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bialik asked trent. managed by from. it clear that. this is d w news live from berlin british opposition lawmakers urge a compromise with prime minister to resign over breaks that labor m.p.'s want their leader jeremy corbyn to go the extra step if there's a chance for an agreement with me. while the german chancellor visits ireland which would be especially hard hit by any breaks a trade chaos. also coming up
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a preliminary report says the pilots of the ethiopian airlines jet that crashed last month followed all recommended procedures but were unable to keep it from diving out of control. and taking center stage in the biggest match of the bundesliga season proper byron's will put his poetic goal scoring loops on display in another classic match up with the title rivals dortmund on saturday. sat down with the polish striker to find out why he always seems to be in the right place at the right time. welcome to the program i'm very i haven't seen. with fears growing that britain could exit the e.u. without an agreement lawmakers in britain's opposition have urged their leader to
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reach a compromise with the prime minister to resign may to break the break the deadlock me is continuing talks with labor leader jeremy corbin twenty five of his m.p.'s say he should go the next step to allow may to present a plan to e.u. leaders by april tenth meanwhile the german chancellor angela merkel is heading to ireland the only e.u. states sharing a land border with britain the irish economy could take the biggest hit from a disorderly brags that and uncle americal is concerned about the security situation there. a cry for help beamed out from the white cliffs of dover barely fifty kilometers of water line between here and front but the antibiotics it activists behind the stunt a worried it could soon feel much further. with cherries and may still wrangling to find of brecht's it compromise the risk of no geo is mounting factious brit's there
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was some good news on thursday the european parliament voted to grant visa free travel to u.k. citizens after breaks it really for holiday makers but in westminster no signs of a breakthrough in the brics it deadlock may is meeting opposition leader jeremy corbyn for more talks after wednesday's meeting failed to yield results. we had a discussion. as much as i expect but we are continuing to have some discussions was useful but inconclusive. time is not on their side the u.k. is due to leave the european union in just eight days and the bloc isn't budging on the timeframe. it's. april twelfth as however the ultimate possible deadline for approval. if the house of commons does not express itself by this date no further short extension will be possible. for
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work on the deal and i think that a no deal at midnight on the twelfth of april it's now one more and more likely scenario. that something many parliamentarians want to avoid on thursday the highs of lords debating legislation to force to reason may to seek a delay but use as a longer extension will only be granted if the u.k. puts forward a concrete plan and it's by no means guaranteed m.p.'s will unite behind any compromise may manages to broker. well as we mentioned german chancellor angela merkel is in dublin today to discuss. the uncertainties surrounding brags that the irish border separates northern ireland which is part of britain from the republic of ireland which will remain a member of the european union after brags that at the moment there's no physical border between the two the absence of a hard border is a central part of the peace agreement between ireland and northern ireland but it's
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unclear how border complexities can be avoided after bragg's it ahead of the trip merkel addressed the risk of violence if a hard border results from britain's divorce from that you. we often say in europe this a question of war and peace and we can see that it's fundamentally a question of violence or nonviolence of course we want to play our part and so i will look closely at the situation regarding the irish border and ways to find solutions to prevent heartbreaks it know that sent these solutions must ultimately come from london. we can see that intense efforts are being made but also that there are clearly very different competing visions i hope that the discussions led by theresa many are successful. let's cross over now to london where charlotte potts is standing by so charlotte these talks between theresa may and
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labor is jeremy corbin are still continuing but he's apparently under pressure from his own party not to accept her deal what do you anticipate is going to come out of those talks. well the negotiating teams are meeting as we speak and they are clearly trying to find some common ground and there is some common ground both parties in general want to leave the european union both parties want to stop the single market stop the free movement of people of course jeremy cole being pushing for a soft of bricks and maybe to remain in a customs union and that is also what he's under pressure from his own party about what they are pushing him towards a soft of bricks and maybe possibly towards a second referendum some in the in the labor party saying that that he's been lured into a trap that theresa may want to put blame off him for not ending the brics a deadlock if these talk of talks are not successful and also theresa may is under
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intense pressure from her party to have ministers stepping down yesterday because they said she is collaborating with the enemy with a marxist an anti-semite. like called and the rhetoric really heating up here so it's very questionable if these two have always catered to policy politics actually going to put country first now and come to a successful conclusion on this whether they are going to budge on red lines that they have drawn out before so there's very little hope here that these talks are going to be successful. for charlotte this was a rather surprising change of tactic for theresa may to now try and seek some sort of agreement with the opposition and as you mentioned a number of ministers who have resigned over this but is that perhaps really her only chance for breaking the braggs a deadlock i mean if her own party is not behind her could it be that she needs
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those votes from the opposition to get her deal through. you're absolutely right i mean she recently has tried three times to bring her deals through she has offered her resignation if there was a draw agreement. parliament and not even in that case have the hardline as most of them have not supported her and not just keeping the line that the withdrawal agreement is a bad deal so she has really tried hard now she has to reach out to labor and at the moment this come looking for a compromise looking for unity with labor to get the deal pos is really the only option. well charlotte i think most have agreed that a no deal bragg's it is definitely going to be detrimental both for the u.k. and also for the e.u. so are we really looking as a long delay of bragg's it and participation in e.u. parliamentary elections at the end of may the only possible scenario.
