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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2019 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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into neighboring mozambique flash floods and landslides swept through this region leaving piles of rubble behind. by desperate moments and a desperate situation for that you money money community in the eastern part of zimbabwe where this community what the had this day it will cycle on a day swept through more somebody and zimbabwe you see some of them have lost their entire belongings and they have nothing that they asked to do on. and nothing to do but wait. to move forward with this. mill and if their home or my family we've affected because we are here to think don't we have nothing to. even. ourselves it's not this disaster is hat breaking my only consolation is that my family and i are alive
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. people. help is patchy roads and bridges that haven't been swept away are often still impassable helicopters are lifting out of the critically injured when they come low cloud means they can only fly occasionally. if christians who. he's. been crashed get mired or storms or houses for going over the summer fractures broken limbs. doctors here say they're now seeing wombs turn septic because it's taking so long to reach the injured for those bringing help it's a race against time. well here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world more than eighty people have drowned after a ferry sank in the iraqi city of mosul according to one official most of the dead are women and children the boat had been ferrying passengers to
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a recreational island on the river tigris when it capsized former brazilian president michel tamer has been arrested in connection with a large scale corruption investigation prosecutors say tamer was arrested on charges related to alleged graft in the construction of a nuclear power plant kim was president from twenty six t twenty team he has denied any wrongdoing but it's where the forces have reportedly arrested the chief of staff of opposition leader. was taken into custody during a raid on his caracas home the u.s. and other countries recognize mr why it was interim president they have warned of in its way of this government not to arrest him or his aid it's at least five people have died and more than twenty have been injured in a series of blasts in the afghan capital kabul the explosions occurred near a shiite shrine as people gathered to mark the persian new year police say the bombs were detonated remotely. you're watching the news still to come how
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this cafe in tehran became a haven and a rare opportunity for employment for people with special needs is coming up later in the program. africa's most industrialized economy struggling to keep the white saw ninety five percent of south africa's electricity is provided by eskom of the state owned company has long had problems meeting south africa's power demands this latest crisis has seen as common pose long stages of power blackouts we have this report now on the impact of those power cuts on south africans. third. to be reasonable and the meat is slowly spoiling which means business at this restaurant in johannesburg is slow you know what i waited the good day.
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for the new good of my brothers it all. goes. south africa's main electricity supply at eskom can provide enough power to meet the country's energy needs eskom is currently rotating blackouts lasting several hours across the country leaving businesses like this lead to restore a working in the uk. he grows and. grows out of economic matters india. has the. most affordable that or. even simple things like filling up a car with a tank of fuel doesn't work if there's no electricity to pump the petrol luckily for drive as these petrol station has a generator is a backup but it's a pricey alternative for the business. if you get it on like this we would really be affected even if people right luckily we've got a dinner i. selfish dining. when it comes to power but really it's something
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that we didn't budget for keeping south africa's economy pumping will prove difficult if we can keep the power on. our chinese or president xi jinping has started the five day tour of europe which will take him to italy france and monaco she's playing to touch down in rome earlier today italy is seen as a promising partner for china's belt and road infrastructure initiative as its poor and motorways offer easy access to europe's markets next tuesday she will meet with french president in. german chancellor angela merkel and european commission president jiang. in paris. today is world down's syndrome day millions of people are born with the genetic condition every year and many struggle to integrate fully in society but there are exceptions and that takes us tonight to a cafe in the iranian capital tehran there you can get
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a cup of coffee and a lesson in the benefits of giving people with down syndrome a chance to hold down a job. in the. completely in his element serving couple chinos to the guests in this cafe to waiting tables this is first ever job and forty year old is loving every second of it. i like the cafe it's big and it's nice and warm. that's why i'm so grateful to the mrs i got here. every night when i go to bed i thank her. for that although. he and the others who work here have little chance of finding work elsewhere iran's job market is currently in such a bad state that over a third of college educated young iranians unemployed for people with special needs it's become nearly impossible to find work. as
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a mother session for most of those people there's nothing to do once they finish school they just stay at home but we're convinced it's good for them to show people that they have other abilities not just good for them it's also good for their families they're often sad because they can't do anything but here they can show just what they're capable of the in will be as one of. more than forty people living with down syndrome autism work here regularity everybody pitches in doing what they can brewing coffee waiting tables or entertaining the guests with music. they all get paid for their work except for the cafe owner he she runs a deficit every month there are very few government programs to support social projects like this one in the islamic republic. we've never received support from
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any kind of organization it's a completely independent project founded and finance privately were totally self dependant. giving up is not an option because every day she sees just how much this work means to him run and the others. are used to just be with my father. but father look at me. i finally made it i'm famous and go through life with my. c. . with their positive attitude imran and his colleagues have created an atmosphere found nowhere else in the islamic republic. no other cafe here in iran could get away with this level of frivolity in ron and
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the others making the best of being a little bit different and have transformed. into a place that's bursting with positivity. or is the sports news now or germany's national football team may have played a friendly against serbia last night it was their first album this year and they sported a new younger look thanks to coach joachim look who axed three senior players recently despite playing at home when the team could only manage a drill. serbia struck first through a header for my truck frankfurt's luka you know which serbia took that one goal the into the break germany without the x. thomas moore ledger although it's saying and not how most took their time to respond but they couldn't get the ball past serbian keeper marco demitra bitch. but leon gorecki of managed to find an opening in level to school.
