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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2019 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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the world's biggest industrial technology fair kicks off in the german city of hanover please show you the latest from artificial intelligence to cyber security to ultra high speed five g. mobile commutations also coming up in south korea you tube becomes a career launchpad for more and more young people choosing instant fame over steady employment. for scoble good to have you with us the world's biggest industrial fair is underway here in germany and it takes place in unsettling times many of the exhibitors in hanover a fearing for their future business as britain's exige from the e.u. is poised to disrupt supply chains meanwhile china's take china away is trying to convince visitors it's not spying for the chinese government so is there enough time and space to present the industrial equipment of the future well take
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a look. this is not a computer game real virtual manufacturing workstations are being constructed here using these virtual reality glasses the planet can instantly see how wide the passages are and whether the materials can be easily reached by the employees box plan has been in development for two and a half years already six companies from different sectors of put in orders for the software to fatherless does it for unforgiven to tj's the from the outset i can experience of my own body how the assembly point works how the workstation functions i pick up a part of to move it from one place to another i can incorporate the actual physical experience of how i pick it up into the planning in-depth out of. the manufacturing process doesn't just require the right workstations these days it also needs a range of sensors in this system for example a microphone has been integrated it monitors background noise. never these kind of noises appear the system sounds the alarm just like a person it notices when something is wrong. it will be small solutions for
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specific problems with. supply it as an example we've seen with a microphone that can be extrapolated to other use cases to also sends a signal to in any kind and that's up to the creativity of the engineers where to use this tool box. over trade fair shows us the factory of the future cloud providers and software manufacturers are represented along with suppliers of charging stations for electric cars. the event features some six thousand five hundred exhibitors from seventy five countries and will focus on showcasing machine learning human to machine communication and super fast five g. mobile networks. more than two hundred twenty thousand visitors are expected to descend on the fair before it ends on friday. and of course what with the hangover trade fair be without some power chords from helga the guitarist from the truly heavy metal robot found compressor head. trade
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negotiations between the united states and china made progress on monday albeit in an unusual area authorities in beijing announced a crackdown on all sentinel like substances from may first on the move follows requests from the us. china is suspected as being the main source of a powerful painkiller fifty times stronger than heroin just caused a record overdose over those deaths in the. us. well for more on this let's bring in our financial correspondent scored in new york why do people do this crackdown on sentinel as so important in the overall trade negotiations well they are not really two opinions that don't know what it's called to actually made the drug crisis crisis here in the united states are worse as you already mentioned in twenty seventeen that was
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a record number over seventy two to seventy two thousand u.s. citizens died of drug overdose just to put that into perspective thirds more deaths than american soldiers died during the vietnam war and also in twenty eight thousand more than seventy thousand americans died of a drug overdose so it is a huge problem and fenton aisle is one part of the problem and therefore it's at least a step in the right direction that. the trade of both. will actually not happen as easily as it did in the past on top of it but we also got some more signs that actually trade talks between the united states and china moving in the right direction and the news of this particularly pressing issue did provide us stocks with a strong start to the week. yeah we had actually two layers to the really that
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we saw here at the beginning of the new quarter and just as a reminder we just finished the best quarter of two thousand and nine so since the end of the financial crisis and on monday blue chips gained by more than three hundred points we crossed the crucial twenty six thousand point marker so we had those trade talks on one side and we also got some good economic news specially from the manufacturing area in china and in the united states and that's really going here at the beginning of the week the new month and the new quarter is quarter new york thank you. and now to some of the other business stories making the news. state run saudi arabian oil conglomerate around code has been revealed as the world's most profitable company pretax earnings were at two hundred twenty four billion dollars last year that makes it
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more profitable than rivals the world at shell and france's total combined the secretive company released its figures ahead of its debut on the international bond market. two former employees of british bank barclays have been handed four and five year jail sentences a jury and a jury in london convicted them of conspiring to rig the global interest rate benchmark yury bore over a five year period it is the sixth prosecution over raid brought by the u.k.'s serious fraud office after a near seven year criminal list. unemployment in the eurozone has fallen to seven point eight percent for the month of february it is the lowest rate in over a decade across the one thousand member countries there are significant regional variations no at eighteen percent greece has the highest unemployment rate in the area whereas germany has the lowest was only three percent.
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your group is creating a whole new generation of celebrities with worldwide audiences the likes of which we've never seen maybe beyond hollywood and the lure of becoming an internet star is proving too much to resist for many young people despite a troubled jobs market that's particularly evident in south korea. you know your own is doing what he loves at the age of thirty two he gave up his office job to set up a youtube channel all about chasing your dream career now three years later this is one of his most popular videos with almost one hundred forty thousand views it's called why did i quit samsung electronics it's a good question samsung is consistently voted the most desirable place to work for south korean graduates with its generous salaries and many perks but unit says the unsociable hours and narrow promotion opportunities meant it wasn't enough to keep him from what he wanted to do we want to network with her and all morning my mom's
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friends mostly asked for going crazy. quicker what they all i know they had a hard time understanding why i would quit such a stable job the most others are dying to get. your. story is becoming a familiar one despite youth unemployment being at a near record high young south koreans are increasingly leaving their white collar jobs to seek fame on the internet and you tube training schools like this one helping them do just that it aims to teach the students how to rack up the views to make the most money they can can. see they're not greedy for money i just need a livable salary on the point is i just want to do what i want to do don't. all you know. but for the lucky tiny minority that awards for the gamble can be
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much greater they doso one quit his job at a south korean conglomerate to turn use uber now has nineteen million subscribers and makes over fifteen million dollars a year for which middle of what is quite attractive the job allows you to earn money and feel a sense of achievement by doing what you like is also very little risk involved if you fail. so with stories like day one to look to it's not surprising that more and more young south koreans are taking the plunge. and from south korea to china where the cherry blossom is well underway it's a stunning sight for everyone and it also provides for a whole industry for just a couple weeks per year grow worst part owners and because medics industry are seeing their profits last. cherry trees are in bloom across china and people are flocking to cherry blossom parks to marvel at the beauty of blossom boom is under way more and more farmers
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a growing cherry trees is an industry that now employs an estimated four hundred thousand people. in the past our average annual income was a little more than a thousand dollars now it's more like seven thousand and if rent for the land is included our current income is more than eight times what it was in two thousand and eight. but the parks are proving a money spinner visitor numbers have been rising ten percent a year visitors ask this photographer to take hundreds of pictures a day during the blossom season cherry blossom shaped ice creams are also selling like hotcakes and a biotech company developing creams and lotions that contain blossom extracts. public option is to tell you blossom is very special when it comes to skin care products it's pink color is very popular with consumers on the part of the magic is the fleeting nature of the blossom but just
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a few weeks each year the delicate fragrant petals can chant or who see them and then back on. cherry blossom ice cream why not that's our show thanks for watching .
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fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women. have fake hair sometimes a hairstyle takes up to two. it's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with others i must find at the salon i know a good quality here when i see it and good story when i hear it. my name is elizabeth chong and i work at the delta. africa alan. cumming president of a number of the intro to the front of. the rebel army and to the ninety four
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genocide was in the loop hole in the room there wasn't really close to. the force of a controversial leader to success is beyond question the good time. and the wonder treasury storage able for long t.w. . this is africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes. after a peace deal was signed this violence in south sudan displaced people are leaving refugee shell says and returning to their hooves but i'll say god they've really and what does their future like. the school kids fighting the flu we have the story of the children touching and it gets to the illness that's wreaking havoc in parts of kenya. that's not the john in the ivory coast when young to really make this i've been talking to.


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