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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin the resoundingly endorsement of nato despite transatlantic strains secretary general again stoltenberg addresses the u.s. congress to make a pitch for unity as he marked a nato seventieth anniversary and the projected a new arms race with russia we'll take you live to washington also on the program which is prime minister theresa may hold talks with opposition leader jeremy called him to try and break the president deadlock that is just nine days left to avoid a chaotic divorce really your opinion. i dare you to arrest rate the
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challenge from venezuela self-proclaimed president one quite out of the country's government controlled assembly strip him of his parliamentary immunity. i'm still going to welcome to the program. later secretary-general jensen stoltenberg said the alliance is not seeking a new arms race or a cold war with russia but he called for greater efforts to terence and for member countries to increase their defense spending he was addressing a joint meeting of both chambers of the u.s. congress to mark a nato seventieth anniversary at the entrance to the nato headquarters in belgium that ought to monuments wong a piece of the berlin wall. this signed to keep people in and ideas out it's
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faint the other monument is a twisted steel beam from the north tower or the world trade center memorial to the ordinary people going about their business on an ordinary day when the unthinkable happened a memorial to the two thousand nine hundred seventy seven people who lost their lives on nine eleven a reminder. almost all laws stood we do not that states in its hour of. i will take a closer look at young stolberg speech with the doctor's washington bureau chief of . the capitol building welcome how did his words go down. i think they went down very well here in the joint session of congress he got
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a lot of applause and even standing ovations particularly when he talked about the role the past played in the alliance he called america a backbone of the alliance he said that we would not have a peaceful and prosperous europe we have today without the sec rafah is and the commitment of the united states but he also tried to convince the members of congress that this alliance is of course also very important for the u.s. and that's why he mentioned one eleven nine eleven because it was the first and the only time in that time that snape to invoked article five the article of. defense and that was his way of trying to collective defense i'm sorry that was his way of trying to convince the congress how important the alliance is for the you
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asked and we have to say that the speech writers of his address they seemed to be a plus on the american audience ok so the warm reception from congress was in marked contrast to the president's skepticism what does that tell us. well it was very important i think to address congress in this speech because in congress the support for need to remains very strong and because the congress can really help to sustain this support we saw it last year when the senate voted with overwhelming majority to back we saw it this year when the house of representatives voted for the so-called sneed to support act that would prohibit the use of federal funds to withdraw from need to so it was once
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again very important to stress how important nato is knowing that there is a lot of support in both chambers of congress for the alliance and the secretary general also called on members to increase their spending according president trumps criticisms will he be reassured by this address of briefly if you wouldn't mind. yes i think that the president would like to solve them back said here because he once again praised president trumps leadership saying that he's message on this topic was very strong and that this message is already having an impact it's everywhere washington bureau chief i was on for norman thank you so much. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world you has launched fresh action against poland over its controversial judicial reforms european commission has found that under the new system judges can be punished
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simply for acting independently or so is already subject to a president to the rule of law proceedings that could see poland lose its voting rights. votes in eight districts of istanbul of being recounted after president present time the ones aka party challenge sunday's local elections. the move comes after the i k p was defeated by the opposition c.h.p. in the initial count c.h.p. has criticised the you using the k.p. of trying to steal the will of the people. celebrations erupted across algeria last night as president abdelaziz bouteflika announce his resignation which has not been officially confirmed by the country's constitutional council have held weeks of mass demonstrations demanding that the ailing eighty two year old step. british prime minister recently has been holding talks with the opposition opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn and a new push for
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a compromise on bracks said this is may announced on tuesday that she would ask the e.u. for another delay beyond april twelfth deadline to try and avoid crashing out of the block without it being the top of the labor have angered the hardliners in her own conservative party they fear a compromise could lead to the u.k.'s taking a close economic ties leaves the e.u. . to get more data because for that shot. so the meeting has now finished what have you heard. so the meeting between jeremy called an end to resign may lasted two hours and according to call been has gone very well and further talks are expected so there has not been a final agreement reached yet but apparently this is the way to move forward here in london and that would mean that they would have to pass her was drawled agreement with the support of the major party in parliament and that the two leaders would then agree on a new way forward for the political declaration so for the pod of this divorce bill
