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tv   Night Grooves  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2019 1:15pm-2:00pm CET

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by a decades long career in movie theaters multiple actors have played the dark superhero over the years and even non-human actors have put on the black wings enough for everyone to have faith. you're watching news live from berlin there's more of the top of the hour coming up next though it is night groups across the aspen thanks for watching. it's all happening with. your link to news from africa the world your link to exception the stories and discussions can you and will come to the debut speckling program tonight from funny jimmy from the news of easy to our web site d w to come smash africa join us on facebook w.
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hello and good evening welcome to house and welcome to a new episode off night groups tonight we have two and mazing female artists and the house with extraordinary voice one stomp the charts in the ninety's with her songs for example with this year than i wish i was show lover and ours second gasp on the first music german television contest the voice of germany so in the hollows arse of the beholder and i think when. from the sides of the music and talk at. the. grooves coming in on the one you have to. let your cock.
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you i ask you give back you just keep going and percent it's a draw it's true that it to all fans after all yeah does this mean guy is for his uses that you just don't bounce because he's influence among other suspects mcconnachie have been born some of the games will be hard to. not like this quite with this with the windows so clean and the nature and the snow and the people all these people here they're not asking for drinks they're just here to to listen to us yeah very nice muscles know how much alcohol isn't it about done this you may have people come as i have official cause it's humid in but i never play no i don't play music i mean i listen to them but i never want to play this transition up on a level. neighbors do always complain yes yeah i don't know why that is isn't that weird. have you how do you have a horse me good of course
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a privilege does he share the help you monkfish the outcome i got jessica was judicious you can puzzle here cause i teach music bomb damage on salim often stamping and to have the annoyance or fire if you happen here i know i've become a. hell of a world and given notice my commands imo nice. guy and i don't. get lets talk on the simple solution that's going yeah yeah as i. get my mother some didn't are gotten enough we got just this minute you know i'm back so one way and i were going to play right beside you by sophie b. hawkins.
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but you. knew this.
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man you know. blood. stained glass you come. down as i've done some to elude to the mood of the street when i enter the real one end of an age to take what i want you to do which is telling as you can be cool to be so close is a place we can do it so read the post when arrival times is a little bit of a standard that lives downstairs listening tastes. thank
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you so do i was. just. stewed in the soup. but the sad. news. broke of. tubes. the boob. tube. you. to.
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use. to. thank. you. thank you. for coming out his account and i feel so heavy so if he did call. and lead you the question was ok so i grew up in manhattan new york city and i grew up listening to a lot of the actual cuban music in central park and of course the billie holiday and my father listen to julie london billie holiday and bob dylan and the rolling stones and then i think of my mother the classical music and i don't think i ever judged music and i don't think i ever thought this is. and that's that i just took it all in and when i came to running my songs it just all came out in a certain way. and i don't think it's rat technically i think it's more like
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beatnik poetry yeah all right. there rep from dean in wagner represent also because just because of come about banda mouton i asked him right this to happen after tyson got on with my mother is a writer she's actually still working on our bill as i must endorse paul had a spot of that and then as i don't want you to starts. i mean you know it's not that way really it was just sort of war and it wasn't like you know those times were different parents didn't hover over their children i basically went out and did my own thing with my african drums and my african drum teacher and they were sort of surprises and what is she doing and i remember when they each time i would play new interview they'd say what is sophie doing and then when i came out with a record what is she doing that was so small like that people stupid and bush both bomb us. bus rail. well it's i'm
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a very hard worker and i love you know this i love every time i can talk about the work and sing and play and get better as a musician all i ever wanted to do was keep getting better and i think that what was hard it was the world of the record companies and it's not that they were bad is that i didn't understand how hard you had to fight and you know what my biggest problem was i didn't surround myself with people who would fight for me and i expected everyone to be friendly and to do the right ridiculous. confronted by up to that and i. guess other to do it correct i didn't have a manager for the first many singles i don't have a minister doesn't your mom oh i don't know i just i just i trusted people they were so often tossed well you know. i wouldn't say that i'm disappointed as a person i think i learn from my amazing mistakes and i can't just trying to do things in a better way that suits me because i am a bit of a rebel you know i am
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a bit of a i was used to feign from my place and stuff so maybe it was kind of good it kept me working but now i feel very comfortable picking choosing people around me so if we do this and muti instrumentalist faster than us yes i meant percussion it was i was broke i was drums yeah i said to my aunt i need to play african drums and that was the beginning i had never played any music before that i was fourteen years old never. seen. the nonstick and of course you're actually immigrant this. is a place we'll hear very very out of practice are you ready is going to be allowed.
