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browning to me. not everyone who walks books has to go insane. to talk to you literature list hundred plus street. this is deja vu news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the aids so no need making its way to the victims of psycho need food water and other emergency supplies are being distributed to areas that can be reached will dance and on the ground after years on the relief operation in mozambique. and the policy just that left south africans in the dark with the country grappling a serious energy crisis we all should all governments in africa have sole control of key six's when they mismanage them.
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i'm christine wonderwall come to news africa dad here today in foreign aid has begun flowing into the three countries mozambique some baldwin malawi hit by sites known in die the european union has released just under four million dollars while britain has pledged about double that amount neighboring tanzania is military and if to tons of food and medicine although aid is now trickling in distributing it is still very difficult it's being described as to worst humanitarian crisis in mozambique's history. heavy flooding and prolonged pounds of rain a compounding the destruction wreaked by cycling last week the storm and floodwaters not only and roads and bridges they also wiped out communications
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networks across the region and many of eat ice victims once again finding themselves in danger. this mother is one of hundreds of thousands who lost their home she's worried about her newborn as food supplies in the shelter for low. they didn't own doesn't last night i haven't eaten anything yesterday i saw that food was running out i went in asked and they told me that food was over and until now i've had none. that's because the floods and heavy rain which followed in the storm's wake a hindering efforts in some areas floodwaters a meters deep most rural areas streaming cut off from help. resulting and. rescue us also working
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around the clock to save lives many victims a stew trapped on rooftops trees and of the remote areas and the region is bracing for more heavy rain in the coming days flooding has become to biggest threat mozambique is facing right now to get an update on the relief effort in wasn't required joined by joseph come out are from the christian relief organization world vision he is coming to us from barrow good to have you on the news mr kamar can you just describe to us the conditions under which you have to operate as you try and get help to the victims of this deadly storm. thank you i'm only the situation currently in surrounding areas it's very. almost ninety percent of the infrastructure destroyed or affected. every house i have seen has lost several. people or have. been rendered homeless
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and the government is trying to move more place some multipoint to different in a distressed calm sort we cannot be able to provide them substance mystic amara we've heard about aid coming into the country and a lot of volunteers also coming into into these areas is that enough no definitely it's not enough the support that is coming in is just beginning to trickle it's not sufficient compared to the nature of the disaster this is huge it's a really really big disaster i mean wiping out an entire city that's huge and when you to think of this surrounding areas of the city and the rural areas that we have not even been able to reach out to so the eighty's definitely not enough my last question to you and if you could answer this very briefly how many people are we are we are you estimating do you think are still out there that you have not been
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able to reach. out my. estimate is about probably nine hundred thousand of them one point we don't have you told us this mcchrystal it's because of lack of access to the people but are probably about one hundred to one million people on reached joseph come out of from the christian relief organization world vision coming to us from bear mozambique thank you so. africa's most industrialized economy is struggling to keep the lights on ninety five percent of south africa's electricity is provided by the state owned company has long had problems meeting the country's powered dimanche this latest crisis has seen eskom imposed lol long stages of power blackouts in raging south africans i'll be talking to an energy analyst in johannesburg but first this report on the impact off those pockets. the beer is worn
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and the meat is slowly spoiling which means business at this restaurant in johannesburg is slow. witted good. for the image of my brother the little. girl. south africa's main electricity supplier eskom can't provide enough power to meet the country's energy needs this calm is currently rotating blackouts lasting several hours across the country leaving businesses like these leather restorer working in the dark. grows and. grows out because you don't like my view. because there. was a lot of. even simple things like filling up a car with a tank of fuel doesn't work if there's no electricity to pump the petrol luckily for drivers these petrol station has a generator is a backup but it's
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a pricey alternative for the business. getting on like this and we were here to be effective in that if people right luckily we've got it you know right there we are selfish dining. when it comes to power but we did something that we didn't budget for keeping south africa's economy pumping will prove difficult if you can keep the power on i'm joined now by ronald energy and in this state in johannesburg south africa welcome to. africa mr child you have said south africa is have a crisis is a manmade crisis what do you mean by that yes that's correct there is a way. because a lot of mistakes including what. you said corruption. actually were. being gutted and i was quoting them technical problems all right
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miss a child hey you have had you've spent a lot of time working in government so you can speak from from from both positions essentially but in africa. are obsessed with with controlling sexes like energy supply but we see them in a case like this mismanagement should they still be able to have that much how is the solution in the case of south africa to privatized the sick ten allow the play is in. to be honest with you at the current blackouts reach out taking police right now in south africa as you can yeah and it's from a person the media does it. for. this has been ongoing for the week it is a good lesson actually to other african governments to say that what bud ever needs to be done by the private sector we need to start to open that door you need to take note of the fact that most of the african countries at the present moment in
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the sector as us that. unfortunately it is strategic in their own political says other than you know being sort of take ensuring that they promote what you can call universal access and promote the energy this. would be the. best suit that agenda we've got and. does it a problem is i miss a child and we've seen the south african government respond very strongly and lot of senior government officials the president himself reacting to this particular balance of power cats are you satisfied with what you're hearing from the politicians. not at all for exhibit a so it's a t. at the present moment really got government especially did religion but of religion is the source of the problem as opposed to death as the note of i.d.'s when you look at the press briefing of yes i do but it is so public and upright instead of
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them giving us what you can call it. and interventions that will let me do this issue is unique it was like they were giving us a lecture of how spawns problem are all about we are not looking for problems and try to be that it will be explained in detail it's from their public point of view we need still russia we need to say that we have to have knows where the problems are and because of. exit creeping at these other ten minutes we are focusing up on to ensure that you know it is situation is correct that they made it as a matter of days so they didn't give us anything or even the fourteen days we did talk about this idea is not helping us because in that footing did they say that they're still trying to understand their problems for me as an actor and then opinion that a should use yet does not give me a solution because i was doing at the minute a duck right and you know half of your face is actually in the darkness
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a child can have somebody cough the trouble that south africa has and at this time run out child and energy analyst in johannesburg south africa thank you ok it's the un's international day of happiness so we sent our correspondents to ask people what makes you happy. what makes me happy. because when i have money the office there are things that i want to do that without money i can't but i think. my family my. oh my it still. makes me happy every day. when i get a chance to interact with minded people i know so when i. come up with ideas for my business and. then i'm very happy to.
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be my family makes me happy see them around me being around them makes me. more. and expanding my status you know for me to be great and which are. the other people helping it's makes me here peers and helping people it's makes me have. all my life the very happy double life yeah. let us know what makes you happy get in touch with us on facebook or on twitter that is it from dayton is africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page because it is happiness day review with pictures at the pictures.
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you know the one to one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already eckel won't return to. visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. down witness global news that matters. make for mines. good job it.
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surely to news from africa the world your link to exceptional stories and discussion from the news of easy a while with safety deputed comes to pick up join us on facebook. for. hi there and a warm welcome to news from the arts and culture i'm karen homestead and before we talk about the tops and flops of remaking european films in hollywood here's what else is in the pipeline for today. master storyteller ian mckeown has written a new novel about the challenges we face with artificial intelligence we sat down with him to talk about that. and in today's episode of our series baking
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bread to game dog tells us how tiger bread represents the netherlands colonial past . and what was back in two thousand and fourteen that a film about all timers hit the theaters here in germany hornish call or head full of honey was a huge hit but went largely unnoticed outside of german speaking europe but then actor filmmaker to who is one of germany's box office heavyweights decided to remake his film for american audiences with an all star cast and let's see what happened. to. watch over you.


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