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government continuity turns transitions. the news of life from coming up next to you peaceniks africa and i'll be back at the top of the hour meantime post all the latest news and information from the website sixty is going to come up with. an african. economy president to her long. end of the london patriotic front to include the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when total inroads there was and when the us could be used in need to reinforce it because of the new news but it was up and he was not floating in a group. of controversial leaders who successors beyond question.
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time called come to london tragedy starts people fifty t.w. . showing up today don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. a ban on holding drive us in second hand car dealers in kenya over a government ban on the import of used cars into the country will it really stimulate the local guard the street or just average kenyan drivers. come from five g. to cybersecurity an artificial intelligence that's german chancellor angela merkel opens the world's biggest industrial technology fair in she leaves the door open the shyness walk away saying no one should. be excluded per se from the heart of
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technology the mobile infrastructure in western nations. is his business africa on the. us car importers and salesman across kenya are in shock after the government announced that from july all modes cars older than seventy years cannot be imported into the country anymore the law is intended to help a local car industry problem is though imported second hand cars are highly popular with a majority of kenyans you the affordability compared to locally assembled units or new imports. is like general motors or can is own t.v.'s motors are welcoming the move. there are still lots of elderly cars on kenya's roads on the outskirts of nairobi used car dealers still offer foreign models over seven years old but that will change the summer when the government moves the age limit for imported secondhand vehicles from eight to five years a nightmare for dealers with the five. is that most of the because
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that in your opinion but it will be expensive and at the same time duty were a bit costly for us so it demeans every local rich or be president sitting at. six hundred thousand to issued a million plus analysts predict that the ban will have positive effects on the local economy and on domestic car production. this technical college in nairobi trains hundreds of car mechanics and automotive engineers. rogers meroka gets why the ban will be hard on local dealers but he sees positive economic effects in the long term that of course they were to move big day because it's quite difficult to hear from our imports we're now dealing with local not a particular thing but now if you look at the bigger picture. much who are really benefit as a country where they're looking to get jobs if we would have made me locally and
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local i think you need a country if you have both a visit to the doctor and a good opportunity to walk there. still he says the locally manufactured cars are much too expensive the automotive expert would like to see the government do more to support companies and subsidize production. what you need to. be affordable because it will be going to productive to locally produced you know that which would be treated expensive and they want to do that so the country have to look at the electorate in electoral victory to tell you that's supposed to look at it has to do with the labor the support for it it can look at it with life in the sea and all of the regulations that would put of people probably to need setting up a thing because they are the country. but once the students have finished their technical training they're likely to find jobs in the domestic automotive sector by contrast the opportunities for used car dealers are looking bad given the locally
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assembled because. they are also an expensive and you know the consumer is about something affordable. so come summer can use roads may feature far fewer used cars and more new models if the customers can afford them. for more on this that's bringing joy to remember our from nairobi joy launched foreign car manufacturers profiting most from this new. well as a p.s.l. and we even let you know rule it just appears that the whole assembly is having to be the last companies like fall back in as well as all of that out of the leases entrance into the can we muck it but you also not look at the problems of the earthy mines as you know they just. simple cause in kenya he just
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happens to be the biggest beneficiaries. how bad is that for the second hand comma in kenya and of course fulfil kenyan dragos according to the car dealers here and that i spoke to earlier today they say it will be selfish and nine public interest because today in kenya we have about seven thousand six hundred people mostly used to her second home car as compared to the violent maybe an average of four hundred sixty luckily is simply because of the difference between they have to get actually sick or kenyans are importing second hand cars due to the affordability and also the fact that you know they do not attract as much task because of the fact that the zero or any news cause but who is seeing right now that these are a lot of resistance towards the national want to mourn to follow to see by the
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government for these local dealers precisely because they think that kenyans in order to level anything or for the. most need cause the law can't do a very brief if you can do you think there is a you feel there's there's a an outrage from from drive us and. yes indeed there is enough treats from drivers because of the cost fatah oh if you look at the oldest car at the moment in kenya it was mine unfortunately is until that is fully used cars and if this will cause an engine locked into nineteen that means they're all this got to be forced into the country where have the money to him to be seen these cars i'm not one of those who owns and so is that. x i'm sleepy and all that and while the government is saying that the locally as it was cars gates and exits duty it doesn't seem to be cost effective almost. rivera in nairobi thank you
