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this is deja vu news live from berlin the british prime minister makes a last ditch effort to break the bracks of deadlock. this is a decisive moment in the story of the zionists and national unity to deliver the national interest after an all day cabinet meeting she'll be seeking another deadline delay from brussels but opposition is already mounting to that also on the show. crowd celebrating in the streets of algeria's capital after the embattled
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president of below zs beautifully resigns but after two decades in power it was the army finally forced him to leave. and marking the nato military alliance the seventieth anniversary president trump has warm words for the alliance as leader and another rebuke for germany. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us a close ally of the german chancellor all a machall says there is no point in britain asking for another short delay to its deadline and a tweet this morning no good work and said that britain's institutional deadlock is so deep that the e.u. should demand a long delay and that britain should take part in the e.u.'s upcoming elections in
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may now this comes after the british prime minister tree some may said last night that she'll be seeking another short extension beyond the april twelfth deadline that's just nine days from now and there's still no deal in place. in london a potentially important shift to reason me says she wants another extension to the briggs it deadline and will seek political consensus to break months of parliamentary deadlock i'm offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition and to try to agree a plan that we would both stick to to ensure that we leave the european union and that we do so with a deal the initial reaction from the labor party leader positive but cautious. of course i'm very happy to meet so we need to have a discussion with the prime minister we need to ensure that parliament has an opportunity to vote on proposals that prevent us crashing out of the e.u. in the end of next week. in paris another reminder from europe of the need for
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britain to decide soon the french president underlining that british interests aren't the only ones that count. notebook clearly our priority must be for proper functioning of the european union and market. the e.u. shouldn't be held hostage to a political crisis in the ninety's kingdom on a long term basis meaning berlin too didn't hide its weariness with the ongoing stalemate in westminster. the result of the talks could be a renewal of article fifty but i can't comment. to be honest i don't want to comment. we have to wait and see what the view is in london. we're long past the deadline they must know that in london next to. this. the e.u. will have to agree any extension to the breaks that date france and germany are the
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only skeptical voices. let's go straight to london and our correspondent there ma standing by for us there get a lot of developments today will the prime minister be able to get the support she's not rich or sieved so far from her own party from the opposition from labor. well the initial sounds that we've had from labor are very positive if they see it as a genuine office at least this is what they say they also have to present themselves as open they have time and they've got ospreys and they to sit down together and to come to some compromise and i've been very critical that she hasn't done it much earlier we know that in her own party there is a lot of resistance especially from the right of her own party one of the conservative members of the right wing off the party has said well she's not handing bragg's it over to make a deal with a socialist so really not very happy and they are saying that they are fighting
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tooth and nail to prevent something like a softer bragg's it like a customs union which is something that labor would like to see so really it's about the shape of bricks and what form of bricks and that's really the issue and it's about the guarantees that trees a make can also give to labor what is she going to how is she going to go through a go about it she hasn't flashed this out so the next days really will be really crucial for these talks begin to bring us up today from london thanks very much. now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour venezuelan lawmakers loyal to president nicolas maduro have stripped opposition leader. of his parliamentary immunity and that means could now face arrest and prosecution as opponents accuse him of inciting street violence and of violating the constitution when he declared himself interim president in january. eleven people accused of helping were going eyes the deadly two thousand and seventeen attack on the st
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petersburg metro russia have gone to trial by bombing left fifteen people dead a small group believed to be linked to al qaeda claimed responsibility one of those charged says the russian security services planted a grenade and explosives at her home as evidence. in canada's prime minister justin trudeau has expelled his former attorney general from his liberal party caucus saying she's undermined the party jodi wilson raybold resigned in february after accusing the government of trying to shield a major construction firm from prosecution if you go also expelled a second former cabinet minister who's also criticised the handling of that case a scandal as threatened as leadership. the former prime minister of malaysia has gone on trial for his alleged role in a massive corruption scandal brawls arks accused of misappropriating four and
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a half billion dollars from the state development fund if convicted of those charges the sixty five year old could face life in jail. well also to go into effect in the state of brunei today that makes gay sex and adultery capital offenses punishable by death the country's new islamic law has sparked an international outcry with the united nations calling it quote cruel and inhuman brunei's new penal code introduces death by stoning as the punishment for homosexual acts and adultery. sultan haasan all bolting out says that he wants to strengthen sharia law and islamic teachings. for the very latest i'm joined now by matthew wolf he's the founder of the brunei project a human rights based unites project based in australia thanks so much for joining us this law targets quote homosexual acts and adultery will brunei actually seek to
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enforce these laws and put people to death by stoning. whoa laws to actually specified death by stoning as the punishment is actually very unlikely that the punishments will ever actually take effect the punishments quite actually are actually quite hard to enforce they do require one of two conditions to be met in order to be enforced so firstly the the alleged offenders must. confess to their crimes or attentively the action needs to be witnessed by four witnesses so basically it's a quite unlike the two to actually take place. so it is actually quite how to actually enforce the law ok the law is on the books although it does have some tough legal requirements there now the new laws also set to impose harsh punishments for for other crimes as well what can you tell us about that.
