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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2019 7:00am-7:31am CET

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prize winning documentary from the forest starts people first on t.w. . this is b. w. news coming to you live from berlin over before a shaky cease fire fails to take hold in the middle east has israel and gaza exchanged rocket fire into the night israel says it destroyed the offices of the hamas leader in retaliation for a strike deep inside israel also coming up. british lawmakers take matters
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into their own hands the house of commons votes to overrule prime minister may's breaks an agenda to take control of the process m.p.'s want a kind of way out of the crisis through a series of and to continue. and young europeans protest against measures that could curtail online freedom they want to stop the european union from implementing new copyright for web sites in a boat later today. hello i'm terry march and thanks for joining us we begin in the middle east and a second day of cross border fighting between israeli armed forces and militants in the gaza strip israel says it's intercepted dozens of rockets fired from hamas controlled gaza bombing targets in response this latest violence comes after a surprise rocket fired from gaza hit
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a house near tel aviv and despite an announcement by hamas on monday night of a cease fire brokered by israel. the ceasefire appeared to collapse almost as soon as it was brokered israel said its iron dome rocket defense system intercepted several launches with most others falling into open fields earlier in the evening a rocket aimed at the border town of sderot cut through defenses and destroyed a home no casualties were reported. the tit for tat attacks were triggered by a rocket that obliterated a residential home outside tel aviv in the early hours of monday israel said that rocket was launched by hamas the militant group that rules gaza the homes residents were awoken by air raid sirens and managed to flee before the rocket crashed through the roof and exploded. this is the real crisis and i just hated my family and if we hadn't got to the sheltie time i would now be burying my family by
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nightfall the israel defense forces were retaliating with rocket attacks striking targets in gaza hideouts they say that's how mass militants. the cease fire reportedly broke at by egypt and accepted by hamas late on monday was never confirmed by israeli officials the rocket attacks through the night show that if it ever really existed the cease fire is at best shaky and at worst over before it even took hold. tanya kramer who's standing by with the latest in jerusalem tanya one side in this conflict says a ceasefire is in place what can you tell us. yeah that's true they were already at ten o'clock last night local time reports of the cease fire brokerage by egypt and hamas put out a statement that hamas and the other militant faction were just here to
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a cease fire and would need quiet quiet meaning that it is told us as strikes also rocket attacks into southern israel would be a hole to the militant factions but it went on a couple of hours but for the last two three hours since the early morning actually it has been quiet this is obviously a tense quiet and we have to wait and see how the next hours have been developed now egypt has in the past already broken successfully cease fires so it seems to be the case this time and whether it will hold is another question tony is stay with us we're going to come back to you in just a minute we first though want to take another take a look at another development in the region the cross border violence comes as the united states reverses decades of policy in the middle east by officially recognizing the golan heights as israeli territory u.s. president on trial trailed the decision on twitter last week during
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a visit by israeli israel's pretty premier binyamin netanyahu in washington trying signed a proclamation calling for recognition of israel's softened over the territory israel seized the golan heights from syria in the arab israeli war in one nine hundred sixty seven and then annexed the golan heights in one nine hundred eighty one but that move has not been recognized by any other country until now. our correspondent in washington helen humphrey has been following events for she sent us this is us. the united states and israel have long held a special relationship but that bond grew stronger on monday at the white house u.s. president donald trump referred to the israeli prime minister using his nickname calling him bibi netanyahu responded calling the u.s. president dear friend donald and indeed netanyahu was granted a gift from his dear friend to sign
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a proclamation to recognize the disputed golan heights as part of israel now that on day decades of u.s. foreign policy the golan heights are of strategic importance they were captured by israel in the middle east were nine hundred sixty seven and then annexed by israel in one thousand nine hundred one in a move which was not recognized internationally but now it seems that israel has the united states on board as it does on a number of other key issues under the presidency of donald trump the united states has recognized jerusalem as the country's capital it has halted aids to palestine and it has exited the iran nuclear deal now it seems that the united states has granted a netanyahu another key victory as he returns home to face the final days of his battle for reelection. and his hell in the mentioned there the golan heights or an
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area of strategic importance in the middle east is more. the occupied golan heights are a mountainous plateau overlooking israel lebanon syria and jordan until nine hundred sixty seven the golan heights belong to syria during the six day war israel captured and occupied the territory after the arab israeli war in one thousand nine hundred three a un observer force has been deployed to monitor the cease fire line and a separation area between the two sides israel's annexation of the golan heights in one thousand nine hundred one was never recognized by any other country until the u.s. did so last week u.n. security council resolutions called for a withdrawal and declared israeli sovereignty null and void pending negotiations with syria several attempts to negotiate an agreement went nowhere today around forty thousand people lived there about half hours really settlers and the other half are druze an arab minority who mostly consider themselves syrian the plant is
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higher elevations offer military advantages israel's military can look deep inside syrian territory if syria held the golan heights its forces would enjoy a commanding position over northern israel the hilly area just next to the sea of galilee is also an important water source after the syrian civil war started in two thousand and eleven the security aspect of the area has become even more important israel says that iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah both supporting the assad regime have entrenched themselves close to israel's boundary. so go back to trying to craven in jerusalem to a new president trump has decided to unilaterally recognize israel's sovereignty over the go on hikes was this move widely expected and how could it affect security of a region. and is it at least they had been indications that the e.u.
