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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2019 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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again they voted again the only results were no no no and no tonight british lawmakers rejected all four plans for taking the u.k. out of the european union resignations and recriminations among the conservatives as the country remains on course to crash out of the european union next week i'm gone from berlin this is the day. i'm supposed to be talking to decisions to make today. wait for it it's actions that should ease me i think it's about time that we demonstrated to this dysfunctional government that there is a way to with our country faces the prospect on thursday week of leaving without
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a deal to dictionary definition to mean what unique means is very very simple to deal with countenances negotiate a compromise tell me the government can negotiate on behalf of the united kingdom if we can't have little groups of n.p.c. from do that chances are you call that like. we've heard you believe because you want to can get control of the politics. also coming up tonight ukrainians have narrowed it down to two candidates in the upcoming presidential election on the ballot this man the incumbent known as the chocolate baron and his challenger the comedian never been a politician but plays one on t.v. . but i wish that i really think that we have such a big. such amazing people unique united creative and warm this is our first big victory together truly i'm just like you because there are
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great things ahead for us from a trip to the. un to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with britain's lawmakers doing exactly what they have done every time they have been asked to vote on a breaks it plan b. they consider it and they reject it with a no deal breaks it now just ten days away the house of commons tonight. failed yet again to give a majority to any of the four breaks it possibilities the fallout has been dramatic one member of the conservatives quitting the party accusing it of refusing to compromise in peace from scotland saying that the results tonight mean that scottish independence just moved one step closer to becoming reality here is what it looked like and sounded like when that quartet of nos was announced. so the know you have it so the news having you. have it.
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we cannot go on with everybody against every proposition eight states appointing that no solution is one a majority to save you but i remind the house that the prime minister is unacceptable dail has been overwhelmingly rejected three times this house has continuously rejected leaving without a deal just as it's has rejected not leaving school. therefore the only option is to find a way free which allows the u.k. to leave we have a deal in the house this vote in favor of nothing added as a result. in eleven days time the united kingdom will leave the european union without of agreement unless the prime minister has just left the chamber it's . yeah i mean heavy moments inside the chamber tonight to talk about that i'm joined by our bricks and analyst alex forrest winding she's here at the big table
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with me i mean high drama as well tonight i want to start by taking a listen to what one member of the conservative party said immediately following the announcement of those results take a listen. on a point of order mr speaker i've given everything turn to time to find a compromise that i can take this country out of the european union while maintaining our economic strength and our political contribution i accept i have failed. i have failed chiefly because my coffin refuses to compromise a. great saffold to a nine that i can no longer fit for this part. oh oh. well gentlemen.
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have you ever seen anything like that happen in the house of parliament no and i covered the house is this the house of commons or has a parliament for quite a few years and i certainly haven't and that was nick boles he was one of the people behind one of the motions that was voted on tonight this common market to motion which was trying to get support around the idea that the u.k. could stay within the single market and also cost the customs unions the leica a no way plus option that's what they were looking at and he is somebody who has always supported teresa mayes deal three times she's put it to parliament he has supported it but this is him trying to get support across the house for a way forward so he's obviously very disappointed and on that. on his part particular motion only such as three conservatives voted for it to satisfy what he was particularly disappointed about what he's right because i mean we were just
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going to report to you that the british government says that it will continue to pursue support for prime minister teresa mayes briggs's deal they're probably going to go for a fourth vote on that maybe as soon as wednesday but the point is well taken that these attempts to find a bridge to cross the political divide have been invented well i wouldn't say they've been in vain because that's just look at the numbers i mean if we look at the you know one of the options which was a customs union it only lost by three votes a very kosta getting a majority again it was only supported by thirty seven conservatives and ten labor m.p.'s voted against it i remember the labor labor front bench were whipping their m.p.'s on that means that they were telling us they had to support it and even so ten labor m.p.'s refused to do that so this is the problem people is so entrenched on their views on. this that they cannot get an overall majority but i
