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president. to mark the twenty fifth anniversary of the genocide. million people will hear from our correspondent at that memorial also coming up. a controversial campaign promise from israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu tells voters. settlements if they return him to office in next week's election.
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welcome to the show. rwanda has begun one hundred days of mourning for the more than eight hundred thousand people slaughtered in the genocide that began twenty five years ago today national leaders and invited dignitaries have been holding a ceremony in kigali to commemorate the lives of the tutsi and moderate hutus who were murdered in the one hundred day killing spree we have more from melanie cleared of all who is at that ceremony remember the night i knew where this theme runs have started a three month period of coming ration of the nine hundred ninety four genocide on april seventh twenty five years ago government soldiers and went to militia commenced a systematic killing campaign which wiped out close to a million rundowns most to see today the country has come together to pay tribute to the lives lost.
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now it's to remember the ethnic violence that left hundreds of thousands dead. thank you for paying respect to the victims of the genocide against your accident says you are now going to be invited to just label for members. of cool she was a million people buried here at the d.m.z. memorial site in kigali. two militias began that campaign to high powered around as minority ethnic tutsi population on april the seventh nine hundred ninety four the day after the assassination of the country's hutu president the killings lasted until current president paul kagame a legit tutsi defense force into kigali three months later on hand to help mop the
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twenty fifth anniversary of the slaughter dignitaries from africa and europe excellence is. the flame of remembrance relates today is a symbol of the courage resilience that randoms have shown over the last twenty five years with us today we have the younger ones aged twenty five to present to the new generation of wonderings there will no one knew the torch to light the flame this flame of remembrance will burn here at the memorial for the next one hundred days of mourning gummi let the flame with the leaders of the african union and european commission. oh. then oh. well i am.
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here in montana been made by representatives of the african union as well as all club you spoke on behalf of the european union. you my house the thousand times over to the survivors and their children go swear folks to move forward and rebuild their lives for such and ever we can if you see it into their members it is our generation who never forgot what human kind of scope and it is only put in numbering recumbent of worker future to get. president paul kagame he also addressed fellow rundowns emphasizing the necessity to forgive but also never to forget all of what is under minds. on traditions under scars but none of us is our own
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together we. were very they thought i'd throw eggs. overall you need to in true. tapas it's not only a day of remembering the victims of run the biggest tragedy it's also a sad reminder of the international community abandoning the country at its doctors time and warning that history should never be repeated. now to some of the other stories making news around the world in tunisia ninety two year old president baiji . announced that he will not run for a second term later this year told his party it was time to open the door to the youth come shortly after neighboring algeria saw its president. resign under
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public pressure. a fast moving fire has ravaged a residential building on the northern edge of paris witnesses say they heard a massive explosion before flames leapt up to the second floor of the building authorities said there are no known casualties the origin of the fire is yet unknown. in london human rights activists gathered outside the luxury dorchester hotel owned by the tiny absolute monarchy of brunei they waved rainbow flags and banners calling for homophobia to be stamped out the sultan of brunei has adopted harsh new sharia laws including death by stoning for homosexuals. in venezuela a rival political factions are taking to the streets as the power struggle intensifies between anti-government and loyalist factions opposition leader urged his supporters to maintain pressure on president nicolas maduro and anger is
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mounting over the collapse of public services in repeated power outages across the country. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has vowed to annex jewish settlements in the occupied west bank if reelected next week the statement he made in an interview with an israeli television channel marks a policy turnaround that yahoo has promoted jewish settlement expansion in his four terms as prime minister but until now he's refrained from presenting plans for the future of the west bank settlements which are widely considered illegal under international law. palestinian officials denounce netanyahu is campaign pledge saying he would face a real problem if he followed through we have been in the same position for the last. you know fifty one years since says sixty seven and we think that you know what is in this our system asked us to stay the land is the best way to defend what
