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player. played. this is d.w. news live from berlin crossing the political divide to prevent a no deal britain's prime minister reaches out to opposition leader jeremy corbett to seek a common approach with time running out meanwhile the german chancellor heads to ireland which would be hit hard by any breaks in trade chaos we'll get analysis also coming up former new son chairman carlos go in is back behind bars he's been arrested on charges that he enrich himself at the company's expense. and
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a standing ovation from the u.s. congress as nato secretary general against oldenburg marks the alliance's seventieth anniversary with the pleasures there will be no new arms race with russia. thanks for joining us i'm married i haven't seen. with fears growing that britain could exit the e.u. without an agreement the german chancellor is heading to ireland the only e.u. state sharing a land border with britain ireland's economy could take the biggest hit from a disorderly bragg's it and uncle americal is concerned about the security situation there so we'll have more on that later but meanwhile in london prime minister theresa may is continuing talks today with opposition labor leader jeremy corbin in a new push for a compromise on brags that she needs to present
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a plan to e.u. leaders by april tenth after they've rejected her request for a brief extension main corben held a first round of talks yesterday. but the crisis rumbles on for to reason may the british prime minister is desperately trying to break the brakes it deadlocked on wednesday she reached out to opposition leader jeremy corbin leading to speculation that she was pivoting towards a soft outbreaks it. but a compromise remained elusive. if we had a discussion. as much change as i expect but we are continuing to have some discussions in the meeting was useful but inconclusive. time is not on their side the u.k. is due to leave the european union in just eight days and the plop down a a blow when it poured cold water on have planned to ask for
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a second short delay. reduce of. it's. april twelfth as however possible deadline for approval. if the house of commons does not express itself by this date no further shoulder extension will be possible. for a quote come no deal and i think that a no deal at midnight on the twelfth of april it's now one more and more likely scenario is. that something parliament wants to avoid on thursday the high said no it is debating legislation to force to reason made to see how they but you has said a longer extension will only be granted if the u.k. puts forward a concrete plan and with parliament bitterly divided it's by no means guaranteed that m.p.'s will unite behind any compromise made manages to broker. all right let's get some perspective on all this and for that we're joined by our correspondent. in london and by our brussels bureau chief marks haasan hello to
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both of you very good i'd like to begin with you so we have this new deadline looming and now me is holding it yet more talks with the opposition but will they be able to produce any results and what happens if they don't. well the dogs certainly is against the orders that they will find results we've had from conservative party members that they're very unhappy that reason is talking to jeremy corbin some local party base have even stopped campaigning for the local elections is what's being reported they're really not happy about it and also from labor poke into one labor m.p. who has warned that this could be a trap so labor is pushing for a soft of regs and possibly for remaining in the customs union but how can trees i'm a guarantee that this is actually also going to happen she's on her way out if there is a new prime minister he could possibly reef hours it so also where enos as to whether
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this is a good step if it doesn't produce any result then m.p.'s would like the prime minister to go to brussels and look for an extension there and the process of negotiating that and legislating on that actually it would then be up to the prime minister to determine what length of extension she's looking for and then obviously up to brussels to also grant that extension so a lot of ifs in this process as you as you can hear all right well max so brussels has already rejected a brief extension so what would be enough from london for the e.u. to agree to a second break the deadline delay. actually they have not rejected the second extension but they have tied conditions to a second extension the prime extension condition would be that the u.k. has to participate in the e.u. elections that are coming up in may and the only way to get an extension according
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to at least original include you are the head of the commission without participating in the e.u. let you elections would to be approved the infamous withdrawal agreement that has already been rejected three times by the house of commons many believe that theresa may might try a fourth time and the new thing here is the new detail from the side of the e.u. that really hasn't been moving much into the direction of the u.k. lately is that they still are giving to reserve me the chance to approve the withdrawal agreement or to try at least a fourth time because up until yesterday they had said that they should she should have approved by the end of march but of course we are in april and this chance is still on the table so you can see the e.u. moved slightly there so what they're doing is basically they're sticking to the plan the plan that they worked out at the last summit here in brussels and it's really the only thing they can do because there's so much uncertainty in the well. i'm going merkel the german chancellor is among those in the e.u.
