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this is deja news live from berlin tonight time against them like never before british lawmakers yet again trying to find a way forward. britain's parliament is voting on for alternatives tonight to the government's divorce deal with the european union pressure on lawmakers to find a majority is intense just eleven days before the u.k. is set to crash out of europe also coming up tonight algeria's president resigns abdelaziz bouteflika vows to weeks of protests calling for an end to his twenty years of rule dealing eighty two year old says he will step down before the end of
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the month plus a restaurant that's giving seafood a whole new meaning that's because it literally takes. the way you take you inside norway's latest. since h. . i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us we begin tonight on april first a new month but with the same breaks it blockage but the u.k. divided over how when or even if the country should leave the european union parliament is having another go at breaking the deadlock tonight as lawmakers have been voting on four alternative scenarios the results are expected to in about an hour's time if the u.k. does not come up with a new plan it will crash out of the european union in just eleven days a minister teresa mayes own brights a deal you may recall was rejected for
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a third time last friday. ar for more on this we want to go to our correspondent she's standing by in wonder good evening to you barry get another day another series of these indicative votes in the house of commons as they're known what kind of options do lawmakers have tonight. well all those so-called soft of bricks of versions is what they can decide amongst this is the second round of these indicative votes where m.p.'s are trying to find an alternative version to trees amazed you know so it's reason they had said all these red lines she didn't want the u.k. to be in the customs union or the single market and m.p.'s did not approve of this deal that she then struck with the european union so it seems that they want a softer version of threats and they want to be closer aligned to the european union and this is what they are very exciting on tonight there's also the option of
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putting any deal to the people again so a second referendum but not like the first one but on the deal that is being struck here between the u.k. and the european union in bigger do we know of all of these these four alternatives which one is most likely to get a majority to not. well we don't know exactly but we do know that the labor party have said the day wore on their own version of franks it is in a customs union and also a line with a single moccasins they are voting for for those options so it remains to be seen how many conservative m.p.'s are going to calm round and support this deal it's called common market two point zero is the sort of pat named head spin given to this. also we don't know what's going to happen if they actually find
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a majority for any of these versions tonight what was the reason may actually do with it is she going to be bought out by palm and will they try and force a hand to implement it i mean all these are questions very much in the open at the moment and i mean one of the other alternatives i mean is there real talk about a possible new general election and what about theresa may herself and she did promise she would resign if her brakes and plan were to be passed. exactly she said she would resign basically as a gift to m.p.'s who are skeptical about how she has conducted bret's if she had said if you approve of my ideas and she was then talking to the. right of her party who think that even had you was too closely aligned to the european union but if you approve of it then i would go and in the next phase you can then elect somebody
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who is maybe from from your side of the party who is standing up more to the european union so that was basically how many deal with party colleagues but it hasn't happened yet so she might once again try and put have it again to parliament and there is talk that she might pit two options against each other so have deal with the european union and the version that the m.p.'s would like there are many different options those are also speculation about about a general election and whether this would be a way out of the brics a deadlock but nothing is agreed and i would say everything is still up in the end a moment and that includes a new deal crashing out of the european union next or a week from this coming friday right. well absolutely that is the one option that was not on the ballot paper for peace
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a night because the reasoning was that this is the default option if no delist reached if no agreement is reached here in palm and with the european union well then this is what's going to happen the u.k. is going to leave on the twelfth of april and those new plan for the future so really know that and he's here in parliament they really think that this is the most damaging option at least the majority of m.p.'s think that's so they will do anything to prevent it but if there is no agreement this is what's going to happen all right bigger muslim the story for us tonight another developing nights on the bricks this see to get thank you are going to stay with politics but moved to northern africa algeria's president abilities beautifully has announced that he will step down before his fourth mandate expires on april twenty eighth and this comes after six weeks of mass protests demanding an end to his two decades of rule
