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played. played played played . played. this is d w news live from berlin crossing the political divide to prevent a no deal brags that britain's prime minister reaches out to opposition leader germany or been to seek a common approach with time running out. meanwhile the german chancellor has to ireland which would be hit hard by any breaks the trade chaos we'll have analysis
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also coming out. and initial reports says the pilots of the ethiopian airlines jet followed all recommended procedures but were unable to keep it from di think out of control. and standing ovations from the u.s. congress as nato secretary general yet still birthmarks the alliances seventieth anniversary but how is nato has helped at this advanced age. america haven't seen it's good to have you with us. with fears growing that britain could exit the e.u. without an agreement the german chancellor is heading to ireland the only use state with a land border with britain ireland's economy could take the biggest hit from a disorderly brags that dangle americal is concerned about the security situation
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there so we'll have more on that later but meanwhile in london prime minister theresa may is continuing talks today with oppositional labor leader jeremy corbin in a new push for a compromise on brags that she needs to present a plan to leaders by april tenth after they rejected her request for a brief extension of may and corben held a first round of talks yesterday. a cry for help beamed out from the white cliffs of dover betty fifty kilometers of water line between here and france but the antibiotics it activists behind the stunt a worried it could soon feel much further than before. with series a may still wrangling to find a break sit compromise the risk of no geo is mounting for anxious brits there was some good news on thursday the european parliament voted to grant visa free travel to u.k. citizens after breaks it really for holiday makers but in westminster no signs of
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a breakthrough in the breaks it deadlock may is meeting opposition leader jeremy corbyn for more talks after wednesday's meeting failed to yield results. we had a discussion. doesn't get as much as i expect but we are continuing to have some discussions on the meeting was useful but inclusive. time is not on their side the u.k. is due to leave the european union in just eight days and the bloc isn't budging on the timeframe. april twelfth is however the ultimate possible deadline for approval. if the house of commons does not express itself by this date no further short extension will be possible. for a quirk i think that a no deal at midnight on that goal from april is now one more and more likely scenario. that something many parliamentarians want to avoid on
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thursday the heights of lords debating legislation to force to reason may to seek a delay but says a longer extension will only be granted if the u.k. puts forward a concrete plan and it's by no means guaranteed m.p.'s will unite behind any compromise may manages to broker. for more we're joined now by diggler hughes very good maass who's in london and arthur sullivan who's standing by in dublin so bill gates i'd like to start with you as through some mange over a korban continue their talks the german chancellor as we mentioned is in ireland how is her visit to dublin being perceived in london. well the german ambassador to ireland said it was a show of solidarity but i'm going to america and this is something that will be noted here in the u.k. people do know that our land is particularly vulnerable to breaks it having this land border with northern ireland and they will hope that.
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america and the overwrites in their talks will form some new consensus and i think the hope is also that they will talk about how to prevent and no deal breaks and so you see the hope that germany. once again come to the u.k. side i think breaks a tears and in the course of bricks it would really hope to have more solidarity with the u.k. so possibly some disappointment and really looking what's coming out of these talks in dublin now. well arthur we understand you've been talking to residents of dublin abound the german chancellor is a visit what do they make of it. yeah that's right so i had spoke quite a few people this morning when they were commuting to work and when they were around their first thing in the morning and quite a few people actually weren't aware the chancellor market was going to do it but all of them knew if she was coming the reason she was she was coming and most of
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them were quite confident and optimistic that she was here to show support and solidarity with ireland over not just the border issue but the entire break the process show that germany and the you as a whole is very much on our inside angela merkel is very i would say very well respected in art and she's been so visible and so prominent for so long and the words that kept going back and i ask people there oppressions of her were sensible fair pragmatic and people think that she is going to come out today and simply stand by arne and although there was i would say a small degree of caution that possibly because of her overall influence and the fact that she has taken the trouble to come all the way over to ireland that she might be asking the irish government to do a few things that they might find slightly difficult but overall people were optimistic and confident that she was there to show support for us and for most right and well merkel is known to be among those who most want to avoid and no deal breaker sets and she spoke ahead of her trip let's have a listen. i. mean we often say in europe it is
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a question of war and peace and we can see that it's fundamentally a question of violence or nonviolence of course we want to play our part and so i will look closely at the situation regarding the irish border and ways to find solutions to prevent hard breck's it. that sent these solutions must ultimately come from london. we can see that intense efforts are being made but also that there are clearly very different competing visions i hope that the discussions led by theresa may are successful. all right a clear statement by the german chancellor her preference is that there is no hard border in ireland arthur what is the irish government hoping to get out of the chancellor's visit. well i would say the first thing that they're definitely not hoping for is anything like a kind of rebuke or any news that comes out of this which suggests that iron needs
