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this is deja vu news live from berlin a last ditch effort to break the bricks of deadlock from british prime minister theresa may. this is the decisive moment in the story of the zionists. national unity to deliver the national interest after an all day cabinet meeting shall be seeking another deadline delay from brussels and she offers to work with the opposition to find a way forward also on the show. crowd celebrating in the streets of
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algeria as capital after embattled president of below seized beautifully resigns but after two decades in power it was the army the finally forced him to go. plus malaysia's once powerful prime minister facing trial on corruption charges. stands accused of funneling billions of dollars of public money into his own coffers. plus marking the nato military alliances seventieth anniversary president trump has warm words for the alliances leader and another rebuke for germany. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us the british prime minister teresa mayes is expected. to meet with the opposition labor leader jeremy corrigan in
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a new push for bracks a compromise now that's after announcing yesterday she would ask the e.u. for another extension beyond the april twelfth deadline after months of political deadlock is may signaling that she'll be seeking a closer relationship with europe after all and will brussels accept that request the coming days perhaps the coming hours could provide some answers patience in brussels is wearing thin the e.u. is looking to london for a clear indication of what it wants to do and if london concert agree and the consequences are clear and the proposal as it stands today a new deal brics it is likely we are ready for it even if it isn't what i want the german chancellor angela merkel said the future for european union is more important than brics it and i agree with mike. in london a potentially important shift to resign may say she wants another extension to the
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banks a deadline and will seek political consensus to break months of parliamentary deadlock i'm offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition and to try to agree a plan that we would both stick to to ensure that we leave the european union and that we do so with a deal. the initial reaction from the labor party leader jeremy call been positive but cautious of course i'm very happy to meet so we need to have a discussion with the prime minister we need to ensure that parliament has an opportunity to vote on proposals benches crashing out of the e.u. in the end of next week. in paris another reminder from europe of the need for britain to decide soon the french president underlining that british interests are the only ones that count notebook clearly our priority must be for proper functioning of a european union and market. the e.u.
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shouldn't be held hostage to a political crisis even on to kingdom on a long time basis meaning. the e.u. will have to agree any extension to the brics it date france is not the only skeptical voice. let's go straight to longer and in our correspondent bigger ma standing by for us to get a lot of developments today will the prime minister be able to get the support she's not really a received so far from her own party from the opposition from labor. well the initial sounds that we've had from labor very positive they see it as a genuine office at least this is what they say they also have to present themselves as open they have time and again os reason they to sit down together and to come to some compromise and i feel very critical that she hasn't done it much as we know that in her own party there is a lot of resistance especially from the right of her own party one of the members
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of the right wing off the party has said well she's not handing bragg's it over to make a deal with a socialist so really not very happy and they are saying that they're fighting tooth and nail to prevent something like a sofa breaks it like a customs union which is something that labor would like to see so really it's about the shape of bricks and what form of breaks that's really the issue and it's about the guarantees that treason make can also give to labor what is she going to how is she going to go through a go about it she hasn't flesh this out so the next days really will be really crucial for these talks ok this is a major shift moving over and looking across the aisle for support what happens if the prime minister fails to get labor on board. well that's the million dollar question and what we know is that on the twelfth of april the u.k.
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will leave the european union without any deal without any provision for the future which would have dire consequences for business business all very afraid of the northern ireland business in particular they are so dependent on the european union for for all that trade so this is something that reason may says she wants to this is why she goes over to labor but still to say something that most parliamentarians are trying in a parallel process also to block but we know if there is no deal in london a further withdrawal agreement isn't signed if there isn't another extension with the european union that this will be the this will be what's going to happen and just over a week's time ok that is a big cultural she has the april twelfth deadline looming let's assume that theresa may managed to get labor on board when can we see parliament voting again. well there really is not much time if she wants to look for another extension and i
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presume that the talks also with labor have to take some time she has to really get this off the ground in the next days because there is another summit in brussels about a possible extension in brussels will need to know by the beginning of next week so really in the next days she has to see some results for this new approach to breaks it big i'm all for us bringing us up today from london thanks very much. it's to algeria now where the alien press elling president abilities beautifully has resigned following weeks of nationwide protests demanding an end to his two decades of rule it also involved demands by the north african countries powerful army chief that he stepped down immediately the news sent jubilant crowds on to the streets of the capital algiers. well jerry and celebrate what looks like success after away from protests for twenty years the country has only seen
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one president. that era is supposed to end. the purchase tesco have been hurt across the country and also at this plaza that's been demonstrating for weeks holly jealousies beautifully to step down. that we are happy with would have because of resignation. it's the power of shame the elites have to go they must all even they must be held accountable. this is the moment demonstrators had long waited for a t.v. station broadcast images it set showed the president handing over his resignation was. the beginning of the end of what a flick his political career came six weeks ago when he announced he would seek another term in office the eighty two year old had to drop his plan after sparking nationwide protests. but pressure continues to mount on him.