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think we're likely again on wednesday to see parliament take control of proceedings again maybe have a different kind of voting system where something has to. pay off against another a different type of maybe it single transferable vote i don't know the middle way to find more of a compromise because at the moment just playing one of the of these since one of the knowledge that we are closer to defining any consensus here i mean is that this customs union despite what's happened tonight is that really the only game in town if you don't want to go with juries amazed. when it seems to be because that is something that the labor party can support but as we can see the conservative party comes portis and that is because if the u.k. stays in a customs union they can't go out and strike that own trade deals with countries outside the e.u. and this is what many conservatives want to be able to do if they stick with the single market and they've got the whole issue of immigration because if the
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people's movement and that is what again many do not want to happen so this is the problem with the bulls they are mean if the plan that he was supporting basically almost makes you ask the question well then why bother with brakes if you're not going to be in control of these free trade agreements for example there is what was promised from day one that's what theresa may has always said has been a non-negotiable yes but then he and of is such as stephen connect from the labor party he was also supporting him on this would say well this is a way to ensure that we are honoring the referendum results in twenty sixteen because we are taking the u.k. out of the new thought we have still ensuring we have for action in this trade so it's not going to upset me it's not going to upset business but i completely take on board but you will say because basically the u.k. will become a rule take not so will make a because that would be sitting at the top table so. there's a we're where do we go from here we have another big session planned on wednesday
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in parliament tomorrow you and i were talking there's going to be a meeting yet if the ticket that there will be a cabinet meeting said theresa may with a cabinet we're told for a five hours three of those hours will be without civil servants and they will be talking very politically and the room raise pops the talking about a general election because everything is on the table including a no deal breck's it next week which has become perhaps ever more likely given that the situation that we're in at the end there was talk tonight about two hundred conservative members saying that they supported the managed no deal breaks it and then you all scored is a mannish no deal bricks it well possibly of this saying that they can get many deals with the e.u. they can get that transition period but the e.u. has said no no no no no all the way along to that so i'm not really sure whether there was last week talk of maybe a resignation from the prime minister she offered that right but only if they
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passed her deal so if she brings it back possibly on on thursday this week let's see what happens with the numbers and it's a there's a chance on a wednesday we'll see a fourth vote on tyson if i think it could possibly be on thursday if parliament gets if it's day on wednesday night's vote on we will see whether it has a you know most success who knows you're exactly right alex as always thank you. in ukrainian politics electing a president is no laughing matter or maybe it is tonight a comedian with no political experience has secured a strong lead in the first round of the country's presidential elections both of them your lenski will face incumbent petro poroshenko in a runoff in three weeks. on winding with a game of ping pong a lot in here is a lengthy the dark horse candidate celebrated his big win with a party at
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a trendy kiev nightclub a location that underscores his popularity with young voters. the forty one year old capitalized on frustration over rampant corruption and a faltering economy but he has yet to spell out what he would do in power one of his campaign slogans was no promises no apologies zelinsky is basically a screen under which many ukrainians project their expectations he didn't make strong polish the stance of the point so it's very difficult to say who actually you will be should be elected. selenski came to the candidacy by way of a hit t.v. show called servant of the people where he plays an outsider elevated to the presidency but off screen he may not be entirely outside the system critics say he's in the pocket of an oligarchy who owns the t.v. channel that era selenski program and who opposes president petro poroshenko to many the incumbent has failed to fix everything that's wrong about ukraine
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corruption and low living standards. if you will to me this election is like another made on protest the third mass protest shocker for deciding where country will be in ten to fifteen years time we're choosing the country or children and grandchildren will be living in there she did you. say is no one of course i'm satisfied we voted for the lansky everything is cool though we didn't expect poroshenko to make it into the second round everyone's dance the runner up would be to. everyone including yulia timoshenko herself the former prime minister is a heroine of the country's pro western movement she spent years in jail on what she says were politically motivated charges she called the exit polls dishonest and asked supporters to wait for final results. the central election commission said no systematic violations had been registered touring the poll despite allegations of widespread vote buying when acknowledging more than two thousand complaints the