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one interests you know he cannot expel us because we are not going to accept to be expelled we would stay there we would resist you know such behavior such decision and then you know the international community has to deal with us you know inducted for more on that let's cross over to our correspondent tanya kramer in jerusalem tanya thanks for joining us how seriously are palestinians taking this threat. i think there's a lot of concern you just heard the palestinian official talking there this is especially concern because of the recent u.s. recognition of the golan heights and there's concern that this might have set a precedent actually because also the occupied west bank has been captured in the one nine hundred sixty seven war and palestinian officials have said they're feeling that that might have said to president also to annex this territory now i
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think station talk is nothing really new in israeli politics at least some of the smaller parties that are part of the government coalition and the outgoing government right now if next two days here they have always pushed the next station at least parts of the west bank or at least part the as so called area see where most of the settlements are and they have said you know that they have made a lot of pressure netanyahu to annex this territory now the palestinians are very much concerned that all of this together might set you know the atmosphere also seeing that there was a very muted international reaction has been a lot of criticism but it was a muted reaction more or less that you know they might go ahead with their with these plans you know just just days before the general election i have to assume there are some people who might view this as a blatant appeal to a mass non airboats is netanyahu feeling pressure. well this is certainly rallying cry outreach to its most nationalist
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base and he wants to tell us voters to go out and vote for likud or reaching out to those voters who are thinking about working for the smaller some of the smaller right being an ultra nationalist parties there are a lot of them wanting as seats in the knesset and some of them might not come over at the elections special so every vote to those parties might be a last vote for netanyahu but he's also under pressure because there has been a tight race between the likud and his party and the newly formed blue and white party by the former army chief and the guns and pulses predict a neck to neck race having said that it is very politics it's all about being able to form a coalition the near post is again predict and we have to take those pas of course with a grain of salt they're not always that accurate but that netanyahu has much more chances to find partners and to form a coalition with and his right wing bloc than
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a mystic guns now having said that these are the parties the smaller right thing to nationalist parties that have the pro and excess and agenda and they might actually ask him for a prize to tell him his coalition ask him to follow up on this election that. tony kramer in jerusalem for did you thanks so much for joining us. in france kafka's parable before the law a man waits his whole life in front of a door but fails to gain entry in berlin every weekend young clubbers wait for up to four hours to get inside this building the legendary techno club bergheim but many don't make it when they get to the front of the line this man decides whether they may enter or not. is often described as the world's most famous bouncer a new documentary takes a look at him. night life's most famous store men. love
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driving around at night to excel in of excess i think it dorman's most important job is guarding intoxicated people. every evening paints a different picture and i'm responsible for that painting every night. three men who get to decide who's in and who's aren't three different personalities who gravitated to the doors of portland's legendary club scene in the one nine hundred ninety s. and each played a defining role in. smiley baldwin was serving as a u.s. soldier in west berlin when the wall fell frank came to berlin to study but find there were too many distractions. the nightlife scene became so dominant there were so many openings to new things that were happening i really got sucked into it and lost interest in my studies. and then this fan marquardt guardian of the
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inner sanctum of the berlin club scene i'm a photographer he came out of the dissident artist scene in the prince arbor district of farmer east berlin. i dived into the club scene and they were spaces which i experienced as completely really unifying because everything flowed together from the two hundred. softer divided city. frank feeders film is not just a portrait it also shows the history of a unique era of berlin in the decades after the fall of the berlin wall. so this job is one where a lot of people lost pace money you'll still standing on the door twenty years later why don't you look for something new they don't understand this is not a hobby for me. coming off waste a good five obvious imagines that when i die then i end up in a kind of he's running most a bush headed well i'm always knocking on
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a door somewhere and they say no no of you in a permanent that never stops i thought facts not as though it should give you all. don't forget you can always get news on the go with our get access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications on your phone for any breaking news you can also use the details you have to send us your photos and videos just download the app from google player from the apple store coming up on d w what happens to your brain in virtual reality shift living in the digital age is next for now on behalf of the whole team thanks so much for watching you stay with us.


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