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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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don't move. to do you. subscribe to. documentary. brick states or on to officials intelligence what dominates the heart of a trade fair well the answer is both but while a disorderly breaks it threatens to disrupt supply chains across europe german companies try to focus on the task ahead and that's keeping pace with new technology. also on the show new york wants to tackle its new tourist traffic jams
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and motorists will have to pay a hefty price by twenty twenty one the city that never sleeps will introduce a call just tapped. country business i want to get jones in berlin and another day another failure by the british parliament to agree on a way forward for breakfast last night lawmakers rejected a fresh set of alternatives to the withdrawal agreement prime minister theresa may has put to the vote three times already now this means that the prospect of a britain leaving the european union without a deal ten days from now that is april the twelfth remains firmly on the table protesters of very views took to the streets to express their frustration over the deadlock. as well as also a lot of frustration here in europe the ongoing brics that uncertainty is certainly proving expensive for german companies despite contingency plans above all there is a sense of utter disbelief mike. mischa il sees
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a man he's the head of the german electrical industry association has described it as a disaster for the people of britain and the e.u. german luxury carmaker b.m.w. is suspending production at its four u.k. plants calling it a four week holiday to help the company deal with any disruption resulting from bricks it and you can buy of the chief executive of industrial manufacturer siemens u.k. is urging british lawmakers to unite around a compromise breaks a deal saying the country's political chaos is making the u.k. a laughing stock now which ever way you put it industry leaders here obviously adding up the cost of a west case scenario. or no deal breaks it would take the e.u. into uncharted waters and hurt companies in the blocks biggest economy germany that's the forecast from the country's main industrial federation the p.d.i. . it's a pity that the britons decided to leave but it's it's
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a fact we just do not have to comment so we have to take it so what we call for now is let us hope for an orderly exit not give so much harm to the economy on both sides of the channel if it comes to a cliff edge scenario that would really be horrible what do the numbers say according to the p.d.i. a new deal breaks it would reduce german economic growth to just not point seven percent for this year and set of its current prediction of one point two percent. and it would impact the labor market as well the b.t.i. says one in four companies with business connections to britain will probably have to axe jobs if the u.k. really does leave e.u. without a deal. now no wonder breaks it also casts a shadow over the world's biggest industrial fair currently underway in hanover germany with many companies their worries about the impact it will have on their supply chains now then is there enough time on space to present the industrial
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equipment off the future take a look. this is not a computer game real virtual manufacturing workstations are being constructed here using these virtual reality glasses the planet can instantly see how wide the passages are and whether the materials can be easily reached by the employees box plan has been in development for two and a half years already six companies from different sectors of put in orders for the software to father just as it's been for the advantages that from the outset i can experience of my own body how the assembly point works how the workstation functions i pick up a part of to move it from one place to another i can incorporate the actual physical experience of how i pick it up into the planning in the plot of. a manufacturing process doesn't just require the right workstations these days it also needs a range of sensors in this system for example a microphone has been integrated it monitors background noise. never these kind of noises appear the system sounds the alarm just like
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a person it notices when something is wrong. it will be small solutions for specific problems with. supply it as an example we've seen with a microphone that can be extrapolated to other use cases to also sends a signal to in any thought and that's up to the creativity of the engineers where to use this tool box. the one over trade fair shows us the factory of the future cloud providers and software manufacturers are represented along with suppliers of charging stations for electric cars. the event features some six thousand five hundred exhibitors from seventy five countries and will focus on showcasing machine learning human to machine communication and super fast five g. mobile networks. more than two hundred twenty thousand visitors are expected to descend on the fair before it ends on friday. and of course what with the hangover trade fair be without some power chords from helga the guitarist from the truly
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heavy metal robot found compressor head. of a more i'm joined by cost economist and i n g d but he joins us in frankfurt good to have you with us not all of that just sounds very very impressive but is germany's digital infrastructure ready for this exciting future i think it's very clear no it's not i think the engineering part is already forward to germany has already been good in robotics a way to get the infrastructure germany is still lagging far behind in terms of speed internet in terms of access to internet all in not only for consumers but also for companies and this is the biggest thing if we want to have machines talk to each other we should provide really a fast fast speed internet in germany. german economy minister peter woman ones that germany needs to be markedly to in artificial intelligence especially given that when it comes to digitalisation germany already somewhat missed the boat how