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yes it could very well be so paul and yesterday he passed a law that would force to resign me to go to brussels and ask for an extension and she the length of this extension is actually up to her she has said she wants a short extension but the european union said they are only going to grant that if some kind of withdrawal agreement is pos and it doesn't look likely so the european union is most likely going to offer a long extension and that would mean that the u.k. would have to put legislation in place to hold those european elections and if that was to happen then we would probably see a very much a protest vote like a mini referendum in these european elections with those that want to leave pushing and voting for for hard line to join the european union as i mean and for those that want to remain voting for those parties that want to remain in the european union all along shall have pause for porting from london we thank you for that
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now nato foreign ministers are meeting in washington to mark the alliance's seventieth anniversary u.s. secretary of state mike on peo opened the meeting with an appeal for unity as he said nato members need to work together to confront challenges from russia china and iran as they see to expand their influence he also called on nato members to counter public opposition to defense spending saying each nation should explain the need for spending increases all right let's get you up to speed now on some of the other stories making news around the world. the australian parliament has approved legislation to fine social media companies or jail their bosses if they fail to swiftly remove violent content from their platforms this comes after last month's mass shooting in two mosques in new zealand a facebook live stream of the attack was shared for over an hour before being
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removed. police in japan have arrested former nissan boss carlos going over new charges of financial misconduct the case centers on payments he allegedly made to a business partner when he was chair of nissan go and was recently released after posting nine million dollars bail in connection to other charges. pope francis has named atlanta archbishop wilton gregory as the new head of the catholic church in washington d.c. gregory becomes the first african-american to hold the most influential position in the u.s. church he'll succeed two consecutive holders of the post who were caught up in sexual abuse scandals. the u.n. secretary general is urging restraint as rival factions in libya head for a possible showdown forces loyal to militia leader khalifa haftar say they've advanced to within one hundred kilometers of the capital tripoli the country's internationally back government has declared
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a military alert in response to threats. you're watching d.w. news still to come. will find downtown north african governments are coming together in the kitchen to. do w. sits down with byron munich star striker robert ahead of saturday's big bundesliga clash with dortmund find out how decisive he thinks the game will be for the title . investigators in ethiopia have issued a damning report on last month's fatal ethiopian airlines plane crash the specialist concluded that the pilots followed all procedures recommended by the plane's manufacturer boeing yet they were unable to regain control over the brand new seven thirty seven x. eight on what should have been a routine flight. march tenth was a clear morning ethiopian airlines flight three zero two had just left at this abu buffer in nairobi when it plummeted nose first into
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a field outside the theo capital a disaster that killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board. a preliminary report now rules out human error as the cause of the tragedy suggesting the crew did everything in their power to avoid the crash. the crew perform it all the procedures. repeatedly provided by the manufacturer but was not able to control. the boeing seven three seven max eight reportedly experienced erratic climbs and descents shortly after takeoff a situation similar to the one preceding the crash of lion air flight six one zero in october which killed one hundred eighty nine people. very clear to me in the ways we. are today because. number one it's just a plane more than proud to be on the other hand the flight the duration of the
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flights or source or most of it up on a flight was six months six minutes very short flight. scrutiny is centered on an anti stall system that has repeatedly given pilots problems it's designed to automatically lower the aircraft's nose if it detects a stall or loss of airspeed anxious to wind back public trust in its products boeing announced last week it had reprogrammed the software on the seven three seven max to stop the anti stall system from triggering but the us federal aviation administration advised boeing to keep working on the proposed fix before submitting the system for a view. with this fastest selling plane grounded boeing isn't only facing increasing reputational issues analysts say a lengthy delay could cut the company's revenues by billions. kristof comber from d.w. business is following the story and joins me now for more in the studio so christophe kind of a damning report isn't it so what does this initial report on the ethiopian airlines
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crash mean for boeing well there is certainly a bad aspect to it but also is somewhat a somewhat good aspect and i got to that in the second first about aspect certainly here is that this automated anti stall system to bradley is rely only on one sensor is not reliable and it also sheds light on boeing how it introduced the seven hundred seven max years to its customers essentially saying this is just a newer version of a long established plane when in fact it wasn't it was a brand new plane with a lot of changes done to it which pilots were not informed about because there's many people many posing while we need to training for this boeing could have offered training but often didn't because that would have meant extra cost to their customers something that boeing didn't want them to consider the somewhat somewhat good aspect here is that engineers at boeing now can almost entirely rule out that
