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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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how did know how would you become a key point to islamist terror and you know the scene so we're going to be most interested in pursuing an exclusive report from a destroyed city in. the philippines in the sun. starts people are living on t.w. . going to be an epic deal but it'll take another four weeks that's what u.s. president donald trump told the world following a meeting with the chinese vice premier in washington we'll talk to a u.s. political advisor to find out what's going on. also coming up some song rolls out its first five g. capable smartphone in south korea but the euphoria is defined by plunging profits in the first quarter. hello and welcome to business i'm going to jones in berlin
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good to have you with us u.s. president to donald trump says a quote epic trade deal with china could be just weeks away but he stopped short of mentioning a summit date when any such agreement would be signed the announcement also with gandhi on details but it's also the question of when the united states will lift tariffs on china remains a major sticking point. months of wrangling hundreds of billions of dollars worth of tariffs and a u.s. pledge to radically change china does business now u.s. president donald trump is indicating that the trade conflict between the world's top two economies is nearing an end we've agreed to far more than we have left to agree to. the fact i would say i think i can say that some of the toughest things have to reach if we have some things that are actually easier ways you know that we're we're doing but it's a very very using
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a word that i don't like using too often but it's a very very comprehensive deal on the chinese side some flattery of little caution and even less detail. because you know i read. week. steal from. you because of course because of the trade conflict began early last year when the u.s. voted to crack down on what it called unfair chinese trade practices these include station to invention in markets and the handling of foreign intellectual property china is already committed to buying more u.s. goods and to opening its markets but questions remain over how such changes would be enforced there are still some major major issues but. we should be taking this it would have softened the start i think i think it was the. characteristic
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conference from u.s. president donald trump and the more cautious optimism from those who've been doing most of the negotiations the world's biggest economies may be close to a deal but getting there may take longer than expected. well for more i'm joined by angela i dare an american lawyer political adviser and the founder of d.c. berlin consulting that is the platform i understand that allows him to translate washington to germany or the world. start by explaining what happened last night in washington well. we didn't learn a whole lot new i suppose the biggest piece of news is that they're still negotiating at all i think if you rewind about six months the chances of coming to a deal i think were used as less likely and now it looks like the momentum really is moving toward a deal and so i think the deal have to entail in order to actually happen. for a few weeks now we've really. known the contours of the deal
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a few different buckets the removal of tariffs as you mentioned the purchasing commitments you know china's going to make over a trillion dollars worth of purchasing commitments from the united states in agricultural goods in energy in industrial goods lots of changes to the intellectual property system really at the end of the day it's going to be a great deal of changes. within china. china is really giving the most and the u.s. is really not giving that much so the end of the day it's going to be a big give from china in order to create this deal as you've mentioned which will be a big deal but we of course we know that china already announced and said it would make concessions for example purchasing more active culture products as well. so what is the crucial sticking point what is the make or break moment yeah i think the make or break moment is this if you if you look at robert like has
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a for example the u.s. trade representative who is really in charge of this process and there's a whole cadre of u.s. officials who are managing this process but like has there's really the one to watch. and the make or break is really about enforcement how do you get the two largest economies in the world who have two very different systems one of course the american capitalistic system and the other being the chinese state run model how do you get them to come together and have. a deal that can be enforced and if you listen to white highs or he really talks a lot about enforcement you know i think they really have largely agreement on the contours of the deal the question is you know can they actually bring in it to into force can actually implement the deal will china live up to its commitments you know a year from now what does that look like two years from now if there's a new presidential administration how does it look can it be enforced is it durable over time so that's really what they're trying to figure out is can they find a mechanism to do that all right and they try to figure that out hopefully within the next four weeks then will be the wiser adair from d.c.