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to back down on the back stop or that they would need to in any way ease their position to facilitate some of the concerns about that than the practically years have d.m.p. have i think that would be the nightmare scenario that the market comes here with a very stark message what they really want is it's a simple show of solidarity whenever he should be over a certain angle america greet the media in a few hours' time that there is a very strong an expression of support frightens position under merkel remains even though her her period as chancellor is coming to us gradually coming to an end sure man's europe's most influential and powerful politician and the p.r. strength of that image of angela merkel standing in dublin on the side to teach uk expressing full support frightens position would be the ideal scenario for the irish government because they would see that as the ultimate answer to those in london and those aren't brigadiers who still believe like that for almost three years now that at the end of this whole process germany and the german care
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a lot of your anglo-american or whatever it is going to simply say ok we need to do a deal we're going to start and on the boats they believe the irish government would believe a strong show of support for marcos at that press conference would be the ultimate rebuke to them particularly at this very late stage of the whole process and they are going to what about the view from london how how high are hopes there that america can act as a sort of representative of the e.u. to put pressure on the irish prime minister and find a solution for the irish backstop. well it's interesting also to word authoress that i think a long time it was true that the brits it is here were still hoping that there would be some last minute concessions when when it comes to the irish question but now it seems that the focus has shifted here in london and series a may has unsuccessfully try to get her deal three with the support of the conservatives in her own party on the right of her own party she's now looking to
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jeremy corbin and we know that the labor position is a softer position when it comes to the customs union so that would in itself prevent the irish backs of that would solve the irish question together with alignment with the single market so there is a shift in the position and tourism a seems to know go towards those who go for a softer break said which would also be an on to the irish question because mass reporting from london and arthur sullivan in dublin thanks to both of you. you're watching d.w. news still to come. w. talks to a russian activist who felt acutely ill last fall he says the kremlin had him poisoned. him. but first let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories making news around the world police in japan have arrested former nissan
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boss carlos gone over new charges of financial misconduct the case centers on payments he allegedly made to a business partner when he was chair of the sun go and was recently released after posting nine million dollars bail in connection to other charges. pope francis has named atlanta archbishop wilton gregory as the new head of the catholic church in washington d.c. gregory becomes the first african-american to hold the most influential position in the u.s. church he will succeed two consecutive holders of the post who were caught up in sexual abuse scandals foreign and interior ministers from the g seven group of industrialized countries are gathering in france to discuss security issues france says terrorism and even legal migration will be in focus noticeably absent from the meetings as u.s. secretary of state my campaign. now an initial report into last month's ethiopian airlines crash has found that the crew
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followed all guidelines issued by the plane manufacturer boeing but we're still not able to control the aircraft the report was based on data from the flight recorders of the boeing seven thirty seven max jet all one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff on march tenth it was the second crash of a seven thirty seven max in months leading to the grounding of the planes around the world. if the o.p.'s transport minister presented those findings and said there were two main recommendations. it is recommended that their craft flight control system related to the flight control ability should be reviewed by the manufacturer. and the second one is. a variation or tory t s should very frayed that their review of the aircraft flight control system related
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to flight controller ability has been i do currently addressed by the mind of her chair before the release of the aircraft so operations. you're watching d.w. news still to come. will find out how north african governments are coming together in the kitchen. nato foreign ministers meet today in washington on the final day of the alliance his seventieth anniversary commemoration and wednesday's secretary-general you stoltenberg received standing ovations while addressing a joint session of the us congress. by historic chance for young stoltenberg the first nato chief to address a joint meeting of the us congress he sought to shore up support for the alliance at a time of transatlantic tension. america has been the backbone
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or were lines it has been for the mental to european security for freedom. we would not have the peaceful and prosperous europe we see today with out the soccer force and the commitment of not the states for your enduring support i thank you today. has long look to washington for leadership the president trump has questioned the value of the alliance he's also demanded that member states shoulder more of nato's financial burden stolzenberg said trump's words are having an effect of the years or reducing defense budgets all of us have stopped the cuts and all our allies have increased defense spending before they were cutting billions nodder adding billions . stoltenberg also warned of the threat posed by an increasingly a sort of russia including a military buildup in eastern europe. nato house no intention of deploying
