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on d.-day. this is t w news wire from berlin tonight standing ovations in the u.s. congress a resulting indorsement of nato despite president trumps skepticism the secretary general against open bag appealing for unity in an address to the u.s. congress to mark nato seventieth anniversary but he says there will not be a new arms race with russia also coming up tonight across the political divide the british prime minister to resign may hold talks with opposition leader jeremy corbett to try and break the brics it deadlock with just nine days left to avoid
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a chaotic divorce from the european union and a cloud of controversy over italian football a player for you've been to becomes the target of racist abuse from fans and in a way match on tuesday but the player himself is now in drawing criticism as well we'll tell you what. i bring goffin it's good to have you with us nato secretary general younes stoltenberg has been given a warm reception by the u.s. congress almost as if some members of congress were aiming at a deliberate snub at president down strong he has been notably skeptical about nato the north atlantic treaty organization is seventy years old today and it's the
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occasion for still begs address to congress and he says that the alliance is not seeking a new arms race or a new cold war with russia but he is calling for greater efforts at deterring. a historic chance for young stoltenberg the first nato chief to address a joint meeting of the us congress he sought to shore up support for the alliance at a time of transatlantic tension. america has been the backbone of our alliance it has been for the mental to european security and for our freedom we would not have that peaceful and prosperous europe we see today with out the sacrifice and the commitment of the united states for your enduring support i thank you today. has long look to washington for leadership the president has questioned the value of your life he's also demanded that member states shoulder more of
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nato's financial burden stolzenberg said trump's words are having an effect of the years of reducing defense budgets all our losses stop the cuts and all of us have increased our defense spending before they were cutting billions now they are adding billions. stoltenberg also warned of the threat posed by an increasingly assertive russia including a military buildup in eastern europe. nato has no intention of deploying land based nuclear missiles in europe but nato will always take the necessary steps to provide credible and effective terence. echoes of the cold war even as nato moves to confront a growing number of twenty first century threats. while our bureau chief in washington is alexander phenomenon she followed events for us today on capitol hill she sent us this report. yes stoltenberg address to congress seems to go down well
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with the american audience especially when he praised the role do you as played in forming nato coing america the backbone of the alliance but sultan burke's point was also to illustrate that nato has been beneficial for partners on those sites of the atlantic the fact that the us has profited from nato is something the current you asked president often tends to forget when he criticizes the alliance. and alexander also spoke with both growing issue head of the munich security conference he's in washington this week and she asked him does nato need to change the way it seems itself i think what the future. will will put to nato in terms of new challenges is first and foremost how can nato deal with react to the new role of china. what role
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can nato take for all native members in managing new technologies you know when we think about the military about defense about security in the past we talked about the number of tanks for example. in the next ten fifteen twenty years the question will no longer be about the number of tanks the number the question will be about artificial intelligence about resilience against cyber attacks against the ability to conduct operations etc so it will all be about technology we equipped to handle that can we compete with china. can there be a nato role should there be a need of on that these are the new questions if you as president trump persistent call for increased defense spending helping or hurting the cause. well as far as my own country is concerned i think there is
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a big problem here we should of course not simply react to what is perceived as an american demand for us to spend two percent what should happen in germany is that we should examine ourselves what in our view are our needs to defend our borders our nation our people our alliance commitments and then we should come out with a precise definition of our needs instead of reacting to something which others are demanding from us that is why the. this debate trump criticizing germany for not doing enough is actually not very helpful on the other hand maybe it has been a necessary and useful wake up call for many germans who have become a little complacent with the post unification period of peace that we have actually
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enjoyed in the center of your. it was both going ischinger the head of the munich security conference here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the german cabinet has passed a law that would strip dual nationals of their german citizenship if they fight for a terrorist group such as so-called islamic state the new law would not be applied retroactively and it would also not affect minors the european union has launched fresh action against poland over its controversial judicial reforms and european commission has found that under the new system judges can be punished as simply for acting independently warsaw is already subject to unprecedented proceedings that could see the country losing its voting rights in europe. the international red crescent is boosting relief efforts in parts of iran affected by severe flooding twenty six of the country's thirty one provinces have been hit by heavy rainfall
