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this is deja vu news live from berlin a landmark anniversary for the world's strongest military alliance needle marks of the seventieth birthday as president trump offers warm words for the alliance's leader and another rebuke for germany. also coming up. this is a decisive moment in the story of these islands i don't require national unity to
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live up to the national interests. british prime minister theresa may and makes a last ditch effort to break the break that deadlock she is seeking and other deadlines away from brussels and offering to work with the opposition to find a way forward plots malaysia's ones powerful prime minister faces trial on corruption charges not due process stands accused of funneling billions of dollars into public money into his own pocket plus how about being swept off your feet and feeling lighter than air will take you to a party in the zero gravity. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program the west largest and oldest military alliance in nato is marking a milestone today its seventieth birth. hey nato was created to protect europe from
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the soviet union and the warsaw pact following their collapse nato has been redefining it self and its twenty nine member states especially germany have been under mounting pressure from washington to spend more on their military. at a press conference with nato secretary general again stoltenberg our washington bureau chief asked president trump if he plans to keep lobbying the german chancellor over berlin's military spending. get about if you have noticed of privilege of living in germany obviously is not paying their fair share a great respect for and i have great respect for the country my father's german right was german and born in a very wonderful place in germany and so i have a great feeling for germany but they're not paying what they should be paying it paying close to one percent and is supposed to be paying two percent then the united states over the years got to a point where it's paid four point three percent which is very unfair and the u.s.
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g.d.p. especially under me because the g.d.p. is going up so much because it's four point three of a much larger g.d.p. so we're paying for a big proportion of nato which basically is protecting europe so we're protecting you let's get more now teri schultz is standing by with the latest from brussels and terry as we heard it there the u.s. president donald trump once again calling for nato allies to spend more on defense now we have nato seventieth birthday can you give send a sas meant of the overall health of the alliance right now. sure sara but first i feel like i have to do just a little bit of fact checking from that statement there president trump's father was actually not born in germany he was born in the united states but moving on to something i'm a bit more specialized in nato budget and spending now when president says he wants countries to spend more on nato what he's actually referring to is the nato
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guideline for them spending more on their own defense nato doesn't have a big budget it's made up of all the countries the individual allies and their militaries collectively so it is true that the united states spends far more than any european government on defense double the spending in fact you've got countries like spain and belgium spending less than one percent while the u.s. spends more than four so president trump does have a point that the european militaries need to be stronger themselves to make nato stronger together but that it is very confusing and they've all acknowledged it and they wish that president trump would just say you know what i have done my part to make nato countries spend more on their own defense and take it as a win and leave that matter aside for the moment that's in fact why this is not a presidential summit for nato because they didn't want every events to be taken over by this discussion this debate over the nato budget what nato really wants for its birthday sarah is some appreciation wrinkles and all at age seventy and some hopefulness about its future. we
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regard proceed to the signing of the north atlantic treaty the seventy year old nato has faced examinations under harsh light this birthday it does have some concerns for its well being discomfort when something viral is going around occasional spikes in blood pressure should have never been allowed to happen but germany is totally controlled by russia and perhaps some self doubt that when push comes to shove its core is not as strong as it hoped to former u.s. ambassadors to nato research the biggest threat facing the alliance is seventy the transatlantic consensus the absence of strong american presidential leadership nato secretary general young stolzenberg rejects that conclusion it's just not possible to say that the united states look committed to make them because they're not the states is increasing their military contributions to nato he points to the latest
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example a new plan for the us to forward position heavy work fighting equipment at a police airbase jamie shea spent almost four decades at nato as a spokesman but also an expert in what are called emerging security challenges and while dealing with russia and its hybrid work or tactics still top the list of challenges for nato the now retired she warns the alliance must look further afield to be fit for the future because obviously china is the rising power it's already in europe of buying up infrastructure influencing the future of all to officially televisions technology it's going to be a massively more important factor in determining twenty first century security to russia or all googly any other country outside nature of the countries inside are shaping nato's future to the next enlargement will be to north macedonia which changed its name to settle a dispute with greece that earned an almost immediate invitation to join pending