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the cause of the second crash was a different one than the one in october which means they are most likely not forced to conduct another sorrow time consuming investigation on where this this fault might have been well this is of course you know horrible it's appalling you know so many people have lost their lives over this if it's just a yeah and you know perhaps the company should have been aware of this how if a very active to these findings there hasn't been much of a reaction so far as that is a sensitive issue to boeing they don't want to jump to conclusions once there is a say bigger picture public key published here so the company said it would study the report by the open authorities once it comes out which people expect will be on friday. all right so they're going to study the report but now they're really going to have to do something what would it take for boeing to be able to get its seven thirty seven max in the air again or is that already out of the question well it
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needs to get regulators stamp of approval that the seven thirty seven max sirius is a save aircraft and for that needs to get the changes to this automated feist's flight system certified now boeing said that on wednesday a they successfully conducted tests of this updated flight system the anti stall system now the federal aviation administration needs to certify this update however it might be more difficult to get the sums up here than one might think because the f.a.a. just said on wednesday it is forming an international team to not only review this automated anti stall system and the update for it but the safety of these seven thirty seven next year is a general and in this all sounds pretty damaging for boeing what is the impact of it is that the impact is huge so far i mean the more than three hundred seventy seven planes are grounded they're not generating any revenues for the for the
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companies that own them now boeing is preparing for possible. claims of damages by by these companies that say all right we're not earning any money with your jets and this is your fault plus the seven thirty seven max is boeing's top selling aircraft there are about five thousand have been ordered by by companies and they're really banking heavily on this jet now is more airlines and more customers should lose faith in this aircraft the damage would be even bigger all right christopher over many thanks indeed. now last september a member of the russian activist group pussy riot was rushed to a hospital in moscow after suddenly losing his sight is hearing and his ability to walk after a few days treasure there's a lot was airlifted to germany where doctors diagnosed what they described as a likely poisoning he's now back in moscow where he talked to our correspondent in
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a drug storage. versus off was happy and healthy when we met him in a restaurant near his home in moscow. he's recovered from the alleged poisoning in september thanks largely to treatment he received in berlin. with his of german doctors in berlin said it's amazing the months after being poisoned one can feel better than before. because no hard evidence that first off was poisoned but there are many indications say the doctors who treated him to a legit attack on a worldwide headlines first off believes russian security services were behind it. he says thinking that it was people connected to the russian state secret services it's hard to say exactly who it was. the thirty one year old suspects he was being punished for a picture in beijing at the world cup in russia last year the protest was aimed at
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human rights violations in the country and first off say that provoked the government. because they were trying to intimidate me telling me not to get mixed up with this kind of thing first off is planning more protest actions along with the rest of pussy riot poisoning hasn't scared him. it was a fatal dose of poison he could have gone the other way if you get involved with politics in russia you have to be ready for anything. he's grateful to germany for his medical treatment. and he doesn't understand how gen x. politicians can work for russia. really plays up to both of the thoughts of the west should respond to attempts by the citizens of european countries to enrich themselves in questionable ways before a very good example is true good going to get a distributor. first sais that charges should be brought against the for much of
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a chance or since should it works for corporations that answer to the kremlin free of that particular humans and me when the he gets millions of euros for his positions in the russian establishment and we all get that it's not commercial work it's reward for representing putin's interests in the west and in the world when you're supporting that as a preview of my first officemate resistance to putin his life's work. a single attack won't change that. it will do w. has reached out to russia's domestic intelligence agency the f.s.b. but it has yet to get back to us all right let's get some sports news now it was a dramatic night of soccer in the german cup quarter finals with byron munich just barely getting past second division club i'm in a nine goal thriller one big reason was that byron's nick was due to was handed a red card in the thirteenth minute that made it a bit easier for hives number nine at over glottal he managed three goals on the
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night but byron's wahlberg live under these four twice including the penalty kick winner in the eighty fourth minute and biron managed to slip into the semifinals. also braman knocked out by a two nil score so braman joined biron life sick and hamburg in the semifinals. well as you may know that was not the first time that robert lewandowski scored the game deciding goal in a big match he often does and he's now switching gears for another big match this time in the bundesliga his second place byron host first closed door opened on saturday w. spoke with the poland international in a one on one interview in the run up to the game which is expected to be a class. he moves with the control and precision of the needle. was.
