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this is g.w. news from berlin tonight standing ovations in the u.s. congress a resulting indorsement of nato despite donald trump's trans-atlantic tensions nato secretary general. appeals for unity in an address to the u.s. congress to mark nato seventieth anniversary he rejects a new arms waist race with russia we'll go live to washington for reaction also
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coming up tonight british prime minister theresa may holds talks with opposition leader jeremy corbyn to try and break the brakes it deadlock with just nine days left to avoid a divorce from the european union and a cloud of controversy in italian football a player for you ventus becomes the target of resist abuse from the fans at an away match on tuesday but the player is drawing criticism as well tell you what. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight we begin with nato the secretary general and bag says that the alliance is not seeking a new arms race or a second cold war with russia he did say though. today that he was calling for
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greater efforts at deterrence and for member countries to increase their defense spending calls that we've heard before and he was addressing a joint meeting of both chambers of the u.s. congress to mark nato's seventieth anniversary at the entrance to the nato headquarters in belgium there are two moments warm the piece of the berlin wall the signed to keep people in and out it fade and the other moment is a twisted steel beam from the north tower of the world trade center. and the morial to the ordinary people going about their business on an ordinary day when the unthinkable happened a memorial to the two thousand nine hundred seventy seven people who lost their lives on line eleven a reminder of how all nato allies stood would you not the states in its hour of
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need. have that was instilled in there speaking before the u.s. congress earlier today so what about reaction to what he said our bureau chief in washington alexander phenomenas spoke with. he's the head of the munich security conference and she asked him hell nato needs to recalibrate its strategic direction in a changing security environment. i think what the future. will will put to nato in terms of new challenges is first and foremost how can nato deal with react to the new role of china. what role can nato take for all native members in managing new technologies you know when we think about the military about defense about
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security in the past we talked about the number of tanks for example. in the next ten fifteen twenty years the question will no longer be about the number of tanks the number the question will be about artificial intelligence about resilience against cyber attacks against the ability to conduct operations etc so it will all be about technology we equipped to handle that can we compete with china. can there be a nato role should there be a need of on that these on the new questions if you as president trumps persistent call for increased defense spending helping or hurting the cause. well as far as my own country is concerned i think there's a big problem here we should of course not simply react to what is perceived as an american demand for us to spend two percent what should
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happen in germany is that we should examine ourselves what in our view are our needs to defend our borders our nation our people our alliance commitments and then we should come out with a precise definition of our needs instead of reacting to something which others are demanding from us that is why the. this debate trump criticizing germany for not doing enough is actually not very helpful on the other hand maybe it has been a necessary and useful wake up call for many germans who have become a little complacent with the post unification period of peace that we have actually enjoyed in the center of your. that was wolfgang ischinger there the head of the munich security conference speaking to our washington bureau chief earlier we're now to another incident of racist abuse in the top two years of european football
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this time aimed at nineteen year old boys a cain who plays for italy's league leaders you venters know they were locked in a tight game that rivals. scored a game clinching goal and then it was his celebration he aimed a celebration at the home fans who had been chanting abuse and things got so bad that the opposing captain offered protection now cain's owned teammate leonardo baluchi has come under fire for saying that the blame is fifty fifty and that cain should not have provoked the fans with his celebrations well you've got to be kidding all right presence of our sports this year the talk about this explained to me is he's being criticized for how he celebrated. a victory a goal a goal after he had been the target of raises abuse and i think up
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a new chief argument his team made a huge hit this was your kind of provoking the reaction ok and strangely enough the opposing coach had a similar comment you know and it just goes to show and baluchis mindset clearly there's a double standard because he has a team a christian or naldo that has like a world renowned goal celebration and we consider that this is a professional and his place of work and he's in his office so to speak and to have to sit there and endure racial slurs thrown at you every time you come near the ball is a disgrace a former barcelona and manchester city midfielder yeah yeah touring with the is a game in and set that as well aiming at the new cheese saying if your teammate is say that that shouldn't happen you should be celebrating like that it's a disgrace let me do the message there is if you are the target of this type of abuse and you happen to be doing well on the pitch you know just keep it keep it