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on tuesday beautifully kerry agreed to step down after the country's powerful army demanded his immediate resignation. how decision is clear. and there is no turning back. we will support the people until their demands are fully and completely satisfied. as to departure of put if we can enough to satisfy algerians a lot of demonstrators signaled they don't just want him out they want to overhaul the entire pallister. things taken the first step recently enough for them to kill the whole night. was. the us. now for a look at some of the other stories making news at this hour venezuelan lawmakers loyal to president nicolas maduro have stripped the opposition leader. of his
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immunity. music white oh could now face arrest and prosecution his opponents accuse him of flouting a ban on leaving the country and citing street violence and violating the constitution when he declared himself interim president in january. last at the u.n. has called cruel and inhuman have come into effect in brunei that despite an international outcry against them the country's new penal code introduces death by stoning as punishment for homosexual acts and for adultery. and has said he wants to strengthen islamic teachings. canada's prime minister justin trudeau has expelled his former attorney general from his liberal party caucus saying he's undermined the party jody wilson rob gold and resigned in february using the government of trying to shield major construction firms from legal prosecution trudeau also expelled a second former cabinet minister who also criticized his handling of the case
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a scandal has threatened his term in office. as a country second youngest prime minister. well the former prime minister of malaysia has gone on trial for his alleged role in a massive corruption scandal. is accused of misappropriating four and a half billion dollars from a state development fund now if convicted of those charges the sixty five year old could face life in prison he was malaysia's prime minister for a decade until losing last year's election he comes from a powerful political dynasty his father and his grandfather both lead the country. or southeast asia correspondent boston r.t. joins us now from bangkok good morning boston this is a first of a number of trials that is facing just how wide ranging are the charges.
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yeah that's correct brian it altogether it'll be three trials that will have to face and the charges are they range from money laundering to criminal breach of trust and abuse of power over all it's forty two charges being brought against former prime minister. seven in this trial that starts today and that concerns about ten million u.s. dollars that he was supposed to have misappropriated ten million out of some seven hundred million overall that he's alleged to have embezzled and if he is convicted of those charges over those three trials then as you said brian he could very well spend the rest of his days behind bars of boston this man is a pillar of the country's political establishment he's a member of a dynasty going back to his grandfather this must be shaking up malaysian politics
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. absolutely this scandal brian caused an outrage in malaysia it sparked large scale protests back in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen as well and then in two thousand and eighteen last year it led to this historic election upset for the. ruling coalition which had ruled malaysia since its independence for sixty one years and it's the first time that they lost an election and interestingly that election brought back former mentor marketeer mohammed also a former prime minister of malaysia and he of course promised that he would get to the bottom of this scandal brian now he has these problems to get to the bottom of the scandal is also promised to recover the billions of lost public monies how is that coming along. well just now the malaysian government sold
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a luxury yacht that was that is said to have been bought from that money that was embezzled from this fund they sold it off for one hundred twenty six million u.s. dollars also after lost the election and the police raided some of his properties they recovered some three hundred million u.s. dollars in the form of luxury goods like jewelry and handbags that that were in the possession possession of his wife and also cash of course but that is all just a drop in the ocean because overall as you said some four point five billion u.s. dollars i'm missing and the malaysian finance minister is the minister just said last year that if they're lucky they'll be able to recover some thirty percent of that money brian boston harbor joining us from bangkok thanks very much boston. while the west's largest and oldest military alliance nato is marking a milestone today his seventieth birthday nato was created to protect europe from the soviet union and its warsaw pact alliance following their collapse after the
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fall the berlin wall nato has been redefining itself and its twenty nine member states especially germany have been under mounting pressure from washington to spend more on their military present trump again pressed that point at a meeting with nato secretary general against berg who's visiting washington for nato commemorations they're not paying what they should be paying it paying close to one percent and this supposed to be paying two percent then the united states over the years got to a point which paid four point three percent which is very unfair and the u.s. g.d.p. especially under me because the g.d.p. is going up so much because it's four point three of a much larger g.d.p. so we're paying for a big proportion of nato which basically is protecting europe so we're protecting europe. ok let's go straight to brussels where do you have used herschel standing by first good morning terry president trump there pressing nato well lars once
