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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2019 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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it is on the rise on the side of. business asia indeed of your self as well. the world trade organization says that world's trade growth is slowing at an alarming rate for the dickel instability and the persisting trade conflict between the world the world's two biggest economies are taking their toll britain's increasingly chaotic divorce proceedings from the make things worse than previously expected global growth could slow even more dramatic increase but no deal breaker said which looks increasingly likely for the world trade organization says global trade is expected to grow at a much slower pace this year than previously thought w.t. your analysts have lowered their growth forecasts for twenty nineteen to only two point six percent from three point seven percent the world trade organizations general secretary who best as if they had all said this should come as no surprise to anyone. in twenty seventeen global trade in goods and services roles and by four
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point six percent but ongoing conflicts and trade spats cut that rate to three percent in twenty eighteen and the trend is continuing with an even lower number expected this year however the w t o expects a return to over three percent growth in two thousand and twenty if the disorderly brags it can be averted and a trade conflict between the us and china gets resolved recent talks between washington and beijing raised some hopes that no further punitive tariffs between the two will be implemented and existing ones loosened but that is by no means a sure thing the us has recently threatened china with more tariffs in the case of no one green meant. joined by the chief economist of the world trade organization robert kaufman a scope on thanks for joining us on the w. business what is actually worse brags that all the trade spat between china and the u.s. at the moment. well there both bad
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but i would have to say that the global nature of the global impact of u.s. china and u.s. actions on other countries is probably going to have a much bigger impact than brics although brics it will have a very concentrated impact on the u.k. and the e.u. so you know it's. six one half dozen of the other probably a little bit worse on the global side us china in concrete times what are your findings what can we expect. well our findings are by the way generally our concern is slowing economic growth because that drives a lot of trade growth particularly investment but these trade measures that countries are taking with against one another us china for example well the uncertainty around the brics a deal also weigh on trade growth and that can affect quite
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a bit the bilateral relationships between countries we see a lot of trade diversion potentially occurring particularly in asia and north america and we would expect to have with a disorderly breck's it to see more trade diversion occurring around the e.u. in the u.k. so what that means is that the direct effects are offset partially by trading with other countries instead of bilaterally between those two regions but then if that affects firms and consumers decisions about what to build or buy then you start to get pretty significant negative effects on economic growth and you get significant economic effects on significant negative effects on trade you are talking about the trade finds other routes other windows and the situation. well overall i'd say no all there are no net winners because of the
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expected impact on global g.d.p. this trade conflict these trade tensions will weigh on global g.d.p. in some sectors and some countries there are likely there's going to be this trade diversion and moving trade around and some countries will win and some countries will lose in those particular sectors but the overall weighing down of global economic growth which has very important impact on global trade is likely to result in in a net loss for the global economy. if we look at what's right at the moment and global politics increasingly politicians seem to be concerned about down national interest only and. all about international corporation is the era of international cooperation over maybe well it's certainly under stress right now i think it's way too early to say that
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it's over i think you know if we start to see continue if we continue to see this kind of economic slowdown and the kind of disruptions that are occurring as a result of these trade conflicts continue i suspect you'll start to see the country starting to look to cooperate again and maybe we can use this kind of crisis to strengthen global cooperation let's hope it's just a phase rather copeman that chief economist of the world trade organization in geneva thank you very much for joining us. german coffee retailer long known for its known coffee offerings ranging from kitchen utensils to clothes is arguing for stricter government oversight of the fashion industry and western economies the company says regulation is the only way to establish higher wages and better working standards in developing countries that voluntary action was not enough. meanwhile some companies are trying to tackle the industry's problem with
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their own approaches including a company in india that found a way to up cycle left over fabrics to stylish new garments. at this clothing design studio in southwest delhi fabric waste is seen as a valuable resource. the philosophy here is simple we don't need more new clothes repair more it's a challenge to the fast fashion business model a challenge that textile up cycler due diligence is proud to be making the problem in the fashion industry thoughts from the fact that it's b.s. don't really know our fashion model so today about sorry three percent of the garment three stages go into one food because there is lack of rays of the using the fabrics and got into working with. that realisation led christie to learn
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and to villages other two founders to address the problem of textile waste in india they set up a design label committed to making fashionable clothing from garment waste or up cycling discarded items it's a concept that's been gaining in popularity in the textile industry all over india as awareness rises. and garment waste is not the only problem even more serious is the issue of production waste the textile industry is considered to be india's third largest polluter. environmental implications are worrying the situation is getting worse by the day due to the surge in demand for products and the associated use of chemicals the need for landfill space and increased energy and water consumption.
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in twenty fifteen. and that fashion industry used up about seventy nine billion metric so that's that's huge and the single t. shirt is about seven hundred twenty liters of water which is as much as most adults would drink and and that is a single. then of course that. in the production. process itself which then impacts the communities around which factories come. to just founders set up their company in twenty twelve now they have almost twenty employees the process starts with sorting the textile remnants that's when the inspiration comes for new clothing designs. the brand also makes bags and other items and the leftovers of their production go into yet other new products.
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from delhi that surely is an encouraging example but is that isn't that just a drop in the bucket. that's true i mean the upcycling project is encouraging but it really is very nice you know india's textile industry which is estimated to be worth about forty billion dollars a you're really has a massive environment to footprint but also the human cost involved just like a neighboring bank that there are very high for years activists have pointed out widespread exploitation and abuse of over a million workers who work in the southern states which is really the heart of india's textile industry and they make loads there mainly for global brands and the workers here are mainly women from from poor backgrounds no cost backgrounds are very vulnerable to section had a sprint intimidation and they often are not paid enough they have working us so that does remain a major problem and. so there are calls for western governments for stronger over
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sides of the western textile industry was draws heavily on. the indian industry but is the indian government doing enough to protect its workers well there are laws and pleas that are meant to protect excited workers you know local administrations in tamil nadu have hailed awareness campaigns sensitize they should campaigns factories are also mandated by law to have internal committees that investigate allegations of sexual habits meant but act of the sea in reality many of these are not used by workers because of fear that they might lose their jobs so the subtly of a long way to go there. in delhi for us thank you. three . evolution in the north of thailand has hit alarming levels authorities are having to provide pollution face mass to delegates arriving for
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a banking summit in the region thailand's prime minister has been in the trunk my region to discuss the problem wildfires caused by land clearing in exceptionally dry conditions half sparked a public health crisis the air quality index shows the level of the most dangerous microscopic particles at four hundred eighty per cubic meter and the level over three hundred is classed as a. this by the dangerous air quality the meeting will still go ahead as planned later this week some three hundred officials from all across asia will get and that's all for now thanks for watching.
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on double. play. this is d.w. news line from britain which is a step closer to leaving the european union. recently made senior team arrives at ten downing street for five hours after parliament rejected the prime minister's. deal a new parliament set top wretched official says the u.k. must break the deadlock this week. also on the program. women from the west their roles within the terrorist group are often.


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