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in egypt and then going for target which was. yeah. thank you. yes i do i did live for bryan ferry i was i wore a dress and i played viral your project this to you musician. ok so then you'll appreciate this i just waited all the parts on vibraphone and marimba ok because i was the river player i went to that school of music for the question so i orchestrated all of his parts all of the melody line. and i came in with my vibraphone in my room and he didn't know what to make of me i came in a dress and he said she looks a bit like maggie thatcher ok i said why yes so that tells you what era it was and
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so he i played many many were souls and i thought i was in the band and then one day he came to me personally who's very kind and he said you know i just need i need a real cuban percussionist is not really what i need but thank you so much and i said oh man but then i went home and that's when i wrote damn i wish i was your lover ok s.l. yeah it's good to be fired yeah yeah yeah just left his office. man oh yeah just yes also if you're out that's. also how you guessed it. oh. yeah. i'll be ok for me and shook most interesting and some mention of the house for should also
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have fun george brandis let me can i ve had the voice of jimmy in which only the assn stuff through of and then on top. of you need be tough on i mean you know who does the phone with talking hot. to look instead of the phone so good i'm. just i'm just confused just not is a shortage of that side trying to hype wouldn't let us know how or to have to so does all. ya in. the morning so the hype up behind my skull and stuff and i have to stand by the boys isn't a dissident big i guess that's a musical the government want to go into music here in the riyadh. darkness. you know you have a. fine for inviting him. internationalized gotten angry and i mean no we were going to win it because the amount of the hunger
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of as many things in castings was on ok and society wasn't as mine. so i don't know as ever i saw. the words i mean no big light ok i. was i think from up. in the mood and i'm on the norm to look for a dish or give a song or. not to post i do i.v. stuff to hits one of a ton fans but you can rough gets you to dimia. we have fun and said i think when it's a hit and miss them song. do you like what you see. you
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. do you. feel. i. feel. come. to. feel.
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some. please please. please leave her for. her. laying. blame feel.
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play. play. play feel. see. her. thank. you. i don't think you want. to watch t.v. shows on blunt force as i doubt i have to adjust my belief happiness to god for his lack of flesh and dance because i think the important thing that come to train i mean when i'd still like four hours for a nice day i love life on gram i really can't if you believe the noise couldn't stick to the animals eek. imaginative. as a vision gets michelin's on the us for me i'm supplying about if you think it's
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finished i asked my turns his innings of us on the ship thank you guys can you just come on back here ya it's a slight unnamed us new york for the this well it's all right you had yes i mean it's where my soul the longs but i do have to go away like for instance walking around for then because i was here for the show i would you know talk to a shopkeeper and you know one thing would lead to another and for instance i hugged one of the women that i've. so there are an older woman house here named barbara angle in this wonderful story and i hugged her because she was so generous and so kind and i just felt her spirit and then she said i hugged now the day is saved and i said now the day is saved and i thought and you know don't still that but i thought that is a great so beautiful all the same this is that we walk around and it whether you're in school it's we get our inspiration or we don't know where it comes from so you
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just have to keep moving so yes new york is where my soul belongs central park in particular but i have to travel to have to be open enough to hear these great things that people say and to have things come out of me like hugging a total stranger. z.-a see after this couple issues yes an extreme fisted albums from the boy itself really just lets them out of the treadmill or to to gang that is get out is i met up with. her. through half of what's going on three hundred skip it's actually has an amazing thing for right beside you you know because we're going to release the single when they finish it and i thought you know that would be a really beautiful because you're in marketing kevin who's right beside you you're right beside me now but on the subway just any person you know could be a homeless person right on the street that i would and then i thought you know if it was people always take selfies of themself what about me taking a selfie with a total stranger and that would be a lovely thing courage you know first my fans but then who is right beside you
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right now just take a picture of you two together maybe we'll talk i think the whole thing about the world is we're connected in this way but we have to connect in this way and we have to push ourselves because it will get you so used to connect the lake on our computers we have to push ourselves to hug each other and we all need to be hugged up. need. dish and this conversation is a long way and i'm going to be good lesson. he is going huh. hoolan phone to you and song oh yes oh goodie oh yeah sure yeah it was not a question on love you know i'm one who will get soon. oh goody that's perfect you cut off. and now you may hurt yourself i told why we're listening to sophie b. hawkins with hunger for love.