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younger proved the driving force in the protests they are frustrated by the country's economic stagnation and they say that the ailing eighty two year old is simply out of touch with their generation we have this look now at beautifully lengthy political career. by the mid nine hundred seventy s. abdelaziz bouteflika had been a member of the national liberation front the f.l.n. for two decades he played a prominent role in the fight against colonial french rule put a flick it was born in morocco in one nine hundred thirty seven he got into politics early inspired by algerian revolutionary and later president wahid the media and when i'll gie area gained independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty two beautifully to became ministers the youth sports and tourism he went on to work for many years as foreign minister in one thousand nine hundred eighty one he was ousted from the f.l.n. and went into exile when he returned in one thousand nine hundred ninety he was again given a leading role. in one thousand nine hundred nine beautifully who was elected
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president to this day it remains unclear if the military had an influence on the vote he had a reputation for being a strong but flexible leader the former military officer pushed for an end to the country's decade long bloody civil war which killed some two hundred thousand people one of his greatest successes was granting amnesty to rebel forces. algeria then went through a period of peace with a flicker of was criticized by many as being a puppet of the military he sought to rebuild ties with algeria's former colonial rulers france. and with the rest of the world. he was accused of human rights violations in his harsh response to domestic terrorist attacks which had also claimed the lives of foreign nationals. but bush of legal also showed foresight in contrast to other north african leaders
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he declared democratic reforms early on during the arab spring uprisings of twenty eleven live on algerian t.v. the unrest within his own country quickly subsided he was rude. did to his actions in twenty fourteen by being reelected as president for a third term but what is celebrated as democratic progress only became possible through constitutional reforms beautifully kept himself initiated algerians responded in equal measure of indifference and frustration poverty continue to plague the nation. earlier this year but if he can announce he would seek a fifth term as president the response from algerians was outraged millions of people joined weekly nationwide protests demanding beautifully. office for more on this we want to bring in journalist. she joins us from algiers going to me
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to you jimi you know last week the head of the army said it was time for the president to go that he was unfit so did many people and i'm sure he did they see this move tonight coming. here is we've not come as a surprise we were expecting that you know this is what this leak of their own has been abandoned by the new york he's been trying to portray that over the best week and it's mainly off if you close the light to anything that could not be only cheap you know our own property if it got to the kids and feed the poor a large area we can of course former prime minister ahmed qureia who recommended that tuesday's the week the nation the criticism exulted think that partition theory is we can overthrow. a group of this is this politician in the ruling confident that if and then we turned back because of too narrow and focused if you get to go and do we know tonight he was going to take over from the president
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and will be postponed elections will they now be scheduled. well according to all one hundred and two of the constitution he's the president to resign because the head of the house who takes over it means that i've been less than president because i asked who would be the head of. the how people two thousand and two. as a caretaker presidents part time if you don't care yet that will that make the next level thinking days nights ok and do you think they can. have a delay there i'm sorry i want to ask you do you think that what we've seen today is this going to satisfy the protesters demands i mean we've seen these protests now for weeks. i don't think that the protesters there will be happy with these
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announcement i believe that there will think this street again take three days because down was only asking for i've been a significant to create the corps they won't all go out to leave and during that's right they put it we heard slogan again have been that they have been fired last week like me to take over but if we can put the protests here they want a real change and down they're going to go all right journalist jimmy to talk joining us tonight with the latest from algiers i mean i thank you. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world iranian authorities have ordered the immediate evacuation of several cities in the southwest after severe flooding it's the third time that the country has been hit by major floods in the last two weeks. it's currently the worst hit rivers burst their banks communications and dams have burst the number of confirmed cholera cases in mozambique cyclon hit city of berra it's now past one thousand one person
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were to die aid workers are working to contain the outbreak this after cycle day caused at least eight hundred deaths in mozambique and neighboring countries authorities are warning that figure good rocks japan has announced the name of the heir of the incoming emperor nor he to the japanese word. means pursuing harmony in the name was kept secret ahead of today's announcement the current emperor akihito is due to abdicate in a month it will be the first time that a japanese emperor has stepped down into central. now for turkey local elections in the country on sunday a resulted in a stunning setback for the country's president richard tell your paranoia one is ruling a party is poised to lose control of both were and is stamboul to the main opposition party the secularist republican people's party known as the c.h.p.