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cool because the drug control. yeah that seems to be the case right now at least that you know that's what or half of the people are saying that what they did in this instance is they stopped the action and that's something that the officials you know have been conditioned to do things about the action to see if they can calm the crowd down the event as head coach had an issue with that he had reservations about that he feel he felt that you shouldn't stop the action to try to. resolve the situation and and he is well felt that the player should not have provoked that reaction you know from the crowd but you know it's just a sad reality and we've seen this quite often he's gotten support oh he's never going to ask you but he has gone support he said gotten support you know the euros twenty twenty qualification is going on right now right in sterling an englishman who plays at man city he was recently in a match versus montenegro and he was on the receiving end of some racial slurs and he recently you know when it's a graham following his teammate bucci ok let me backtrack but you try to say face
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a bit and said he posted a shot of he in. as a together came together say no to racism so in response ryan sterling said you can do nothing but laugh at that now yeah you know and a lot of players obviously players that have received like this are all you know echoing support you know for this young man but it's unfortunate you had to consider his age and consider you know what it must be like you're living your dream but you're you're also living somewhat of a nightmare actually exactly and this is not just a problem that we're seeing in italy is it you know just recently in germany the image of the twenty twenty euros going on in there was a match one fan had complained because fans behind him he was with his daughter fans behind him were screaming racial slurs towards towards li race i'm a player for the german national team who has you know after an african ethnicity as well as a turkish player going to want as well we've even seen it in south america across.
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the ocean just recently in bolivia a striker was lined up to take a corner and he just walked off the pitch because he was fed up and he actually addressed the issue this is said is we're looking at this issue there he is walking off the pitch there and he addressed the press say listen my family and friends are watching this at home and if i don't make a stand against it it just shows i'm tolerating this and that's the wrong message to teach the youth so you know the organizers are going to look at the one issue that recently recently happened in italy the way to the end of the week to maybe dish out some sort of punishment that remains to be seen but it's definitely. the beautiful game that's usually. always chris thank you ok. all right here's a bit of the stories now that are making headlines around the world the european union has launched fresh action against poland over its controversial judicial reforms the european commission has found that under the new system judges can be
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punished simply for acting independently or sol is already subject to unprecedented rule of law proceedings that could see poland lose its voting rights celebrations erupted across algeria last night as a president a bell as easy beautifully announced his resignation which is now officially been officially confirmed by the country's constitutional council argyria and have held weeks of mass demonstrations demanding that the ailing eighty two year old step down the. votes in eight districts of istanbul are being recounted after president richard tell you better ones a key party challenge to sunday's local election results the move comes after the he was defeated by the opposition which is known as the c.h.p. in the initial kill the c.h.p. has criticized the appeal accusing the a.k.p. of trying to steal the will of the people. of. venezuela is self-proclaimed
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president one is challenging authorities to arrest him after being stripped of his parliamentary immunity mr wind has been a gauge of the power struggle with president nicolas maduro since january when he proclaimed himself president a move that was immediately recognized by the united states germany and other countries. this is the constituent assembly and that is way law it was set up by president nicolas maduro in twenty seventeen to rewrite the country's constitution many venezuelans consider the body illegitimate and more than forty countries do not recognize the assembly but it's these lawmakers loyal to madeira who have voted to strip the opposition leader and self-proclaimed president one who i don't know of his parliamentary immunity cheers and applause followed the decision. the constituent assembly president to start okabe
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zero says the party unanimously voted to authorize the supreme court to prosecute quite zero for breaching a ban on leaving the country in january. madeira supporters also want quite zero to be charged with inciting violence in his efforts to oust the president and for allegedly accepting funds illegally acquired isn't backing down. do you think that by continuing to threaten us with raids with disqualification with kidnapping by persecuting my political party or unity our fellow legislators that they are going to stop us over slowly they are wrong they are wrong because we are showing our face like always a mirror going to keep doing it until we achieve permanent freedom for the country . earlier on twitter go i dos said efforts to arrest him when he met with force hinting at international support. more than fifty countries
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recognize quite a self-proclaimed presidency but he has yet to win the support of venezuela's military last week the auditor general's office announced it had stripped him of the right to hold office for the next fifteen years. well it's been almost eighteen months since accusations of sexual assault against hollywood producer harvey weinstein launched what would become the me too movement has spread across the globe but in mexico the campaign has been almost nonexistent until now our very own reporter only has the story so tell me what has changed so for the last year and a half the me too movement in mexico has been limited to a few women in the film industry who like other places have come out with allegations of sexual misconduct within their industry that's until last week when an activist a mexican activist her name is anna gonzalez she published as you say sions on twitter against a young writer now she wrote that this man has
