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play. player . play. this is deja vu news live from berlin turkey's president suffers a blow in local elections the opposition celebrates as it gains control of the capital ankara the commercial capital is some bold looks set to follow what does this mean to the president and a lot and the future of the country. also coming up she could have faced death by
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hanging now to the vietnamese woman accused of killing that would be a leader of staff rather wins and early release will have all the details on a bizarre case in malaysia clubs no laughing matter comedian of a lot of years a lengthy when the first round of voting in ukraine's presidential election he's coming well ahead of incumbent president petro poroshenko at. the top of the. disaster for ferrari's chart look left he loses engine power in the closing laps allowing lewis hamilton to win his first race of the season at the bahrain grand prix. play. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program it's being called a stunning setback for turkey's president breccia tie a pair to won for the first time in eighty years has a k. party has. lost control of the capital ankara in local elections and an even
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greater blow air to one's main rivals the secularist c.h.p. party are also claiming victory in the country's economic hub is stumble elections are being seen as a test of everyone's leadership many voters say that they are unhappy with the way that he is handling the country's economic downturn. and now the main opposition candidate for istanbul akram a mole who has meanwhile declared victory in that city he thanked istanbul's voters and his speech and boom bush got this from today on we're going to run the city of a transparent fashion at all times and always it is gladly because i know that every part of this city belongs to sixteen million people. and earlier i asked our correspondent yulia han in istanbul how damaging these election results are for errol on himself. well the city of course is enormously
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a port important for president al gore and he rose to power here in istanbul when he became mayor in the one nine hundred ninety s. and then you know later became prime minister and now he's the president so this is his hometown so to say his base where he rose to prominence he was compiling so hard in these elections actually as if there were in fact about himself and about mayors and local representatives see how the several compelling speeches a day and a many analysts now say this really is a strong setback a symbolic blow to him and his ruling party the analysts we talked to before the elections told us that if the opposition really manages to win and istanbul and this is what the figures suggest right now then this would be a political earthquake for mr arrow and for the president it would be
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a sign that he and his party are offshore not invincible. and that was yulia han in istanbul let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world rescuers in nepal are working to reach villages in the south of the country cut off by a powerful storm officials say that at least twenty seven people were killed and hundreds more injured when rains and gale force winds tore down houses and flipped over cars and trucks. japan has announced the naming of the era of the incoming emperor are to the japanese word even pursuing harmony in english the name was kept secret ahead of today's announcement the current emperor her akihito is due to abdicate in a month it will be the first time that a japanese emperor has stepped down into centuries. the rapper nipsey hussle has been shot and killed outside of his own clothing store in los angeles the grammy nominated artist was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital two others were
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injured a former gang member hustled later became a community organizers and enjoyed respect and city. now the vietnamese woman accused of murdering the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un has pled guilty to the lesser charge of causing harm a malaysian judge sentenced. one to three years and four months in prison over that killing sentence for the fact dated to her arrest in february of twenty seventeen meaning she is due to be released in just a month kim jong naam died in two thousand and seventeen after being smeared with a nerve agent at kuala lumpur airport it's. a very harsh a coup is our south-east asia correspondent and he is joining us now from bangkok sebastian this is a very mild punishment for a woman who could have faced a death sentence what are we to make of this outcome.
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yes to say if she had been convicted of murder then she would have faced a death sentence but for that to happen the prosecutors would have had to show and provide evidence for intent to kill now they couldn't do that so that's one of the reasons why they entered this plea deal and you also have to take into consideration that the other suspect in this case the indonesian woman siti ice she was released without conviction just a few weeks ago and at that time it was already unclear for observers and also for of course those involved in that trial why the indonesian woman and the suspect wasn't wasn't released at the same time considering that these two cases were virtually identical in she didn't understand it either at the at the time she broke down in tears in the courtroom and very different picture today she left the courtroom with a big smile and her dad was there as well and he said he was really happy happy too and heard stepmother spoke out from indonesia and she said that she will be
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awaiting her step sister her step daughter to come home presumably in may and then there will be a pic waiting for her so they're going to have a big party sarah and meantime i mean look at this case itself are investigators and further. along when it comes to finding out you know who ordered who was behind the attack on kim jong un's half brother. well the four main suspects in this case were for a north korean men and they left malaysia directly after the attack and they were never seen again and it's very unlikely that we will ever see them again so i think also the malaysian government they're keen on getting this trial behind them and getting this whole this whole case behind them because it caused a serious disruption of course in relations between malaysia and north korea and those up to that day in february when kim term was killed it. airport
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those relations were very good and it stands to reason that now the malaysian government they want to they want to normalize those relations and get them back on track so it's very likely that this is going to be it with this case and now we have that one conviction and the lawyer said she's taken responsibility for actions but she's not a criminal so then whenever she's released she will return home and that's most likely going to be it with this case sara. heartache thank you. the british parliament is set to meet again in the next hour to try and resolve the brig's a crisis lawmakers plan to vote on a number of options to try and reach a consensus on the way forward cabinet ministers arrive to prime minister teresa mayes residence at ten downing street for tops ahead of the vote at a similar vote last week parliament failed to unite around a single alternative although no support was given to a second referendum or. e.u.