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realistic is that. i mean in terms of artificial intelligence it can be realistic because germany has a good tradition a good track record in manufacturing in robotics in kind of outsourcing automation so therefore i'm rather positive and you're fully right because the thing is germany has missed not only the boat of digitalisation but also the boat of digital services so if the if the wave now continues to focus really again on the manufacturing part off digitalisation i think there is a chance for germany but germany remains to speed up its to invest much more and also has to have a functioning infrastructure for digitalisation otherwise it will not work of course germany as the whole of europe is quite busy with other things right now faced with the brics it's rising populism it's a member states including italy which let's remind ourselves also suffers a huge mountain of debt can germany can europe actually focus on topics like digitalisation. i think europe and also germany has been hijacked by the by the
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brics a discussion by other political discussions and yes they could if they really want to they could focus on really more future oriented topics and the big thing is here is a europe and germany need to come up with an investment strategy because this is not only about structural reforms this is really to take money in your hands and invest big time to provide the infrastructure for digital companies but also to provide the incentives again for european companies to invest in europe and not to invest abroad. just give their chief economist i d d bath thank you so much for your time . now that irish budget airline ryan and now ranks among europe's top ten carbon emitters and it's the only non coal company on the list of the past five years the company's carbon emissions have risen by almost fifty percent ryanair transport some one hundred thirty million people
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a year most on short haul flights in the past c.e.o. michael in the area has described climate change concerns as quote complete and utter rubbish. while another major polluter of course is that car and cities around the world are struggling to cope with ever increasing traffic some cities like london or singapore are fighting back with congestion taxes charging drivers on in a city streets or during certain hours they've installed cameras to attract drivers license plates and it's helped them east traffic and reduce their carbon footprint . and the united states is also following suit new york has adopted the idea hoping to encourage commuters to switch from personal costs to public transport. a song about a bridge in new york but driving on those bridges can feel less cheery streets of
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manhattan are notoriously crowded with hundreds of thousands of cars caps and buses making their way between potholes and red lights now policymakers are tackling the problem starting in twenty twenty one new york will become the first u.s. city with a congestion charge forcing drivers to fork over big bucks likely twelve dollars for cars and twenty five dollars for trucks not everyone's happy. we don't see any incentives there for drivers they're still punishing their vehicles on bad roads and yet being asked to pay for the bulk of the funding to fix the subways and. commuter route railroad because that's where the money is said to be going improvements to the city's public transportation system it's almost hard to overstate the importance of what happened in wall with the early this morning getting congestion pricing after fits and starts and frankly years and over
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a decade of failure or incredible achievement by the go governor and legislative leaders and while most people opposed paying what amounts to a special tax new yorker seem to agree that the current situation is bad and any change to traffic patterns would improve things taxis congestion construction movies being filmed just a whole bunch of chaos from everybody's different perspective it just chaos everywhere you go no matter where you are i guess it'll be good that will be less traffic i suppose i still have to drive in so i don't have a choice really it can't hurt to have the roads opened up for people who want to use a more you know environmentally friendly way of getting around town new york will soon be a little more expensive for drivers but there are alternatives for many it will pay to get off the street and i don't know take the train. now there is successful and there is successful everyone knew the saudi arabian
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oil company was big but a glimpse into the state run giants accounts has revealed just how big it's the world's most profitable company far ahead of apple. net income last year topped one hundred and eleven billion dollars that's according to accounts published ahead of its debut on international bond markets pretax earnings were two hundred twenty four billion dollars that makes it more profitable than rivals royal dutch shell and francis talk put together famously secretive companies currently issuing new bonds in a beach to acquire a sixty nine billion dollars stake in. domestic petrochemical group. that's your business update on thanks for watching.
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it's time to take one step further. and face. time here on just such the up. and find for the truth is. it's hard to overcome trends and come to
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a. time for. a new government is coming up ahead. what secrets lie behind these memos. find out even immersive experience and explore a fascinating cultural heritage science. d w world heritage three sixty good. luck. oh well. we'll be exploring the trends at the spring and summer fashion shows in just a minute and also coming up it doesn't get fresher than this eating seafood under the sea at no ways most talked about new restaurant.
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and book of the week a rediscovered page turner about misadventures in the heady early thirty's. but spring is almost strong here in northern europe and it's time to put away those heavy winter coats and look forward to summer so let's see what's new on the fashion scene this year and i'll be chatting to my colleague melissa holroyd about current trends this. spring and summer is fashions are about one thing. happy. says of the nineteen seventies and eighties are still making themselves felt by waistlines speak shoulders and of course the touch of disco american model tyra banks is all right with that. i feel the most beautiful in clothes from the
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seventies and eighties it hasn't come back totally literally but sir.


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