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a huge list of women who have come out to report that he beat them and that is one of them is a person from my close circle now that you know do not endorse the beaches so this is what started it all. expressed her. voice for a need for amy to campaign in mexico specifically for rights as and and the response was immediate not only among rights as all of these twitter accounts that are popping up this you know me too me too for musicians me too for the film industry for journalists for academia and so on and as a woman have been using these platforms to anonymously posts or kinds of i think stations ranging from workplace bullying to accusations of sexual misconduct by celebrities and. you not so pleasant consequences yes. that's right so
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on monday the mexican rock star mundo vega he committed suicide after being accused of sexual misconduct against a young woman she was thirteen at the time more than a decade ago. her anonymous letter was posted to one of these twitter accounts on sunday and in it she wrote he told me that i should go back to his house and he wanted to teach me how to kiss he told me things that were increasingly disgusting and explicitly sexual until i got really scared and then just one day later amanda vega feel himself post that his suicide letter to twitter before taking his own life. he wrote i will say this categorically this accusation is false i will lose my job as it relies on my public credibility my life is over and there is no way out let me make it clear that my death is not a confession of guilt on the contrary it's a strong declaration of my innocence so other women have been publishing similar
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accusations on the street for a count against they get he'll. over the question that many people are asking themselves is why he chose to take his own life rather than trying to clear his own name going through the legal system there were never no know. what happens now. at least one mexican states have come out and now is that they will investigate abuse within the journalism industry after this kind of revival of me to mexico but many women have said that they don't trust the legal system in mexico and that's why they chose to stay anonymous in the first place. just makes mexico has a big problem with gender violence the un for example they estimate that nine women are killed every day in mexico and the metro in mexico city is dangerous for and two in five women have experienced sexual violence and you know huge numbers. so the enemy maty of these twitter accounts have you know really been important and
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the reason why many people tend to social media in the first place rather than going to the authorities and now the women behind this the journalism twitter account they have said they will pursue some of these stories or with the with the consent of the accusers. terrible situation there all the way around thanks very much the for shit. well here in germany an independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has called for an end to taboos around the subject so that people traumatized as children can heal in adulthood after three years work the inquiry has published an interim report based on testimony from seventeen hundred people our next report tells the story of one abuse survivor in the former communist east germany where talking about such experiences was specially difficult. corrina towel high
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returns to the scene of the crime every day in one thousand nine hundred four she spent nearly six months in a closed juvenile home in talk out where east german youth was severely abused physically and sexually today she works here supporting other survivors who are trying to process what happened to them was bombed from want of change in the beginning it was difficult as for me i had somewhat moved on when i got a key to the building. now i have the power now i can close the door when i want i can also open it when i want to and i can go out and i'm not locked in my i'm just free to come out and been i've been invited five today the talk out juvenile home is a memorial in communist east germany children regarded as rebellious or stubborn were locked up here even after german reunification many find it hard to believe that anyone was tortured and degraded at the home with her in a towel hi i was sexually abused. my own people my perpetrator was the director
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of the juvenile homes in my opinion his physique prevented him from performing sexual acts. but instead he had them performed on him. as a from this i can assure me that was the worst thing that could have happened to me here. just how many of the roughly four thousand institutionalized children here were sexually abused is not yet known but it has long been clear that these were not isolated incidents. for the past three years and independent commission has been investigating the reports of sexual abuse they've spoken with nine hundred survivors for many it was the first time they had been able to tell anyone about what happened sexual abuse is still to boo and that's part of the problem. it's the. the silence protects the perpetrators and enables. further crimes that's
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why it's also so important for victims everywhere to have the possibility to talk without being discredited again the question when deathy but you must question the annoyed if i may have to be. kareena tell hi i'm also told the commission her story she hopes that her suffering will be recognized by the state. we haven't received any compensation at all we've slipped through all the systems cracks all the aid systems as institutionalized children. so that's another cruelty for what we've endured. not one of the proper traitors from the juvenile home was ever prosecuted for sexual abuse but survivors of the peace must live with those memories to this day. british prime minister to resume a reached across the political deval i did today she held talks with opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn in a new push for
