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this is deja vu news live from berlin britain's moves one step closer to leaving the european union without a deal the cabinet meets for a crisis meeting after parliament again rejects several alternatives to the government's unpopular brogues a deal the e.u. says that britain must break the deadlock this week or face the a bit. also coming up the islamic state wives who are western citizens or
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residents the role that they play for the terrorist group is often unclear now many want to return to the places that they call home we will speak with one woman desperate to return to germany with her child. i have a two year old son. the poor boy has a right to a safe life. and making her story again one of the greats of women's soccer. brings is said to have set a record for the german national team in the bundesliga and now she is a coach leading a men's team that is working to reach new heights. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program the british cabinet is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the next brags that moves this comes after parliament again
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rejected a number of alternatives to prime minister theresa. may is unpopular with charles he'll parliament to set to vote on another option yet again tomorrow but the e.u. says that it is now looking increasingly likely that britain will leave the e.u. without a deal in less than two weeks unless it drastically changes course no use of the us through the news having it is. a good day for proposals all turned down but some of the so-called indicative though let's work close the one put forward by conservative m.p. kenneth clarke who called for a withdrawal deal that would include a permanent customs union with the e.u. it failed by a razor thin three votes. a proposal from an opposition labor m.p. called for a public vote meaning another referendum to approve may's bragg's
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a deal before parliament signs off that was also narrowly voted down with minutes. and then it was tory m.p. nick bowles turn his plan a soft gregg said that would keep britain in the e.u. single market and for europe he also didn't muster a majority after which a did ject at bowls threw in the towel to cover his i accept i have fire. i have no chiefly because my coffee refuses to compromise. i regret saffold through ignoring that i can no longer sit for this cause. they don't follow. the old gentleman. but parliament isn't giving up another series of indicative votes could loom as early as wednesday and then maybe
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another vote on teresa mayes bragg's a deal which parliament has rejected three times already. but time is short in brussels the head of the european parliament's briggs it committee gave a whole start tweeted that monday's votes left a hard brigs that nearly inevitable he warned that the u.k. has one last chance to break the deadlock or face the abyss. and responding to last night's events in the house of commons the use chief brings a negotiator michele buying a spoke this morning in brussels this is what he had to say new deal with new group design or into the. mooted was never my desired intent to annoy you but you can see superman is no prepared. becomes the to do more ninety. let's get the latest now from mattis who has the view from
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brussels charlotte potts is standing by for us in london and georg i'd like to begin with you and ask you about what we've just heard barnyard say that a no deal is more likely anything from the perspective of the e.u. that they can still do to try and avoid that and i'm afraid the u.s. is running out a little bit of creativity here what else they could put on the table that would be acceptable for the u.k. having said that bun you said today he's hurt the junco to get ahead of the european commission is running out of patients and he said well i have a little more patient and so he tried to send a rather comforting message to the u.s. to the u.k. parliament saying look what any indicative options you've been voting for so a customs union or a customs union and the internal market all of that we can put into the treaties and we can make that work as long as you respect our red lines meantime charlotte in london we know that the british prime minister theresa may is currently meeting
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with her cabinet and what is being called a showdown and what do we know so far about that meeting. well this meeting is all about finding a strategy forward on how to move forward in the process because there is a clear political impasse at the moment there will be talks of a general election which the conservatives wouldn't like to see because at the moment the opposition labor party is polling high and they might come out successful in a general election and would pose then the new government but there's also talks about where to move in the brics a process hot a. hot approach that theresa may has been pursuing is that the right course still to go or is it better to move to a softer brics that there are those in her cabinet that are pushing her towards no deal option they say it's better to leave on april twelfth was no deal than not leaving it at all or asking for it in an extension and theresa may in the meantime
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she seems determined that she wants to put her deal in front of parliament for a fourth time she thinks that she is going to get a majority so it's going to be very interesting to see what comes out of that cabinet i mean i'm getting today and amid all of that indecision charlotte i mean the fact of the matter that the no deal option is indeed one which we could see is britain preparing for the. well here people are saying it's becoming more and more likely that we are going to see no deal bricks it and the cabinet secretary says the head of the civil service has issued a letter to the government warning that the u.k. could be hit by a recession for example that food prices would rise and he was even saying that the police could struggle to keep people safe so a lot of warnings and basically it comes down to the u.k. has not been preparing well for a chaotic no deal breaks it because so far it has just been a negotiating position but now it could become reality and as things stand right