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never. saw her. browse around. or who brought the. kid.
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out soon. as i'm. sure the people. who. live. they. alone. will.
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lose. all the have. that this little fun of macho here love the love i know harbor for law off your dear leader fella yes see i have. some of them bum and it's
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a good on good. album even so i mashed dots. all in a new york some bias yes yes i suppose some do fifty and we all. well what's so special for me about new york is that i feel young in new york i feel fresh in new york i feel not judged you are i feel that an artist can be any age and do any project and there's always somebody who's willing to say yes that's a good idea you can think of the most outlandish theater piece you know and there's always somebody willing to work with you in this and think they think it might be sadly good as opposed to say for instance l.a. where you have to be a certain you know in the role and then it's there but yeah yeah yeah and also i felt so very good in berlin i have to say i know. you go. yes there is there is i felt very free and i think the freedom is really good and
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that's what this was. you know i. can this for an awful scene. amount of money argument can have as one has leverage because that is what you should be adults and the information wants my. contact in when i couldn't stand for nine months and. ten billion have as much fun new york sometimes and then never. noise plus you have to play beating tin all the don this is not. meant to be a follow central park you have to go that's one of the most beautiful places on earth and i think stay away from it you know if you stay away from the crowded places and now of course brooklyn is the new manhattan so you go to brooklyn and if you go around red hook with the water to keep you cool if it's hot you just got to be there the water i would go to maybe she should go to brooklyn yeah brooklyn yeah but inside i also feel fair to her side brooklyn and manhattan and that fasting
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last place has so much rockaway beach from and i'm someone. who queens. it has. in crown heights so much before they give their future my conscience lessons this is when one says far from michelle prospect park. was a park in brooklyn and. the polish consul bush putting in the embassy in addition. to some trant best in the mice is woman's to stop of the of it. leader get this but believe in going to make the film. about paris. yes i mean here he sent sponsors tolls and. some of these even if you know new york tolls. also have a vital part of the exciting new york new york. mayor going all visiting it but it's kind meddling. about this is also good for. everyone it's why
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have i in song new york of it but it's. valid and quite innovative probably out of a hundred often initial keys yes. she was. going to. take you want to. see. dreams from.
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the. film. made from the. city of st james. come again for. everybody. yeah.
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that's. right back it's time to get. in the house shrink in lieu of all thank you denzel i may get us to at is that you team fish for a more years off want women women girls light as new hats marched last month and courts using young. women will let you for the firefighters. and the pop yeah. the suspect is a few team fish as i would as i am really a team player and the horror and even though when i get on stage i love to be and have fun but in my life of i'm completely a team player as a mother i'm just really it's what makes me such a passionate mother is i'm so about the team and i go behind the scenes
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a much more comfortable writing could you could make could be invented by tits or the wall and shoots are yeah yeah you get a sudden you are about to undergo patnaik you. have these towers when they could take fish now if you know him i grabbed out this is the gobble that would be spread just a feast and i think that yeah i always criticize and i think i take it really well yeah then i go there every day and because it's only true about their kids to not of them yes in a way i look for criticism i would you say are missed. since the standoff we have because i think as a as a human and as an artist you to be able to be critiqued and i don't feel criticism is you know if you ask the question going way back about when you become famous i think people needlessly criticize you they treat it as you tear you down and because they're so threatened or whatever but now when you can reach your past that
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point criticism is so healthy and so gracious rolling that we want people to help us in this not criticism it's feedback and from kind of the first gen musharraf. does feel you know mine when the flock to ask muffet on most ok. do you mind will mystify let's move on couldn't you know that i'm i don't want to set this i divided our daughter and i am in her anguish and very pressing cousins i can present inductions i can buy some of this because critique isn't doesn't work you stand in to see this person money. that all slandered them advance man i want to give my family services she has with child and that's very sharp you know you i think it's a small dump of luxembourg and you need to hold on i know sophie is interest and song i wish i were your lawyer. and that side of these guns off the top as the pity to hear. nothing.
