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is deja news coming to you live from berlin the latest bomb from the long road to brag say it proposes a flexible trust for the block but to reason me it wants it filling up by june the
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thirtieth we get news from london and brussels also coming up militia troops have reached the outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli as the u.n. secretary general tries to the verge of renewed civil war a regional warlord is trying to drive off the internationally backed government. and the battleground for ukraine's presidential election a medical center both candidates in the runoff submit to block tests to show they're fit for office. and the biggest. spying take on dawdling this weekend in what could be a bundesliga title decider we hear from both coaches and sports cars fun about the match every football fan in germany is talking about.
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british prime minister tourism a has asked the e.u. for yet another extension to bragg's it saying the u.k. needs more time to avoid leaving the block with. in a letter to the european council president. asked for the brics a deadline to be delayed. she said she hoped to get britain out of the e.u. before the european parliamentary elections in me and if that's not possible london will make preparations to take part of the british parliament is still deadlocked over the draw agreement that secured. now for more on this i'm joined from london by. fallen short of pots and from brussels we have teri schultz welcome to both of you let me start with you charlotte briggs it is heading for yet another delay what exactly is terrorism me asking for this time and why.
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so theresa may laying out a strategy here asking the european union for another extension until june thirtieth and her strategy being the ongoing negotiations with the government and the labor party they are hoping to find across party consensus here some common ground on how to move on with this process and if those talks were to fail she is saying in that letter then she would go back to parliament and hold so-called indicative votes let parliament decide on the way forward and find a path forward in that regard so she's asking for that extension until june thirtieth but with the option if the withdrawal agreement is passed to leave the european union so the u.k. wouldn't have to hold european elections on in may so she's laying out a strategy there but she's not presenting the solution and the question is whether the e.u. will grant that extension on those grounds. exactly tell you telling to you in
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brussels not all twenty seven members of the e.u. have to approve the extension and we're already hearing conflicting comments that countries like france the netherlands and germany not entirely convinced my ucas demand. well if anyone thinks that this is all going to be wrapped up in the next six weeks i think people will look at them like they're crazy because we've been waiting and waiting and waiting in brussels for this to be finalized and we're still waiting so i think that there's a lot of skepticism among the reason mase counterparts the e.u. leaders and yes we have heard on different ends of the spectrum we've heard from friends saying that she shouldn't be guaranteed an extension at all and you hear from others including you know european council leaders that she should be given much more time but this issue of the elections is very very complicated nobody wants to see. british lawmakers running for positions that they then would bake it immediately there's
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a tenth of the seats in the european parliament are held by the u.k. right now so that would leave a huge gap if you make decisions with these people and then they leave but the only thing everyone is on the same page about at the moment is that a hard brics it is very bad for both sides and so despite their positioning ahead of meetings like the summit next week that is something that everyone does agree on and to which everyone will work their hardest to avoid so short as we can of the european election is a huge complications due to take place in britain on the twenty may give in the book the conservatives and the opposition labor party has so hopelessly divided on briggs how distilleries m a plan to navigate this issue. well now the u.k. if that extension is granted has to put legislation in place to hold those european elections and the reactions on this have been extremely divided here in london today so you have those on the remainer site that are hoping now for a soft of bricks that a second referendum maybe and the european elections they say could give could give
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some indications for that but you also have the hotline those in the tory parties that have that would be perfectly happy to leave without a deal on april twelfth now to have a chaotic breakfast and then try. really get this over with and with from those hard liners for example. leading the party that he wants to stand in the european elections to have some kind of protest vote you have heard from other hardline us saying we are going to make life extremely difficult for the european union if we were to hold these european elections so extremely divided on that and on the streets here in london if you talk to people they are saying it's very frustrating that we're going to see yet another extension and this process dragging on we just want to get on with it in fact talking about dragging on terri don't have to calling for will flexible extension of one year as one. can