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many voters say that they are unhappy with the way the president has been handling the country's economic downturn. is celebrating the end of an era with his electoral victory the republican people's party candidate months puts an end to twenty five years of islam his party dominance over the turkish capital. turned out a card that is today the loser in ankara is the a k.p.s. mehmet issa seche. yes this is icky and his dirty politics have lost the mood. there is our democracy and all other parties who. are. not there loser of the night president have tell you turkey's local election was largely seen as a test of the president's support amid a sharp economic downturn the nation of eighty one million faces a daunting recession with double digit inflation rising food prices and high
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unemployment the loss of sense a strong signal to turkey's leader which you know turkey is shown its joyous didn't want to change in many places i think it one of the old to go and the new to come in and for new things to happen and as a result of this it became clear in the votes in the election to be clear in the capital not so much in other cities across the country the ruling party held fifty one point six percent of the overall vote while the opposition alliance to thirty seven point six percent assembled turkey's biggest city is still too close to call . her one had framed a local election. as a matter of national survival but now it seems that some of his party's candidates are the ones holding on for dear life. is stumble the n.k.p. is denouncing irregularities and has announced it will challenge the results expected of the outcome to shift in its favor even. politics in ukraine in
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the first round of ukraine's presidential election a comedian with no political experience has won a strong lead over the incumbent trip poroshenko forty one year old t.v. star a lot of zelinsky garnered over thirty percent of the vote but he still faces a runoff with go on april twenty first of the former prime minister yulia timoshenko she trailed behind in third place. please i'm joined here by martin fine marshal he is a member of the german bundestag and he was also an election observer in ukraine on behalf of the european council mr marshall's good to have you on the show so you were there and you saw the process take place and what grade would you give it what was your assessment yeah i went there for the council of europe together with the clique from interleave from the italians and that's basically how it works to
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members of parliament go they have from different countries and different parties and we went. to see ten polling stations we we we we left live in lem back in the very morning and went to the countryside and i must praise the ukrainian people they have a really high commitment to democracy they they they really appreciate their right of voting it's not that normal for them than it is for us. and i think they did a pretty good job i mean all the election committees i've seen they did a really good work and but well how do you explain to me hear people talking about the candidates and me did you get any idea of how they could be so supportive of a of a comedian who has no political experience i would say most people are frustrated about the expectations they had after twenty forty. they thought they would come
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into a new era where these oligarchs wouldn't have that dominant role they have today where corruption would be less where reforms would would would go faster and this process is relatively slow poroshenko hasn't done really enough to to push it there where we forms and there is important reforms especially the decentralization reforms which we germans look at very carefully. former prime minister of sex on you is is working on that to strengthen local communities because i think that's very important you know the corruption though is still rampant in the country yeah it's it's dominant but the whole political area is dominated by those oligarchs they do financing of all the political and also the media i mean you could say there is a certain variety of both of because because the media by several of the has only guards but i mean it's not their interest to have plurality in
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a political sense but to follow their own ends do you get the feeling that ministers alinsky that he's going to win. the runoff i'm not sure because i mean that's a crucial point people are in a difficult situation in ukraine i mean they're threatening all of russia's very presence i was in the west of the country but still there i visited the store and so i mean we have not only have the x. ation of crimean now but also the let's say occupation of the donbas area now the escalation in the house of c. so probably people on the twenty first of april when the second round will will take place will think again whether even if they don't like puerto shankly not might probably be the man they know at least the this guy they don't know they know that he's a good comedian he plays a president on t.v. but we don't really know what he thinks about vladimir putin we don't know if he is a committed you know europhile the way poor shane is. he just really he's
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a tabula rasa isn't it we don't know we don't know and i've been talking this morning and then back in the rift to several people and they said we have to ask him now what really is his position because he voided public giving yes he didn't we don't know anything about him but now these weeks to come might be a chance to find out what he really wants but there is and that is what you mentioned the fear that he might be manipulated even from russia people simply don't know why and on the day to come. they probably will think ok what is what is the less the less difficult the lower of the two of the two even. less aggressive evil is there that's true i mean i think a lot of voters ask themselves that what about the country in the voters being
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still being pro europe but what we saw with the mind on revolution i mean is it still strong oh there's it's absolutely pro european and. and i really i really. you know you are warmly welcome as an observer then they they they appreciate a lot that people from europe from the european union do come and see that they are really committed to democracy and i think we should support them as good as we can all right much of an marshall number of the german bund this time we appreciate you coming in tonight and telling us about your experiences as an election observer in ukraine thank you thank you so much we're germany is starting in one month term chairing the united nations security council it takes over from france with the two countries pledging to continue close coordination a german foreign minister heiko mosse was on hand to take the helm albeit with a slight delay that was down to his government plane blowing a tire during landing today of all people it was the german foreign minister who