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the new development bank says it's planning to loan a total of two point three billion dollars to projects in south africa than that was established by the brics countries that result russia india china and south africa doing in cape town on monday it announced almost eight hundred million dollars will go to three south african ventures with more to follow it is thought that as least some of that money will go to the struggling state energy company eskom problems at the into this you have caused a series of blackouts this year. at the head of a trade famine machine are getting increasingly closely connected does the show actually square with reality or is it just showcasing the pipe dreams of software engineers and who will be allowed to build the infrastructure needed for artificial intelligence operations and five g. the new standard for ultra fast mobile connection turns out there's hope for while
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a german chancellor merkel stressed she does not want to exclude single providers from contracts shaping the future. look don't touch simple i contact controls this machine is this hands off robotic arm the future of automation the latest technologies like this one here on display at the hanover trade fair technology is a very powerful and a.t.m. but only if you use them to the right purpose you know and the purpose for example in this example by deploying. visual control and i control technology is to make life easier for the worker at city. within a year or two five cheat acknowledge e is set to change the way manufacturing is done and hand over prototypes show how the faster flow of data improves production processes and makes factories more efficient. five hundred times faster. technology we have
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and we will use this in our production for at and also for quality systems that means we can get closer to real time data connection and real time intelligence systems five g. is on everyone's mind not only engineers but also politicians german chancellor angela merkel is against excluding companies like who away from infrastructure updates in the industry are off i don't think we should exclude anyone per se but we should rather make sure we set the right standards for our networks and make companies that here to them. machines working together in harmony reality might not look much like this performance but still robots are getting ever closer to their human coworkers.
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people machines working together in harmony that's what the future could hold in store for us. also on the roads one of the logistic sectors biggest problem is mc running now based startup came up with a solution cargo next is the first digital freight company in europe using artificial intelligence to manage long distance haulage of old truckloads across the continent. these days more and more trucks use artificial intelligence to plan their trips six thousand logistics companies rely on a new ai system to optimize carrying capacity the self learning algorithm manny was developed by hamburg based startup cargo next it's fed with data from the logistic sector. also followings from experience and knowledge it learns how to predict where the trucks are headed and learns how to determine the prices ahead of time and how to combine the trips. here's one example of a fully loaded truck goes from a to b.
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normally would drive back empty but manny knows that a truck will be needed not far from be in a few hours so it can drive back to a with freight at least that's how it works in principle. this sector is pretty dry minded when we say we use artificial intelligence and we encounter quite a few reservations what kind of reservations office to whether it works is a reliable tool for this can you trust it basically halakhah. trucking a hauler in hamburg has been using the ai system for several months the company's trucks are in transit throughout europe. i the car want to thanks to cargo next we've already managed to minimize our empty runs to fifteen percent with the new home but that's much better than the thirty seven percent empty runs most companies have the money system seems to be doing well but sometimes a human has to step in. trucks tend to get stuck in traffic which is hard to
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predict the delayed in time tables have to be changed so we have to intervene. the more trucks are guided by the ai system the better the software gets and the more the startup benefits it gets a commission for each suggested tour. on me and the business african see i'm here in a more business news story check out our d w dot com slash business websites. now it's just not a lot. of. what
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secrets lie behind these more. fun. you know mercy be experienced and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. w world heritage for sixty years. it's all happening. with. your link to tunes from africa and the world.
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your link to the section stories of discussions hello and welcome to do such a clean program tonight from born in germany from the news of easy to our website d w it comes to africa join us on facebook d w africa. this is africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes. after a peace deal was signed this violence in south sudan displaced people. and returning to their homes but i'll say it all they've really and what does their future to apply. to the school kids fighting the funny we have the story of the children checking in to get to this that's wreaking havoc in parts of kenya. but we're not the judge in the ivory coast pretty may have been brought.


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