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the approval of the other twenty nine allies. they didn't waste their time they didn't drag their feet and that's remarkable for an organization of twenty nine members so i think that. it's not just our desire to join it's how nato has dealt with the challenge of enlargement the chose that this is a strong forward looking and dynamic organization scope you hopes the alliance will prove this anniversary year that seventy is the new thirty. and sara nato likes to point out that it must still be a very attractive seventy year old since with all its flaws there are still countries wanting to join and one really has to wonder terry what happens now in the next seventy years i mean you have some we heard it there in that piece essentially saying that china is being underestimated as a potential threat to europe what our nato is at nato experts right now saying about. nato experts are saying that yes they do
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need to pay more attention to china that it will be a more strategic challenge bigger strategic challenge in the future than russia is now which is striking to those of us who you know cover all the twists and turns of the russian threat against nato allies and this is not the same kind of sort of little green men over the border kind of thinking what experts are saying is that it's china's financial and economic investment in europe that could really pose a threat if there were a conflict china owns stakes in more than a dozen european ports now in case of war nato and national governments would want to use those ports for their own their own purposes and without a relationship with china that would be very difficult that you need to know where you stand you need to have contracts governing such things think about the five g. network which is now a matter of very hot debate if european governments are using chinese telecoms companies and the law in china is that all communications may have to be turned
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over to the government would need those secret communications be turned over so this is a really big question and yet it's been underestimated until now but i'm told it is an agenda it is on the agenda in washington well nevertheless happy birthday nato seventy today teri schultz with the very latest from brussels thank you terry. venezuela's self declared president won by dole is challenging authorities to arrest him after being stripped of his parliamentary immunity why go has been engaged in a power struggle with president nicolas maduro for months in january he proclaimed himself president a move of mediately recognized by the united states germany and other countries. this is the constituent assembly of venezuela it was set up by president nicolas maduro in twenty seventeen to rewrite the country's constitution and many venezuelans consider the body illegitimate and more than forty countries do not
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recognize the assembly but it's these lawmakers loyal to mentor zero who have voted to strip the opposition leader and self-proclaimed president one who i don't know of his parliamentary immunity cheers and applause followed the decision. to constituent assembly as president to start okabe zero says the party unanimously voted to authorize the supreme court to prosecute quite zero for breaching a ban on leaving the country in january. madeira supporters also want quite zero to be charged with inciting violence and his efforts to oust the president and for allegedly accepting funds illegally acquired isn't backing down. do you think that by continuing to threaten us with raids with disqualification with kidnapping by persecuting my political party or unity our fellow legislators that they are going to stop was obviously they are wrong they are wrong because we are showing
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our face like always a mere going to keep doing it until we achieve permanent freedom for the country. earlier on twitter go i dos had efforts to arrest him when he met with force hinting at international support. more than fifty countries recognize gordo's self-proclaimed presidency but he has yet to win the support of venezuela's military last week the auditor general's office announced it had stripped him of the right to hold office for the next fifteen years. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world election votes at eight districts of istanbul are to be recounted after president read to tie a pair to one's a k party appealed the result the move comes after everyone's party was defeated by the opposition c.h.p. in the initial results the c.h.p. has criticized the appeal saying that a.k.p. is trying to steal the will of the people. celebrations erupted across algeria last
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night as president. announced his resignation algerians have held street demonstrations for weeks demanding that the eighty two year old not seek a fifth term on tuesday algeria's army demanded because immediate resignation. an israeli civilian has shot dead a palestinian man in the occupied west bank the israeli army and a witness say that the man had been trying to stab israelis near a military checkpoint a palestinian official has questioned israel's account thing it's. a british prime minister theresa may is due to meet with opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn in a new push for a brakes of compromise that's after announcing that she would ask the e.u. for another delay beyond the april twelfth deadline after months of political deadlock may is indicating that she wants a closer relationship with europe after all the coming days perhaps the coming