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as ministration would lean to was. recognizing. friendly to you so that was expected but the tweets still not speak on thursday from president tom came with it as a surprise it was when he was counted by all parties that had been caught also off to next in campaign office next and you know compared to this there is a consensus in israel that this territory territory should stay in. israeli territory some had said you know this was an interesting timing because it is an election campaign it was an election gift also by mr trump to mr mintz mr netanyahu could say that he had such good relations with the u.s. i think it's tracing. very close but at the same time of course there has been also a lot of criticism across the recent. decision it is against international norms against u.n. security council resolutions and the u.s.
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. had together with israel the only country and recognizing the occupied golan heights as israeli territory. good talking to you there thank you for bringing us up to date on your kramer in jerusalem. now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the pentagon has authorized one billion u.s. dollars of funding for president donald trump's controversial border wall defense officials said the money would pay for roughly ninety kilometers of fences and infrastructure along the us mexico border in february trump declared a state of emergency after congress rejected his budget plan. mexican president understood manuel lopez obrador has urged the vatican and spain to apologize for the conquest of central america's indigenous peoples five hundred years ago standing with his wife in front of
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a maya ruin obrador said he hoped the request would prompt and historical reconciliation. so much better as last electrical power on monday called same shopkeepers to close stores and stranding commuters in the capital caracas the government blamed the blackout on an attack on its powers grid earlier this month but as well as suffered widespread blackouts that crippled the country for days. and flood warnings are in effect across iran following deadly inundations around the country at least eighteen people have died in one hundred more were injured after heavy rainfall more bad weather is forecast for today in central and northern parts of the country. in the u.k. lawmakers have again frustrated prime minister teresa mayes plans for leaving the european union on monday evening westminster voted to take control of the parliamentary timetable in order to influence the break that process the problem
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terry it will now hold a series of non-binding votes on the country's departure from the e.u. in an effort to find a solution backed by a majority of m.p.'s the government though will not be forced to act on the so-called indicative votes early earth may acknowledge that she did not have enough m.p.'s behind her brags a deal which lawmakers have already rejected twice let's listen in. but it is with great regret that i have had to conclude that as things stand there is still not sufficient support in the house to bring back the deal for thirteen full fight. i continue i continue to have discussions with colleagues across the house to build support so that we can bring the full privilege for which this week and guarantee breaks it if we cannot the government made a commitment that we would work across the house to find a majority on the way forward. by mr theresa may there well let's cross over to
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london our correspondent is standing by back at this brags that process is becoming more confusing by the day can you explain to us what happened there in parliament last night and what's supposed to happen next well the whole breck's a process starts reason mekon find a way forward say in a really unprecedented move now palm and is trying to do this for her they are holding what you already alluded to is the so-called indicative votes so they're trying to find an alternative to that of to resume and it's most likely to include some forms of super grades that may be staying within the customs even another referendum so it's numbed by ending for the government but also it's a reason why has said she will engage constructively with it because if she can just cannot get her own tree that has to be a way out of this and this might just point to one possible solution.
