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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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between comments but. this is business. as welcome for when this and collars go on has been rearrested by police in japan less than a month after he was released on bail he had been awaiting trial over claims of financial misconduct gone is now back at the prosecutor's office to be questions over further allegations. this is the moment carlos gain was taken out of his temporary accommodation and back into the custody of tokyo's police force it's the fourth time he's been arrested in japan media there say his latest attention is related to a file looking at payments made to a dealership in oman we does little illegitimately to arrest someone who is released on bail to take all of his documents including those related to the preparations for his trial i believe is something to be seriously looked at by the international community. is barely a month since going was released on
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a nine million dollars bond pending his trial for financial misconduct which he denies he says his latest arrest is outrageous and the charges a crowned less it also comes a day after he tweeted his intention to tell all about the other cases against him that press conference is now in doubt he claims this is all part of a conspiracy at nissen which ousted him as its chairman of the allegations comic us president was asked about the latest development. out of it as well it feels so much can happen i'm shocked in a way that it does if it's another twist in a tale that seen a full from grace for carlos the savior of baseness son and ran who's looked up to by so many again before from grace that has the will to the public. mother more money sure i was surprised i was released and i was arrested again was shocking but i also thought now adamant prosecutors are in this case you get what it is. but if
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i were working here as a for the sole purpose of the make me a bit of apprehensive. of the system of a system that can do that sort of thing well i would hope that the japanese judicial system. would strive for being fair to him as they would to anybody else. or a japanese citizen. carlos again who spent one hundred eight days in the custody of take years prosecutors one hundred eight days and counting. who bore by robots who joins us in the studio now rob this is the fourth time i was gone has been arrested the new charges related to the previous arrests well prosecutors in japan have stress that this is a totally different case they've said that. they're just holding him because they don't want him to be able to destroy evidence related to this latest case now his
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lawyers say that's not true at all in the tactically that this is linked to those three other accusations either way it's another development in this extraordinary saga that started six months ago for carlos going in his private jet just having landed in tokyo when he was arrested and was held on suspicion of underreporting his salary over five years they said that he done a report to pipe out hoth since then he's been arrested three times the accusations against him included something this man is aggravated breaches of trust. yeah well that's the idea that you have used money from an organization where you hold sway for your own personal purposes and again it seems like that's where he's being accused of in this instance reports from japan's jet. still with the company in amman of the us no actually mentioned in the documents submitted by prosecutors we were actually gold is denying all these allegations what have we heard from from
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his people so far yeah he's strenuously denying this he says that he will be vindicated his lawyers say the same what they're particularly annoyed about is the fact that he has been arrested having only been bailed less than a month ago he paid well he was bailed on and nine million dollars bond which is one of the biggest bonds in japanese legal history only to be re-arrested a month later and his lawyers say this is extremely fishy they think that this is an attempt to disrupt his preparations for his trial for these other charges so that he can get the papers he needs incidentally they also say that his wife carole's smartphone and passport have been confiscated by prosecutors very briefly what happens next well they can question him now for forty eight hours if they want to question him for any longer than they have to request a further ten day extension then after that they can request another ten day extension then it's a case of well charge him or let him go the reports the thank you thank you very
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much for. so partly there's movement in the merger talks between germany's two biggest lenders storage a bank spog. play the game italy's uni cricket said it would be interested in buying. weald sports sources told the financial times the italian bank has apparently ready to make a multi billion euro offer in case the talks between the two german banks fail according to the if seems to me credit would then merge come outfront with munich based on which the italians board fifteen years of gold by steep climb to comment on the ripples. maybe get some more information out of snowden alone standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange you know that's an interesting turn of events did anyone see that company. well unicredit has a history of wanting to take over come out as early as twenty seventy and they went