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commission president said that the european union was losing patience with london's inability to seal the deal. if you don't actually talk to you today we have yet another brics a day before through to for coming directly and nobody knows where we are going and that's most people who pose nude we know know what the british parliament does not want but we don't yet know what it does want under strings thinks is an open book in comparison with the british parliament but. we need to get this things to talk now. missing these things use assignments has gone on long enough. for a lot like patients wearing thin there let's head now to london where w. charlotte potts has the perspective from there and charlotte i'd just like to begin by you know addressing what we just heard heard john clarke duncan are saying and i mean those messages from brussels they seem to be getting grimmer and grammar is
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london listening or are the british just too occupied with their own internal discussions. so i think that government and members of parliament are hearing what is set there but they're not really listening the model here seems to be keep calling and carry on throughout this whole mess and today a parliament and government faced a lot of criticism amongst them from the head of siemens u.k. who said that the government heads that the whole process indeed have turned the country into a lot of things stuck so it seems like the government is pretty much on face by that a government spokes person off to read some may said they understand the uncertainty of businesses and that they are trying very hard to bring forth the deal for a fourth time so as i say government is very and faced by this and rather focused on domestic political infighting at the moment so let's talk
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a little bit more about what is ahead today in parliament because we have another row another potentially indicative vote coming up what can we expect today. so parliament today is first of all debating a petition that reached over six million signatures that's the highest rate of signatures in british history and that petition is asking basically to revoke fifty so essentially to remain in the european union that doesn't have a lot of chance to go through but they are debating it and then later on they are going to hold so-called indicative votes the speaker of parliament choosing amongst eight options and they for example include a second referendum remaining in a customs union or remaining in the single market and no deal for exit or no breaks at all and parliament will vote on that later tonight in the hope that there will be a majority although they've tried it last week and they could not find
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a majority on that absolutely i mean you really get the sense there that the parliament is just so fragmented that they they are not deciding which direction to go and you know we have this deadline now charlotte of mid april set by brussels when you're gauging the mood there i mean what do you make of that deadline and the ability to reach a decision before about right now. so parliament tonight if they find a majority could come up with the idea of a soft of bricks but theresa may would have to sign up for that and it seems very unlikely that she's going to do so because she's always followed the course of a harder break so to please the hard line us in her party so theresa may could try again to bring back a vote or head deal i'm sorry for the fourth time this week but it remains that parliament is extremely divided on the issue the government in itself is divided and it seems very it seems more and more likely that there could actually be
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a no deal breaks it so a chaotic breck's it on april twelfth that at the deadline at the moment or the other option is set to resume a goes back to brussels and asks for a very long extension and the european union would have to sign up for that charlotte pots in london thank you. for adding to ukraine now where a comedian with no political experience has secured a strong lead in the first round of the country's presidential elections followed amir's the lenski is now likely to face incumbent go in a runoff in three weeks time. unwinding with a game of ping pong a lot in here is a lengthy but dark horse candidate celebrated his big win with a party at a trendy kiev nightclub a location that underscores his popularity with young voters. the forty one year old capitalized on frustration over rampant corruption and
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a faltering economy but he has yet to spell out what he would do in power one of his campaign slogans was no promises no apologies zelinsky is basically a screen under which many ukrainians project their expectations he didn't make strong policy stance of the point so it's very difficult to say who actually it will be should he be elected. selenski came to the candidacy by way of a hit t.v. show called servant of the people where he plays an outsider elevated to the presidency. offscreen he may not be entirely outside the system critics say he's in the pocket of an oligarchy who owns the t.v. channel that are selenski program and who opposes president petro poroshenko to many the incumbent has failed to fix everything that's wrong about ukraine corruption and low living standards which if you were to me this election is like another made on protest the third mass protest sure concur for deciding where