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hours could provide the answers to that question. in london a potentially important shift to reason me says she wants another extension to the briggs it deadline and will seek political consensus to break months of parliamentary deadlock i'm offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition and to try to agree a plan that we would both stick to to ensure that we leave the european union and that we do so with a deal the initial reaction from the labor party leader positive but cautious. but of course i'm very happy to meet her we need to have a discussion with the prime minister we need to ensure the parliament has an opportunity to vote on proposals that prevent us crashing out of the e.u. in the end of next week. in paris another reminder from europe of the need for britain to decide soon the french president underlining that british interests are
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the only ones that cones. notebook clearly our priority must be for proper functioning of the european union and market. the e.u. shouldn't be held hostage to a clue to cross this if you know it's a kingdom on a long time basis. berlin two didn't hide its weariness with the ongoing stalemate in westminster. the result of the talks could be a renewal of article fifty but i can't comment. to be honest i don't want to comment. we have to wait and see what the view is in london. we're long past the deadline they must know that in london it. is. the e.u. will have to agree any extension to the brig's it date france and germany are the only skeptical voices. now a law has gone into force in the state of bernard today that makes gay sex and
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adultery capital offenses punishable by death the country's strictly applied islamic law has sparked an international outcry with the u.n. calling it cruel and inhumane for nice new penal code introduces death by stoning as a punishable offense homosexual acts and adultery and bernard sultan. has commented on the international criticism against his country sharia law and this is what he had to say writhing in the gust. i got up tonight as a small nation we always prioritize our prayers to all. driven by our national philosophy of them away islamic monarchy that has existed for many hundreds of years. and we got a response about phil robertson he is the deputy director of human rights watch as
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asia division he says that the threat of death by stoning should be taken seriously . we have to believe that they will in our system they have said they're serious about it and you know this is a medieval kind of punishment this is something that doesn't really belong in the twenty first century it's shocking to us that. we think that they should halt the implementation of this law and take it back to the drawing board and start over again the former prime minister of malaysia has gone on trial for his alleged role in a massive corruption scandal is accused of misappropriating four and a half billion dollars from a state development fund if convicted of the charges the sixty five year olds could face life in jail he was malaysia's prime minister for a decade until losing last year's election he comes from a powerful political dynasty his father and grandfather all fled the country. and our south east asia correspondent joins us now from bangkok for more on this story
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so last stand i mean this is the first of several trials that not just faces how wide ranging are the charges of the charges range from money laundering abuse of power to criminal breach of trust and as you said this is only the first trial and in this trial seven charges are being brought against him if he's convicted on only one of them he could face up to twenty years in prison and considering the fact as you said sara that he's already sixty five years old when all of this is said and done and all the trials are over at some point it's not unlikely that he'll end up with a combined prison sentence if he's convicted on these charges that will place him behind bars for the rest of his life sara so given that how deeply has this case shaken up politics there in malaysia. well for
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sure it's outraged many malaysians and you can see that because if you look back to two thousand and fifteen and when the when all of this became public and that led to huge public protests and also in two thousand and sixteen in the last year it led to this historic election result which unseated the bison that's you know which is the ruling coalition or up to that point at least had been ruling malaysia for sixty one years and it's the first time there there was a change in power an interesting lee enough it brought back former prime minister and former mentor of najib razak marketeer mohamed in your force ran on the promise of draining the swamp before the sake of using that expression and to get to the bottom of this scandal sara. but we know the current prime minister has promised to recover the stolen money it's billions of dollars has he been making good on
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that vow while the government is certainly trying to just now they sold off a luxury yacht that was allegedly bought with those embezzled funds and they sold it off for one hundred twenty six million u.s. dollars also when the police raided some of the. properties a while back they recovered some three hundred million us dollars worth of luxury items jewelry watches and also cash but that's all just a drop in the ocean because as you said there's four point five billion u.s. dollars that are missing and the malaysian finance minister has already admitted that realistically they're only likely to get around one third of that amount back sara. and heartache thank you very much. now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world the u.s.