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again he's been doing that since he took office to spend more as nato marks its seventieth birthday can you give us a picture of dados financial health. of its unity secretary general stoltenberg points out every chance he gets particularly every chance he gets when he's sitting next to donald trump to say that allies have turned around the spending decreases of a decade ago and that since president took office which is the period that's still timber uses when he's with president tom he says one hundred billion euros more hundred billion dollars more has been spent or projected to be spent by nato allies since two thousand and sixteen in fact this spending turnaround happened in two thousand and fourteen but it is true that all allies are now moving in the right direction what president trump makes is continuously is that country's own defense spending is also automatically made as budgets what he's pressing allies to do is
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actually have to spend more on their own defense which would then of course put more resources in nato his hands as well but in fact that is a good news story and many european allies wish mr trump would simply call a window when and praise them for spending increases instead of continuing to look at the glass half full on this. we will now proceed to the signing of the north atlantic treaty the seventy year old nato has faced examinations under harsh light this birthday it does have some concerns for its well being discomfort when something viral is going around occasional spikes in blood pressure should never been allowed to happen but germany is totally controlled by russia and perhaps some self doubt that when push comes to shove its core is not as strong as it hoped to former u.s. ambassadors to nato research the biggest threat facing the alliance at seventy the
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transatlantic consensus the absence of strong american presidential leadership nato secretary general young stolzenberg rejects that conclusion it's just not possible to say that the united states look committed to make them because they're not the states is increasing their military contributions to nato he points to the latest example a new plan for the us to forward position heavy war fighting equipment at a police airbase trumps rough treatment of the alliance particularly his incessant demand that government spend more on defense has unnerved some europeans but this shake up some call it a shakedown by the u.s. president may have some benefits for nato i've never seen so many editorials in american newspapers praising the eloise jamie shea spent almost four decades at nato as a spokesman but also an expert in what are called emerging security challenges and while dealing with russia and its hybrid worker tactics still top the list of
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challenges for nato the now retired shay warns the alliance must look further afield to be fit for the future because obviously china is the rising power it's already in europe of buying up infrastructure influencing the future of alter officially teligent technology it's going to be a massively more important factor in determining twenty first century six. russia or all googly any other country outside may choke but countries inside are shaping nato's future to the next enlargement will be to north macedonia which changed its name to settle a dispute with greece that earned an almost immediate invitation to join pending the approval of the other twenty nine allies they didn't waste their time they didn't drag their feet and that's remarkable for an organization of twenty nine members so i think that. it's not just our desire to join it's how nato has dealt with the challenge of enlargement the chose that this is
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a strong forward looking and dynamic organization scope you hopes the alliance will prove this anniversary year that seventy is the new thirty. seven is the news thirty tarrier piece there are focusing on our north macedonia but it's not just that country nato is also indicated it's open to taking in former soviet states like georgia even ukraine i'll big dizzee alliance want to get. in fact there's not a lot of appetite at the moment even to expand to those countries which have membership action plan which are already on the road to nato membership north macedonia was a special case that had been under discussion for decades and blocked by greece's opposition on the name of course that's that's another story so north macedonia had an easier path than some of these other countries but they do still speak with georgia and ukraine about about joining and in fact when those countries fulfill
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their obligations which are reform rule of law level of military readiness they will very likely get into nato but further afield i don't think it's likely at this moment there aren't that many other countries asking to join and nato has to think very carefully about where it wants article five to extend to a terrier jamie shea in your piece saying that the strategic this threat posed to europe by china is being underestimated by this journey community what are nato experts saying about beijing and its threat to europe i thought that was very interesting too from jamie shea and in fact as he said in my piece he said it will be more important strategically than russia which is something that you we really haven't been paying enough attention to so when jamie shea suggests is that nato set up a china commission there they don't have high level meetings regularly with china and he says that's a mistake that even that you don't have an adversarial relationship so you want to
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start this relationship when things are not hostile because he says china is doing things like buying up ports in europe which would need to be at the military's hands if something of a conflict did break out so nato experts are not saying enough about china according to danish say ok and perhaps this will be figuring more largely in the news moving forward to originals for us in brussels thank you very much. was a nato marks seventy years agree prime minister alexis tsipras has paid in a store first visit to the republic of north macedonia the two neighbors celebrated a new start after resolving a better decades long dispute it was all about in a. twenty first century diplomacy at its best to government heads making history with a selfie alexis is the first greek prime minister to visit the north macedonian capitals copia the neighbors were at odds for three decades their main bone of