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country will be in ten to fifteen years time we're choosing the country or children and grandchildren will be looking at the question did you. say is no and of course i'm satisfied we voted for selenski everything is cool though we didn't expect poroshenko to make it into the second round as everyone thought the runner up would be. everyone including yulia timoshenko herself the former prime minister is a heroine of the country's pro western movement she spent years in jail on what she says were politically motivated charges she called the exit polls dishonest and asked supporters to wait for final results. the central election commission said no systematic violations had been registered touring the poll despite allegations of widespread vote buying was acknowledging more than two thousand complaints the body said reports of irregularities would be reviewed but none required immediate action . when of germany begins
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a one month term tearing the united nations security council today it takes over from france with the two states pledging to continue close coordination both states want to focus on crisis prevention in africa and securing support for the un mission in mali therefore there will also be issues in the middle east to deal with and after the united states unilaterally recognized the occupied golan heights as its territory as an excuse for anyone to pursue actions that could on a political correspondent on a sparrow is on the story for us so i mean germany really wants to set out its own course here what are the issues that it wants to focus on you mentioned already some of those issues but if we could put them let's say under water headline that will be a crisis prevention initiative talking about chiquita about crisis for venture initiatives in africa and the saheli region germany specifically wants some measures in mali where there's a very big and also a very dangerous u.n. mission also in work enough aso a country that worries germany as well this is by the way not something new germany
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has already said in the past that it is particularly concerned about the situation in the us the hell region but there are also other issues that it wants to focus on as part of this decision to chair the u.n. security council for example helping to stop sexual violence in conflict or boosting the role of humanitarian aid workers peacekeeping missions all arms trade so those are the key issues that germany wants to work on in the next few weeks and also i mean they they also want stronger cooperation with france what's that about if we look at german leadership for that austere you know that leadership has always been hand in hand with all the. countries it's not a leadership that germany wants to have on its own and in particular they always view france as a key partner when it comes to sharing values to presenting those ideas internationally so when germany and france signed a deal this year the so-called often treaty they set out to work hand in hand internationally to try and precisely show these values and work on the issues that
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both france and germany want to focus on and one of the key areas where they can do so is precisely the u.n. the u.n. security council on the fact that francaise chatted for a month germany's chair and now for another it wants to chair it for much longer or at least it wants to get a permanent seat i have to correct myself on the security council what are what are its chances germany for a very long time as you say sara has tried to have a permanent seat on the security council some of the arguments that he has said is that is one of the sort of key donors a major contributor to the u.n. budget it is also a key provider of troops within the u.n. framework those are those are arguments that germany has that time and time again germany is not the only country that wants a permanent seat in the in the u.n. security council as part of a wider u.n. reform other countries just brazil or india also want the same thing so their goal is clear whether they will reach that goal that is something more difficult analysts said that it's a very slow process and that it is very unlikely they will happen any time soon ok
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well in the meantime though it's going to be an interesting month indeed something there are political correspondent thank you always a pleasure. when our having a look at what could be the factories of the future the largest industrial technology fair in the world has opened in the german city of hanover much of the focus this year is on the new five g. telecom standard experts believe that it will transform the world of work. look don't touch simple eye contact control says machine is this hands off robotic arm the future of automation the latest technologies like this one here on display at the hanover trade fair technology is a very powerful and a.t.m. but only if you use them to the right purpose you know and the purpose for example in this example by deploying. visual control i control technology is to make life easier for the work actually. within
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a year or two five cheat acknowledge jean is set to change the way manufacturing is done and hand over prototypes show how the faster flow of data improves production processes and makes factories more efficient. five hundred times faster than the actual technology we have and we will use this in our production for at and also for quality systems that means we can get closer to a real time data connection and real time intelligence systems five g. is on everyone's mind not only engineers but also politicians german chancellor angela merkel is against excluding companies like who away from infrastructure updates when they're getting the fia off i don't think we should exclude anyone per se but we should rather make sure we set the right standards for our networks and