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that would regulate the future relationship between the u.k. and the european union and that could also mean that the two would agree on a softer exit on moving forwards more towards a customs union agreement and this would be something that. labor m.p.'s could rally behind and that might just be the new way out of this breaks a deadlock here in london ok so the opening bell leaders are agreed that the opening round has gone well just to reset my party behind this because she lost two more ministers today. yes she absolutely does not have a party behind behind her on this one and you just mentioned two ministers resigned today amongst the brics administer he says thirty years minister had to resign in her administration that's quite a lot and they've been saying it was the grace to talk with jeremy called in to
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find a compromise with the labor party has been also a motion and parliament drawn up by angry tory m.p.'s asking to cuts to rescind my salary and hard because she has not been bringing forward the bricks talk so a lot of angry tory m.p.'s the rhetoric really heating up within the party saying it's a it was a punch in the face that she talked to jeremy called and comparing him to chamberlayne who gave to the nazis so rhetoric really heating up and she is theresa may is risking to split her tory party with this move to find a compromise with jeremy cotton i what about. labor party how do they feel there are term proselytising with the enemy. well a lot of them are on board and they want the deal. some have been wanting to leave the european union all along and stay happy that finally two
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recently is reaching out across the party and trying to find a new way forward saying that he's caving in and that the promises that theresa may is making might not be held up by a future prime minister when the talks are happening with the european union and future relationships that there might be a hard line break city of prime minister a from the tory party and that the promises that may might agree on with corba now might not hold up we just have to remember parliament here is extremely divided they remain divided and time is really ticking next week is the e.u. summit and until then the u.k. has to find a way forward and at the moment it seems to most likely that this is the way forward that jeremy corbyn and theresa may are agreeing upon. london thank you. now to venezuela where the country's self-proclaimed president why does is challenging authority to arrest him after
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being stripped of his parliamentary immunity has been engaged in a power struggle with president nicolas maduro since january when he proclaimed himself president a move that was immediately recognized by the united states and germany amongst other countries. this is the constituent assembly and that is way law it was set up by president nicolas maduro in twenty seventeen to rewrite the country's constitution and many venezuelans consider the body illegitimate and more than forty countries do not recognize the assembly but it's these lawmakers loyal to madeira who have voted to strip the opposition leader and self-proclaimed president one who i don't know of his parliamentary immunity cheers and applause followed the decision. the constituent assembly president just thought ok oh says the party unanimously voted to authorize the supreme court to prosecute quite a for breaching
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a ban on leaving the country in january. and your supporters also want to be charged with inciting violence and his efforts to oust the president and for allegedly accepting funds illegally acquired isn't backing down. do you think that by continuing to threaten us with raids with disqualification with kidnapping. by persecuting my political party or unity our fellow legislators that they are going to stop was obviously they are wrong they are wrong because we are showing our face like always a mirror going to keep doing it until we achieve permanent freedom for the country . earlier on twitter go i dos said efforts to arrest him would have met with force hinting at international support. more than fifty countries recognize quite a self-proclaimed presidency but he has yet to win the support of venezuela's military last week the auditor general's office announced it had stripped him of
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the right to hold office for the next fifteen years. now to another incidence of racist abuse in the top tier of european football this time aimed at nineteen year old morsi came in place for italy's league leaders you venters they were locked in a tight game of rivals colliery when cain scored a game clinching go and empty celebrations of the home fans who have been chanting abuse things got so bad the opposing captain offered protection and i came to own team maybe another a week she has come under fire for saying that the blame is fifty fifty and that karina should not have provoked the fans with his celebrations. in the quarterfinals of the german cup leipsic edged out two one in a dramatic showdown team of open the scoring for leipsic but out spurred equalized on the very last play of normal time leipzig what is on the penalty late in extra time also how it worked out fellow second division side possible thanks to
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a pair of second half goals from michel less saga. i was reminded of our top stories at this hour nato secretary general. is not seeking a new. cold war with russia in a speech to the u.s. congress very organization since seventy thousand first rick also called for members to increase their defense spending. britain's prime minister theresa may has been holding talks with opposition leader jeremy colvin and a new push for a compromise on threats that i saw after an arson shipment as the e.u. for another delay built the new april twelfth definitely. don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just down the road i. want to give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for i think breaking news here also use it to send the photos and video.
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