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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2019 6:02am-6:15am CET

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this is deja news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the relief efforts in countries battered by sight flown into rescue teams in zimbabwe and mozambique are working around the clock to recover survivors from the floods forced by the storms hundreds are still missing we're getting reports from the ground. and the nobility and say they want to germany to compensate them for a colonial era genocide have been dealt a blow by of course in new york. from the federal and now many people who say all they want is justice. if you take a look at this the jews would compensate it in germany why can't the people who come to see it because of the plague skinned who are what is it all about just the compensation.
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i'm christine wonder welcome to news africa i'm glad. we begin again today a program in south east africa in the countries that have been devastated by cycling rescue and relief efforts are underway in mozambique ends of where women have been a fix it in mozambique eighty four people are dead but the government has already warned the death toll could rise to more than a thousand with communications down that road the real number of dead and injured remains unclear meanwhile the neighboring zimbabwe of around three hundred people are dead or missing and families they have started burying then after once. survivors dig graves for the victims of psycho need i. mean money is the worst hit district in zimbabwe. scores are dead and still many more are missing. my mother my
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father my two younger sisters including the one who had brought us food earlier and the one with the child. my house was destroyed in the floods and i was buried underneath my daughter who was in bed with me was washed away from me a big a flood carried me further away. and then. the cycle has wreaked havoc on zimbabwe's infrastructure making it hard to assess the extent of the devastation. think human cost. i'm going to see my family i don't know how they're doing because there is no communication and the roads are inaccessible because of the heavy rains and i'm not sure how will find my way. rescuers are struggling to reach people in the afflicted areas. these boys were trapped for two days but they are among the
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lucky ones a boulder crashed through their school dorm killing three people. the w.'s privileged fan here he says many more lives are at stake. this situation in zimbabwe in the aftermath of cycle of you day that affected the two neighboring countries is getting desperate particularly here in money with people having to walk long distances because they've been cut out from essential services bridges have been washed away vehicles com to read each of those areas where people need assistance in this area you can see these modern cars composite these police are taking in the mud we have spoken to. people along the way we have doctors without borders what also trying to reach people we affected but they can't reach those areas because it's virtually impossible. that prevail in zimbabwe but in
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neighboring mozambique as many areas are also still unreachable rescue and relief if it's our own emergency crews and volunteers are scrambling to rescue people trapped by the floods rivest have burst their banks and the waters are still rising hardest hit by the second is the port city of beirut to some five hundred thousand people dead thousands of buildings have been destroyed by the site the. president philip visited bare on monday where he met some of the fat victims and rescue workers. this was a group the problem is only the cyclon or some dams some of the water is coming in from somewhere else that's something we need to look for cyclon alone shouldn't cause this much flooding. in which they're going to follow the fly over the area to try to find out and at the same time another group of experts and volunteers will help the people. who have difficulties providing food to such flooded
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areas will organize airlift from ships some planes are still grounded. from the next story is about the pace. suits for justice for the last six decades germany has compensated for its historical role in the holocaust stop wild war to paying out an estimated seventy billion dollars to survive now in namibia the head addle and number of people have been fighting for recognition of the extermination of bear and sistas by the german government it's been termed the first genocide of the twentieth century we'll tell you about a recent upset they stuffed it into a suit for compensation in a while that was and of course in new york but first this report krista conduce family lives in poverty and she says that's been the case since the war with the germans one hundred thirteen years ago although her family does own some
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land in eastern and maybe i'm it's nothing more than a few sheet metal huts in the middle of the plains krista says the plot of land is too barren to grow crops. her real home lies three hundred kilometers west of here where she says her family used to own a farm on fertile land until the germans expelled them from it. christa has a photograph of her grandfather he had lived on the old farmstead back then as a small boy with his mother. or. a you when the german soldiers attacked our property my grandfather and his mother fed his mother starve to death during that escape he was captured and put into a labor camp later he was able to escape and return home but by then our land belonged to a german so my father started to work for him and tended the cars that had been taken away from us. krista is not alone every year thousands of herero
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and number of people commemorate what they call the genocide committed by the germans. imperial german soldiers allegedly poisoned this water source used by the herero since then the locals call it the well of the deadly stomach pain who are most mornings when this man says they've come to speak to their ancestors. there's another reason why they're doing it here this is where a german general gave the order to expel the herero from their land and drive them into the desert. krista has also come like the other women she wears the traditional headdress symbolizing cow horns. the men are wearing uniforms in the style of the german imperial soldiers. what they want from germany is an official apology and reparations. i mean i do not believe that we the herero will ever receive any money from germany though that on negotiations taking place with germany those negotiations are not with us directly but with the maybe
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in government which is dominated by other tribes who will keep the money for themselves. next year. kenneth mccallion is the noya representing a group of hate it all and not the people who sit against him he was recently dismissed by of course in the us he joins me now from new york welcome to mr mckay and the german government is dealing directly with the movie and government over this issue and what context are you representing a factional ferrero a number of people that you know that you are representing well i was retained by the herero and on the other traditional associations as well as on a worldwide basis association of over herero in the united states as well as groups in botswana and south africa and elsewhere. and what i want what
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i was trying to establish is why they need to do all the legal aid when there is a process happening between the two governments. well the traditional associations of the herrera nama feel that they've been excluded from the negotiations the herero and the nama were the really the selected and targeted victims of the genocide in the early twentieth century and they have their own organizations they have their own representation right and they feel that they should have a seat at the table in the negotiations right ok so we're talking about a recent blow that was dealt to your clients and that was that new all court throwing out or dismissing the case why was that. the federal court in a word felt that it was not appropriate jurors stiction for federal courts in the
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u.s. were of course appealing that and are expecting to have that reversed in the court of appeals but there's really no dispute on the underlying factual issue which is that there is substantial evidence of the genesis. taking of property and in fact that some of the fruits of the genesis for example stalls of her herero and are in various museums including museums here in new york all right the german government claims that namibia is one of the oil is the recipient off one of the highest amounts of their aid maybe add recently we've heard the german government talking about further investing in areas in which their own people and now most people in this is that in itself not a form of compensation. not really foreign it is it is great i'm sure it's fine for namibia in general but
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traditionally foreign aid and resources have not gone to the traditional herero unama areas and the herero unama many of them who are driven out of namibia are in botswana south africa the us and elsewhere ideas slee they would not be receiving any benefit right my last question to you is what are the next what is the next naval avenue for your clients. we filed in the us second circuit court of appeals and we are briefing that and we hope to get a reversal of that but in addition we have claims and petitions pending in at least two u.n. committees that this particular point and we're pursuing the cause for restorative justice in compensation for there are
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a number we're pursuing it really in as many forms as possible but we expect to have the court of appeals reverse it in the u.s. ok we'll be watching that kenneth mccallum is the neuer representative grip of head at all at a number of people coming to us from new york thank you thank you very much. and that is it from these every news in africa you can catch well stories on our website and facebook page we needed out the pictures from pleasant way risky to stop working to recover survivors from the flaps forced by sight and i. have. to.
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be. on my ranch. here silly thank you so much a lot of things experimental. my god my god thank you god thank you oh my god oh my god thank you thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you. thanks.


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