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tell us about that. that's right i read it and i said there's one thing everybody agrees on that are hard pressed it would be bad for both sides but we could also agree on the fact that this is very tiring exhausting and frustrating to keep having these discussions about extensions for treason made to have to come back again to go back to parliament to have indicative votes meaningful votes everyone is tired of this process so that's where donald has you suggestion a flex tention he says let's give him a year let's give them until april twenty twenty because that would mean they don't have to try to wrap this up quickly there's less chance that we will do this chaotically we can sort of be more methodical about it even though we've already had two years to get to this point so there's no sign yet that everyone would agree to that that all the other twenty seven e.u. leaders would agree to that either again the elections is a huge part of this do you really want british any pieces in place for one year who are then making decisions on the budget making decisions on programs if you have
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a lot of ukip representatives elected they have threatened to make life very difficult for brussels so there is going to be a lot of a lot of different opinion also about this flex tension and one european council official briefing the press this afternoon said look i don't know any more than you do i'm constantly checking my phone to see if anything has been decided in london we are preparing for every option and every option is complicated. issues in brussels and in london thank you both very much for your very perspectives. turning on to libya and up off a militia is holding in on the capital tripoli in the past few general kiley for how fast troops have taken a village just forty kilometers south of the capital by the un backed government is based it's begun deploying troops around the city it's an escalation of a power struggle that has raised in libya since the fall of wal-mart gaddafi in two
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thousand and eleven the head of the united nations tony a good ted ish has just left libya where he met with both the government and general how fat ted is says he hopes a minute to confrontation in libya can be of a tip. now for some analysis i have with me marcus guy i'm from the german institute for international security affairs welcome ochs says because the eastern forces honing in homing in into tripoli how serious is the situation military leader and there is here is actually we're expecting some kind of development for the last couple of weeks we've seen the forces of khalida. advancing to the south of libya occupying the most important oil fields in general or in february so extending his reign his power and actually we're expecting the makes move in the next move will be to the west to his people ok so tell us a little bit more but khalifa have done what are his aims basically it's
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a straw man in the east of libya being the rule of the east and the south of the country and a counterpart to the international media recognized government in tripoli and he's part of the rest on a unified government on the or unified political entity it's curious power rests on the militias on the ground and therefore we call maybe not weak but french power and therefore it is to wait if they. if he's going to resist me to move to resistance and some other missions my sides ok now as you mentioned the u.n. secretary general good tradition was in tripoli as he was leaving he tweeted i'm leaving with a heavy heart and deeply concerned so how much of a setback would it be if this internationally recognized government want to be dislodged it's a tremendous setback for the international community we have to keep in mind that
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the un supervision that was already in national conference scheduled for mid april in which political reconciliation or balls should be establish a national unity government should be established and this is off the table and we're back to it's back to zero given all the efforts of the international community all the united nations of france for the european union and the international mediator so what would be the kind of wind implications if this u.n. backed government does for basically where libya is expected to slide back into civil war situation we have between twenty and twenty fourteen which continue more or less since then and for europe because it has a wider implications because libya is the most important transit country for migration and therefore one of the migration policy pillars of the european union was an existing cooperative living government and if this does not exist anymore
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the whole idea of cooperation between europe did you know with reality right simply off the table so a lot of instability in the region and briefly marcus is there anything at this late stage the international community can do to deescalate the situation not really because the most important options on the table while have been put on the table then the connection conference with the man and i mentioned the. one option that has worked before and. bargo they have been seeking to have not so much to do for the international community right marcus crime thank you very much for that analysis and you often the german institute for international and security affairs thank you. let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world thousands of anti-government demonstrators marching through the gaps. for a seventh consecutive friday to calling for a change of government the latest rally comes just days after pressure from the
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army and street protests forced. to step down after twenty years in power. the international criminal court's chief prosecutor says her u.s. visa has been revoked bensouda was going to launch an investigation into possible crimes by u.s. soldiers in afghanistan last month the u.s. secretary of state. warns that washington would take measures against i.c.c. stuff probing u.s. forces for alleged. u.s. president barack obama has met chance to a spot of his three day visit to germany the two are said to have discussed trans atlantic ties which have been strained on the. trip. for young people on saturday. an unusual.
