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this is deja vu news live from berlin crossing the political divide to prevent a no deal britain's prime minister reaching out to opposition leader jeremy corbett to seek a common approach with time running out meanwhile the german chancellor heads to hire land which could be targeted by bricks and trade chaos will have someone else . also in the show the fall of nissan boss carlos cohen is back behind bars detained this time around on suspension to try to enrich himself for the carmakers
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. and a standing ovation from the u.s. congress as nato secretary general against stoltenberg march the alliances seventieth anniversary. the pledges there will be no new arms race with russia. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us british prime minister theresa may has held talks with opposition leader jeremy corbyn in a new push for compromise on bret's it now those discussions angered breck's of hardliners in her own conservative party who fear she could end up agreeing to a softer form of breck's may needs to present a plan to your leaders by april tenth that's when she's set to meet with them for an emergency summit just two days before britain set to leave the e.u. possibly without
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a deal. it was an unconventional meeting at westminster on wednesday. british prime minister theresa may invited opposition leader jeremy cobban to try and find a compromise on break said the meeting lasted almost two hours finishing with an agreement to continue talking. we had a discussion hasn't been as much change as i expected but we are continuing to have some discussions tomorrow morning explore some of the technical issues surrounding it and the meeting was useful but inconclusive i mean the prime minister's office said both sides had shown flexibility and a commitment to end the current deadlock before the talks during question time in parliament may have pointed out the common ground between them. wants to see poverty rise and i think there are actually a number of areas that we agree on in relation to it i think we both want to deliver a leaving the you with the deal i think we both want we both want to protect jobs i
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think we both want to ensure that we end free move right overtures to carbon have gone down badly with hard line breaks its supporters within her conservative party i think it's very disappointing that the bricks process has died been intrusted to jeremy corbyn and the labor party and breaks it is becoming soft to the point of disintegration lawmakers from carbons labor party are also skeptical fearing a government ploy to pin the blame on them if there's a no do you breaks it. the truth in three quarter years she's now said she wants to reach out but we have been here before the net result was the prime minister listened politely but our mind remained close only a few demonstrators showed up outside parliament throughout the day exhaustion with the hope of process has now really set in. and i'm not very hopeful i have to say i
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feel. it's the wrong people talking when we are the lofty stock of the world in this country the world is laughing at work and the mother of all parliaments he's paralyzed. may and koeppen only have to face to find a way to end the paralysis. let's go straight to london where our correspondent moss is standing by for us good morning barry get may and corbin are holding more talks today they're both saying that they want to deliver bracks and now what could hold up a compromise a lot could hold of a compromise for the prime minister she doesn't have the trust of many in our party the party base there are many of them incensed we've had reports of people not even campaigning anymore for the local elections because that's how angry they all with the government so she doesn't have the support and then a germy corben side well you've already hinted at it there are fears on the labor site that this could be
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a trap that she may be promising something that lay labor would get involved in bragg's it so far they managed to cause it as a tory bricks and so not their fault anything that happens but this could change if they became involved and then who guarantees them what can be the guarantees that the next prime minister because may is on their way out that the next prime minister doesn't really need these promises so very difficult to actually make sure that they get what they grio on a lot of mistrust on both sides really big of last night there was a dramatic razor thin vote in parliament voted to block a no deal bracks and now what does that mean at this point for treason. well it means first of all the bill has to go through the loads and come back to the common so it's a matter of days that does need to get ross true the houses of parliament if it does get through then to resume has to go to the e.u. and ask for an extension the length of the extension hasn't been specified