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yes assenting so there's quite a few crimes that that we are concerned about that the punishments that are involved they do basically constitute acts of torture. in addition to to the death by stoning for four for have a sexual acts and for adultery there are there is also the amputation of limbs for those found guilty of theft there's also the death sentence applied for apostasy and then. there's also. there's other offenses that sort of like sexual related offenses. the same situations between two women for example they can attract punishments such as weeping and and prison sentences so there are a number of punishments involved matthew what's behind the move towards these draconian laws and and how secular or how liberal was brunei in years past.
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ok so it's hard to say exactly what the reasoning is for the for the government deciding to implement these these laws now there are a couple of theories that are being floated so on the one hand it is being said that this ocean he's getting quite quite on in his years his family in the past doesn't always have clean stuff reputations. certainly there have been allegations that some of the things they have been up to in the past certainly go against the laws that are currently being introduced and that certainly be in violation of place laws so it's said that this is one way that the sultan can sort of i guess clean up his family for himself and is also seen as possibly being is legacy as implementing least these laws into. another theory that spring forward is that the country's economy is actually in decline at the moment it's typically being
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quite a wealthy country spring doing quite well for itself but over the last few years the economy has been in decline and this is one way that the government can increase its power over the people so with the economy declining that could potentially they to some unrest in the future this gives them gives the government a bit extra power. over the people ok and also the government is quite. yet. ok with the leave it there that's a matthew wolf of the bernard project in australia thanks very much for coming in thank you for your time. it's to algeria now that country's ailing president a bellas ease beautifully has resigned following weeks of nationwide protests demanding an end to his twenty year rule announcement followed demands by the north african countries powerful army chief that he step down immediately the news that
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crowds on to the streets of the capital algiers. algerian celebrate what looks like success after away five protests for twenty years the country has only seen one president. that era is supposed to end. the purchased a school had been hurt across the country and also at this plaza that's been demonstrating for weeks calling for up jealousies beautifully to step down. that we are happy with would have to cause the resignation. it's the power of the elite have to go the most oliva they must be held accountable. this is the moment demonstrators had long waited for a t.v. station broadcast images it said show to the president handing over his resignation was. the beginning of the end of quote a flick his political career came six weeks ago but he announced he would seek
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another term in office. the eighty two year old had to drop his plan after sparking nationwide protests. but the pressure continued to mount on him. one key state beautifully can i do it to step down after the country's powerful army demanded his immediate resignation. well. how decision is clear. and there is no turning back. we will support the people until the demands are fully and completely satisfied. as to departure of put if we can enough to satisfy algerians a lot of demonstrators signaled they don't just want him out they want to overhaul the entire pallister. they've taken the first step of reason enough for them to choose the whole night. the
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the the hello to her the. the west's largest and oldest military alliance nato is marking a milestone today its seventieth birthday nato was created to protect europe from the soviet union of course and the warsaw pact following their collapse after the fall of the berlin wall nato has been redefining itself and its twenty nine member states especially germany have been under mounting pressure from washington to spend more on their militaries at a press conference with nato secretary general bag e.w. washington bureau chief alexander phenomena ask president trump if he plans to keep lobbying the german chancellor over berlin's military spending. i'll be talking about you have been outspoken but germany i mean germany honestly is not paying their fair share i have great respect for angola and i have great respect for the country my father's german right was german and born in a
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a very wonderful place in germany and so i have a great feeling for germany but they're not paying what they should be paying it paying close to one percent and is supposed to be paying two percent then the united states over the years got to a point where it's paid four point three percent which is very unfair and the u.s. g.d.p. especially under me because the g.d.p. is going up so much because it's four point three of a much larger g.d.p. so we're paying for a big proportion of nato which basically is protecting europe so we're protecting europe let's go straight to brussels where nato has its headquarters and interviews terry shell standing by for us good morning terry president trump there again pressing nato allies especially germany again to spend more on their militaries as nato marks and seventieth birthday can you give us a picture of its overall financial health. that's right