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arrived too late so heiko mass missed the beginning of germany's ko presidency of the security council but he was there for the important part. this is the united nations security council is the heart of the international order it's a great responsibility for us but we are well prepared the first informal session covered the protection of doctors and aid workers in conflict regions. those who help others must not them become targets they must be able to have confidence that they are protected germany and france have coordinated their presidencies but their combined clout might not be enough to get the u.n. reforms they want and the two failed to agree on a long standing german goal a permanent seat on the council. next
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a brand new restaurant that is making waves under is located on the norwegian coast and it boasts the distinction of being europe's first under water restaurant that's right but if you want a reservation you can count on quite a wait under has already booked more than seven thousand guests eager to eat among the fish in the meantime here's something to whet your appetite. a building just stacked in the early hours of the water on norway's southern coast surrounded by the north sea. europe's first underwater restaurant has just opened in the town of linn dismiss. the futuristic building was designed by the norwegian architectural firm snow head under the direction of key a tall tree adult horse and it's going from above water and being about five meters underwater and by thought it's becoming. a negotiator between what is above sea level and what is below sea level as
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a way of getting people in contact with themselves and their surroundings in a new way and you decide and she slowly slowly from that point on more and more of the underwater bed is being revealed to the customer as he moves down. steadily down into the underwater world at sea level there's a bomb. and from there it's down to the lower level the dining room is five meters below sea level it gives a whole new meaning to the term seaview restaurant the twenty five centimeter thick penner rama window provides a unique look at the underwater world one that's impressed danish chef nikolai l. it's cos. you get so inspired just looking out the window and so new ideas would just start popping up all the time. and just by looking out the window we got inspired to do a dessert would see week because we saw how the seaweed was dancing in the waves.
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the menu features cool main dishes made from ingredients from the local area. these include beach plants and l.t. which the chef collects near the restaurant. this one as has the series of for truffle. is pretty cool. do you see it has the same taste as trouble because i don't really want to use truffle since we don't have any trouble and it's not on par. the focus is on authentic local and norwegian dishes and of course fish and seafood are certainly underwater restaurants the said meals change seasonally and can have up to eighteen courses. prices start at two hundred thirty euros i don't think anybody comes purely for the food here but i think it's for the whole experience that will draw people to the ambiance is going to be as important as the astronomy i would try to get a table at the window. and it is not just
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a restaurant marine biologists like kim harvest and research the biodiversity of the sea here measuring instruments and cameras are installed on the façade they also use secretis to the panoramic window with lights and sound signals and not just to maintain the guests. can help us to learn more about how fish respond to different types of. responses we're already in the middle of this world just. watching and observing what happens you know you're kind of passive observer and sort of an x. to explore them all the time when i find something new awesome seaweed or a show i'm taking in what is this what is that can we need it and then usual idea a restaurant where a marine biologist an architect and a chef work together to create an extraordinary experience. for. our years a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you britain's parliament is
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trying once again to break the deadlock over breaks that lawmakers have been voting on for alternatives to the government's divorce deal with the e.u. if the u.k. does not approve the plan it will crash out of the european union in eleven days time. you're watching news from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day we're going to. team coverage of this latest night of voting in westminster have to see that.
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the for. the moment the something nice i think i as cameron jurors are doing with any and i don't i killed many civilians i mean the irish coming in clearing my father one thing such as i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself like this the police but suddenly life became our kind of sob.
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providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. nixon tried to continue. to. know their stuff. make groups with because boning stephanie stole. the party and checked with musicians from around the world. groups every week calling t.w. . for. coming president to her long. end of the rwandan patriotic front to include tiny the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide present when little or no rules there was and when to ask to be you. need to reinforce that. i needed this
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but does that mean he was not putting in a. controversial leader whose success is beyond question. time. one tragedy starts people fit on team w. . a sense of urgency no emergency the british parliament tonight is trying yet again to find a plan before breaks it before the country leaves the european union next week prime minister teresa mayes breaks a deal has now been rejected three times by lawmakers she is reportedly planning a fourth go at it and that is no april fool's joke yes april starts today but it could also mark the end of may go off in berlin this is the day.


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