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who most desperately urgent they want to avoid and no deal bragg's it and as she's in dublin for talks today how is merkel's visit to ireland being perceived in the u k. well certainly with interest being the country that has most to lose if it does come to unload your brags it has a land border with the united kingdom is the country that needs to protect the integrity of the single market if there is no deal breaks and so there will be interesting to see what comes out of these talks and it's seen as american also showing solidarity with lend both countries want to prevent and no dear brags it but also anglo american who has made clear that the so the dirty of germany and with the un of the e.u. is with all of this in this negotiation process and a lot of drags it is would maybe not be that happy with that they had hoped for more solidarity with the u.k. when it came to breaks it all right be
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a good month reporting from london and much hope money in brussels thank you to both of you. well let's get some more details on the german chancellor's visit to ireland and for that i'm joined in the studio by our political correspondent kate brady kate good to see you so what is uncle americal hoping to achieve by visiting ireland at such a crucial time well the main aim of this trip is for macko to get a clearer picture randi of exactly what it is the island is trying to do in the case of an exit in the u.k. crushes out of the e.u. on april twelfth without a deal but this is also very much a sign of solidarity from the very beginning of the process germany has made it clear that it is standing by island and is very much against border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and we can have a listen now to what merkel had to say ahead of her visit. we often see europe in this a question of war and peace and we can see that it's fundamentally
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a question of violence or nonviolence of course we want to play our part and so i will look closely at the situation regarding the irish border and ways to find solutions to prevent one hundred bricks and in them cruel deaths in these solutions must ultimately come from london. we can see that intense efforts are being made but also that there are clearly very different competing visions i hope that the discussions led by theresa may are successful. through the me of focus. all right so a very clear statement by uncle americal she certainly doesn't want to see a hard border and yet kate as you point out that still very much a possibility that we will see the u.k. crash out with no deal what would germany's position be then well this really could still become a reality and then this will be a diamond that the e.u.
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an island really has to deal with because whilst trying to protect the integrity of the single market and they also want to protect the good friday peace agreement as well and at the same time germany will although it standing in solidarity with island that could still then be a pressure at least from brussels from the remaining twenty seven to enforce customs and immigration checks on those borders and i'm glad he's actually going to meet with some of the people living on the irish border today to see exactly how their lives would be impacted where that to be physical in a physical infrastructure put back onto that irish border so that is yet another bridge it will have to cross if and when it comes to it but right now all eyes are as we have that from back up still on land and i'm very much on those talks between jeremy colvin and the prime minister to resign my. political correspondent kate brady we thank you so much for all your insights. you're watching d.w.
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news still to come. you talk to a russian activist who felt suddenly and cheerfully built last fall he says the kremlin poisoned. all right we want to get you up to speed now on some of the other stories making news around the world pope francis has named atlanta archbishop wilton gregory as the new head of the catholic church in washington d.c. gregory becomes the first african-american to hold the most influential position in the u.s. church he'll succeed two consecutive holders of the post who were caught up in sexual abuse scandals. australia's parliament has approved legislation to find social media companies or jail their bosses if they fail to swiftly take down the violent content comes after last month's attack on to mosques in new zealand a facebook live stream of the attack was share for over an hour before being
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removed. the un secretary general is urging restraint as rival factions of libya head for a possible showdown forces loyal to militia leader khalifa haftar have advanced to within one hundred kilometers of the capital tripoli the country's internationally backed government has declared a military alert in response to the threat. now an initial report into last month's ethiopian airlines crash has found that the crew followed all guidelines issued by the manufacturer boeing but we're still not able to control the aircraft the report was based on data from the recorders of the boeing seven thirty seven max jet all one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff on march tenth it was the second crash of a seven thirty seven max in months leading to the grounding of the plane around the
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world. well ethiopia's transport minister presented those findings and said there were two main recommendations. it is recommended that their craft flight control system related to the flight control ability shall be reviewed by the manufacturer. and the second one is. a variation of our e.t.s. shall verify that the review of the aircraft flight control system related to flight control ability has been i do ketley addressed by the manufacturer before release of the aircraft's. operations. to japan now where police have arrested former nissan boss carlos go in for a fourth time over new allegations of financial misconduct prosecutors say the arrest is based on this it station that go on diverted five million dollars to
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a company linked to him while he was still chairman of the sun go and calls the allegations outrageous and arbitrary. this is the moment carlos ghosn was taken out of his temporary accommodation and back into the custody of tokyo's police force it's the fourth time he's been arrested in japan media there say his latest attention is related to a file looking at payments made to a dealership in oman we total illegitimately to arrest someone who is released on bail to take all of his documents including those related to the preparations for his trial i believe is something to be seriously looked haggard by the international community. is barely a month since going was released on a nine million dollars bond pending his trial for financial misconduct which he denies he says his latest arrest is outrageous and the charges aground less it also
