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this is t w news live from the united nations calls on the issue troops to hold spare accounts on the capital libya the forces all commanded by a warlord from the east who is in a power struggle with the un backed government in tripoli the u.n. chief has been trying to avert a renewed civil also coming up. to remember its deadliest one hundred days on sunday the nation cooked nation commemorates the twenty fifth anniversary of the genocide that killed nearly a million people will hear from the survivors striving to keep the peace.
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and. the strikingly multan designs were created a century ago at the powerhouse here in germany we visit a new museum in the city of. mackinnon thank you so much for joining us the united nations security council has called on militia forces closing in on the libyan capital tripoli to halt. troops commanded by khalifa haftar a warlord in the east of the country launched their offensive on thursday and have battled their way to the south of tripoli which is held by a un backed unity government and in the array of militias there are now fears of irony. civil war in libya which has been riven by violence and division since
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longtime ruler muammar gaddafi was overthrown in two thousand and eleven u.n. secretary general untenured terrace was in libya this week after meeting half the he said he was leaving libya with deep concern and a heavy heart i still hope would be possible to avoid the lobby from station in and that all tripoli. and the united nations remain. available to facilitate any political solution able to unify the libyan institutions. then whatever happens the u.n. will remain could lead to and i will remain committed to support the leading people . for more on the situation in libya we're joined joined by mona hefley f. me of arabic service thank you so much for joining us mona now militia forces are
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advancing on the capital the u.n. backed government in tripoli has sent out its militias in an attempt to stop them tell us how serious is the situation the situation is quite serious and as we can see fighting has been ongoing close to the international airport in tripoli tripoli and also yesterday house that met with the u.n. general a secretary. yes where afterwards the. u.n. envoy to libya stated. made it clear that he had no interest in halting his advance so in general it is quite obvious that he is so quite determined to take over tripoli tell us more about khalifa haftar who is he and what is he what does he want to achieve he is a military man who participated in the coup of the libyan king back in the one nine hundred sixty s. he helped get daffy to take over power afterwards he was responsible for troops in
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chad where he was captured for almost twenty years afterwards he went to exile in the u.s. and worked for the cia there and he went back after the downfall of gadhafi and participated of course had a big role in expanding within libya. if i could add something else the thing is he is a military man who was completely against islamists he did accuse the u.n. backed government of supporting the muslim brotherhood who is basically in power right now in tripoli also he's a man who is interested in money and the money comes through oil and the central bank which is which has the responsibility for the production for the oil production in libya. does not. does not. how do you say it doesn't want to. argue with him or does not want to debate with him and blocked also in the south his advancement or his use of oil production
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ok now if he if he is successful what could happen if the un backed government fails we don't really know what will happen because you have a lot of different militias back there in tripoli and also in the rest of libya which is more complicated than egypt for example where the military just took over but we could expect a very close scenario to egypt where he will try to. to. stop the muslim brotherhood from expanding and from taking power this one thing the other thing is that algeria might also have problems the neighboring neighbors the neighboring countries might also face some problems because he had menaced or had threatened with expanding to two other countries and to algeria back in two thousand and eighteen. going to have. arabic service thank you so much for not wasn't such. now some of the other stories making news around the world
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from says it will it oppose any extension to the deadline for the u.k. to leave the european union unless it presents a clear plan for the way ahead prime minister teresa mayes request for a brac sit delay until the end of june will be considered in the e.u. summit on wednesday. u.s. aviation giant boeing is to temporarily cut production of its best selling seven three seven liner the decision is a response to a halt in deliveries of the seven three seven max the model involved in two crashes in ethiopia and indonesia all seven three seven max is all grounded as preliminary findings suggest it's empty stool system was at fault. former u.s. president barack obama has met chancellor angela merkel as part of his true day visit to germany the two are said to have discussed transatlantic ties which have been strained under the tribe administration obama will wrap up his trip with a town hall meeting for young people in berlin today. police in greece have clashed
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with migrants outside a camp near the northern city of thessaloniki people were trying to make their way to the border with north macedonia authorities said the migrants were galvanized by false reports the travel restrictions to northern europe had been lifted. in africa the people of mocking twenty five years since the genocide that resulted in around eight hundred thousand deaths ethnic hutu extremists slaughtered members of the minority to see community neighbors killed neighbors husbands even killed wives a quarter of a century on the children of the genocide have been telling their stories. you want to hide this is where house used to be before the genocide nothing is left of it now. bend it all down after looting it and i mean gas prices.