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make companies that here to them often. people machines working together in harmony reality might not look much like this performance but still robots are getting ever closer to the human coworkers. now sweden is poised to become a cashless society within the next few years with swedes prefer an cards to cash a central bank plans to take things a step further and launch a digital currency the. following a two year pilot projects the goal is to introduce the new digital cash by twenty twenty one. here on the streets of stockholm it takes a while to find someone who still carries cash the swedish currency the krona is disappearing at least in physical form. and i'm in the hospitality sector and cash the crowd isn't around anymore. so i had to report it again with big alcohol i
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think it's great that we don't have to carry cash anymore and that everything functions digitally. shopping in sweden today usually requires payment by caudal smart phone up signs warn that physical currency is no longer accepted among the biggest winners of the shift to cash payments other private banks who control the infrastructure now sweden central bank is planning to enter the field with its own official digital currency. so one possibility is a kind of digital coin instead of cash in the physical form it would function entirely digitally something that consumers and companies could download via an app the other option would be a digital account with the central bank where customers can store prepaid credit and also download it. after much planning the idea is about to become a reality this year the central bank will launch a two year trial software companies like this one in stockholm will operate the
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pilot system at its core will be a crypto currency that is both secure and easy to use. it functions like a normal after a loose transfer money order to make online payments but you don't have to enter any credit card information instead you simply click a button to confirm a cryptosystem collection very far has all the data. being anonymous payments using sweden's new eco now also being tested for some mostly older people who still prefer old fashioned money the change is too fast here in malmo one community group is trying to help them understand the digital world. the simpler and more convenient it's terrible the banks don't want any more real catastrophe. here but. it's easy to make a mistake when typing what happens then i think it's really unsafe but. a complete
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shift away from cash isn't part of the central bank's plan in case it's needed during emergencies for those here in malmo cash remains a clever idea it's formula one racing now of lewis hamilton has won the bahrain grand prix his first victory of the new season but the reigning world champion was given a real scare by a twenty one year old ferrari driver whose car briefly lost power within a few laps of victory. thirty charlotte broke the law record in bahrain to secure his first pole and he looked like topping not with a meet and growing pretty when until a faulty engine saw his chance a sponsor wrote with just a few laps to go. it's a pretty. looking behind him was lewis hamilton the briton to full advantage of the close misfortune to ease home and first with team mates making it a mercedes one to the clear to make do with third very hard one to take but thanks
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to the team for the amazing car we can and i'm pretty sure we'll come back stronger you know i'm sure it was a devastating result for him as he had done the job to win the race so we were definitely lucky today a first win of the season for a clearly grateful hamilton but a warning shot from his young man a gust rival that will keep the briton on his toes as he seeks a sixth championship. and now we still have quite a while to go before christmas two hundred and sixty eight days actually but that doesn't mean that sampras reindeer are slacking off what you're about to see here is reindeer racing this championships are a big deal in lapland in northern finland they're held every year and have been taking place since nine hundred fifty competitors on skis are pulled around on a one kilometer track by these reindeer. and only the strongest on the fastest are chosen with the winning racer crowds the king of the ring.
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just. a quick reminder now the top stories that we're following for you here at the top you turkeys president much of type airline has suffered a blow in local elections after the main opposition party won the capital ankara and also looks set to take istanbul voters are reported to be concerned over the state of the economy. and in ukraine canadian volodin here's a lengthy. has a strong leader after the first round of presidential elections with half of all ballots counted selenski is ahead with at least thirty percent of the vote the forty one year old has never held political office incumbent petro poroshenko is currently second with seventeen percent. and british cabinet ministers have been arriving on prime minister teresa mayes residence for talks and of another vote in parliament on new ways of solving the brics a crisis of
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a similar boat last week parliament failed to unite around a simple alternative. and with that now you're up to date on d w news coming up in just a few minutes it is d.w. news asia and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's it c.w. dot com and you can follow us on social media i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great day. the law.
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above the law but the goal of the book. respect. this is deja vu news asia coming up on the program when assassination plots and secret reign see the light of day we look at two shadowy incidents involving north korea that could have been lifted right from a spy novel also coming up. thailand's chaotic election leaves voters confused and angry we'll see how young people's hopes for political.


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