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is under growing pressure pressure from all sides what are the chances that she will have to resign. well terrorism a really is in deep water and there seem to be so i'm going servant of m.p.'s who want to see how how droll there's been such a frustration with her leadership in her own party now others say well you might change the captain but you're still in the same storm and on the same ship so there isn't yet a concerted change later i think that just creates more confusion i don't think she's left well but i'm not sure that trying to put someone else in different presence here i'm not sure what that would achieve at this point personally i really don't think that's going to help matters whatsoever she's probably got a handle on absolutely everything that's going on and at some point we do have to
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trust way. yes or a little embarrassing i would like to see her go almost immediately i'm not sure whether it would improve things but i think i'm a person and i'm a remainer so i want to stay in the e.u. and i want to see someone in a lead that will actually consider that as an alternative. was you can hear this gift this isn't in people's voice because we don't know if anything would actually be at cvs and it's just such a short period of time that that's really left at the moment that you know that it might just not be the right time to change leader right now ok well several of teresa mayes junior ministers have resigned from the cabinet even if she herself theresa may doesn't resign or government just end up collapsing around her . well that is indeed absolutely an option of alum and
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is indeed is indeed the record that francis is absolutely stuck. mountings that he has speculation as to whether it's the reason they might even survive the end of the week so we shall see there thank you so much to bear get my us in london. now over the last few days tens of thousands of europeans have been protesting a proposed reform of copyright law in the european union they're worried about how the new rules will affect free speech on the internet today the european parliament is set to vote on the deal now let's look at what it is right now if you use or uploads text video music or photos to a platform like you tube that person is responsible for respecting copyright restrictions the e.u. wants to reverse this principle the new legislation would make platform operators
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liable for the content on their sites and they would face fines if laws are broken now the internet the intent rather is to force sites like facebook and youtube to monitor what users publish but critics fear that web sites will end up using automatic filters that also block material that's not restricted potence of the bill say that could have a chilling censorship fact online. and fonda mock takes a closer look. never again c.d.u. is what the demonstrators are shouting in front of the conservative party headquarters in berlin many are young and this is their first protest they fear for their internet they believe the government is limiting their freedom. i have a small you tube channel myself that might get deleted or something because of this
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filters deletion censorship bearden's things the government has underestimated the fear of article thirteen she's a c.d.u. politician herself but she cites with the protestors and if manchild a lot of people hopefully you too must have raised this issue people who normally don't share their political views but now in this context they do and they reach so many people these are so huge discussions that until now have barely been considered and this debate. politicians have long ignored. to the demonstrators they are heroes she was alone has more than five million subscribers and has called for protest fire music videos that. the bodies of. people. other you tube stars to have suddenly become political tennis apartment is calling you re presented to us and asking them to
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stop the reform. and wants to prevent upload photos from deciding what makes it to the internet. these are going to machine work out the precise legal classification of something within a few seconds and billions of cases many of which would otherwise go to court in germany. but i know stauffer has a completely different view he is an author who wrote the screenplay for a film about resistance fighters sawfish. he has found all kinds of illegal copies on youtube. this means artists like him loose income the in the digital world we actually are nothing because everything gets stolen that's why behind us office in favor of filters and police the opponents are being encouraged on you tube itself has indeed
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warned of censorship and called for people to protest as seen here and so now is the time to speak up. in the background is the major platforms with their economic interests stirring up the kids and telling them the internet break you will be taken away from you or you will no longer be able to have your own channels will no longer be able to advertise lipstick complete rubbish from go. where the i to fear a conviction tens of thousands took to the streets of germany to protest upload fitters and more and more parties now share the concerns of the demonstrate us. it could be that politicians have suddenly heard new arguments but it could also be that the pressure of future of us and young people made the difference no politician once the voters of tomorrow and no party wants to appear ignorant on the issues.