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comes a day after he tweeted his intention to tell all about the other cases against him a press conference is now in doubt he claims this is all part of a conspiracy at nissen which ousted him as its chairman of the allegations comic as president was asked about the latest development. out of it as well it feels so much can happen i'm shocked in a way to. feel that if it's another twist in a tale that seen a full from grace for carlos the savior of baseness on a ranch who is looked up to by so many before from grace that has the will to the public. the more the word was joran was surprised i have always i was released once and i was arrested again was shocking but i also thought the ottoman prosecutors are in this case. but if i were working here as a for assault it was should they make me a bit of the apprehensive. of the system of a system that can do that sort of thing so i would hope that the japanese judicial
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system. would strive for being fair to him as they would to anybody else. or a japanese citizen. thomas again has spent one hundred ninety days in the custody of take his prosecutors one hundred eight days and counting. you're watching d.w. news still to come to find out how north african governments are coming together in the kitchen. but first nato secretary general against burke has addressed a joint session of the u.s. congress in washington marking the alliance's seventieth anniversary stolberg stressed the need for a strong nato in an unpredictable world he said the alliance is not seeking a new arms race with russia but he called for greater efforts and deterrence. by historic chance for young stoltenberg the first nato chief to address
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a joint meeting of the us congress he sought to shore up support for the alliance at a time of transatlantic tension. america has been the backbone or were lines it has been for the mental to european security thing on for freedom . we would not have the peaceful and prosperous europe we see today with out the striker force and the commitment of not the states for your enduring support i thank you today. so has long look to washington for leadership the president has questioned the value of your lives he's also demanded that member states shoulder more of nato's financial burden stolzenberg said trump's words are having an effect of the years or reducing defense budgets all are so stop the cuts and all our lives have increased defense spending before they were cooking billions mulder adding
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billions. stoltenberg also warned of the threat posed by an increasingly a sort of russia including a military buildup in eastern europe. nato house nor intention of deploying land based nuclear missiles in europe but many will always take the necessary steps to provide credible and affective terence. echoes of the cold war even as nato moves to confront a growing number of twenty first century threats. we're joined now from brussels by teri schultz hello to you terry so we heard quite a lot of applause there for a nato secretary general stoltenberg speech how do you think that speech is going to set the mood for today's commemorations. well i can tell you he doesn't get that much applause and press conferences here with us at nato headquarters so he probably appreciated that quite
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a bit and we should talk about that because that's no small part of how diplomacy works or doesn't and in this case i have never seen a young soldier burge give a better speech with better delivery and i've seen the man talk a lot he's often quite wooden and he was just really in fine form it was a great speech it walks that fine line between. you know bridging the criticism that the u.s. government that the trump white house. directs toward europe and also just really soaking in the enthusiasm from congress he was there after all on a bipartisan invitation so he knew he was among friends he knew he'd had his one on one with donald trump the day before so he was in a really good place to give this speech and you could see that in his confidence and i think that that will go a long way toward setting today's meetings in a in a confident way and that's something you know that you can't take for granted when you've got twenty nine allies who are at times quite unnerved about the
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transatlantic tensions so i think that stoltenberg did a good job in setting today's meeting the really big day of the nato anniversary getting off to a good start all right so he's contributed to a positive mood perhaps but is it then going to be a substantial meeting or is this really going to be more about all the pomp and circumstance of celebrating seventy years since the nato initial treaty was signed . the meeting was planned in fact to try to have less bass and more about the birthday and i have to admit i stole that that headline but it was planned so that president trump couldn't hijack the event and talk about defense spending you know the transatlantic divide between allies defense budgets and they are having two meetings of foreign ministers today and so they really are going to work at this meeting it's not simply to celebrate seventy years it's to look ahead to the next decade and there are
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a lot of challenges that nato is facing russia of course will remain the day to day challenge the hybrid warfare that we see coming across the border to reach into nato allies territory but what i've also been told is that china is going to be very high on the agenda there are again trance atlantic differences over the threat that china poses whether european allies should take a technology which the u.s. is pressing them not to do also that the threat that china poses in buying up for example ports in europe that nato may have to use if there was a conflict so there will be some very serious issues on the agenda but the most important thing for nato will be that it comes out of these meetings showing that they are united the no matter what the threat from the outside the challenges from the inside are going to definitely be bridged by this meeting the seventieth anniversary meeting so as i understand it they were in very good mood last night
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after the speech as they went on into more celebrations and i think that we'll see that confidence alliance today and we will hear from secretary general stoltenberg a couple of times after these meetings so it remains to be seen. as teri schultz in brussels we thank you for that. now last september a member of the russian activist group pussy riot was rushed to a hospital in moscow after suddenly losing his sight his hearing and his ability to walk after a few days various love was airlifted to germany where doctors diagnosed a likely poisoning he's now back in moscow where he talked to our correspondent drug storage. people to vs off was happy and healthy when we met him in a restaurant there is home in moscow. he's recovered from the alleged poisoning in september thanks largely to treatment he received in then.