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parliamentarians have made clear that they were on the prime minister to decide and then they want to have a say on that suv basically it means that palm and is trying to get as much control over the breakfast process as they can they have been defeated one vote but this one. went through yesterday so they're trying also to shape the bricks and process and many parliamentarians particularly from the labor side want to make it so they're hoping for maybe a customs union a form of softer brags that and there are others that are hoping that to do anything that will be agreed we'll go back to the people for a second referendum briefly if you could with the vote in parliament with the cross while talks are we any closer to breaking. we're really not very close you can see that they are really fighting on all fronts there are many attempts to break the deadlock and this chaos but the truth is that at the twelfth of april the u.k. will leave the european union if no extension is being sought and if no deal has
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been possible that remains the the threat for the prime minister who wants to avoid that she doesn't want to leave without any deal from london this morning thanks so very much gary. well the german chancellor angela merkel is traveling to dublin today to discuss the uncertainty surrounding bracks at those talks are expected to focus on how to maintain an open border in ireland is one of the biggest factors in the deadlock right now the irish border separates northern ireland which is part of britain of course from the republic of ireland which will remain a member of the european union after rex it at the moment there's no physical border between the two the absence of a hard border is a central part of the peace process in northern ireland but it's unclear how border infrastructure can be avoided after breakfast so michael's heading to ireland to get her own perspective on a very complicated issue ahead of the trip she said she would fight until the last
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hour to avoid a no deal bret's it. harmful we often say in europe and this is a question of war and peace and we can see that it's fundamentally a question of violence or nonviolence of course we want to play our part and so i will look closely at the situation regarding the irish border and ways to find solutions to prevent heartbreaks it know that sent these solutions must ultimately come from london. we can see that intense efforts are being made but also that there are clearly very different competing visions i hope that the discussions led by theresa may are successful. through the me. ok with me history and talk about the visit is political correspondent brady good morning kate the german chancellor there using some very stark alternatives talking about what's at stake for ireland today on her way to dublin this is
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a very delicate mission a crucial time as it certainly is and we've seen relations in the past few months between island and germany really increasing they've been working very closely on looking ahead to life in the e.u. and relations after in the e.u. after bret's and time now is certainly not on their side this is as you say a very crucial time and despite these talks between the labor party nikkei and the conservatives suggest and a softer brick that might be on the horizon the possibility of a no deal bracks and the possibility of the u.k. crushing out of the e.u. on april twelfth without a deal still remains very much a possibility many is concerned right now that island hasn't yet prepared enough for that eventuality and it's something that has been continuously put on the back by dublin and germany has said time and time again like the rest of the e.u.
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no support for a border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland germany is very concerned is that the. there haven't been adequate preparations in ireland and it's not just about trade it's also the security situation as well what can germany do though to help find a solution well germany can certainly advice and has voiced its opinion very strong opinion over the past few months who have recently from heikal mosse the german foreign minister as well reminding that germany knows all too well about the dangers of border walls but this is very clear that this is a decision that's coming from brussels this is a united decision from the remaining twenty seven but at the same time an extension or possible extension to article fifty yet again beyond april twelfth is also not something that germany is going to prevent if it's in germany fest interest which of course if the if the u.k. crushes out of the e.u. without a deal that could have huge economic repercussions for germany and at the same time
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as well if extending article fifty could mean securing a soft a. deal that would also be in germany's interests certainly a lot to discuss in dublin to egypt bertie thanks very much. we're going to check in now with some of the other stories at this hour police in new zealand say the man suspected of carrying out the christ church attacks on two mosques has been charged with fifty counts of murder and thirty nine counts of attempted murder the alleged white supremacist is set to appear in court friday we're hearing via video . libya's internationally backed government has declared a military alert after forces loyal to military strongman khalifa haftar are announced they were advancing towards tripoli dozens of militias have been fighting for control of this oil rich country since the overthrow of moammar gadhafi in two thousand and eleven. former u.s.