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blurted consulting thank you so much for your time thank you. and now to some of the other stories making the news around the world it's. u.s. airplane make a boeing has revealed its grounded seven three seven max jets are suffering from an additional software problem regulators say it must be fixed before they can be cleared to fly again it's all of the problem relates to software affecting the flaps and other flight control. amazon founder and c.e.o. jeff bezos and his wife mackenzie a finalized their divorce she is giving up all their interest in the washington post newspaper which bases fortune twenty thirteen and blue all region the space exploration company he founded she is also running pushing most of her amazon stake leaving her with four percent worth thirty five billion dollars. french finance minister says his country is sticking to its plans to introduce
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a digital tax on giants such as facebook and apple despite opposition from washington the three percent levy would apply to high tech companies operating in france with an annual global turnover of more than seven hundred fifty million euros. president donald trump has recommended a former presidential candidate to the board of america's central bank the federal reserve herman cain ran for the republican nomination and twenty twelve but pulled out over allegations of sexual harassment which he denied he's also a former executive of the pizza company godfather's president has described him as a terrific person who would do very well at the fed. recommended herman cain is a very all right for more let's cross over to our frankfurt stock exchange correspondent john l. don't allow a gentle what more do we know about herman cain how to refrig would he be on the
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fed board. well there is definitely some concern here that is terrific qualities may have been oversold the sexual harassment allegations are only part of it but his a past policy record has been somewhat confusing he's advocated for example for a return to the gold standard of all things and his past tenure as kansas had a very he was known as a hawk meaning that he favored low inflation and higher interest rates since then and he seemed to have moved over to president trump's way of thinking president trump of course known for attacking the fed for raising interest rates and that is going to be the biggest issue here people worry that his appointment is a sign that this is a further way of donald trump trying to walk under undermine fado policy in order to just provide himself with some short term economic gains i would have people in frankfurt and in europe as a whole actually make of france wanting to go ahead with introducing new digital
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services tax despite opposition from the u.s. also some controversy within the e.u. as far as i know. well people here are watching this closely in the lot because france has proposed taxes are going to be here to these are these are songs that these companies can afford but because it sets a trend now france may have gotten there early but austria has also announced plans italy the u.k. . germany also considering their own forms of these plans the e.u. did try as you say and failed to get in why the plan underway but that is likely to resurface people here say that regulation for these big companies is inevitable despite u.s. pushback it just remains to be seen whether governments are able to hit that sweet spot of getting what they need out of these tech companies without alienating them because they do provide jobs jobs and growth where they are all right general them allowing their reporting from the front of stock exchange for us thank you so much . samson reported its worst to drop
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in profits in more than four years due to faulty memory chip prices and slowing smartphone sales the south korean electronics giant's profits tumbled more than sixty percent in the first quarter to five and a half a billion dollars one positive was the bigger than expected to demand for eighteen flagship device the galaxy s ten smartphone however the sales increase was not enough to compensate for the steep semiconductor decline. well. on a more positive note to though today samsung rolls out its first five g. capable smartphone just in time for the country's launch of the world's first five g. network. it's being compared to the moon landings s.k. telecom's c.e.o. park junko describes the advent of five g. mobile networking technology as
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a giant leap for mankind analysts say the new super fast highly reactive networking technology will change the way we live. it has potential to transform a range of industries from autos to factory production to media to agriculture to health care yes eventually as transfer made to potential will become apparent to everyone in next five years or so one of the most talked about applications five g. will enable is autonomous driving the new network standard will be capable of handling and responding to vast quantities of data in real time south korea's early launch of fife she is also a symbolic step for the country to maintain its lead as a high tech nation for the newest generation of mobile internet to reach its full capacity experts expected to take several more years whether five g. is indeed a technological revolution or more often evolution is still to be seen. the owners
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of the photo and video sharing app snapshot have launched a new gaming platform it will allow people to play in between sending and receiving messages snap games was unveiled at an event in los angeles and socially follows apple's announcement of its own new gaming platform both launches com as many take pioneers attempt to find revenue streams in the face of sagging demand in this case snap hopes to make money through more agile use the company has struggled to turn to a profit since its creation and twenty eleven. as your business update on the w community impacts a watching. first
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. doris grand moment arrives join during a time on her journey. you know we're going to return to. the running time returns home. what's the connection between bread. and the european union keynote. correspondent alan baker. john
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stretch this line with the rules set by the t.v. . cuts. being recipes for success the strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d w. hello welcome to our culture and today a new exhibition of works from yoko ono has just opened in my colleague scott roxboro was there and he'll be here in a minute to talk about it but also coming up. play it aloud at the metropolitan museum in new york tranch rock'n'roll seismic impact on our culture through iconic rock instruments.
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but let's get straight underway with the yoko ono exhibition and scott is just back from the opening and in a way actually there's a connection there she's also an iconic figure in rock and roll ready yeah you know really yeah of course i mean but it's interesting because before this exhibit i think i was thinking about yoko ono and what i what i think about her and i guess i mean i think we all sort of an image of her but it's really directly connected to you know her ladyship with with john lennon and i always really if i'm honest i thought of her more or less as just the wife of a job by the you know and you know the people the person the people of the beatles on or whatever but and the one who then went on to make some really strange music with john lennon and the plastic ono band if you remember that so that was my idea going into this exhibit but the this exhibit from pieces power and it displaced sixty years of her artwork i didn't even know she had that much artwork to show and.


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