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a compromise on brics it amuses me in tuesday that she would ask the european union for yet another delay beyond the april twelfth deadline that she wants to avoid crashing out of the european union with a deal next week the talks with labor have angered the hardliners into reason may's conservative party they fear a compromise could lead to the u.k.'s seeking closure economic ties once it leaves the european union. for the next installment of our birds. on the trail of the point she's standing by for us and good evening to you gillard and so both sides calling this meeting constructive. and i guess we'll have to take them at their word what comes next. well that both sides say they have shown some flexibility and they have appointed on both sides at
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negotiating teams that meeting later tonight and also over the course of tomorrow and the hope is that they are going to find some mutual ground and that they are going to move towards each other just a little bit and we have to say there is mutual ground that they could work with both sides don't really want the freedom of movement of people anymore both sides in general want breaks it and both sides want to avoid and no deal labor wants to move towards a customs union that might be something that may could get around to so it could it be. seymour and it seems like there could be some mutual ground that they could rally to war it's so that labor in the end would get behind may steal and bring that through parliament and theory. theresa may has already said. it was out of the question because that would again deny the u.k. the right to conduct its own trade negotiations for example so now she's turning
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she's willing to talk about. that is going to make some members in the among the tories very angry as. oh it has made them very angry today we really heated rhetoric that it was a grave mistake from me to meet with a marxist and like corben that she is frank trying to find ground really doesn't sit well in her policy we've seen two ministers resigning among some of the bricks that minister that was working on a no deal scenario he resigned as well and there was a motion drawn up in parliament by some of her m.p.'s that wanted to see her salary cut into the hof and basically stripped her of control of the bricks of process so a lot of anger in the tory party and may is really risking with this move to try and find a compromise with called and to split up her conservative party and what about the pressure on jeremy corbett within his own party i mean how do you feel about the
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head of labor for under nineteen with the head of the conservatives. well some really want to see a compromise they want to move past this political standstill of the past couple of years they want to put van gogh prints on a soft of bricks if may move towards that so there is some positive reaction to this from labor pushing jeremy corbyn towards a second referendum and saying this is all a trap and she shouldn't go for it so a lot of divide they're still in the labor party as well our correspondents on the story for us tonight in london showed off to thank you. in showing the three d. printing is booming the chinese have embraced this cutting edge technology in all areas of industry and manufacturing now it's even used in a form of plastic surgery on the dearly departed funeral home or creating
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a facial and full body mold for those who don't live in fires accidents and natural disasters we have more now in this report. the quest for eternal beauty using three d. printing technology military beauticians at this funeral home in one show can create modern day death masks and full body molds of the deceased. the technique involves scanning images of body parts into a computer which is then printed and finally has to create the costs. down you create a male mold and then we model a more detailed female mold using gypsum plaster charwoman. by injecting silica gel into the female mold so we create the surface of the face. and then we work on the hair and makeup. associated with traditionally so-called death care workers use
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plasticine and pastor to repair and reshape disfigured facial features three d. printing technology trusting speeds up the process with a full restoration taking around a week for this funeral home in china there is beauty and death as there is in life . you're watching the news next up a conflict zone with the president of the international criminal court in the spotlight i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see of the.
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the fun. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful news international criminal court has a new enemy in washington the jump administration has accused it of having no
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legitimacy and says it wants it to my guest this week here in the hague is chilling about sujit who is the president of the i.c.c. how can he defend the organization against such powerful conflicts so for the next detail the for. me takes good personal e. i already with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans and all my son by a mock up more than football on line you know that seventy seven percent blocking are younger than six o'clock. that's me. and. you know
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a lot of time all voices. on this seventy seven percent talk about the stock market up. front. politics a flash from housing boom boom town this is why a. welcome to the seventy seven percent. of people six g.w. . i think that's actually one of the question you should cost kingfish using remarkably complacent about the fact that the most powerful country on the you sent you can hunt seemed dead what do you think is complacency the international criminal court set up to charge the worst crimes on the planet as a new enemy in washington the trumpet ministration was accused of having no legitimacy and says it wants it to die my guess this week here in the hague is
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sujit always be president of the i.c.c. how could he defended.


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