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this argument will continue to rage at least until the vote in the european parliament both on the internet and on the streets. of. his list with reporters without borders thanks for being with us this morning so opposition to this copyright reform law is particularly fierce in germany we just saw tens of thousands of people there out on the streets why are people so concerned here. i think first of all everybody realizes now that in the internet everybody can be a copyright holder everybody can be creative and therefore everybody can be kind of affected by this law and especially i think the absolute filters raise concerns and i think these protesters are all right because my organization has already a lot of experience with upload filters and just the problem of these applet food does as you also explained already they are not good in like recognizing all these
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nuances on the internet so because there are a lot of exceptions for for copyright law also if you have a quota if you set tie you can also use. pictures or videos that have a copyright and yeah and i think people are now concerned that they are not able to use the internet as today so there's a possibility that some things might get filtered that shouldn't get filtered but as we saw in a report there there are screenwriters who see their work being uploaded with no authorization over and over again the proposed law is intended to provide more effective protection for copyright holders is not a good thing it is a good thing i mean. my organization protects free press freedom globally and of course we also fight for the rights of jolly's who of course by definition very much concerned about their copyrights i think no one in this debate like disagrees with the aim to protect copyright holders the question is just how do you do it.
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well we just have a lot of experience already without the photos and i think. they are just too vague and too broad in fulfilling the same ok assuming this reform law passes in its current form who is really going to be affected most so theoretically and i think also in practice everybody because on the internet everybody can be ok. separate will you and me like if we we want to share something on social media or we need kind of pictures and everybody kind can be effective because everything will be filtered. in particular i think of calls that yeah creators but also john lists will be affected because the by definition we kind of produce more content and then yeah we have already cases in which john were not able to upload things because they were blocked due to these upload photos so how
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do you see this playing out do you think the that this law will actually as proposed law will actually come into effect one of the next steps. well the next step today well it will be i don't know what what will be the result today the palm end has to vote for it if they agree and european member states have to adopt it as well that there will be two years for everybody kind of to enforce the law so i think it won't be kind of a dramatic change but i think it will change the way how we use the internet it if it really comes into force tenure thank you very much for bringing us up to date on this developing story daniel moss book a tech journalist with reporters without borders. let's get some some sports and harry football and it was
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a big night for some of europe's top nations in the latest batch of euro two thousand and twenty qualifiers world champions france defeated iceland four nil in paris port portugal were held at home by serbia and there was more bad news for the defending champions defending european champions as cristiana rinaldo was drawn with a suspected how i'm straying injury turkey breezed the big three against moldova and glyn overcame montenegro five one away the game though was marred by racist chanting by home fans against england's black players. now a real life superhero has been doing his bit to help fix the crumbling gargoyles and buttresses of note paris's notre dame cathedral the building needs one hundred million euros for a massive renovation and fifty six year old who's known as the french spider-man did his best to publicize the cause by climbing one hundred eighty five meters
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without a harness to the top of the hour and. i'm told headquarters in paris his sponsors are given five thousand or giving five thousand euros to total dom which is feeling the effects of pollution and wear and tear caused by over twelve million visitors a year. just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on d.w. news in an escalation of cross border by israeli aircraft of targets in the gaza strip in response to rocket attacks from gaza militants the fighting comes despite the announcement late monday of a ceasefire brokered by egyptian media. we're watching t.w. news still to come. has its first gadget free product launch in history telling you all about the company's plans to reinvent itself by going places many
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others have been. going to be here with lots of other business stories in just a moment and of course you get all this news that's good for mation from our website that's called thanks for watching.
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the japanese. played a brilliant left half of the comeback but have not speed how come the thing in the game played. some of the flaws top players.
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have gone in sixty minutes t.w. . morrow a. symbol of a long cum flick in the philippines. between the muslims. and the christian population. with high as fighters on the city center the bells and seventeen. president church's response was told. by terrorists will never again book called. the reconquest turned into tragedy. that's not the parisian at all this is not the kind of freedom that anyone. how did we become a gateway to islamist terror. until now we see sarah connor more sitting as the
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result. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of bias starts april eleventh on t w. china's premier ji jinping is in paris to meet you need a spectrum over his latest tends to push beijing's growth initiatives into europe all the chinese trying to drive the wage into the european union. and drag gaps of free product launch reveals a company boldly going where does indeed how beautiful. your business.


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