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now georg i mean we know that the current line is april twelfth which was basically set so that britain would not have to take part in the european parliament elections at the end of may how likely is it that we see brussels stick with this deadline or do you see some signs that there might be flexibility here. the now the deadline of the twelfth of april is a deadline when by british law the u.k. has to decide when they want whether they want to participate in the european elections or not so whether there is flexibility on that date is a british decision then and i could see from the perspective of the european union there will be flexibility until the last minute because the european union is very keen to avoid an accidental breck's it oppresses that is cause not because there's a majority for heartbreaks it but because the tactics in the house of commons is in
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the british parliament are such that they navigated themselves into a corner where they could just fall over the cliff without actually wanting that and so i think there is a good chance that there is flexibility for just yet another deadline or even the long deadline which the european commission has already put on the table but that would mean participate in the elections in any case bonnie today made clear that the u.k. has to provide a really strong argument because businesses have already made clear that they see they have zero interest in prolonging the insecurity that bracks it's under these circumstances puts the entire e.u. in and they have less than two weeks to come up with that argument. with a view from brussels charlotte parts joining us in london thank you so much to hear . well it's got a quick check now some other stories making news around the world germany has sent
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a diplomatic protest to brunei over new laws that will introduce the death penalty for homosexual acts in the sultan and the foreign office said that it had appealed suburbanite to adhere to existing international human rights obligations the laws are due to take effect on wednesday. the united states is halting the deliveries of its f. thirty five sell fighters to turkey u.s. officials say that all cooperation on the f. thirty five is on ice until encore ends its plans to buy an advanced russian anti aircraft system b s four hundred it's the latest in a series of disputes between the two nato allies. and algeria's president says that he will step down before his term ends on april twenty eighth the announcement on state television says that steps are being taken to ensure a state institutions keep working smoothly during the transition period the eighty two year old has faced beats of mass protests demanding an end to this twenty year
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old girl with. chinese authorities say that they have recovered the bodies of thirty firefighters killed battling a blaze the province it's being called one of the worst disasters for emergency services in years a sudden change in wind direction trapped the firefighters authorities say that the blaze has now been contained. heading to thailand's now where the outcome of the country's recent election will not be confirmed for another five weeks but glittering early results are already dividing the nation opposition parties accuse the military which seized power in a coup in two thousand and fourteen of stacking the odds in its favor as do the hard to reports this is causing many young people to become disillusioned with politics. towards among you will include all walked enough. honkin the take to you tube with their popular political parody show shallow news in-depth
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whole topic this week of course was the elections on family but there's another type of ghost the type they don't even want in hell the scold the popular vote ghost. the program is as popular as ever says when you want what i want especially with young viewers i'm glad that younger generation of kids right now. starting to notice what is going on and so i'm just doing my best i'm trying to do my best to like show them that it is going on for. many years so many decades. so if you want change you guys need to step up. there was hope that with this election things might change in thailand but that hope now seems to be turning into frustration. we basically we the younger generation is the new generation we have the fourth quarter of basically sick sad
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and wasted it was that into nothingness about and answering questions as well as the uncertainty of the thai politics i some say patience among thailand's younger people is wary in a situation that can jurors up sinister memories this is the site of one of the darkest chapters in modern thai history some forty three years ago around one hundred students were shot and beaten to death on this very field at bangkok's thomas at university they were among the thousands who had taken to the streets to protest because they were unhappy with the direction in which the country was headed. a sentiment that's not at all unlike the one spreading among young people in thailand today. at this bar across town the patrons are trying to take things with a pinch of salt. when on election night the election commission said they couldn't continue to count the votes because they didn't have
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a calculator co owner of the house to one offered free drinks to anyone who stopped by to donate one his form of protest we are educated people so we know what is right what is wrong but it's a busy role the role this cannot happen we make up for it if you sad a boat much of the race and i don't want to have a kid because the one that you're growing up you didn't. think. it is the young who will eventually be responsible for thailand's future but it seems that more and more of them are giving up on their country. well now it's been about a week since international forces declared the defeat of the so-called islamic states last stronghold in syria and in the aftermath a number of western countries including germany are debating what to do with their nationals who were captured while fighting for or supported us among those captured