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german doctors in berlin said it's amazing months after being poisoned one can feel better than before. there's no hard evidence that first off was poisoned but there are many indications say the doctors who treated him. a legit attack on and worldwide headlines first off believes russian security services were behind it. it was people connected to the russian state secret services it's hard to say exactly who it was. the thirty one year old suspects he was being punished for a picture invasion at the world cup in russia last year the protest was aimed at human rights violations in the country and first off say that provoked the government. because they were trying to intimidate me telling me not to get mixed up with this kind of thing first off is planning more protest actions along with the rest of pussy riot the ledge poisoning hasn't scared him. it was
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a fatal dose of poison could have gone the other way if you get involved with politics in russia you have to be ready for anything. he's grateful to germany first medical treatment. and he doesn't understand how german tax politicians can work for russia. the west should respond to attempts by the citizens of european countries to enrich themselves in questionable ways a very good example is. first off say that charges should be brought against the former chairman chancellor since try to work for corporations that answer to the kremlin particularly. he gets millions of euros for his positions in the russian establishment and we all get it it's not commercial work it's reward for representing putin. it's interests in the west and
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in the world. with you after. you first off as made resistance to putin his life's work. a single attack won't change that it's the. cruise cruise the simple north african dish made from durham is taking on a new role as a kernel of north african unity magreb states have swallowed their differences and presented a joint bid to secure un heritage status for the staple food. an integral part of the history and tradition of the magreb its rich in flavor and history it's the king of the table it's served at all ceremonies it's also inexpensive and highly nutritious made from little bowls of durham we saw semolina flour it's a staple of family celebrations. the well to me you know it's a dish that brings us together and which we're all proud of. i believe that in
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these four countries there's not a friday when you don't find the smell of course close to because is now popular in many parts of the world but its origins lie in northern africa where it's been used for well over a thousand years thank you steve. it's called it's a bribe a word it's derived from the noise of the movements i'm making with my hands the sound of the seed in the basin and the bracelets the women used to wear so it's this gesture that gave couscous its name. of course course. there's intense rivalry between algeria morocco mauritania and the newseum all claiming to be the home of coast gusts but now they're prepared to look past years of antagonism to secure the coveted u.n. heritage status for the food the us corrupt occasion will be examined in december. let's get you a quick reminder now of our top story. british prime minister theresa may and opposition leader in germany corben have been holding crisis talks to seek
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a common approach to avert a new deal bragg's it meanwhile germany's angela merkel is in ireland a country especially vulnerable to break the trade chaos. you're up to date now on d.w.a. news stay tuned for focus on europe for me and the entire team thanks for watching .
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it. does. appreciate music. first swiss cheese maker is trying it out on. his own and then tolerate some sort of cleansing of loving attention. and he plays music for it as well so can you taste the difference was the idea a cheesy one. next on d w.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful music national criminal court has a new enemy in washington to trump administration is accused of and having no legitimacy and says it once it's done i guess this week here in the hague is cheering abaco sujit who is the president's fund the i.c.c. something he did from the organization against such powerful opposition conflicts so fast in sixty minutes on g.w. . an african iraq. homecoming president of rwanda and head of the rwandan patriotic front in qahtani the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when little or no rulers there wasn't when i was given you in thought i'll need to reinforce it him because of the new news but
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does that mean he was not floating in. the controversial leader who success is beyond question. the time come. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe thanks for joining us traces of the holocaust horrors are still being on earth nearly eighty years later well this is especially true in.


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