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towards. the sense of honor. this is the w. news live in the united nations' militia troops to halt their advance on the capital of libya the forces are commanded by a warlord who's in a power struggle with the u.n. . has been trying to avert renewed civil also coming up. remembers its deadliest one hundred days on sunday the nation
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commemorates the twenty fifth anniversary of the genocide that killed nearly a million people we'll hear from the survivors striving to keep the peace. and who would have thought the strike he modern designs will create a century ago the bauhaus school in germany even the new museum in the city. mackinnon thank you so much for your company. the united nations security council has called on militia forces closing in on the libyan capital tripoli to halt their advance but the troops commanded by khalifa haftar a warlord in the east of the country have also suffered some losses inflicted by
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fighters for the un backed government there are now fears of a renewed civil war in libya which has been riven by violence and division since longtime ruler mahama gadhafi was overthrown in two thousand and eleven. general have toes troops advancing towards the capital tripoli but both thrust against libya's internationally recognized government commanders of have to. be a national army say their forces have reached the city limits. this is great progress it means we're technically inside tripoli we still have a few checkpoints to secure but the battle will be on the outskirts of the city. ranged against have to as brigades forces loyal to the government the struggle for power and control of libya's oil began with the fall of the dictator moammar gadhafi nearly eighty years ago and remains unresolved. the united
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nations in new york is calling for an end to the war mongering the members of the security council expressed their deep concern at the military activity. here tripoli which risks libyan stability he called on any forces to halt all military movement. and they also called on all forces to deescalate and halt military activity that can be no military solution to the conflict. as government backed militias deployed to defend the capital tripoli the risk of an escalation to all out civil war remains alarmingly high. for more on the situation in libya we're joined by mona have any of the arabic service men to thank so much for joining us militia forces commanded by khalifa haftar they're advancing on the capitol hill the u.n.
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backed government in tripoli has sent out its militias in an attempt to stop them tell us how serious is the situation it is quite serious right now because as we have seen fighting has been ongoing yesterday night around the former international airport of tripoli also after the meeting of you and general good terrorists with with huffed out of the u.n. envoy to libya. said that made it obvious that you have no interest in halting the complain and it is quite obvious that hostile is determined to take over the capital so it is quite serious tell us more about khalifa haftar what exactly is he trying to achieve he is a quite powerful man he has. quite a rich history he has helped gadhafi to overthrow the former king of libya then afterwards while he was in chad he was captured for almost twenty years afterwards he moved to exile in the u.s. and worked for the cia there and he helped. he helped for the soul of book at that
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afterwards in two thousand and eleven now his most important aim is to take over the capital of course because the one who takes over the capital is the one in power basically. if he succeeds what could happen if the u.n. backed government fails it is quite unclear what we have what will happen right now because we could have one scenario which is quite similar to the egyptian scenario where cracking down the muslim brotherhood which is centered in the capital right now but the thing is that other countries around libya might be also in danger because he has threatened last year algeria to. start a war and he has said that he will move up to tripoli and then afterwards he might move to a jury which which might mean that there will be also turbulence as around libya. what could the international community do to stop this situation from escalating i think the international community can do very much because first international community all only condemns things by words does not interfere although there are
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also double standards like in the like the emirates who stated that it is against this intervention but on the other hand or against this move but on the other hand it supports. so we don't really know what's happening right now but i think in the end. not much will happen because healthcare is a man not amount of words he's a man who talks with weapons and who is determined to reach his goal then i have any thank you so much for your analysis thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world more towns and villages of being evacuated in western iran as heavy rains are expected to resume after years of drought to wrench will downfalls over the last two weeks of caused widespread flooding in the region at least seventy people have lost their lives and shelters have been set up to house those displaced by the floods. france says it will oppose any extension to the u.k.'s deadline for leaving the european union unless it presents
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a clear plan for the way ahead prime minister turris amazed request for a brick sit delay until the end of june will be considered as an e.u. summit on wednesday. u.s. aviation giant boeing is to temporarily cut production of its best selling seven three seven eight and liner the decision as a response to a halt in deliveries of the seven three seven knocks the model involved in two crashes in ethiopia and indonesia all seven three seven max as of grounded as preliminary findings suggest it's anti still systems at fault. and for the u.s. president barack obama has met chancellor angela merkel as part of his three day visit to germany the two are said to have discussed transatlantic ties which have been strained under the trumpet ministration obama will wrap up his trip with a town hall meeting for young people in berlin today. to africa now
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where the people of rwanda marking twenty five years since the genocide that resulted in around eight hundred thousand deaths ethnic hutu extremists slaughtered members of the minority to see community neighbors killed neighbors husbands even killed wives a quarter of a century on the children of the genocide have been telling the stories. we want to give you this is where house used to be before the genocide nothing is left of it now. bend it all down after looting it and i mean gas prices. everything when he was just three months old when his parents and four siblings were killed by hutu militias he's a survivor of the one thousand nine hundred four genocide in rwanda the fastest of the twentieth century during which close to a million rundowns mostly to see well wiped out in just one hundred days.