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body said reports of irregularities would be reviewed but none required immediate action. there he lived as a member of ukraine's parliament he quit president poroshenko his parliamentary group over the handling of corruption and he became one of mr selenski is in boxers he spoke with the w.'s nick com. what does zelinsky mean for ukraine. means changes so this election in ukraine was quite unusual because. it was. an all pro eastern candidates like russian speaking ukrainian speaking the frame of whole campaign was old and new against new against old it means that society was very eager to have changes to have politicians who can destroy the status quo of oligarchs elites of establishment. rich people become suroosh poor becomes poor and
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oligarchs and his themselves including current president who is the main as for today in ukraine that is why they made this choice and if you look at numbers all politicians number two and number three. together they have less in the result then . of course he has a very limited political experience but i believe nobody waiting for likely strong deep knowledge about their recent from human people for moral leader who can say that i want to destroy the status quo i believe he would want to be a part of those if you will successful as an individual as a business and media market much more before when he started to write does this show something almost to a channel he's actually directed by the people and he has to serve the people as it was in movie seventh of people so he is somehow holstege of his character. and mood since he declared this in movies he cannot behave differently because in
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different case it has no sense at all. when ukraine has become a focal point of nato volleying russia's annexation of crimea five years ago in fact russia is the old new nemesis of the security an order that nato was founded to defend later this week to mark the alliance his seventieth anniversary they have secretary general hugh shelton bag will address the u.s. congress ukraine will no doubt be a topic a u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi invited to speak his acceptance sends a message to donald trump the u.s. president and his policies have left u.s. allies including nato wondering do the old rules still apply a question tonight for my guest who is considered an authority on geopolitics security and the role of the u.s. in our world order his latest book the jungle grows back america and our imperiled
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world is a warning of what our global order could become if the u.s. were no longer its guarantor he served in the u.s. state department during the reagan presidency and is now with the brookings institution in washington d.c. i'm happy to welcome tonight to the day robert kagan who joins us from washington mr kagan it's good to have you on the program i want to ask you what is the purpose of mr stilton baird's address to congress is he strengthening the ties that bind or is he trying to save those ties that trump has not already sever. well i suppose you could say he's doing both i think it's a very strong statement by a bipartisan majority in congress that they support and continue support and then an alliance that served american interests so well for other over step for seven hears and i do think they are sending a clear signal to president trump who has raised doubts about the american
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commitment to nato in a way that we've not seen since that alliance was first organized the worries at nato are they a symptom of a greater unraveling well i think so i mean that look at the heart of this security alliance is the american commitment it was an extraordinary commitment it was an unusual commitment it was certainly a product of circumstances post world war two the dawn of the cold war and i think it even before donald trump there were increasing questions among many americans as to whether we really need to have this commitment whether it's in america's interest and donald trump has not come forward and said about as clearly as any american president has ever said that maybe this is not an orange for us now i think i one hopes and this is what congress is trying to do the american people understand how important this relationship is but if the united states loses
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interest then yes it does unravel there is no who may go without the united states and i would argue there's no guarantee of european security and stability without an american role and i think all those things are at risk right now you are right that authority authoritarianism has emerged as the great challenge facing the liberal democratic world authoritarianism replacing the soviet communist threat and russia of course being right there in the front line is the is the future or world order is it one that is going to be determined by strong men leaders. well you know if it's interesting to remember that authoritarianism and the rule of strong dictatorships monarchy is absolute as regimes that is the older challenge that liberal democracy has faced that it's facing ever since the birth of liberal democracy in the eighteenth century. in
