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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2019 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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presidential campaign democrats say they need the files to identify any conflict of interest. a landmark ruling with signals towards the white house the world trade organization decides national security concerns can be a valid reason to put up trade barriers very recent u.s. president don't trump sides when it comes to his trade disputes the ramifications also coming up patience is running out in pakistan where inflation is now running at a five year high. good to have you with us the world trade organization has issued a landmark ruling on national security claims in disputes the decision could have major implications for u.s. president donald trump's trade policies the ruling involved ukrainian exports to russian territory and allows an exemption to rules on national security grounds mr
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trump is likely to see this as a win as he has invoked national security when imposing tariffs on trade disputes with china and the european union but the ruling could also work against it. now let's dig deeper into the story with our financial correspondent dns quarter in new york and my colleague from business clifford conan here in the studio clifford let's start with you what exactly was this ruling about and just how important is it well it started with ukraine feeling that it wasn't getting at the benefits of its strange and trade because russia and rail transport across ukraine they took it to the to the w t o the w t o said national security issues did count as a reason to impose this. and the reason that it's important is that it's the first
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time that the w t o has addressed this issue of national security. over to you does this ruling support the u.s. president's position siding security concerns when it comes to terrorists. well let me read you two headlines that i saw today after the ruling so that gives you a certain idea one headline is reading russia wins w t o national security case a potential boost for drama and another headline this w t o defies was historic ruling on national security itself obviously it could work both ways what is one important question how do you define national security. that's in the eye of the ball holder how it works here in the u.s. so far for example when we talk about potential terrorists for car import so
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usually there is an investigation in the case of the terrorist by the commerce department and then the president so to speak gets the result of the investigation then the president can make a decision and if congress for example disagrees they have the theoretically the possibility to overrule the verdict of the president clifford back to you the w t o has not only set definitions on what it finds as a threat to national security it is also indicated that it wants to remain in charge as an international institution that's right and i think this is where the review element comes in and it becomes very important they have the power now to review cases where there's a national interests involved and that gives it a lot of scope in terms of how it can deal with say these cold war era rulings the . terms that trump has been using and it's here that we could see which way it goes i mean there is ambiguity here we've seen some seeing this as as we just
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pointed out some see this is a win for trump some see this as a loss so this is where the power is going to be and then to see how trump deals with that yes back to you in new york donald trump has been trying to undermine the w two o. since he has come into office is this ruling likely to change his mind in any way. he made it quite clear in the past what he thinks about organization like the w t o not much so what we could see in this case where we talk about potential car terrorists that could become a power struggle we shouldn't forget that the united states is not just the biggest economy on the planet but also the biggest contributor to the w t o's so lets say donald trump increase tariffs on the grounds of michelin security and w t o disagrees. theoretically could threaten to leave the w t o that's also not in their interest of this organization so that could be pretty interesting case if it should
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come to that point and scored in new york and clifford cohen and from deed of your business here in the studio thanks to you both. and here are some of the other business stories making the news. senior u.s. treasury official david malpass has been elected as the new president of the world bank it was the trump administration's unanimous pick for the job it has always gone to an official from the united states while the world bank's sister organization the international monetary fund is headed by. french finance minister brule america says his country is sticking to its plans to introduce a digital tax on companies like facebook or apple despite opposition from washington the three percent levy would apply to high tech firms operating in france with an annual global turnover of more than seven hundred fifty million euros the european union says greece has fulfilled its reforms as part of its exit from its bailout program last summer so the market has now approved and nine
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hundred seventy million euro debt relief payment to athens the money consists mainly of east india and other eurozone central bank profits made on greek government bonds during the bailout period. european regulators have accused b.m.w. dialer and fox wagon of colluding to prevent competition on emissions cleaning technology the allegations from the period between two thousand and six and twenty fourteen and come two years after raids were carried out on company premises the firms now have a chance to respond before the e.u. commission decides whether to pursue an anti trust kids. it's a pakistan now where inflation is at its highest for over five years prime minister imran khan's government was elected in twenty eighteen with a promise to eradicate poverty it's not even been a year but patients among average pakistani voters is very thin.
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inflation is killing us reads this sign is currently running at nine point four percent in pakistan not since november twenty third team has it been they say high with hefty increases in the costs of food and energy essential is now becoming looks or is for some. even for the public be able to survive this inflation or not we can't even purchase bread with what we have got alone knows what'll become of the poor this has to stop that there's no control anywhere. else it is a distant raleigh. many pakistanis had hoped that control would come from imran khan his party swept to victory last july on a promise to make poverty a thing of the past are wrestling with a ballooning deficit and seeking a thirteenth international bailout has left the government needing to make tough choices at the start of april fuel prices went up by six rupees to ninety eight per liter hitting low skilled workers who can earn as little as six hundred rupees less than four euros a day. as are the body among car was saying big things about providing employment
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and getting rid of poverty these are raising poverty is a raising the poor so is nine point four percent the limit for inflation in pakistan increasing to their creed now from now on really will depend on what extent the government is going to do is be there the prices so if they were to go to the full extent to what extent it is to what extent they need to plug the gap then inflation in a few months it will go into double digits. economists believe pakistan has no choice but to cut public spending and raise prices but for a public that was expecting to be getting richer patience is wearing thin. to nazir as state of emergency was to have been lifted on friday but instead the government wants to announce an extension for yet another month it is election year poverty is rife and the government wants to avoid any mistakes but urgent action is
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needed on the economy with unemployment at fifteen and inflation at seven percent. that in february teachers in the tunisian capital took to the streets demanding higher wages better pensions and improved working conditions in schools the teachers are not the only ones protesting the past months have seen nationwide strikes by public sector workers as international lenders call for cuts to government spending for some businesses the problem is that the government is not doing enough to stop the fall of the currency the d.n.r. . since twenty fifteen the dinar has lost a third of its value against the euro tunisia's foreign currency reserves have windell this its trade deficit mounts for instance the country currently imports half of its gas supplies from abroad. but the weak currency has at least one positive effect it makes tourism cheap last year a record eight point three million visitors came bringing sorely needed revenues to
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tunisia. nigerian president. has reportedly said as a country loses more than one billion dollars every year as affluent citizens seek medical treatment abroad thousands of wealthy africans receive medical attention outside their countries to avoid underfunded and ill equipped local health care system now mr bari is calling for a solution to help close the gap in his country's service though much like other african leaders the nigerian president has also been abroad himself for health care . and turkey airlines have begun moving their operations to istanbul's new mega airport the move is being described as the biggest transport operation in every nation history it's scheduled to take forty five hours and is due to be completed by sunday both sides turned ataturk and the national airport and the new hub will be closed to all passenger flights for
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a period of twelve hours to facilitate the. new airport is one of the largest. and that wraps up our program if you want more go ahead and check out our website at v.w. dot com or better yet follow us on twitter or facebook i'm chris called the company and have a great. sure
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the people of the world over t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. here's what's coming up in the book go to sleep you'll have plenty to talk about here on the job you know as cuts take a look a little bit means for the table of course. the bundesliga every weekend here con w. . when the stars rise in the fight for survival when he gets on a bike if anybody but it when there's a flood water comes up when just when you're close fast to everyone but. don't want
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to go hurt he's dangerous. there's junk you can see people move south so they can plant crops and find food stamps. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could write any going to peace not if you want and probably most of them to come to. the climate exodus starts if occurred here on d w. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes rundowns remembers its deadliest one hundred days on sunday the country commemorates the twenty fifth anniversary of the genocide that killed nearly a million people or hear from so five is striving to keep the peace. and african literature in focus the second african book faced of.


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