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everywhere as he was just three months old when his parents and four siblings were killed by hutu militias he's a survivor through one nine hundred ninety four genocide in rwanda the fastest of the twentieth century during which close to a million randoms mostly to see what wiped out in just one hundred days. eric was too young to remember his family dying but he says he will never forget the day his aunt told him what happened. she carried me on her back during the genocide right up until the killing stopped she told me how horrific it was she witnessed it all the rain was pouring down on us where hard times for me lisa would flee from the killers in a while we were fleeing we would jump over dead bodies. eric stock
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family history is one shared by many his relatives like countless persecuted tutsi across the country had sought refuge in a charge when they were killed and sheds just like this one in young mata an estimated fifty thousand people died during the genocide today this side stands as one of russia's most poignant memorials as a stabbing reminder of what happened and physical evidence of crimes that should never be forgotten. so you can't imagine how it feels like growing up knowing that you're all alone with no parents and new siblings children you know each of them. eric says his generation's identity is deeply entrenched in the true one thousand nine hundred suddenly survivors who lost their families who are still processing the past but also children of perpetrators who participated in the killings like you're in a music room. it's very hard to
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find yourself all alone either because your family members were killed for being too see or in my case with parents who are in prison because they were convicted of participating in the genocide it was. for the children we have to take on a lot of responsibility from a young. the genocide could cost a long dog shadow over the lives of future generations yet they believe in the power of reconciliation offering a new chapter and run this history. the youth we have to live in a way that brings us together to keep our country moving forward. what do you think the future of the country. but i visit you. now if you look at almost any modern building around the world you'll seeing the legacy of bauhaus the design school founded in germany one hundred years ago the
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school's influence goes beyond buildings to many other areas of design such as furniture and domestic appliances and you museum has opened in weimar the city where it was founded to mark the centenary. she gather let us conceive and create the new building of the future those were the goals of powerhouse according to their founding manifesto from one nine hundred nineteen one hundred years later the city of weimar has erected a new monument to this global modernist movement the chief curator for architecture and design from new york's museum of modern art has flown over especially for the unveiling and other columns on one hand you can definitely say that modern visual culture and our current visual culture is impossible to imagine without bauhaus it's become part of our d.n.a. so that we almost don't notice it anymore on the other hand and this seems even more important to me the ideas about how us are still in our heads as an enduring
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utopia. autopia don't seem to cook because it's weimar has spent twenty seven million euros and three and a half years building this minimalist concrete cuba on the site where bounce was founded it's a treasure chest holding the world's oldest bauhaus collection from founder vonta gold he has some silver some one hundred sixty eight works the famous table lamp from vilhelm bargain fell and kolya. bronstein. the ceramics of. two thousand square metres of exhibition space over five floors the structure was built to reflect an industrial workshop the exhibit is meant to spark debate not human giants the past has had a month seeing none of the weimar classic foundation that's the it's just the we can only understand it now that one can see the bow and also museum puts lisa how close we remain today to the incredible developments of one thousand nine hundred and the following years and for the. in addition of tons i think this will really
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change our city that socially each business got to under us. the building is a symbolic rebuke to the nazis to stamp down the powerhouse movement in germany. forcing a fraud. you know that's exactly what i think we need to p. attention to today that our needs this openness and the ability to provoke the bauhaus was an institution that courts quarters that survived and thrived in the diaspora without open borders that wouldn't have happened then and without them it can't happen today i think you told me often occurrence in the midst almost needs to get as a whole to. getting its modern digital technology that lights up the concrete facade of the new bauhaus museum just as darkness descends on by mom. an israeli man broke the world record books on friday after becoming the oldest footballer to participate in a professional match. is seventy three and
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a goalkeeper for the fourth tier club irani or you who in israel was born in iraq but he moved to israel as a child it received a guinness world record prize in an official ceremony after playing the full ninety minutes i will turn seventy four next week and he said he is ready for another game . give him a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you in libya the united nations has called on troops commanded by warlords to holt's their advance on the capital tripoli u.n. chief antonio terror she has been trying to avert renewed civil war between the militia and the u.s. backed government. now don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download our app from google play all from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as
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push notifications to any breaking news you can also use the d w to send us your photos and videos. from by then coming up next world stories this week reports and then on the whole the whole same thanks so much what you don't need. the country's economy growth because people.


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