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contention the name of the country where their meeting took place. is not only an important day for us but for the entire balkan peninsula today we're creating a different kind of dialogue one little unites our country's history is. the meeting between so on and alexis is important because it marks the first peaceful resolution of a conflict in the former yugoslavia something that was not accomplished in bosnia and herzegovina or cause of all. the decisive step came in june of twenty eighteen with the e.u. brokered precipice agreement named after a lake shared by the two countries after an intense tug of war the accord was approved by both parliaments by a narrow margin. since then macedonia has changed its name to north macedonia for decades athens refused to normalize ties fearing its neighbor could claim a greek province also called macedonia today north macedonia hopes for a significant investments from its new ally the balkan state is currently in the
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process of joining nato and in the long run aspires to become a member of the european union. the embattled head of germany's football federation right our grinnell has resigned after it emerged that he accepted a gift of a luxury watch from ukrainian football official is three years in charge of the d.f.t. were marked by scandal and controversy. reinhard grendel was forced to go on the defensive more and more in recent times germany's twenty eighteen world cup last year one such example but some of the criticism hit much closer to home the final straw allegations last week grindle failed to declare income of seventy eight thousand euros earned for being chairman of the federations subsidiary media company. questions over grendel's leadership style never went away especially his handling of the mess it was a look fair when the now retired international met and appeared to endorse turkish president richard tie a pair to one. that overshadowed the build up to the world cup and the judgment
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came under the spotlight grindle was accused of scapegoating the player for germany's failure. to himself announced his resignation to the media and chose his own narrative for his downfall blaming it on reports of his inappropriate acceptance of a six thousand euro watch from an executive of european football's governing body. heat of amount is the i resigned as german football federation president. and i apologize for confirming prejudices against football officials with my less than exemplary action of accepting a watch you stated i night that's how people in the last month grindle who is also a fee for vice president walked out of a d.w.i. interview refusing to discuss funding for a fee for his controversial global nations league. get in the hands of. the former
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journalist if he didn't know it already now clear what it's like to feel the heat. the latest now from the quarter finals of football's german cup leipzig edged out to one of the dramatic showdown t.-mo vanna opening the scoring for leipzig but hausberg tied it up on the very last play of normal time life so you had the last laugh though converting a last gasp penalty in extra time and hamburg knocked out a fellow a second division side potter born thanks to a pair of second half goals from pierre michel. well coming up next did have your business with monica and monica you are following these very closely watched talks between the u.s. and china on what else but trade a chinese delegation is ives way to washington now brian and we're looking at the ninth round of trade talks a little bit of a boxing match that maybe is the decisive round who knows because both sides seem to push for an agreement to end that ongoing and also harmful trade dispute harmful
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not just for them but for the world economy and china announced it's ready to make various concessions so will be curious to find out what those concessions could be go to taipei to our correspondent there he can fill us in on that ok we'll have all of that and much more after a short break here with the dog. is
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really goes to the. it could be a close race for benyamin netanyahu. israel's prime minister is still favored in the upcoming election. she say she's up to the option and ongoing conflicts have split the voters. is a political opponents of abortion. comes up in sixty minutes. her first day of school with.
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her first claim listen and then tours of grand moment arrives join the arena tango on her journey. in our interactive documentary tour of entering a time returns home. earth a home worth saving global just tell stories of creative people and a can of aid of projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global i do get some bimbo in the series of global three thousand on d w and online. africa. president to hob. head of the london patriotic front to include tanya the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when all it knows there wasn't when to us to the un taught me to reinforce it but as i knew this
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blood was up and he was not following in a group. of controversial leader who successes beyond question. time. and wanted tragedy starts people fifty on t w. it's time for another round in the u.s. trying not trade talks chinese vice premier you he will resume negotiations with his u.s. counterparts in washington today won't know bring a breakthrough. also coming up diana opens a new factory in moscow the carmakers hoping to profit from a rapidly growing russian market. welcome to your business i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us a chinese delegation has made.


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