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guys think about the ones that you saw what we were all about from our performance in the first stuff we spent too much time in areas that didn't bring us much we talked about the tough time and did things better in the second half and i thought i spoke with no one that's not enough of us are going to think of them and i felt we have to make sure that we perform you saw that today with the chances we had in the second half we have to win the game and it's not nice that unless we have just given space for that there was drama in injury time as serbia's milan pav koff was sent off for a bad foul on lee roy sonny luckily sideways at the foul looked worse than it was and is expected to be ok the one one finish isn't the best two enough for germany to kick off their twenty twenty euro qualification against the netherlands on sunday. while he's been a key man in manchester united's resurgence but how long with paul. remain a read at a press conference with his national team france four by declared his admiration for another giant of european football bulldogs compatriot is in
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a dean's adot. i was. always said ramage rate is a dream club for everyone it's one of the biggest clubs in the world. yes he does is it don who's the coach is a dream for every child for every player. but at the moment i'm happy in manchester i'm playing and we have a new coach ok all right let's go back to that top story now the one that's dominating the political agenda right here in europe breaks it the search for a delay british prime minister theresa may is in brussels tonight on a mission to delay the u.k.'s departure from the european union she is scrambling to avoid a no deal that she is currently waiting for a new leaders to emerge from closed door talks those talks now running late into the night it's being suggested that the european union is prepared to give britain
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a short delay to bret's it but that would come with strings attached including britain's parliament would have to ratify the bright sit divorce agreement by next week the w.'s brussels bureau chief max hoffman is covering the summit for. it appears that the leaders are no longer counting on theresa may to deliver on that brags that they don't they don't believe that theresa may can convince the house of commons even if if she did that if she tries it for the third time to actually approve this withdrawal agreement so that's that's part one as an absolute red line is also emerging at the safeguarding of the european elections because beforehand they were discussing extensions beyond those elections that are taking place at the at the end of of may and now that seems to be more or less off the table because they fear this could compromise the e.u. institutions and that's something they will not accept even if the e.u.
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is shying away from being responsible for this at some point they will have to be a decision and it might be a no deal bragg's it and there's just no shying away from this because you cannot extend forever you can say ok there's no brags about the u.k. would have to do that but at some point there will have to be a decision. max often reporting there i'm burning off and berlin for all of us thanks for the company more news at the top of the hour. enjoy the conflicts with tim sebastian. my guest this week here in london it's like the mills remember a throwback to european with such groups who just insisted he campaigned for a tough deal with brussels last week that mr mills changed his mind they've decided to support jimmy's amaze agreements all the time finally giving the conflicts. in sixty minutes detail to.
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army and to the one nine hundred ninety four genocide doesn't win total in the room so it wasn't written to us to be you didn't need to reinforce it but controversial leader to success is beyond question the good times. and the london tragedy starts abel fish on t w. this is the deputy news africa coming up in its to fifteen minutes be off to matt one of the south east africa's deadliest people are still being pulled out water from flooded areas in the country's best of five cyclists you die i'll correspondent is in zimbabwe with some of the dates of being laid to rest. and the big hit and also have been a city that is now plagued with still cold war and dishonest terrorism we have the story of the deteriorating security situation in mali which.


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