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are women who joined islamic state many claimed that they were forced to do so and say that they carried out housekeeping duties rather than acts of terror according to the german government around fifty women with. german citizenship are either imprisoned or live in refugee camps in syria and iraq now local authorities want to get rid of them as quickly as possible but the german government is reluctant to take them back it says that it is difficult to determine if the women are in fact citizens or if they pose a security threat we met a german woman in syria a syrian refugee camp who is desperate to come back to germany here's her story. stranded in the middle of nowhere seventy four thousand people live in the al whole camp in northern syria it was made to hold only ten thousand the conditions are unacceptable especially for children most people want to leave as soon as possible
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they want to return to their former homes which they left years ago so they could live under the rule of the jihadist group islamic state out of conviction carelessness or compulsion. they now gergen studied psychology in berlin and married a turkish man during a trip to turkey he took her to syria where he joined us at least that is how the twenty three year old describes it. calls them as often terrible things happen there. they are women and children do not have any value. women are charitably of used and beaten by us mine. and my former husband died about two years ago. it happens he locked us up and abused us in horrible ways. i couldn't recognize myself one day in day out. talk and talk also.
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her son was born during the chaos of war the two of them suffered years of hardship and now she hopes she has survived the worst and things will get better. shop i inspire you i have a two year old son but the poor boy has a right to a safe life. thankfully we could flee from those i as terrorists. we were just trashed their. women and children are worth nothing to them. it's horrible what i asked in the name of islam. i'm happy that i can return to my beloved homeland times germany. and. the kurdish authorities would like to get rid of foreigners like zainab as quickly as possible but hardly any country wants them back the local authorities are
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overburdened with investigating securing evidence clarifying guilt an international court is now supposed to solve the issue but the west is treating this initiative with great caution. presence of thousands of fighters and their families is a major problem for the autonomy authorities in northeastern syria. we do not have the possibility of bringing them to justice here if they have committed crimes against syrians or iraqis now they spend their days waiting to go back home but their fate remains uncertain as long as they are not welcome in their former home. and with me now is mathias one investigative reporter who has been following this story for us welcome to the program you know the woman who we saw in that report and many others like her are they they claim that they are victims of the so-called islamic state and not willing supporters doesn't seem believable. well it's very difficult to judge that from just watching the video. to me personally it's
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always this woman. from the islamic state and version of islam does seem genuine and we have to be in mind that not very many women in that camp the whole distance themselves from the islamic state in that way a lot of those women still cling very much to the to the jihad. of the islamic state and do not show any kind of remorse and but nevertheless i think when dealing with these people and when debating whether or not to take them back it shouldn't really matter what they have done or what they haven't done but germinal sorties. france belgium or russia or any other countries that has fighters they do have a duty to take those people back because kurdish authorities
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a city overwhelmed was dealing with those people and i mean this woman in particular when trolls an entire case she is indeed a german citizen how likely is it that she will be able to return to berlin which is her home city because i mean as we've heard there there is this reluctance to take individual such as herself back very difficult to say. german authorities are basically dragging their feet they are hiding behind procedural arguments but basically says well be don't have any diplomatic relations with moscow so we can't work that haven't you but on the other hand you also don't recognize the authority in all seriousness so officially we don't have any contact and since we don't have any contact there's nothing we can do and. i truly believe that because we know that german secret services are working in that area
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and i think that german also routines would be valid boys to assist kodesh authorities in interrogating these people in securing evidence and securing forensics so that they can be brought to be brought to trial it would mean time can you tell us a little bit more about the conditions of the camps and specially for women and children well as the conditions of your camp hold was built originally to hold themselves and people but the number of people holding the camp has exploded nobody had expected that many people to come out of that last pocket of territory which was very small just. four square kilometers and now it's holding seventy four thousand people it's basically basically lex everything. water tends to. phone hi debbie a reporter thank you. you're watching news still to come