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against the bank and get your back against his own goodell's your own from them i wish i was your lover in dad i have two of those your mate and the law in our own small talk love to ask us i know understand that my dilemma town sophie b. hawkins. the to listen to the be. subliminal. to sleep losing. the beauty of mugler love. love love love
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love. love. love. love love love the beloved. love. sponge you can sleep see you libs like you so food sweet mossad's above love is use a lose lose. sleep a little luck. love shuttle up blood. blood blood blood blood blood. blood blood blood
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blood blood. blood. blood blood. blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood. blood blood. blood blood. blood. blood blood. blood. blood blood blood blood. blood. for. you. if you.
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thank. god for this does he do i have to be the toughest guy out. but i money goes for. what no i wanted when i was coach actually in which is where i was discovered i was also acting because i wanted to be a better songwriter and i wanted to reach into the deep experience of humanity but i didn't have it because i was so young so i took acting classes and i was in plays and that was the goal was to make me a better writer i'm not sure it made me a better writer but i did realize that acting is a part of my soul and i think it's the hardest thing to do if you i would play jazz joplin for many many many many months and it was it almost killed me it was so
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difficult every night to do those emotional thing right jens joplin that's really scary and skiing organ in my arm limit on the gas the day i had to play i had to kill myself on stage or what and i was really her and in a way it was a it was so fulfilling because i really feel that she came through me and her friends jealous job and friends would come to the show and they would give me her jewelry ok her teachers and everything they thought i really embodied her but on the other hand i remember talking to janice and said you know you're really bringing me to the brink here. in new york to get us a look on punch ups cannot all be done as a day and i'll fall. the shits of the who doesn't believe in. bargain fires money when it's not sure owned money and how to find out when one could send the other on and get enough to bruno and then figure out my guns and option it until one. job some was. in the smom and had
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ten children contacted do. you mind. if i showed up on the news instead if you mean just to fit into muslim communities when i'm a fish basket might have a darvish about in their. mind come you torn down myself i mean opposing the time i was in man of minutes before that meeting. me being. fought on those that are. in my absence would soon. know bransford your light i shall spittle zing. zing as for me. and i live in facets and my if it's light in my feet its ups and so bush. i am far. topped. that a lot of fish they can contact like doctors and he was. personally. taken
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on film saying that of them most men had to evolve. in the moment. to move into my life when this thing in the human animals as in one minute and then all findings in our foreign lands and then the president canvass and then you to harlem and yeah on a tuesday how did i not unless i also. hope. you guys mind vanishing i wish you good have as young as i was in the news so much was the. sink he just fifty from jennifer sting apple pool and the whole issue of. what tool i want to lock the ones at us with providing for fuck me gets ya your mom wants on stapley so gras indian view and soft of poppea bun if you haven't here in iraq says she make sure to get very soon as the. us navy stand on my
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that's a plus but his ex a funny guy dismiss an insulin estus happy and if the psyche is not to this place to live it would be nice but that's kind of silly and i mean the citizen thing but he said to some friend if mr says one shot for my yoke i will go but. about the describe a good. this is clear tif. as it was offered as also was very nice about their good sasha and don corey should always try it out for shits he off to be you know young now we got to listen to our last song for tonight but everyone is involved the rough gets the guy out so free i the r.t. ends and you behind the camera i want to see your dance so let's listen to you got me enjoy. the. food. food.
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food. food. food. food. food. look.
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the i'm . loved luck. let the blood. flow. mum. mum. mum. mum. just slowly slowly. slowly.
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slowly. slowly lucky. lucky. lucky lucky.
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but it's selling and they. call it see. her before. her hardly. more comfortable. than twenty million teen summer. she sees it as it is. on. film
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sets. in germany to learn german english pinnacle. why not learn with him d w z e learning course the clothes fit. for her. come a president of her love. head of the london patriotic front to include the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide. wasn't it when bottled in the rooms there was and when to ask to be in need to reinforce to them most of the news but it was happening was not floating in a group. of controversial leader who successes beyond question.
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time. wanted tragedy starts people fish t w. this is t w news live from berlin fears of a cholera epidemic in mozambique hundreds of people contract the contagious disease following a devastating cycle with vast numbers of displaced people at risk relief workers are warning of a second disaster also coming out. the red cross says it's ready to send aid shipments into venezuela.


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