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candidates in ukraine's presidential election have submitted themselves to blood tests it was scored for by the challenger. who wants to prove both he and president. a medically fit now the two candidates are arguing about how to hold a televised debate as fourteen million ukrainians look on. to get us i'll be waiting for you here at the olympic stadium the debate will take place here in front of the people of ukraine all the channels can broadcast alive and all journalists will be able to attend both candidates must undergo medical tests so that ukrainians can be sure neither of us is an alcoholic or drug user this country needs a healthy president you know grainy but even though all of it is that and there it was. his long awaited reply to all those who say he's weak on policy as a comedian running scared of tough questions like this were an ordinary political
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debate in an ordinary television studio instead selenski wants it hell i live in front of a crowd of up to seventy thousand interior olympic stadium. the same epic soundtrack the same attempt in formality the incumbent petro poroshenko as response wasn't long in coming with the president never missing a chance to insist that his showbusiness rival isn't serious about politics. at the bottom of a debate is not a show on election campaign decides the future of the country for years and decades to come but this is no time for jokes becoming president and commander in chief is no game. but cruel his claims that selenski is only playing becoming president it's petro poroshenko himself who's now playing catch up in a new political reality where zelinsky is making the rules for your stadium it is
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then i'll be waiting for you vladimir alex and drove each. ukrainians then woke up to these images both candidates arriving to take blood tests as demanded by selenski in his opening gambit president poroshenko is not only accepting the challenge to debate in front of a thousand strong stadium audience he's also willing to put his medical history discussion because it's a challenge or more than ten years his junior year selenski is making good on his promise to turn ukrainian politics upside down the only question is how ordinary ukrainians will react to this unlikely battle of the candidates. and that just want a ukraine correspondent joins me from kiev nick this is turning out to be quite an extraordinary election all these electric shenanigans going down with the ukrainians are going to vote in the runoff. well i'm rich
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this definitely is no ordinary election a comedian winning the first round on april fool's day now the top two candidates turning up to clinics to give blood tests for drugs even giving giving hair samples in the case of petro poroshenko this is pretty colorful stuff even by ukrainian standards this is already dividing ukrainians and there's an extraordinary attention being given to this and we're still more than two weeks away from the second round and for many potential debates earlier today i went on to the streets of kiev to talk to people and see what they thought about this battle. to go and have never seen anything like this before so it's something new it's really cool to follow it's also because. this is a show it's meant to be a debate where people can see who has what it takes to lead ukraine into the
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european union. so i would expect in meeting on the floor to popcorn we can't wait . venzke is a bit of a disrupted nick in this election and he's obviously hoping to make gains on discontent with conventional politics how is the incumbent president better dealing with this well here's the thing emirates has sold through this campaign petro poroshenko has being selling himself to ukrainians as the safe pair of hands the commander in chief the father of the nation as it were someone who is serious about policy you can stand up to russia and look after ukraine's best interests losing the opportunity to cost selenski as a comedian as someone who's not in this for real who's just thinks he's being a bit clever and then suddenly it seems yes saving we had this change of heart with releasing the video saying that he would turn up to the debates in the stadium despite his early protestations that he wouldn't also being willing to give these
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medical samples it seems really like that the scale of the defeat in the first round selenski picked up almost twice as many votes as that really has rattled him and his advisors now think that not engaging in this would be more of a risk than trying to play basically selenski at his own game something which for now he's doing in a slightly awkward manner his video without a tie trying to be a bit more informal it does grates a little it's not the style he's used to but it's something he's overseas going to troy so is this all about personalities or are they also all of the key issues in this election is bad. this is the extraordinary thing it's two weeks to the second round and we are talking about the ins and outs the how and the where of the debate rather than the issue and there are serious differences between these two candidates on policy as i said putting a big store by defense and the conflict with russia really showing himself wanting ukraine is to see him as the man who basically saved the country pulled it back
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from the brink of to russia an excuse to crimea and got involved in eastern ukraine . of for his part trying to show himself as the face of a new generation standing up to the old generation the old guard of politicians and really trying to shake up ukrainian politics but there has been real criticism. that for all his protestations that he's open in his communication via social media that actually he's being ducking the really tough questions that he hasn't agreed to real in-depth media interviews that he hasn't gone to debates he hasn't really been around pressing the flesh and talking to voters that he's hidden behind the t.v. camera so that's why these debates will be so interesting to really see if we get more information on where all of the ski who on the base of the polls will be ukraine's next president where he wants to take this country interesting creative capital kiev thank you. now for some sports and the biggest game of the season so far it's just
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a day when the blue industry going to tell us all of this is chris how did ten of the sports and of course talk about the match between by and dortmund welcome chris to the jealous cornett of the classic a classic the juiciest encounter and the bundesliga do a fabulous clubs but very very different and this is this time more than a match it could be the title decider that's what everyone is saying right now and i'll explain why that is the case because past seasons in the but as they say here's one example five years ago bart munich clinched the title in the but as they get after twenty seven match days fast forward to this season now we have by actually looking up a dog when we haven't seen that in a very long time so that's why all of the buzz has been surrounding this particular match because we can actually see a changing of the guard and it's quite fascinating when you factor in both sides have new coaches and a lot of new pieces on the dortmund side a lot of youngsters and they've been definitely showing the world that they're there making this title run serious and byron so that's those are the reasons it's
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a big deal it's a big deal but the strange thing is the do it one at the end of last year was many many points ahead of byan and saturday squandered that lead in to only just a few points ahead of by and what happened well you know they had a rough patch in february at the top that off they were defeated the first of march but then as of late dortmund were able to turn things around during this time byron were on fire but lately byron scuse me don't mean just kept off their third win in a row against wolves all cossar was the man of the match and they waited late ok they went into the ninetieth minute i'll cossar netted a free kick and that insurance goal so all of that momentum gives dorman you know a slight advantage and their coach bob or though he understands it's a big match and he did not discount that there is remaining games left so in his mind it might not be a so-called title. decider here's more of what he had to say about this big match.
