the countries first of all second the second thing is it's very crazy that a country could neglect one part on one so big part of the working force in the country and turkey one woman involved in the economy and able to interpret to be an entrepreneur they are doing a lot of things not only creating jobs but also creating new activities career to the community and they are really involved in the daily life of the people and change are a lot regarding the emancipation and the development of the community and it's why that's three good reasons to do more for gender balance in development could you give us a an example a tangible example of your work in africa in order to to the of the country and make life better for both men and women for instance in booking office so in what to do with support of the. project very interesting is to start up starting with
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e-commerce but because they have the they don't have a low about data protection they use the water meter number in order to identify the clients and the water number. by the water community by the water company and they are starting a very interesting activity you've got to e-commerce because the banking sector is very poor in those countries but they add that to the e-commerce true with the condition of the of the city we're going to go it's nice it's with people less than thirty years old very dynamic and i'd have to bear who is the situation the specific situation of the city their country and i think that they are the future of course africa is a very very young continent are these people coming to you are the governments coming to you or are you going to them say listen we have an idea how to improve your lives no i think that we are ideas probably are not adapted to the increasing of the improvement of their life so they are asking us could we receive some
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support for technical assistance for drafting lows but also to have a no reason teleports not only by sector but trying to work on development as a holistic things and no interrelated between technology has education economy all is in terrible lated so we received some requests we provide some technical assistance but with this spirit of holistic approach just enable approach and not only sectorial approach and how do you monitor this or do you say work is done after the next now we try to money tolbert money told means also evaluation and go back in the country look with the auto e.t.c. we request resources and so when we have resources we do it we're not sometimes we are obliged to stop but it's why i'm here in berlin and i will speak tomorrow to the bundestag the commission for trade and cooperation germany supports a lot in this kind of project but while we need resources in order to do properly
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our job and try to improve sustainable project. passage of confidence in ethiopian airlines long regarded as one of the most reliable in africa has remained steady the company says even after the loss of the recent boeing seven three seven macs crash which killed all on board it says cancellation and booking rates are unchanged since the crash and banking sources say they still regard if yo paean as a solid company not so with boeing which has now seen the entire max fleet grounded attention is now also turning to aviation regulators the question how could such a radically different flight control system be certified without appropriate retraining and briefing of the pilots. the boeing seven three seven max eight took off was a huge success story five thousand dollars three hundred seventy delivered aircraft to date but now they're all sitting on the ground it's going from box office hit to jinxed contraption the plane makers try to limit the damage with the video the
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tragic losses of ethiopian airlines flight three zero two and why an air flight six turned affect us all we join the world with heavy hearts grieving. with condolences alone won't be enough boeing is now the subject of an investigation and suspicion is that the company pursued profits at the expense of safety. pilots say they received no training on a flight simulator. were provided fifty six minute i pad. which we could accomplish at home or wherever we chose to because it was advertised as an aircraft that was virtually the same you add additional information systems that we didn't know existed before that changes everything. accusations are being made that that possible lack of judgment may have cost three hundred forty six people their lives the system which is not mentioned in the written instructions
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pushes the plane's nose down when it thinks the aircraft is flying at too extreme an angle but flight data from the ethiopian airlines and lion air crashes suggest the pilots didn't know how to override the system. people needed to be trained on and. they weren't there's questions of how the prove the manual didn't even include any mention of the of them many are saying the federal aviation authority is too close to boeing to regulate the company effectively boeing has promised an update of the max eight software and wants to consider new training critics say that's too little too late. the world health organization says half a million people in africa need treatment for snake bites every year for many all health comes too late because developing and t.v. means is an expensive process and there is currently a massive shortage of it which has come about largely because of the lack of profits to be made in the sector. milking a snake for its venom
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a dangerous operation but it's the first step in the long and expensive process of creating an end even in kenya boasts some of the world's deadliest snakes and most antivenom is effective against only one species around a thousand people die in kenya each year from snakebites and even availability in africa has been in disarray since two thousand and fourteen when french laboratories son of he stopped producing a widely used drug which was effective against the number of species. so you have a free trade stop producing antivenom because there is no money and the problem is as the world doesn't look at this problem it is the poor person at the end of the line in the community that cannot afford it that's the person that's. the prohibitive price of a single dose more than one hundred dollars made sales in africa unprofitable on affordability leads to lower demand and falling sales which result in reduced
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production higher costs and raised prices for consumers usually poor people living in rural areas. the w.h.o. has launched a massive review of the availability efficiency and safety of snakebite serum available in africa where the majority of countries have no effective or affordable antivenom at all to south africa now and to one of its most successful be a brand durban poison the cannabis if you slide that was released shortly after south africa decriminalized the personal use of marianna are now local authorities in western cape have ordered it off the shelves because they want a closer look at what they fear might be undermining drug trafficking nourse the brewery has responded by providing a certificate confirming it is safe devon poison lager was named after a popular local marianna strain. thank you isn't city birdie's signature log cabin poison is the fastest growing premium be
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a brand in south africa thanksgiving boy didn't expect to deny that cannabis succeeded stright one of the most popular strains in the world and it's known for its up to the feeling that this is no fix. the fledgling brewing it's kind of a sin hops for an alcoholic combination that doesn't get you high marks out via it's different because of this this is him seeds but cannabis a t.v. seeds and him it's called it because it doesn't contacting the psychoactive and it meant t.h.c. but the best of both worlds combining it with hops which is that traditional addition to the and this is what but this is a b.s. cough that exploding into the market two twenty eighteen the company is planning for increased production from one hundred thousand liters in may first down to two point five million in the second projecting the annual turnover to spike from three
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hundred thousand euros to three million euro's by the end of the. leaving them poised to capitalize on the global cannabis boom that has seen a decrease in traditional alcohol consumption especially in the united states of america the consumption of alcohol in states that have allowed cannabis to be constant or legalized it has dropped off fifteen percent we want to be first to market in south africa and by using a non-stock active ingredient like and be first to market and get customers to understand that they can still consume cannabis when it's legal but in the form of their favorite drink be frank good and poison strategy success depends on how legislation governing the use of cannabis is formulated. about because parliament has to use to redraw laws governing the plant's use after the country was constitutional. twenty eight hundred groundbreaking ruling that decriminalizes the use of marijuana in private cars attritional causes obesity it is not illegal to
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consume it in private spaces so of course when you then talk about the commercial question you have to wait for the law to be created and then say this is how you can really roll this out bizarre you can trade it in commercial spaces and beyond that it will mean that a company that go on that does driven poison will be ahead of the curve. given poison has already applied for trade licenses in the usa the u.k. canada brazil the european union under strain. aiming to stake a claim in the globe's five billion dollars and this beverage industry. and that's all for business africa did open us is coming up next for me and the business team here in berlin thanks for watching.
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max cruz's counterattacked made the difference braving beats live acoustic and keeps it europa league hosts along. to red cards for her to live. and in dortmund scores in injury time after a turbulent match in berlin dortmund has the last laugh. because
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sixty minutes don't. you know. this is a state of new news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the relief efforts and countries match it by side flown into rescue teams in zimbabwe and most likely called working around the clock to recover survivalist from the floods caused by the storms hundreds are still missing we'll get a report from the ground. and the new bid me and say they want to germany to compensate them for a colonial.


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