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city of chicago has elected its first black female and openly gay mayor laurie lightfoot defeated her opponent by a landslide the political novice told her supporters they have created a movement for change the issue of gun violence economic inequality and political corruption dominating the campaign. thailand is preparing to hand out face masks at an upcoming summit of regional finance ministers in chiang rai as the country struggles with soaring air pollution across nine northern provinces authorities have already given nearly two million masks to the residents in the region. still to come on the program we'll visit a party that picks up more than just your spirits. but first now we're heading to ethiopia where the prime minister abi ahmed is marking one year in power the country faces daunting challenges millions of
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internally displaced people ethnic conflicts and growing frustration the politics isn't changing fast enough but he's also chalked up some notable achievements and enjoys wide support among the country's people. addis ababa the capital of ethiopia there's a new energy here people have invested their hopes in their prime minister. he said no good he brought us chains and that's why i call him a prophet you don't have a you know. there's men don't much happiness in the country now because of abi but i'm. going to get my leg this time on. this is the man they're talking about be ahmed he's been prime minister in ethiopia for year and in that time he's opened up the country and undertaken radical reforms and concluded a peace treaty with arch enemy eritrea and released thousands of political prisoners now he's treated like
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a pop star. some however are still withholding judgment like teacher made some muhammad she was active in the opposition and was arrested multiple times in demonstrations against the old regime. who were shouting against the different it was. denied to swat. but now activists i'm not on the streets i'm not shouting i'm not i've been months ration. mates a comments online on current politics she finds that he has made many changes to the political system but says it's time for a concrete change. as an ordinary citizen. still there is a problem that he owes she doesn't hold this involves the job. one reason may exist days involved as her little daughter mansi hopes the ethiopian will become a more just and equitable country. success is also shattered by ethnic conflicts that have broken out in the multi racial
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society this is a refugee camp. i mean you know your house then fled here from eastern if you know with her family. you get pick up seize any they threw children in the river. they killed a pregnant women who couldn't run away any kind i think people with sticks with nails on them and i did the most but if they did and if you did any much better much that i would lead flowed in the streets like water any mean it could be handy i. more than eighty ethnic groups live in ethiopia. and these women are a rumor driven from their home in a struggle over land and power i mean a is one of about three million people who fled. to see how do you respond to conflicts which i've opened up everywhere and this is not anything new if you look at the history of you know these transitions from but a bit of rigid dictatorship into
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a sort of liberal democracy that period is extremely dangerous. i mean it's slowly losing patience with the prime minister but she still hopes that i mean i will bring stability to ethiopia so that she can go home you know i want one now to another shameful incident of racist abuse in the top tiers of european football this time aimed at a nineteen year old morse a k. enough italy is league leader ventus they were locked in a tight game at their rival. day when cain managed a game clinching goal and celebration was aimed at the home fans. who'd been hurling abuse things got so bad that the opposing captain offered for touch and now to own teammates we're not zero zero nicci is coming under fire for saying that the blame is fifty fifty and that cain should not have provoked the fans of the
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celebration. well now here is one way to get rid of that sinking feeling and event company teams up with the european space agency flies to lucky guests and the earth's upper atmosphere and then literally sweeps them off their feet here's what it's like. how does it feel to be an astronaut in space. fifty celebrity guests of the zero gravity club found out at a party on board an airplane. musicians artists social media stars and athletes from the world over check in at frankfurt airport for their adventure in weightlessness. they head off to board the airbus a three ten which is normally used by astronauts for weightlessness training these passengers won't need a spacesuit though just
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a healthy dose of hardiness. at an altitude of eight thousand five hundred meters the fun begins first the passengers are way down at twice the force of gravity then suddenly they lift off. on the way. to. the procedure is then repeated the plane flies of course much like a roller coaster. the organizers worked with experienced astronauts for the project. the microphone is in white this mess when it goes from one one hundred the other if i gem like this. my feet out of the ground it's brought here above my head this is what we do with the aircraft in the event organizers specialize in unusual parties this year zero gravity class has brought them lots of publicize this is the
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second weightless party they've thrown in patented only last about six minutes. six minutes of fun you're watching news coming up next. germany's young entrepreneurs hoping to make it big in the united states and that is on that name here on t.w. i'm sara kelly amber let's begin so much for watching after to. mock. the a.
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car in years of the world at their feet but success can be a roller coaster ride a combo for a modern kind of person do you have to be to bet everything on the whole of the
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docks to go your own way even if that path is fraught with risk by entering spirits the phenomenon and its economic impact. made in germany. small consumer big changes. the people making it possible to go africa. fantastic right joining them as they set out to save the environment. to learn from one another. and work together for a better future. see for yourself. in sixty minutes on d w.
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what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos guild not a good job you correspondent alan baker can stretch this vacuum line to the rules set by the team. cuts. stamping recipes for success a strategy that makes a difference. baking bread on d w. o but bosch corny henry ford back born in different eras and on different continents and yet they all have something in common they are all pioneers of
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industry with ideas and innovations they tried new ground and made a success of it welcome to made in this week's edition we want to look at.


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