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vice president joe biden has promised to change after four women claimed he touched them inappropriate a lot of in a video posted on twitter biden promised to be more mindful of other people's personal space he's seen as a likely contender for the twenty twenty democratic presidential nomination. well it's to japan now where police have arrested the former nissan boss carlos going for a fourth time over new allegations of financials conder prosecutors saying the arrest based on the suspicion that go on diverted five million dollars the company went to him when he was term he's on. his lease from jail after posting nine million dollars bail he is denying the allegations. mark jones from business is here with more on this what else do we know about the smaller of one we know that this is huge huge drama brian this is the fourth wrist it comes apparently in the moment going he's giving an interview to
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a journalist and it also happens just a day after he took to twitter valuing that he would tell the truth and of course it happened just a month after he was released from prison on bail and we all remember those images with him all wearing mosque several people coming out of this tokyo prison wearing blue baseball hats wondering who is go and so all of this is very bizarre because the japanese media say that this latest detention is now part of a new case looking at payments made to a dealership in oman they say the prosecution is slightly more careful saying that he sent payments between twenty fifteen to twenty eight hundred to an overseas dealer for the purpose of self interest and as you mentioned nixon lost about five million dollars as a result and prosecutors also remind us that he was using or they accused him of using this on funds for personal use and this comes on top of the other allegations go on already awaiting trial on separate charges understated his income for yes and abusing his position by transferring personal investment losses to this and he
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denies all those charges he does have years back behind bars he says he's he's going to fight this that he's innocent and then you will be broken by being put in prison but what does this mean for nissan renault the company effective well it's very difficult to say because even in this uncertain. really so far has declined to comment on this latest attention from rainbow we know that only yesterday they came out with new allegations against going claiming that expenses incurred by the former c.e.o. and chairman which collins go on of course involved questionable and concealed practices that violated its the company's ethics rules and to read also announce it go on resigned from the board i can tell you certainly that the downfall send shock waves around across the industry it created tensions between us and ronald nissen japanese rayno being french and that's also why some people say this whole case might be politically motivated it's certainly puts japan's criminal justice system
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in focus now bones lawyer for one says that this is a show of japan's whole stitch justice that is becoming a focus of his life hurting go on again and again damaging his reputation and given an advantage to the prosecution side so this particular system certainly has come under fire in the west now ok you have much more on the business ok monica thanks very much in other news the nato secretary general again stoltenberg has addressed a joint session of the u.s. congress in washington making him the first leader of an international organization to do so his speech focused on the need for a strong alliance and an unpredictable world he said the alliance is not seeking a new arms were a race with russia but he is calling for greater efforts at the terms of. the historic chance for young stoltenberg the first nato chief to address a joint meeting of the us congress he sought to shore up support for the alliance at a time of transatlantic tension. america has been the backbone
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or will arms it has been for the mental to utopian secure getting on for freedom. we would not have the peaceful and prosperous europe we see today with out the sacrifice and the commitment of united states for your enduring support i thank you today. nato has long look to washington for leadership the president has questioned the value of the allies he's also demanded that member states shoulder more of nato has financial burden stoltenberg said trump's words are having an effect of the years or reducing defense budgets all of us have stopped the cuts and all our lives have increased our defense spending before they were cutting billions now they are adding billions. stoltenberg also warned of the threat posed by an increasingly a sort of russia including a military buildup in eastern europe. nato has no intention of deploying
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land based nuclear missiles in europe but nato will always take the necessary steps to provide credible and affective terence. echoes of the cold war even as nato moves to confront a growing number of twenty first century threats. we're joined now by train a horse deputy director of the german marshall fund of the us and brussels that's where nato has its headquarters good morning to you thanks for being with us again stoltenberg they're saying there is no new cold war but the russian foreign minister says the u.s. is in fact starting one do you think moscow has a point or. good morning and thank you very much for having me i don't think it is very helpful to use to we've used in the pot in the past i don't think we have another cold war the cold war was about military and there was absolutely
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no dialogue between the europe the west us as and russia i think we now in a new situation with the much more diverse the threat to russia poses on us whether it's invasion into the premium whether it's support for the syrian regime or election interference and we need to come find new ways of how to deal with russia and i actually think i need to secretary the right person to do so his speech in the u.s. congress was very very skillful and he said of was very nuanced and he is the one who listens he can do compromise this is a bridge builder and he shows a tremendous leadership that's sort of a different kind of soft power in a very military security related environment that can lead to new types of dialogue ok well as part of the dialogue was was in washington a head of that speech talking to president trump for his part the president's been
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pushing germany of course again at that meeting to pay more for its defense is that only about money with berlin or does the u.s. want to see the german military taking on more responsibilities and international deployments. yeah i don't think the focus on defense spending is very useful and helpful because new offices get lost and those of us in the u.s. administration who know germany well also fully understand the complexities of how we how determine who gets to its political positions and you know what because of its very unique posture needs to be very carefully how it sort of presents itself to the broader environment i think of the time that we shift really from you know just talking about nato as a military alliance to a security alliance and that allows sort of new types of partnerships where we can talk about how europe and nato can work together and also kind of bring in
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different kind of. mechanisms in how we deal with the security front threats and i mean germany is doing quite a bit when it comes to development assistance and these tactics need to be taken into consideration when we want to address the security threats that we have these days because what we also see is a sorry i just want to jump in there briefly if you could also pointing to this diverse security threat that you mentioned coming from a number of quarters not just russia but we're hearing from other voices in nato that china is a rising threat for nato do you share that opinion briefly if you could. china is definitely the flavor of the month that has come up a lot i think in part as a little bit because people are stuck and not knowing and which way nature should go and trying to the diff divert a little bit from the internal division so they existed nato and china clearly goes beyond nato it's the west it's europe and the united states need to sort of figure
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out how to deal with it it's not a military threat but it's a politically economically and technological threat poses competition and we need to figure out how to deal with that. or step to the director of the german marshall fund joining us from brussels today thanks very much thank you last september a member of the russian activist group pussy riot was rushed to hospital moscow after suddenly losing sight hearing builded walk after a few days various a law was airlifted to germany where doctors diagnosed a likely poisoning now back in moscow where he talked to our correspondent there are drugs or. people to vs off was happy and healthy when we met him in a restaurant there is home in moscow. he's recovered from the poisoning in september thanks launch the treatment he received in then.