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love it live and ascii really misses that's why he's known as the gold machine no not german player has scored more goals in the history of the bonus he got in the polish international live and sat down with. to tell us that his magic touch in front of net it's partly down to genetics. you need this feeling. of course you have to work on. one thing so you have now in the modern football if you see the striker is not strong strikers not only for. you need everything because you have to know how to play behind. your teammates or the front of your teammates you need the left for the right for everything. he's not shy when it comes to using his right one left foot against his former club
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he scored fourteen goals against dortmund and an unforgettable hat trick in last season's the classic car by and are just two points behind dortmund in the table at the moment so you'd think whomever wins on saturday would be confident about a title not if you live under half see you. there with the first day at the big step. but ones that will be not enough because we have a lot of games until until the end of this is on i uncertainty is in the title race but at least there's a level of certainty when it comes to live and offs here he just can't help himself it's in his d.n.a. to score goals i. are right and finally cruz cruz the staple north african dish made from durham weed is taking on a new role as a symbol of north african unity of neighboring states there have swallowed their
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differences and presented a joint bid to secure un heritage status for the food. an integral part of the history and tradition of the magreb it's rich in flavor and history it's the king of the table it's served at all ceremonies it's also inexpensive and highly nutritious made from little balls of durham we saw semolina flour it's a staple of family celebrations. they want to you know it's a dish that brings us together and which we're all proud of. i believe that in these four countries there's not a friday when you don't find the smell of course goes back to us is now popular in many parts of the world but its origins lie in northern africa where it's been used for well over a thousand years. it's called the first thing it's a bribe a word it's derived from the noise of the movements i'm making with my hands the sound of the seed in the basin and the bracelets the women used to wear so it's
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this gesture that gave us its name. of course. there's intense rivalry between algeria and morocco mauritania and all claiming to be the home of coast but now they're prepared to look past years of antagonism to secure the coveted un heritage status for the food the unesco application will be examined in december. you're watching that about your news coming up next indeed the way you news asia. paying the price of pollution and new studies says toxic air will shorten the lives of today's children focus on south asia the world's worst hit region. their husbands died climbing mount everest now to know these women want to reach the summit themselves and force a rethink of gender roles. and extravagant pay for models in taiwan
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so the dead can enjoy an eternity of long in the afterlife as. well have their own stories and more with melissa chad's after a short break in the meantime don't forget you can always get more news and information on our website just go to do w. dot com i'm going to evanston from me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching.
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does. appreciate. the first swiss cheese maker is trying it out. of business and then tom receives plenty of loving attention. and he plays music for it as well so can you taste the difference was the idea
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cheesy. theme sixty minutes on d w. earth a home for saving global indias tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas being blue series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. the city in ruins maro a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population. last lions fighters occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president to tears his response was told. by hitler it will never again football game of. the reconquest
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turned into tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did mohamed you become a keep way to islamist terror until now you see sorry god in my city as the end result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the space of just starts april eleventh on g.w. . you're watching news asia coming up on the program toxic air cutting life short on the continent a new study says children born in india china and other places across the region are at risk to deadly disease linked to air pollution plus. is it the perfect metaphor for the struggle to women's rights and empowerment to.


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