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brian and let me break this down a little bit because it is very confusing this spending issue that president trump talks about all the time what he really means is that he wants european allies to spend more on their own militaries because need only has a very tiny administrative budget but it's made up of the collective militaries of its twenty nine allies so the mark by which it's measured is how much countries spend of their g.d.p. on their own defense and it's true that the united states spends far more on defense than any european country some of them are spending truly only a little bit over one percent so he does have a point and that's something that nato allies wish he would just make and consider when he has forced them to spend more on defense but they would like to move on and talk about other issues and in fact that's one reason why this this event is not at the head of state level because they didn't want president trump am seeing it and talking about nothing but spending what nato would really like for this birthday is some appreciation for wrinkles and all. we went down
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proceeded to the signing of the north atlantic treaty the seventy year old nato has faced examinations under harsh light this birthday it does have some concerns for its well being discomfort when something viral is going around occasional spikes in blood pressure should they never been allowed to happen but germany is totally controlled by russia and perhaps some self doubt that when push comes to shove its core is not as strong as it hoped to former u.s. ambassadors to nato research the biggest threat facing the alliance of seventy the transatlantic consensus the absence of strong american presidential leadership nato secretary general young stolzenberg rejects that conclusion it's just not possible to say that the united states look committed to make them because they're not the states is increasing their military contributions to nato he points to the latest example a new plan for the us to forward position heavy work fighting equipment at
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a police air base which jamie shea spent almost four decades at nato as a spokesman but also an expert in what are called emerging security challenges and while dealing with russia and its hybrid work or tactics still top the list of challenges for nato the now retired she warns the alliance must look further afield to be fit for the future because obviously china is the rising power it's already in europe of blowing up infrastructure influencing the future of alter officially teligent technology it's going to be a massively more important factor in determining twenty first century security to russia or all googly any other country outside nature of that country's insider shaping nato's future to the next enlargement will be to north macedonia which changed its name to settle a dispute with greece that earned an almost immediate invitation to join pending the approval of the other twenty nine allies. they didn't waste their time they
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didn't drag their feet and that's remarkable for an organization of twenty nine members so i think that. it's not just our desire to join it's how nato has dealt with the challenge of enlargement the chose that this is a strong forward looking and dynamic organization scope you hopes the alliance will prove this anniversary year that seventy is the new thirty. and nato likes to point out that it is still very attractive seventy because many other countries still want to join ok terry we heard there a man from a man who knows a lot about nato jamie shea in your report he's an expert on emerging threats and he says these duties extra posed to europe by china is being underestimated what are nato experts saying today about beijing. isn't that striking i mean looking at the security environment today he says that china will be
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a bigger challenge than russia is right now and that nato really needs to look at this jamie shea points out that there is no formal partnership with china you have it even with countries like jordan you certainly have the nato russia council so janey says you should really get ahead of this now before there's an adversarial relationship because china is buying up a lot of ports in europe it's it's going to buys its way into a lot of public utilities that need to be a nato disposal if there is a conflict so jamie shea says really it is the time to step up a formal partnership much like the european union is doing and he does expect that to be an issue on the agenda there in washington for us from brussels today thanks very much there. it's to ethiopia now where prime minister abi ahmed is marking one year in power the country faces daunting challenges millions of internally displaced people ethnic conflicts and a growing frustration that politics just aren't changing things fast enough but
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he's also chalked up some notable achievements and enjoys wide support among the country's people. that is ababa the capital of ethiopia there's a new energy here people have invested their hopes in their prime minister. he said you know good he brought us change and that's why i call him a prophet you don't have a you know. there's men don't much happiness in the country now because of abi but i would say i'm going to get my letter this time on. this is the man they're talking about be ahmed he's been prime minister in ethiopia for a year and in that time he's opened up the country and undertaken radical reforms our friend concluded a peace treaty with arch enemy eritrea and released thousands of political prisoners now he's treated like a pop star. some however are still withholding judgment like teacher made some muhammad she was active in the opposition and was arrested multiple times and