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land based nuclear research in europe but nato will always take the necessary steps to provide credible and affective the terrorists. echoes of the cold war even as nato moves to confront a growing number of twenty first century threats. on g.w. as terry scholtz is covering that story for us and she joins us now from brussels so terry we just heard quite a lot of applause there for the nato secretary general speech to congress so how does that contributed to the mood for today's meeting and commemorations. i think that this first groundbreaking speech by a nato secretary general to both houses of congress probably set the meeting on a really confident and buoyant mood it was the best speech i've ever seen young stolzenberg given i've seen plenty of those he was extremely dynamic he was human
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he was emotional and of course he was in a friendly crowd everyone knows that congress is very much a supporter of nato a counterbalance to the trump white house which says disparaging things at least by tweet about nato so he was very comfortable and that will lead the twenty nine allies into a meeting and in a very good mood today this is something that it's really necessary because a big part of diplomacy is simply the on the aunts that they can create around the alliance and being in in washington of course they're on you know perhaps walking on eggshells sometimes around the trump white house which i might point out was deliberately not part of today the main day of the celebrations exactly so that president trump can't sort of. manufacture these arguments about transatlantic funding differences that have so often taken over meetings of nato all right terry trump is not going to be there we do have this good news that was sparked by the
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speech that was so well received in congress but is this now going to be a substantial meeting or is it really going to be more about the pomp and circumstance of the nato seventieth anniversary. you know we will hear from him stolzenberg later so we'll see if he comes out with any deliverables as they like to say at nato from these two meetings of the twenty nine foreign ministers plus north macedonia which has been invited as the next member of nato also to do it in these meetings and as he went into to kick off the day still timberg was asked questions by journalists about what he expected from the day he mentioned sort of the agenda items they will be talking about burden sharing which is the euphemism that nato uses to talk about how much the u.s. pays and how little the europeans pay they'll talk about that they will talk about counterterrorism measures nato has been pushed into doing more on counterterrorism by the united states of course the very long eighteen year war in afghanistan is
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considered a very major contributor against terrorism and they'll be talking about peace about for the prospects for the peace talks that are going on there now secretary of state might come pay will update them on that that we're talking about a new mission they have in iraq again considered counter terrorism there and they will of course talk about russia and new measures that will be taken to to sure hopeful members georgia and ukraine they will talk about russia's continuing occupation of crimea and they will also be talking about china and the new threats that could be posed by china's economic dominance including here in europe well terry it is a challenging time for nato i mean there are enormous divisions that are visible among the member states what do you think they'll want to be celebrating today seventy years on. well to still be standing at seventy years old is something of an accomplishment i think about it when nato was set up it was to be
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a counterbalance to the kremlin it was it was to help guard against the spread of communism to europe to help rebuild germany to make sure germany never again became a military threat to europe and if you look at where we are now in one nine hundred ninety one the soviet union disintegrated in and with it went the warsaw pact the eastern nations sort of version of nato and now most of those countries are members of the western alliance so simply the fact that nato exists and took in all of these former soviet satellites of course is a big accomplishment in itself when when nato looks to the future as it continues to expand it's going to be more difficult to gain consensus and so i think that that's what their focus is going to be on going forward coming out looking united as they continue to expand to thirty members with north macedonia this year w's teri schultz in brussels we think you for your reporting now last september a member of the russian activist group post the riot was rushed to
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a hospital in moscow after suddenly losing his sight his hearing and his ability to walk after a few days was airlifted to germany where doctors diagnosed what they called a likely poisoning he's now back in moscow where he talked to our correspondent drug storage. was happy and healthy when we met him in a restaurant there is home in moscow. he's recovered from the poisoning in september thanks launch the treatment he received in then. german doctors in berlin said it's amazing the months after being poisoned one can feel better than before. there's no hard evidence that verse it off was poisoned but there are many indications say the doctors who treated him. to a legit attack on an worldwide headlines first off believes russian security
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services were behind it. and it was people connected to the russian state secret services it's hard to say exactly who it was. the thirty one year old suspects he was being punished for a picture invasion at the world cup in russia last year the protest was aimed at human rights violations in the country and first off say that provoked the government. because they were trying to intimidate me telling me not to get mixed up with this kind of thing first off is planning more protest actions along with the rest of pussy riot poisoning hasn't scared him. it was a fatal dose of poison he could have gone the other way if you get involved with politics in russia you have to be ready for anything. he's grateful to germany first medical treatment. and he doesn't understand how german tax politicians can