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german doctors in berlin said it's amazing months after being poisoned one can feel better than before. there's no hard evidence that first off was poisoned but there are many indications say the doctors who treated him. to a legit attack on a worldwide headlines first off believes russian security services were behind it. it was people connected to the russian state secret services it's hard to say exactly who it was. the thirty one year old suspects he was being punished for a picture invasion at the world cup in russia last year the protest was aimed at human rights violations in the country. that provoked the government. because they were trying to intimidate me telling me not to get mixed up with this kind of thing first off is planning more protest actions along with the rest of pussy riot poisoning hasn't scared him. it was
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a fatal dose of poison he could have gone the other way if he gets involved with politics in russia you have to be ready for anything. he's grateful to germany for his medical treatment. and he doesn't understand how german tax politicians can work for russia. the west should respond to attempts by the citizens of european countries to enrich themselves in questionable ways a very good example is. first off say that charges should be brought against the former chairman chancellor since try to work for corporations that answer to the kremlin particularly if. he gets millions of euros for his positions in the russian establishment and we all get it it's not commercial work it's reward for representing. as interests in the west and in the world. with one person officemate resistance to putin his life's
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work. a single attack won't change that. and d.-w. has reached out to russia's domestic intelligence agency the f.s.b. for their side of the story they have yet to get back to us as to mozambique now that country has started a vaccination program to contain an outbreak of cholera the campaigns targeting about nine hundred thousand cyclon survivors in the country since cycling hit in march cholera is infected more than one thousand people at least two have been left dead. they survived the site clone now the risk of something they can't even see coming cholera people in makeshift shelters are in the most danger here clean drinking water and other sanitation is sorely lacking. i stayed in the water for three days this cycle destroyed us there's nothing here we're hungry
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i don't have a home anymore but there are lots of us here and we all need help it hurts. some help is on its way these cholera vaccines were drawn from an emergency supply in india being given to those in the worst affected areas it's a race to stem the outbreak and convince the skeptics. is that. what we need to do is to move all of the rows to deal of the people to talk to. the feet. i got the vaccine together with my child but what i want most is help to rebuild my home it was destroyed by the cycle and i want to go back there. cholera is spread from human waste in the water supply it causes severe diarrhea left untreated can lead to death within hours so making people aware of what color is
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and treating the water with purification products are also vital steps that we are doing is really trying to make sure that the affected communities have access to safe water they have safe sanitation and they also practice good hygiene. while aid is coming in from abroad people in mozambique are trying to do their bit to help to . here and now in the north american musicians press on a concert for the cycling victims. donates what they can as the country struggles with the fallout of its west africa disaster. let's get your mind now of our top stories this hour british prime minister theresa may and opposition leader jeremy corbyn have been holding crisis talks to seek a common approach to avert a no deal meanwhile germany's on the americans having to arlon today country especially vulnerable to possible threats of trade chaos. this is due
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to the news live from the head of the lead and lots more ahead including as germany's commerce sponsor says it's ready to wrap up merger talks a new suitor showing interest we'll find out who that is after the break. monaco to the right but.
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from housing boom boom boom town this is where. welcome to the seventy seven percent. starts people six g.w. . then this sounds scandal goes into a full fledged asphalt mostly o'connell's go. as rearrested in japan prosecutors accuse goal of using this on funds for personal use. also on the show russian car sales are rebounding and german producers smell big business again luxury brands mercedes is celebrating the opening of its first ever production sites in russia. and irish farmers are looking for a plan being as the threat of a new.


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