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demonstrations against the old regime. who were shouting again missed that different it was. just like. it's now artists i'm not on the streets i'm not shouting i'm not of the months which. may it's a comments online on current politics she finds that he has made many changes to the political system but says it's time for concrete change. as an ordinary citizen change still there is social problem that a lot of those she doesn't hold is involved job. one reason mates are stays involved is her little daughter macy hopes that ethiopia will become a more just and equitable country. the success is also shattered by ethnic conflicts that have broken out in the multi racial society this is a refugee camp. i mean i you you know has send fled here from eastern
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if you know with her family you could get the seize any they threw children in the river would they do you think they killed a pregnant women who couldn't run away use any candidate beat others with sticks with nails and them and i did the most but if you don't need to get any much better what that would lead flowed in the streets like water money the net that he had any idea. more than eighty ethnic groups live in ethiopia i mean and these women are roma driven from their home in a struggle over land and power i mean a is one of about three million people who fled. out of how do you use multiple conflicts which have opened up everywhere and this is not anything new if you look at the history of you know these transitions from but a bit of rigid dictatorship into a sort of liberal democracy that period is extremely dangerous. i mean a is slowly
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losing patience with the prime minister but she still hopes that i mean will bring stability to ethiopia so that she can go home when i want you want i want. we have some sports now and the embattled head of the german football federation had cundall has resigned it's been president of the federation since two thousand and sixteen the world's biggest sports federation by membership but he'd been facing growing criticism over payments he received as well as over decisions he made leading the powerful governing body of german football. reinhard grendel was forced to go on the defensive more and more in recent times germany's twenty eighteen world cup last year one such example but some of the criticism hit much closer to home the final straw allegations last week grendel failed to declare income of seventy eight thousand euros earned for being chairman of the federations subsidiary media company. questions over grendel's leadership style never went away
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especially his handling of the mess it was a look fair when the now retired international met and appeared to endorse turkish president richard type out of one. that overshadowed the build up to the world cup and the judgment came under the spotlight grendel was accused of scapegoating the player for germany's failure. to himself announced his resignation to the media and chose his own narrative for his downfall blaming it on reports of his inappropriate acceptance of a six thousand euro watch from an executive of european football's governing body. the teeth of a mom does the i resign as german football federation president. and i apologize for confirming prejudices against football officials with my less than exemplary action of accepting a watch you stated i night that's how people in the last month grindle who is also
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a fee for vice president walked out of a d.w.i. interview refusing to discuss funding for a fee for his controversial global nations league. get in the hands of. the former journalist if he didn't know it already now clear what it's like to feel the heat. out on the field in german football in the quarter finals of the german cup leipzig edging out to want to dramatic showdown team obama opening the scoring for scoring four lives but out spurred tied it up on the very last play of normal time leipzig wanted on a penalty late in extra time also hamburg knocked out fellow second division side power born that thanks to a pair of second half goals from pierre michel. and the bonus league club mentioned logbook will be parting ways with coach peter hacking at the end of the season that according to club officials he took the helm. at the start of two thousand and seventeen this february he rose to second in the sanding with his team but they've
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managed only one win in their last seven bonus league games. this is due to be news live from berlin we have more on these and other stories are website e.w. dot com you can also follow our youtube feed as well for now though for me brian thomas the entire team thanks for being with us.
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is really goes to the polls. could be a close race for many minutes from now israel's prime minister is still favored in the upcoming election. she say she corruption and ongoing conflicts. of slate of voters. is a political opponents have forged. close up to dealing.
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a city in ruins. maral a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims. and the christian population. when i guess fighters occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president in terrorist response was told. by dr it will never again book called. the reconquest turned into tragedy. that's not liberation at all this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did it become a gateway to islamist terror. until now you see so we come under more scrutiny as
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a result. of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of bias starts april eleventh on d w. come. yet i just got uncertain feeling on television covering the national primary election of israel's to assemble to have liquid sponsor about one hundred twenty party members on choosing candidates for the list that liquid will run in the country's parliamentary election on april ninth and the party leader and incumbent prime minister benjamin netanyahu is nick top candidates and he also has a good chance of winning the parliamentary election the best.


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