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work for russia. please please up above and the thought that the west should respond to attempts by the citizens of european countries to enrich themselves in questionable ways before a very good example is. going to go from distributor. first to last sais that charges should be brought against the former chairman chancellor since should it works for corporations that answer to the kremlin that you could send me warning he gets millions of euros for his positions in the russian establishment and we all get it it's not commercial work it's reward for representing putin's interests in the west and in the world when you fulfill the law as a preview of some. first officemate resistance to putin his life's work. a single attack won't change that it's good. and w. reach down to russia's don't mystic intelligence agency of the f.s.b. but it has yet to get back to us for our right to the bundesliga now and much of
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the soccer world this saturday will be tracking the biggest match of the season so far second place byron munich host first play dortmund in another edition of the match up dubbed dec classic our or the classic. star byron striker up with love and has played for both clubs andy w. spoke with the polish international in a one on one interview looking ahead at what is expected to be another classic game . he moves with the control and precision of the needle. was. rabbit live and our ski really misses and that's why he's known as the gold machine no non german player has scored more goals in the history of the bonus we got than the polish international they have and sat down with the likes of ella to tell us that his magic touch in front of net is partly down to genetics.
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you need this feeling. of course you have to work on. one thing so you have now in the modern football if you see for the striker it's not strong strikers not only for. technique you need to think because you have to know how to play behind. your teammates or the front of your teammates you need the left for the right for the head everything. he's not shy when it comes to using his right or left foot against his former club he scored fourteen goals against draw at mont in an unforgettable hat trick in last season's their classic by an hour just two points behind dortmund in the table at the moment so you'd think whomever wins on saturday would be confident about a bid to see the title not if you live under half see you. there with the first day
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at the big step. but the ones that will be not enough because we have a lot of games on to on through the end this is an. uncertainty in the title race but at least there's a level of certainty when it comes to live and offs here he just can't help himself it's in his d.n.a. to score a goal it's. chris hughes the staple in north african dish made from durham is taking on a new role as a kernel of north african unity magreb states have swallowed their differences and presented a joint bid to secure un heritage status for the staple food. an integral part of the history and tradition of the magreb its rich in flavor and history it's the king of the table it's served at all ceremonies it's also inexpensive and highly nutritious made from little bowls of darren we use or
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semolina flour it's a staple of family celebrations. you know it's a dish that brings us together and which we're all proud of. i believe that in these four countries there's not a friday when you don't find the smell of course of course that too because his now popular in many parts of the world but its origins lie in northern africa where it's been used for well over a thousand years it's a face lift. it's called it's a bribe a word it's derived from the noise of the movements i'm making with my hands the sound of the seed in the basin and the bracelets the women used to wear so it's this gesture that gave us its name. of course course. there's intense rivalry between algeria and morocco mauritania and all claiming to be the home of course curse but now they're prepared to look past years of antagonism to secure the coveted u.n. heritage status for the food the us came up to cation will be examined in december
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. you're watching video you news coming up next in the w. news asia. their husbands died climbing mount everest now two nepalese women want to reach the summit themselves and force a rethink of gender roles. and they're in evanston for me and the entire team in berlin thanks for watching.
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the full. india. how can the country's economy grow harmony with its people but. when there are do first look at the bigger picture. india a country that faces many challenges the center for strategic sustainable future.
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clever projects from europe and go an eco india on t.w. . so. here's what's coming up for the book loosely of plenty to talk about here for details. on this lisa bloom weekend here. mention being born because. you're a long calm proving that. you want to look good no school trick you want to be put on the love to cook when you're sick the doctors know when you fall in love they won't make you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to.
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you have noticed. when you've gone there's no. just. every ten minutes. someone misses. ten million people in the world the stakes they have no nationality and made over the long end. of the day everyone has the wise to. everyone has the right to see. the good. you're watching news coming up on the program toxic air cutting lights short on the continent a new study says children born in india china and other places across the region are at risk to deadly diseases linked to air pollution plus. visit the perfect metaphor for the struggle to win sprites and empowerment to women from
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nepal plan to take on mount everest the world's highest peaks and. old customs with a modern twist.


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