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eric was too young to remember his family dying but he says he will never forget the day his aunt told him what happened one minute. she carried me on her back during the genocide right up until the killing stopped she told me how horrific it was she witnessed that all the rain was pouring down on us those were hard times for many of these would flee from the careless you know while we were fleeing we would jump over dead bodies. eric stock family history is one shot by many his relatives like countless persecuted to across the country had sought refuge in a charge when they were killed and chads just like this one in yamato an estimated fifty thousand people died during the genocide today this side stands as one of run this most poignant memorials and stabbing remind of what happened and physical
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evidence of crimes that should never be forgotten. doris you can't imagine how it feels like growing up knowing that you're all alone with no parents a new siblings while our children you know each of them. eric says his generation's identity is deeply entrenched in the trauma of one thousand nine hundred so many survivors who lost their families who are still processing the past but also children of perpetrators who participated in the killings nichiren him. it's very hard to find yourself all alone either because you're from a members where killed for being too see or in my case with parents who are in prison because they were convicted of participating in the genocide. for children we have to take on a lot of responsibility from a young age. the genocide could cost a long dog shadow over their lives
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a few two generations yet they believe in the power of reconciliation is offering a new chapter and run its history. we have to live in a way that brings us together to keep our country moving forward. to use the future of the country. but as you. now if you look at almost any modern buildings around the world you're seeing the legacy of bauhaus the design school founded in germany one hundred years ago the school's influence goes beyond buildings to many other areas of design such as furniture and domestic appliances and new museum has now opened in weimar the city where it was founded to mark it seventeen or. together let us conceive and create
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the new building of the future those were the goals of our house according to their founding manifesto from nine hundred nineteen one hundred years later the city of weimar has erected a new monument to this global modernist movement the chief curator for architecture and design from new york's museum of modern art has flown over especially for the unveiling that is either coming in just on one hand you can definitely say that modern visual culture and our current visual culture is impossible to imagine without bauhaus it's become part of our d.n.a. so that we almost don't notice it anymore on the other hand and this seems even more important to me the ideas of bauhaus are still in our heads as an enduring utopia. or topi only seem to cope because it's weimar has spent twenty seven million euros and three and a half years building this minimalist concrete cube and the site where bounce was founded it's a treasure chest holding the world's oldest bauhaus collection from founder vantage
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point use himself some one hundred sixty eight works the famous table lamp from vilhelm fog and felled and kolya. and up on steep pont. the ceramics of. two thousand square metres of exhibition space over fine floors the structure was built to reflect an industrial workshop the exhibit is meant to spark debate not eulogize the past and says how much semen of the weimar classic foundation thus the gets us to fish we can only understand it now that one can see the bow and also museum puts the sound close we remain today to the incredible developments of one thousand nine hundred and the following years and for the. inhalation of onions i think this will really change our city about social issues because it's got food under us. the building is a symbolic rebuke to the nazis and stamped out about how this movement in germany. forcing and abroad. good now that's exactly what i think we need to pay attention
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to today that art needs this openness and the ability to provoke about how this was an institution that cross borders that survived and thrived on the diaspora without open borders that wouldn't have happened then and without them it can't happen today to talk to me shit when they open occurrence in the midst almost needs to get its afford to. put in its modern digital technology the mind something concrete facade of the new bauhaus museum just as darkness descends on by mark. and israel the man who broke the world record books on friday off to becoming the oldest football let's have participate in a professional match isaac is seventy three years old and a goalkeeper for a fourth to a club in israel he was born in iraq but moved to israel as a child and he received the guinness world record prize in an official ceremony after playing the full ninety minutes i will turn seventy four next week and he
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says he is ready for another game. reminder of the top story we're following for you today in libya the united nations has called on troops commanded by a warlord to halt their advance on the capital tripoli u.n. chief continued to tara she has been trying to avert for a new civil war between the militia and the u.n. that. the city. needs life from the letter on behalf of the whole thing asked and so much for joining us. first connie was. granted. a regular turn on her journey back to freedom. you know or the interactive documentary during the running returns home on the d w don't come.
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if hello and good evening i'm looking forward to the legendary shoulder.


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