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which began in mid march more than sixty people have died in the disaster. british prime minister to resign may reached across the political divide today's she held talks with opposition labor leader jeremy corbett in a new push for a compromise on bright shit i'm a announced on tuesday that she will ask the european union for yet another delay beyond the a full twelfth deadline she wants to avoid crashing out of the european union without a deal now the talks with labor have angered breaks that hardliners in her conservative party they fear that a compromise could lead to the u.k. seeking closer economic ties with europe once it leaves the european union. for the next installment of our breaks the saga i'm joined by a correspondent for a lot of what she's standing by for us in london good evening to you she logs in so
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both sides call. well in this meeting constructive. have to take them at their word what comes next. well that both sides say they have shown some flexibility and now they have appointed on both sides negotiating teams that meeting later tonight and also over the course of tomorrow and the hope is that they are going to find some mutual ground and that they are going to move towards each other just a little bit and we have to say there is mutual ground that they could work with both sides don't really want the freedom of movement of people anymore both sides in general want breaks it and both sides want to avoid no deal labor wants to move more towards a customs union that might be something that may could get around to so it could it could see more of that it seems like there could be some mutual ground that they could rally towards so that labor in the end would get behind may steel and bring
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that through parliament and theory. has always. been was out of the question because that would again the u.k. . conduct its own trade negotiations for example. turney she's willing to talk about that with germany or that is going to make some members in the among the tories very angry and. oh it has made them very angry today we've hurt really heated rhetoric that it was a grave mistake from me to meet with a marxist and corbin that she is front trying to find ground really doesn't sit well in her paci we've seen two ministers resigning among some of the bricks that minister that was working on a no deal scenario he resigned as well and there was a motion drawn up in parliament by some of her m.p.'s that wanted to see her salary
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cut into the hof and basically strip her of control of the bricks and process so a lot of anger in the tory party and may it's really risking with this move to try and find a compromise with cold and to split up the conservative party and what about the pressure on germany within his own party i mean how do you feel about the head of front of. the head of the conservatives. well some really want to see a compromise they want to move past this political standstill of the past couple of years they want to put their fingerprints on a soft of bricks if may move towards that so there is some positive reaction to this from labor pushing jeremy corbyn towards a second referendum and others saying this is all a trap and she shouldn't go for it so a lot of divide they're still in the labor party as well our correspondents on the story for us tonight in london thank you. well there is another incident of
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racist abuse in the top tier of european football this time it was aimed at italian league leaders you ventus nineteen year old boys kane was the target and the incident occurred within hours of a high level anti-racism meeting and long did it tended by some of the football's top brass people critics say have done little to combat the ugly side of the beautiful game. i miss you care for the i monkey chants from the host kalyani can see you ventus teenager moyse kane had to play through the racist abuse which only intensified after he aimed his goal celebration at the opposition fans i but it's the reaction of some of his own teammates that have left many wondering that it's not just the fans in need of educating eventis teammate you're not
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a new chief came under fire for his post match comments he said came inside at the hands i think the game is fifty fifty we are professionals we have to set the example and not provoke any one coach max and the echo at the defendant's views saying kane shouldn't have celebrated in that manner but elite he was also quick to point out a solution so they distribute the boss there are cameras there for this reason and when these people are filmed they should be thrown out of the stadium they should not be allowed to enter the stadium again so people can no longer get into the stadium for their entire life not for a month or a year for their entire life someone makes a mistake it's the end problem solved. sounds like a solution to a problem that affects our top to football leagues but is enough being done on the same day europe's football governing body you a father was in london for an anti-discrimination conference the only call it was.
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that's a matter on the beach the colors of the players shirts and unfortunately better than yellow cuts of the referees. critics argue there's a lot of lip service and flashy videos like this one from those at the top. that paps less talk and more action like stadium bans point deduction and turn him in disqualification on eat it when it comes to tackling racism. well in the quarter finals of football's german cup bundesliga champions byron munich survived a five four three against minnows heightened high by the day with bahrain a man down robert netted a hat trick for the scrappy second tier team but the variance proved too much for them in the end or robards love and elsie hitting the target twice also braman knocked out shall go by a score of two nil. and david klassen provided the goals in that
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class. you're watching news for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company crystal is going to be sitting at this desk in about thirty seconds to take you through the world of business stick around for that. for the. story so that people feel for t.w. on facebook and twitter to date and in touch. for. president of the long. end of the rwandan patriotic front to include the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when little or no rules there was and when the us could
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