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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2019 7:45pm-8:00pm CEST

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but first string is almost strong here in northern europe and it's time to put away those heavy winter coats and look forward to summer so let's see what's new on the fashion scene this year and i'll be chancy as my colleague melissa hall royd current trends this. spring and summer is fashions are about one thing. happening. in the instance of the nineteen seventies and eighties are still making themselves felt caught waistlines big shoulders and of course the touch of disco the american model tyra banks is all right with that. i feel the most beautiful in clothes from the seventies and eighties it hasn't come back totally literally but certain trends
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have come through and i think it's really because of the generation of young people that didn't know the eighty's so i think millennial is today the didn't know the eighty's are looking back at that and they're saying oh and hard times that we're going through today we want to have fun and be a little bit. disco. of course be a she's also means lots of glitter and glamour out there extravagance and flashy well which is to keep hearing that. you don't have something that sparkles in your wardrobe it's you know you have something that sparkles in your wardrobe it can be seen but it can be worn during the day so it's not only for evening it could be a t. shirt a sequin t. shirt color fall. jeans in general never really go out style and season there's something if i'm not. dresses denim jacket stand in shorts with optional where i'm making their way down. drive's.
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terms you want to attract attention this season can go yellow. it's summer so colors are big yellow was one of the big trends also we had a long time and pink is a big color as well i think women love pink no matter what so it's almost if you get there's lots of yellow this summer it's a very cheerful color just like the dresses we have always before bright colors everywhere red pink color is. one thing is guaranteed this year's spring summer collections will not be boring. thank goodness lots of color i like your waters my colleague melissa holroyd think what do you think well doesn't look like it today but i also like although i find
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the new young can be a bit broad it can hurt my eyes yeah that strikes a retro when we've heard about retro while else other the bra tribes try to stay cycling pants cycling pants cycling pants they've been going down it's for years now if of the last couple of years at first they just went down sort of quite a bit but now people are putting jackets with them they're putting funny skits with them with splits they're very polarizing i have to say that lets people in the love them or they're really hyped up yeah. say are the biggest so who's our day it was this cycling cancer is to blame they were briefly very popular in the one nine hundred ninety s. and some people credit princess diana although i don't remember her wearing them as an autumn of fashion i can remember her being chased about by the pepper up and running in the not of gyms so if it was because of her it wasn't intentional col
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lagerfeld also. had people going on his cattle in ninety one with psychic pencil well we won't say about what about him of course not i'm not it's not just young things on the catwalk side of the ship that's another thing you know there has been a rush of likes to ha's ad and models from the eighty's and ninety's going down the catwalk if we get to one of the pictures of grace jones books will she dance down the runway for tommy hilfiger christy turlington for marc jacobs and penelope cruz paid tribute to log a filter and through fourteen absence when i only had all turned up for valentino and. big clothes back in. clothes i gave a slice where is back oversized anoraks oversized jackets are making a comeback we've seen them on the fendi from norton and belmont catwalks a buzzword that people are throwing about
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a lot utilitarian in the form of hats or jumpsuit the style was borne out of necessity by the british in the second boat what the sort of second world war it was that was standardized clothes that were made to very strict regulations no one necessary embellishments and reasonably priced ships are going to stick to that one yeah but listen thank you very much you're welcome. we're off to a brand new rest restaurant where the difference it's all the norwegian coast and is the first underwater restaurant in europe but when you arrive you might think the structure slipped its moorings and tumbled into the sea however it is of course purpose built and called simply unda which is exactly. a building just stacked in the early hours of the woods on norway's southern coast surrounded by the north sea and a first underwater restaurant has just opened in the town of lindis nace. the
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futuristic building was designed by the norwegian architectural firm snow head under the direction of kyoto tree adult horse and it's going from above water and being about five metres underwater and by that it's becoming. a negotiator between what is above sea level and what is below sea level as a way of getting people in contact with themselves and their surroundings in a new way and you descend slowly slowly and from that point on more and more off the underwater bed is being revealed to the customer as he moves down. steadily down into the underwater world at sea level there's a bomb. and from there it's down to the lower level the dining room is five metres below sea level it gives a whole new meaning to the term seaview restaurant the twenty five centimeter thick panorama window provides
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a unique look at the underwater world one that's impressed danish chef nikolai l. it's cause. we get so inspired just looking out the window and so new ideas would just start popping up all the time. and just by looking out the window we got inspired to do desert would see wheat because we saw how the seaweed what dancing in the waves. the menu to school may days. just made from ingredients from the local area. these include beech plants and l.t. which the chef collects near the restaurant. this one as has the serious stuff. is pretty cool i think seaweed has sent taters trouble because i don't really want to use trouble since we don't have any trouble here and it's not on par. the focus is on authentic local and norwegian dishes and of course fish and seafood are
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certainly underwater restaurants set meals change seasonally and can have up to eighteen courses. prices start at two hundred thirty euros i don't think anybody comes to look for the food here the thing is for the whole experience that will draw people to the ambiance is going to be as important as the astronomy i will try to get a table at the window. and it is not just a restaurant marine biologists like him hopeless and research the biodiversity of the sea here measuring instruments and cameras are installed on the facade they also use the creators to the panoramic window with lights and sound signals and not just to entertain the guests. can help us to learn more about how fish respond to different types of. responses we're already in the middle of this world just. watching and observing what happens you know you're kind of passive observer and sort of an axe to explore them all the time when i find something new awesome
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seaweed or a show i'm taking them what is this what is that can we eat it and then usual idea a restaurant where a marine biologist an architect and a chef work together to create an extraordinary experience. so then they that restaurant is booked out of the next six months. now it's time for our continuing series one hundred must reads classic books from german literature this week a book by m. god called and cold the artificial silk environment republik beilin which was a crazy head and mystic time to say the least it's about an eighteen year old girl who arrives in berlin seeking fame and love. no one is immune to spring fever and even if your love life has been one big catastrophe after another maybe this time that's worth another gamble.
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before there was bridget jones or sex in the city or girls there was the artificial silk girl you know god coins in one nine hundred thirty two novel about a young woman who isn't too worried about her reputation eighteen year old doris works as a typist but she wants to be a movie star and she isn't afraid to use her feminine wiles to get there but she doesn't want to sleep with just anyone when she turns down her own boss she finds herself out of a job. so she packs her stolen first coats and runs away to berlin city glittering with excitement but also full of cruelty and misadventures she takes a wealthy gangster as her lover later she moves in with another guy who's still hung up on his ex doris wants to find love but she's looking in all the wrong places. if you're human you have feelings if you're human you know what it means if you want someone and they don't want you it's like an electrified waiting period
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nothing more nothing less but it's enough. the artificial silk girl is one of the last accounts of normal life in germany before hitler took over the nazis bans the book with its brash willingly unmarried female protagonist and author him god calling him the darling of german literature at the time was forgotten for decades but this isn't just a historical documents doris is anything but old fashioned with her self-confidence and sass she may just when your heart. information on a full list. those hundred books on our website at v.w. don't come slash culture so there's plenty of choice that for something to suit their tastes and we leave you with pictures from the cop walks of paris whether you're wearing shorts or cycling shorts we're glad you enjoyed those fell by.
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this is did a live from algeria as president presides abdelaziz bouteflika hours to weeks of protests calling for an end to his twenty year rule failing h two year old says he will step down before his fourth term and so may twenty eighth of eyes were. also on the program finding a way forward on brecht said his parents voted for alternatives to the cover.


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