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a way it was temporarily replaced by the threat of communism but i think what we're seeing now is a return to the sort of the old struggle between liberal democracy and authoritarian regimes and yes the regimes are getting stronger russia may not be physically stronger but i think who feels more confident i think he articulated a critique of liberal democracy which appeals not only to his own people but also to many in the west we see who having tremendous influence inside europe and even having his supporters in the united states and of course in asia china is a great model of a fairly successful kamel of authoritarian government to together i think are putting a lot of pressure on the liberal democratic world are there exceptions to that mr kagan and i'll ask you. regarding turkey europe watches turkey very carefully and over the weekend turkey president erred on his a game party and took
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a beating in municipal elections i mean how do you explain that loss for him in view of the fact that he basically he's close cracked down on society civil society he controls the media he's one of these strong men you would think he would have a firm grip on on the narrative and the reality but he just lost an election. well a lot of the would be strong men who have been living fundamentally in the liberal democratic world have been forced to some extent to play by that world rule and when they do play by those least to some extent they're always at risk of being repudiated as they are one at least seems to have been to some extent in this most recent vote and so the question now is how does he respond if you know if you look in the in the roughly the same region you look at what's happening in egypt where presidency is about to make himself effectively president for life in venezuela you
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see with dura under tremendous pressure but still holding on and so the question is not whether someone like errol one can perhaps have a setback politically but how does he respond to that setback these days strong men are tending to clamp down when they are threatened you mentioned the rise of china german chancellor angela merkel yesterday she gave an answer it sounded like an answer to u.s. pressure on europe and on her country not to allow the chinese company who wait to build those five g. networks i want to take a listen to what she said yesterday and that being the fia i don't think we should exclude anyone per se we should rather make sure we set the right standards for our networks and make companies out here to them all stand by mr kagan is that a clear rebuke to washington and i'm wondering when i hear the leader of germany say that how does that fit into the global order that is taking shape.
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well i think it real it raises real questions about the coherence of the alliance and of the end of the liberal world order in general i think you know it's not surprising that germans don't feel particularly eager to sort of fall in line with the trump administration's approach even on something like a chinese company when they try to this regime is also targeting germany and other countries with tariffs of one kind or another against stealing a little bit and threatening tariffs against cars i mean this is in a way this is what trump reaps with the kind of aggressive trade policy with doubts that he's raised about these relationships and that he wants to turn around and expect germans and others to sort of comply and go along with american wishes no i wish we we all were solid in dealing with the challenge posed by chinese technology not so much their companies but this is the this is the hardest step where
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everything as a result of american policies but it's almost self-defeating isn't it for europe or germany to take this stance because they know the threat that china poses one could . pose is this almost a willful naivete or a willful blindness that is a rising and as an answer to donald trump. well look first of all germany has always been eager to make sure it has access to the chinese market germany is an export driven economy it wants to be able to do business in china there that this is the first time there's been disagreements between the united states and germany and assume the united states also want to do business in china but i do think that if we're looking for a kind of solidarity of the democracies the united states has to take the lead in that i think i don't know whether in this case this is what's happening but i think
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if we continue on the path we're on germans are going to start feeling like well we can't really rely on the americans so we're going to have to have good relations with china and possibly even with russia this is the sort of you know the kind of geo political world that i think american policy is leading us toward we've got about forty five seconds to think of what about the role of diplomacy is there a role for diplomacy in this these strong arm leaders that are shaping things well this there's certainly room for diplomacy but i think you know as everyone every american statesman from dean acheson on has always said you can't have successful the flotus the unless it's backed by power and determination and most importantly a united alliance you know when a country like russia or china has to deal with united alliances whether it's the united states and japan and korea and australia on one side or whether russia has
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to deal united nato and the united states we're in a strong position and then diplomacy can succeed but when they see is a fractured alliance then we are weaker and then diplomacy doesn't succeed robert kagan senior fellow with the brookings institution joining us tonight from washington d.c. mr king we appreciate your insights tonight thank you. well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can follow me at brant goth t.v. don't forget to use our hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day you'll see that every.
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