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on the program the new female coach at a men's football club in germany football are in code great once again setting records for the german national team and the bundesliga now she is a leading men's team in search of its own greatness. but first now are heading to be ivory coast bustling economic center where a film festival with a different look took place over the weekend the bushman film festival is the first of its kind in from speaking west africa it attractive thousands of entries from around the world and they were all film shot with smartphones and tablets here's a look at some of the filmmakers at work. are these filmmakers a young creative and they understand that a smartphone can help them push past the problem of expensive professional film
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equipment. business we want to show people that we can make films but unfortunately we don't happen to have the means does that mean we have to stop just because we don't have the means doesn't mean we don't have a dream so we find a way to express our dreamers this is only the second year this festival for films shot purely on smartphones or tablets is taking place it sets no age restrictions for filmmakers and that attracted more than five thousand entries from around the world. but compared to t.v. it's a different thing because there's a lot more noise the picture is not clear but it's still good. this film festival is held at the bushman cafe in abidjan a place for actors and directors filmmakers and film lovers to meet a network and ultimately get more and better films made. in what we said we support talent and show them that it's not only about getting
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the films now or simply giving them exposure. it's because of some awards and sponsors we've won that we've been able to support these talents to produce better films get their films launched and get others to be poor cost on larger platforms so the. mobile phones are now a legitimate ineffective tool for low to no budget filmmakers and it's the bushman film festivals and aimed to bring new talent from west africa in particular to audiences worldwide. now a one time star for the german women's national team has taken on coaching duties at a men's club in co greg the first woman to coach a men's team in the top four german leagues though she is actually sharing the role with coco church the club is from struggling struggling in the western division of germany's regional league. walking out for training in kid growing son her first day in the new job. that brings since previously coached in the women's ponderously
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though this is a whole new challenge she says she doesn't want her players treating her any differently as a woman. i talk to my players my team i've been very clear what i expect of them like any other coach my players and interested in anything else what's important is what happens on the pitch. wasn't lots of. straw men who play in yellow were promoted last season but they could end up going straight back down they haven't won in seven matches and so they're just five points off the relegation zone. and a look like i can't be a magician we have one week to prepare for our next match talks to the players before training and will make some changes to the team some fine tuning demonstration of fair. greens who's now forty played as
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a striker scoring sixty four goals to germany she twice won the european title with them and has the record for most people in this league of goals her new boss hammond tecla is married to the current coach of the women's national team he has high hopes for. every. issue action and image does i'm counting on him to having so much success. in one or two years a club will call me up and say to him and jack wennberg how much compensation do you want so we can hire. going for now green says firmly focused on the task in hand ensuring the sun doesn't go down on strong winds time in the region only. who don't know. a quick reminder now the top stories that we're following for you here at d.f.w. britain's cabinet members are holding an emergency meeting after parliament again rejected for alternatives to the government's ranks of dail the e.u. says that britain must break the deadlock this week or face the of it.
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and coming up next here on news in his close up of the current affairs documentary looking at israel's upcoming election don't forget in the meantime you can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's at d.f.w. dot com and you can follow us on social media i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for watching have a great day. israel
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goes to the polls. it could be a close race for benyamin netanyahu israel's prime minister is. still favored in the upcoming election. issues ations on corruption and ongoing conflicts to split the voters. is a political opponents have forged. news
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to deal with. kick off. a wasted opportunity cost from the top spot. and make only manages a joy against five more drops to second spot on the take. hamas victory constanta hand maybe one spoke with two goals in stoppage time. in sixty minutes on doubling. african. economy president obama. head of the london patriotic front to include the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when little in the rooms there wasn't doing to us or to
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the un follow me to reinforce it i'm clueless of the news but does that mean he was not floating in a. controversial meter to success is beyond question. time. wanted tragedy starts in both the long t.w. . yet i just got a certain feeling on television if covering the national primary election of israel's can assemble to have liquid funds if they had one hundred twenty party members on choosing candidates for the list that likud will run in the country's parliamentary election on april ninth. the party leader.


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