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to the german government to say so bearing in mind that the german government is the largest shareholder for bank of bands about plan amid its own restructuring but it clearly appears to be resurfacing now now what's interesting about the report is this bit where it explains to us that uni credit is actually prepared to wait for the collapse of merger talks between banks and come out spank before moving out of before moving in on the deal it doesn't want to gatecrash this deal that berlin that seems to want it shows an unwillingness to displease berlin in case it does end up making a play of its own for accounts back later on post are going to all the markets investor is happy about it. it depends on who you ask now bank shares slid on this news and you have to be able to imagine a merger with someone else with a much bigger competitor for deutsche bank than it had been but whether the
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solution is to get deutsche bank and trying to through fees instead well that's still a controversial deal especially the prospect of the loss of thousands of jobs. german media are reporting as early as the week at this could come our latest on tuesday when the bank board meets so either way investors are set to get a resolution in the next days or at least that's how it looks for now. uni credit be a good part of. speaking about their reactions well the shares of come outfront actually rose on this news and they're still trading higher from what i can see showing that there is some excitement up for the deal and you know analysts do say that it does make a degree of sense especially because it already has a foothold in germany with the ownership of paper for ions bank but the challenge there is going to be potential resistance from the german government it might not want to see one of two of its biggest lenders suddenly slide in foreign ownership
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and that's going to be something that unicredit will have to talk if the time comes . you know the financial reports in frankfurt thank you very much. emotion some of the other business news making headlines around the world investors are keeping a close eye on the u.s. china trade talks. between the world's leading economies resumed wednesday in the u.s. capital we polled say washington and beijing edging towards an agreement. on growing trade disputes. south korea the rights to long. five g. mobile networking the country turned on its super high speed ultra reactive network on wednesday the head of state fuel five g. is the communication technology that will be the basis of major developments in the so-called internet of things. a huge trove of data
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from facebook users been exposed online in a public database it includes details like people's names the comments they've left and when they've hit the like facebook stored on amazon cloud service apparently without any protection. first quarter lead figures show a record decline in deliveries stoking fears that demand for its latest electric vehicle is faltering. reduction in tax incentives for its mobile three sedan in the u.s. and problems with getting deliveries to buyers in europe and china are the main reasons for the poor results. here germany seems to face a significant slowdown more and more indicators point in the downward direction in february factory orders fell to their lowest point since twenty seventeen more and
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more leading economists think tanks are also predicting the end of the boom. the mood at the world's largest industry fair in hanover is muted this year. significantly fewer orders from china the world's second largest economy. and overall german manufacturing orders in february fell four percent month on month. when compared to february last year the decline was eight percent making it the largest annual fall in two years. it's a clear indication the german economy is slowing down and leading economists have now more than their forecast for next year from one point nine percent to zero point eight. in schism it's dorchin general german manufacturing capacity is well utilized so if we speak of cooling it means they call me has cooled but it's not freezing yet was iffy at north and east the country's business leaders are
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sounding increasingly concerned. in is good so if you owns a shodan there's so many uncertainties like brags that the trade conflicts that there's a major economic slowdown but they khana me is still growing and german companies can surely expect a bit of a tel wind at home that will allow them to continue to be competitive globally come that's the word by the medvedev zero five i was doing good. for german companies are behind over fair the whole because they'll get something of tell when from the global markets even though headwinds are gaining momentum. and that's it for me and the business. news of lots of back stories check out g.w. dot com slash here's a pickle a global block of ice which. does
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the rwandan patriotic front in qatar the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when all in the rooms there was and when it was given you in toto me to reinforce it close it i knew this but does that mean he was not floating in no to. a controversial leader who success is beyond question. the tough call coming in the london tragedy starts people fifty long t.w. . frank food. international gateway to the best connection self in road and rail. located. in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experienced outstanding shopping and dining offers controlling our services. biala guest
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trends food city managed by for. it. this is d w news live for lead british opposition lawmakers urge a compromise with prime minister to resign may over break that labor m.p.'s want their leader jeremy corbett to go the extra step if there's a chance for an agreement with me. meanwhile the german chancellor visits ireland which would be especially hard hit by any breaks a trade chaos. also coming up
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a preliminary report says the pilots of the ethiopian airlines jet that crashed last month.


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