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i mean it's a little bit special of course because of the situation in the table and because it's by and against dortmund it's obvious that it's special but there are seven games left and this is just the first one. like you said we have to produce our very best. everything has to be perfect. perfect. so he's quite aware of the challenge you see on five day he's new to the classical but so is violence coach right as a coach but as a player you know nico boxes familiar with the fixture you know but you know in byron's case byron most recently struggled to get a second division team in the german cup all eyes are waiting to see will buy or lose against hiding behind but no biron luckily were victorious in that match but then their last out in the bunch as they go were against freiburg and you know that was a tough match for me to digest because i was confused why byard could not get rid
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of freiburg freiburg were very impressive on the defensive in you know they got ahead early and then robert levin dosti had a brilliant to touch goal to equalize that but a disappointing performance for byron munich and byron are happy that they are actually looking up. in the table and head of this match but all of the excitement is understood here's by head coach nico kobayashi or more about class. to show physios who listen this is the times and the journalists it's hopelessly perfect couldn't be any better for me shows to in the form of to but for me as dion coach i would rather we were a few points ahead of them than to behind. these we'll have to see if we can claw back in this game and. ok so chris i'm going to put you on the spot who's going to win tomorrow well i have to put my money on top and in this case because manuel neuer number one goalkeeper will not be in between the posts will be spent. shaking in my opinion so dormant all the way into assists from jade and sand show because i
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like you and you know which team i like thank you very much. into the i hope you are right. not on stories of racial abuse in european football stadiums england stop playing danny rose has said he can wait to get out of the game because he's so disgusted by reese ism and the response of football authorities rose and some of his team mates on the england squad were the focus of targeted abuse in a game at montenegro last month samina treatment of nonwhite as has been evident in england's premier league and span europe rose to english media he'd had enough but he does expect to play for seven more yes before treating the sport. this is a mock hundred years since the founding of the influential bio house school of design and architecture one of the highlights of the many celebrations is today's
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opening of the new museum and city of by that's where the movement began more than a thousand items on display over five floors the new york museum icons of progressive design in the turbulent historic day of contex during the nazis rise to power. you're watching news has a recap of the top story that they're following for you british prime minister to resign asking the european union to deliver a conference breaks and a deadline and didn't june the thirtieth official say the offering britain what it calls a flexible briggs's extension of up to twelve months. up next in. india kicks off the biggest election in history innocent a week. correspondent reports on the big issues moving voter. refugees in bangladesh resist plans to relocate them to an island camp.
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suspected from the dead pretty high commission for refugees. and to enter the corgis a visit to a cafe in bangkok which can i. can we all did a little bit with coffee. though the more stories coming up on the news is you can always get the latest news information around the clock on our web site as dot com you can also follow us on twitter and facebook. just by for that.
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the best time to take stuff from the best fits the bill tucker of just such a dumb and fun for the troops the book. took over come down troops and cut the budget it's time for. indeed everything else coming up ahead. minds. stuff. nixon trip begin to subside feeling the other stuff. curbs with the good morning stephanie. chats with musicians. around the world of. other love. every week on g.w. . there's a fight for survival in the case on
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a budget sneak up on you but when there's a flood water comes up on your clothes faster everyone but. the lack of water is dangerous. there's junk you can see people move south so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any about going to peace not if you want them to come to. exodus starts people thirty years on t w. you're watching news coming up on the program less than a week before the first ballots are cast in india as election voters are pumped who's ahead in the polls and what are the big issues with people we'll hear from
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our correspondent in delhi. to tough perhaps impossible choices repatriation or relocation it's an uncertain future for millions in bangladesh we get the un's view from the deputy commissioner for refugees.


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